What happened at Beauty & The Beast x Happy Skin screening
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I’ve been taking it easy this 2017, laying low and just waiting for things to unfold, choosing which invitations to attend.
Beauty & The Beast was the one movie I’d been anticipating since last year, so I was very excited to be invited to an advanced screening hosted by Happy Skin Cosmetics in collaboration with Disney.

Happy Skin invitation

I don’t have daughters so I didn’t mind that the invite is for one person only. Luckily my friend Dinna was also invited.
After a quick lunch, we went to Uptown Mall’s VIP Cinema and saw this TV screen.

Happy Skin x Beauty & The Beast screening

Happy Skin really knows how to throw a party, and has obviously good relations with Disney.

Happy Skin x Beauty & The Beast screening

I’m not supposed to eat sweets this Lent, but this spread looked so good

Happy Skin x Beauty & The Beast screening

Okay. Just one cupcake then. The buttercream icing was delish!

Happy Skin x Beauty & The Beast screening

Happy Skin founders Jaque Gutierrez and Rissa Trillo hosted the event

Jaque and Rissa of Happy Skin

I’ve been to Uptown Mall BGC many times because of Shaburi but I’d never been to the cinema. Their VIP cinema is first class all the way!! I am really impressed. These seats recline fully with so much leg room.

Uptown Mall VIP cinema

There’s a personal side table with snacks. It includes a night light and a popcorn/soda button.
For me, it’s the best cinema in town!

Uptown Mall VIP cinema

We had to surrender our phones before the movie, so here’s the trailer instead.

The casting was almost perfect. Didn’t know Emma Watson could sing really well. She starts out plain-looking but somehow transforms as the movie progresses.

Beauty & The Beast still photos

I think she comes across as an actress with substance, just like Belle in the movie

Beauty & The Beast still photos

Kevin Kline plays her kawawa but loving father…

Beauty & The Beast still photos

But Luke Evans is the most perfectly casted actor as the walking douchebag, Gaston.

Beauty & The Beast still photos

I can’t imagine why they would take a beautiful man like Ewan McGregor of Trainspotting and transform him into this unrecognizable caricature….

Ewan McGregor Ewan McGregor

But the most disappointing casting for me was the Beast, played by Dan Stevens of Downton Abbey.

Beauty & The Beast still photos

I don’t watch Downton Abbey so I don’t know Dan Stevens. I was hoping to feel “kilig” upon the big reveal at the end, but I was disappointed. Sorry but he doesn’t look dreamy. He looked so unmasculine….
You just have to watch.
I was really impressed by the animation. You really forget you’re watching an animated film.
The familiar songs are really nice, with some new tunes added.
The movie is two hours long. Make sure to go to the restroom before the movie starts so you don’t miss a thing. But most of all, please try to watch at Uptown Mall’s VIP Cinema. It’s so worth it.
Beauty & The Beast is showing in theaters this March 17, 2017.

Buy Happy Skin x Beauty & The Beast collection at

Happy Skin presents Beauty & the Beast lippies
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Beauty and The Beast, which I first saw in 1991, is my favorite Disney animation of all time, that’s why I’m excited to watch the Beauty and The Beast movie tomorrow at a special screening hosted by Happy Skin Cosmetics.

Beauty & The Beast Beauty & The Beast

Happy Skin is even more excited to present their Beauty and The Beast collection to coincide with the movie’s release.

Beauty & The Beast by Happy Skin

When Disney chose to collaborate with skin-caring makeup brand Happy Skin last year, the reaction to the Disney Princess-inspired makeup collection was nothing short of overwhelming.
The limited edition products, expected to last for a whole year, were nearly wiped out of Happy Skin counters in just a couple of months.
“Even during our pre-selling of the Princess-inspired lippies, we set a record at online retail giant Zalora. Stocks were sold out in half a day!” said Happy Skin co-founder Rissa Mananquil-Trillo.

Now Happy Skin presents two new lip products:
Happy Skin x Beauty and the Beast Moisturizing Matte Lip Kit (Php 1,199) and Happy Skin x Disney Beauty and the Beast Liquid Matte Lipstick (P699)

Happy Skin x Beauty & The Beast
Liquid Lipstick Swatch
Liquid lipstick swatch

Lip Liner Swatch
Lip liner swatch

Both contain Happy Skin’s trademark Cupuaçu Butter that hydrates lips like no other.
These complement Happy Skin’s Enchanted Rose Luminous Mesh Blush (Php 899), available in pink or peach

Happy Skin x Beauty & The Beast

and the Tale As Old As Time Brightening Powder Foundation (Php 1,499) available in soft beige or natural beige.

Happy Skin x Beauty & The Beast

Be the first to buy as pre-selling starts at on March 13, 2017. This collection can only be shipped within the Philippines.
Happy Skin x Disney Beauty and the Beast will be available in Happy Skin stores on March 16th.
To find a location near you, click HERE.

What is Izumio?
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The first time I learned about Izumio was when I saw my friend Mavis sipping water from this interesting foil package—and you know me, I love packaging.


When I visited Dr. Vicki Belo at her office, I saw her sipping it too. Naturally I became curious.
To know more about the product, Mavis told me to get in touch with Keiko Ozaeta, who brought the product from Japan to the Philippines.
I got to meet Keiko at an event in Rustan’s Makati. Keiko, who swears by the product, looks youthful and amazing. Here she is with Japanese fashion icon Hidetoshi Nakata.

Hidetoshi Nakata and Keiko Ozaeta

Izumio was created in 2007 by Japanese Dr. Shigeo Ota. It is a beverage made by dissolving a high concentration of hydrogen in water. Hydrogen water is very popular in Japan and is fast becoming known in other Asian countries and the United States.
“It has helped so many with their quality of life. I was impressed with the benefits seen in all ages—from babies to the elderly coming from various backgrounds,” said Keiko.

While it is not a cure or medication for illnesses, Keiko explained that Izumio purifies the body and helps hydrate six times more than regular water.

Other benefits include:
• fights damage caused free radicals
• lowering of cholesterol
• skin rejuvenation
• reduction of cellulites and wrinkles
• improvement of blood circulation and memory
• regulation of blood sugar
• reduction of side effects of anti-cancer drugs
• improvement of symptoms of vertigo, fever, gout, constipation, diarrhea, dengue and other illnesses.

Ozaeta said there are four places in the world where the waters are said to have curative powers.
These are Lourdes in France, Tlacote in Mexico, Nordenau in Germany, and Hunza in Pakistan.
Studies showed that Izumio contains 4,700 times more hydrogen than the water from Lourdes France.

Through this opening on the floor of the Grotto, one can view the healing waters of Lourdes
Through this opening you can see the source of healing waters of Lourdes

“What makes the water special is the hydrogen infused in it. The healing power of hydrogen has been proven by scientists for its ability to remove free radicals in our body and changing it into water. The toxins in our body are thus eliminated through urine or sweat. Since excess and free radicals in the body oxidize our DNA, this leads to a domino effect that can trigger aging and diseases. Drinking Izumio will help stop this oxidation process at an early stage and helps maintain our health and wellness,” said Kekio.

Izumio comes in single-drink packs. You’re advised to consume the contents of the pack 15 minutes after it is opened because hydrogen dissipates easily.
To preserve product quality, store it in a refrigerator or a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight and high temperature.
A box of 30 cheer packs costs Php 5,600. This is good for a month since Izumio should be taken at least once a day to maximize the benefits.


To purchase Izumio, you may become a member of Naturally Plus Philippines.
The membership fee of Php 1,500 is good for a year. It’s a one-time registration fee, so there’s no renewal fee as long as one box is purchased every year.

For those interested, there’s an ongoing promo for the following:
1) Purchase four boxes for Ph P22,400 ( free membership)
2) Purchase six boxes for PhP 33600 + PhP 1,500p for membership and get two free boxes free.
Members enjoy free delivery nationwide.

Naturally Plus Philippines is at V Corporate Center
125 L.P. Leviste Street, Makati
For more information, call 328-3540 or (0916) 327-8953.
You may also call or text Keiko Ozaeta at (0920) 953-2800 or Menchi Tantoco at (0917)831-5121.

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I adore children, especially when they’re tiny and don’t answer back.
A guest on BBC World was being interviewed about the South Korea impeachment via FaceTime when his little girl walks in.
He tries to push her away, but watch what happens when the cutest little baby rolls in in a walker.
It is so adorable.

How to tell if your patient will die
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I just visited my last grandmother in the hospital.
Like me, she didn’t eat vegetables and drank Coke until 2015. She is 93 years old.
Last March 4 at 4 AM, she went into cardiac arrest. It was a First Saturday.
No family was around to give consent, so the hospital staff automatically resuscitated her.
She is now brain dead.
As a devotee of Our Lady, I know she would have liked to have passed on a First Saturday, as I would too.
I’m glad I was able to hold her hand, kiss her head, and thank her.
It won’t be long now….

Many years ago I found this video which might be helpful to those watching over a loved one in the hospital.
I think it’s good to know when it’s time to call family and friends to come over and say goodbye.
I’m reposting this for my cousin Jay who is watching over Lola Liddy at the hospital.
This video will give you a clue if your patient is about to die.