Look who came to our pop-up shop at Tala Manila
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Mavis Fuentebella, Patrice Ramos Diaz, Rita Nazareno, and I are very grateful to our friends and family, and even friends of friends, who came to the four-day pop-up event for dotcomme and Zacarias at Tala Manila last weekend.
Tala Manila is the brainchild of Mavis Manotoc-Fuentebella—the creative soul behind this hard-to-find shop which champions and promotes small labels from here and abroad.

Tala Manila
photo 4

Our latest collection for dotcomme includes the last designs of Penny Ong, our partner who passed away last June 15th. I’m proud to say her designs were received very well. 🙂

dotcomme at Tala Manila

Rita Nazareno is the creator of Zacarias handwoven bags which are usually sold in Europe and Japan.


From opening day (August 13) to closing on August 16, Patrice, Rita, Mavis, and I were overwhelmed by the support of people like Tweetie De Leon-Gonzalez, Irene Marcos-Araneta, Candy and Lucille Dizon, Monique Villongco, Dr. Tere Henson, Rhett Eala, Margie Duavit, Chiyo Tagami, Rajo Laurel, Dindi Gallardo, Cherish Garcia, Gabby Lichauco, Sevrine Miailhe, Pauline Juan, Isha Andaya, Ria Prieto, Gina Torres, Bea Ledesma, Malu Gamboa, Cai Subijano, Mia San Agustin, Christine Dychiao, Daryl Chang, Mano Lotho, Luis Espiritu and the SOFA students, Jappy Gonzalez, Pepito Albert, Yvette Fernandez, Eric Paras, Yu Hokazono, Tinay Villiamiel, Stenie Coyuito and Joseph Tay, Grace Velasco, Katrina Holigores, Daffy Morales, Denise Peralta, Mikko Sison, Tita Vicky Sales and the Nazareno family who came in full force.
They were only some of our guests who braved the heavy payday weekend/rain/Makati traffic to visit Tala Manila.

Tweetie Gonzalez
Tweetie Gonzalez in dotcomme

Patrice and Mavis
Patrice Diaz and Mavis Fuentebella wearing dotcomme

Nico LeChavalier
Nico LeChevalier

Tere Henson
dotcomme’s idol, Dr. Tere Henson

Monique Villonco
Monique Villonco

Grace, Led, Rem
Grace Velasco, Let Rosales, Rem de Vera

ava and melvin
Ava Yap and Melvin Mojica

gina and patrice
Gina Torres and Patrice Diaz

Rojo x Zacarias
Rojo Sison with Rita’s Star Wars bags

Spanish guests

Matteo, 11 months

Nazareno family
Nazareno family

Special thanks go to Jim Fuentebella and Yodel Pe (who did our dotcomme logo), Jasper Ong for the Magners and full support, Melvin Mojica, Ria Bolivar, Rem de Vera, Ann See, Jeramy and Shiela of Tala Manila, Preen, Don Papa Rhum and Portobello Bakery.

Don Papa rum

Everybody had fun trying on our clothes and Rita’s bags. Tiring but fun and definitely worth it. Can’t wait for the next pop-up store. Will let you know where and when.
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dotcomme x zacarias
dotcomme x zacarias
dotcomme x zacarias
dotcomme x zacarias
Dotcomme x Zacarias
Dotcomme x Zacarias

To know more about Tala Manila, click HERE.

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