About last night: Pet Shop Boys in Manila
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My husband and I left the house at 6:30 PM in search of dinner before going to the Pet Shop Boys concert at SMART Araneta.
Spontaneously we decided on Kimpura, and while waiting for my food, I felt my age kicking in.
I was sleepy.
“I wish the Pet Shop Boys would perform in our bedroom,” my husband said.
Jeroen, who wakes up at 6 AM everyday, was feeling his age too.
But the Pet Shop Boys are already in the 50s, so maybe they were sleepy too?
Thankfully dinner was lovely. I feasted on steak, oysters and mixed fried rice. Then off we were to the concert.

Pet shop boys

Not too many people coming in when we arrived at 8-ish, so that felt kind of odd and sad.
But on our way in, I saw people from the ’80s and ’90s. Old friends who make me feel young again.
The concert crew in their neon orange jumpsuits looked so chic! I loved it already!

Pet Shop Boys in Manila

The venue started to fill up, but not to capacity. My cousin got us tickets to the 4th row so we were right in front of this huge screen.
I can’t even describe to you how awesome the graphics were! My Samsung S4 camera phone was the only tool I had, so it didn’t turn on fast enough for me to capture the entrance of Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe in their black dunce caps!!
Neil Tennant’s 2nd outfit is banned in many places in Metro Manila—illegal na po ang plastic straw!!

Pet Shop Boys in Manila

But never mind, said my Insta-friend Kat. The straws are bound to be recycled during their world tour.
Mich Dulce, Jujiin Samonte, and my sister Ana would’ve loved all the headdresses and the dancing.

Pet Shop Boys in Manila
Pet Shop Boys in Manila

I especially freaked out when Chris Lowe came out in a mirror-ball hat which illuminated the coliseum when the spot light hit it. Collective sighs from the young people behind me.

Pet Shop Boys in Manila

My Samsung S4 is really awesome by the way

Pet Shop Boys in Manila
Pet Shop Boys in Manila
Pet Shop Boys in Manila

And Neil Tennant sounds exactly like he did in the ’90s

Pet Shop Boys in Manila

One thing I find really unnecessary is when this security guard stops people from going to the front to dance or take pictures—even when the concert was about to end.
Seriously from an artist’s point of view, I don’t think the Pet Shop Boys would’ve minded at all! if more people came nearer to dance and just let go. But this annoying security guard was “just doing his job” of killing our joy!

Pet Shop Boys in Manila

And what is a Pet Shop Boys concert without the ’80s anthem, West End Girls?

My only letdown is that they didn’t play my favorite Pet Shop song, Love Comes Quickly

Nevertheless it was a night to remember—a feast for both ears and eyes. So worth it!!

Pet Shop Boys in Manila
Pet Shop Boys in Manila

Grow up
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I woke up this morning to a Viber group created by a class rep from my son’s school.
I thought it was a good idea to be informed about exams, holidays, and other relevant information.
But in the few minutes that followed, my phone started to alert me on incoming Viber messages—only to find out that some parents were happily posting humorous stickers to the thread.
So I thought I would do others a favor by asking them kindly to refrain from adding stickers to keep the messages relevant.
The creator of the group responded by saying that stickers were OK because they are fun and “kunti lang naman”.
To which one of the dads replied by posting a giant LOL sticker, presumably to mock me.
Instead of engaging in useless a Viber argument, I decided to leave the group.

This is a public service announcement to sticker-happy parents, to please spare the ones who prefer to have less clutter in their lives—and in their phones.
So maybe this post will be discussed in their Viber group. Bite me.
viber sticker