LOOK: All the Jollibee pics of Prime Minister Trudeau you need to see
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Everybody knows if you want to go viral, you do Jollibee.
When Anthony Bourdain dined at Jollibee in an episode of Parts Unknown, everyone went nuts!

Yesterday when Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau arrived in Manila for the ASEAN SUMMIT, his first stop from the airport was Jollibee’s North Harbour branch, along with his security detail.

Trudeau at Jollibee

The visit had been arranged days before by the Canadian Embassy.
According to a Jollibee representative, Trudeau has already been to their first branch in Canada. He wanted to visit a Jollibee here because apparently, Jollibee is a big deal in Canada.

PM Trudeau at JB 5

LOL. What a rockstar.

PM Trudeau at JB 4

Oh, and Trudeau has a soft spot for Filipinos because his nanny was a Filipina, said the Jollibee representative.
He arrived at Jollibee North Harbour yesterday at 4:30 PM and stayed for 30 minutes to interact with Jollibee officials, customers and the crew.

PM Trudeau at JB 2


PM Trudeau at JB 3

PM Trudeau at JB 1

If he ran for Philippine president tomorrow, he would win.

PM Trudeau at JB 8

Oh God, how cute!

PM Trudeau at JB 11

Girl: Deadma

PM Trudeau at JB 7

This girl has way too many photos with Trudeau, so she wins too.

PM Trudeau at JB 6
PM Trudeau at JB 9

He even picked at her fries.

PM Trudeau at JB 10

If you’re curious as to what Trudeau ordered, he had a one-piece Chickenjoy with rice and a Strawberry Tea Float. He didn’t finish his actual order though (too much chika?), so he had it to go.

PM Trudeau at JB 12

PS. Thank God he didn’t do a boodle fight because, gross.