16th French Film Festival at the Shang
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Shangri-La Plaza presents the 16th French Film Festival from June 9 to  19, 2011 at the Shang Cineplex Cinema 4.
This year features a selection of contemporary French films, as well as a retrospective of actress Sandrine Bonnaire.
June 12th will have a special screening of films shot in the Philippines that have been featured in prestigious film festivals in France.*

Opening the festival is Le Marquis, a film shot in Cebu in 2010, about a salesman-turned-prisoner Thomas Gardesse, who calls himself “The Marquis” to gain his inmates’ respect. Soon, he is hunted down to mastermind a robbery in Manila.

le marquis

In L’autre (The Other One, 2008), Anne-Marie’s peaceful break-up with Alex takes on an insanely jealous turn when she finds out about a new woman in his life.


In the film La Tête de Maman (Mother’s Smile, 2007), Lulu thinks her mother’s former lover is the reason for her sadness, so she struggles to get him—and her mother’s smile—back.

la tete de maman

Journey with protagonist Anne in Un Poison Violent (Love Like Poison, 2010) as she is caught between her love for the faithless Pierre and her coming confirmation.


Le Dernier Des Fous (The Last Among the Crazy Ones, 2006) focuses on 11-year-old Martin’s lonely vacation, where he witnesses his family’s disintegration.

le dernier de fous

A different kind of riot unfolds at Les Enfants de Timpelbach (Trouble at Timpeltill, 2008) when children who pass the time playing pranks and deflecting authority are left without parents.

les enfants des timpelbach

Dans les Cordes (Inside the Ring, 2007) takes sibling rivalry into the boxing ring, as sisters Angie and Sandra fight it out to be named the French boxing champion.

dans les cordes

7 ans (7 years, 2006) is a heartbreaking take on love’s circus of guilt, pleasure, and obligation, chronicling a tragic love tale between prisoner Vincent and his wife Maitè who begins an affair with a guard in Vincent’s prison.


Adèle: Rise of the Mummy (2010) is an adaptation of a popular French comic book from the 1970s, featuring the extraordinary adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec set in pre-World War II in France.

adele blanc-sec

Arthur (Freddie Highmore) is reunited with his beloved Princess Selenia in the latest adventure adapted from Luc Besson’s bestselling children’s books, Arthur 2: The Revenge of Maltazard (2009).
The follow-up to worldwide box-office hit Arthur And The Minimoys, this film reprises the combo of live-action and magnificent state-of-the-art animation.


Witness 15-year-old Suzanne’s aimless search for love in À Nos Amours (To Our Loves, 1983).
In a desperate quest for acceptance, she randomly offers herself to several men, and eventually ends up questioning her uncertain future.


Sans Toit Ni Loi (Vagabond, 1985) is the mystery of a girl named Mona, who is found frozen to death in a ditch. Not knowing what to make of her, those who have encountered her attempt to recapture her story—that of a wanderer who couldn’t be held back.


Mentally and physically handicapped Sophie and Jeanne try to live a normal life in La Cérémonie (A Judgment in Stone, 1995). But their decent intentions soon turn into a macabre dance of good and evil.

la ceremonie

Mademoiselle (2001) is a gripping story of a woman called Claire, who makes a connection with an actor. After getting to know him in just 24 hours, Claire is faced with the momentous possibility of enjoying the happiness love brings, which can change her life forever.


Follow the life of a person with autism, Sabine Bonnaire in Elle S’appelle Sabine (Her Name is Sabine, 2007) a documentary by her sister Sandrine. Touching on the death of Sabine’s innermost hopes and dreams, the film takes a dramatic turn as she struggles to regain a taste for life despite her condition.

Mise en page 1

In Joueuse (Queen to Play), Hélène who leads a quiet, steady life with her husband and daughter, seeks her freedom and identity as a woman by finding refuge in mastering the rules of chess.


Schedule follows:

JUNE 8 (Opening Night)
8:00 PM – Le Marquis

1:30 PM – Mademoiselle
4:00 PM – Les enfants de Timpelbach
6:30 PM – La Cérémonie
9:00 PM – Un Poison Violent

1:30 PM – Elle s’appelle Sabine
4:00 PM – Joueuse
6:30 PM – 7 ans
9:00 PM – Sans toit ni Loi

1:30 PM – Adèle Blanc Sec
4:00 PM – L’Autre
6:30 PM – Les enfants de Timpelbach
9:00 PM – Le Marquis

*JUNE 12
1:30 PM – Pisay
4:00 PM – Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros
6:30 PM – Basal Banar
9:00 PM – Boxing in the Philippine Islands

1:30 PM – L’Autre
4:00 PM – Un Poison Violent
6:30 PM – 7 ans
9:00 PM – Sans toit ni Loi

1:30 PM – Le dernier des fous
4:00 PM – Arthur et la Vengeance de Maltazard
6:30 PM – Mademoiselle
9:00 PM – L’Autre

1:30 PM – La Cérémonie
4:00 PM – A nos amours
6:30 PM – Dans les cordes
9:00 PM – Dans les cordes

1:30 PM – Le dernier des fous
4:00 PM- La Tête de Maman
6:30 PM – Joueuse
9:00 PM – Le Marquis

1:30 PM – Elle s’appelle Sabine
4:00 PM – Adèle Blanc Sec
6:30 PM – Le dernier des fous
9:00 PM – 7 ans

1:30 PM – Arthur et la Vengeance de Maltazard
4:00 PM – Mademoiselle
6:30 PM – Sans toit ni Loi
9:00 PM – Un Poison Violent

1:30 PM – A nos amours
4:00 PM – La Tête de Maman
6:30 PM – Dans les cordes
9:00 PM – Tree of Life

Admission is free. Tickets are issued one hour before screening.
Schedules are subject to change without prior notice.
For inquiries, call 633-7851 local 113.

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Thanks for providing some background on the movies. At least I can now choose what to watch. 🙂



Thanks for plugging this. I love hearing French people speak even though I don’t understand a thing they say. There’s a really fluid, sensual, sublime quality in the language that I can’t help but love.



Love like poison!!! i ♥