Remember Chuckie Dreyfus?
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Was Kuya Germs, creator of That’s Entertainment, a genius? misunderstood? ahead of his time?
Just take a look of some of the gems we grew up with.

That’s Entertainment was the most popular cheesy daily TV show back in the day, where every kid who wanted to be in showbiz wanted to be. Plus points if your parents are already in showbiz.
Part of That’s Entertainment’s Wednesday group was Chuckie Dreyfus, who starred in this Colgate commercial with his love team, Isabel Granada and Jennifer Sevilla in the ’80s.

Not too long ago I found Chuckie Dreyfus (@chuckiedreyfus) on Twitter, or maybe he found me.
My friend Ginggay, a true blue That’s fanatic got jealous and started tweeting Chuckie while I was asleep.
Jay got jealous and started tweeting him too.
Soon a meet-up was inevitable. When Grace found out we were having dinner at Pepper Lunch, she wasted no time in inviting herself and Kevin.
So last night we all met up for a cheesy ’80s flashback with Chuckie Dreyfus and his wife Yen.

L-R: Ginggay, Yen and Chuckie Dreyfus, Jay, Grace, Kevin

We found out that Chuckie is now almost 37 years old, married for ten years to Yen. They have two kids, Ella and Ralph.
He left show biz when he found the transition from child actor to actor “difficult.” Today he works as a song writer and composer, with plans to come back as an actor.
Very strange dinner, we all had our phones checking Twitter the whole time.


I decided to ask my followers to tweet their questions to Chuckie (in 140 characters or less) , such as:

Is it true they paid you PHP 200,000 to be on a notebook cover?
@chuckiedreyfus: Yes

How much did he earn for that Colgate TVC?
@chuckiedreyfus substantial but I can’t remember how much

Were Chuckie and Isabel Granada really a couple or just love team?
@chuckiedreyfus: Love team only.

Approve ba sa yo si Mommy Guapa noon?
@chuckiedreyfus: yes! Close kami ni Mommy Guapa

Who was the crush ng bayan in That’s?
@chuckiedreyfus: Noon sa GMA, si Nadia (Montenegro) talaga

Who were his crushes in the show?
Chuckie refuses to answer. Yen says: Vina Morales, Jennifer Mendoza, Jessa Zaragosa

Did Kuya Germs have a favorite in That’s Entertainment?
@chuckiedreyfus: Mon Alvir

Was there ever a time he ever got scared of kuya germs?
@chuckiedreyfus: bat ako matatakot?

Who were his friends on the show?
@chuckiedreyfus: Robert ortega! Gary Berena.

How did you lose 40 lbs?
@chuckiedreyfus: I gave up pork and beef for three months and then I worked out.

Asan na si Caselyn Francisco?
@chuckiedreyfus: Alam ko, Germany.

How did you meet Yen?
@chuckiedreyfus: Blind date.

Where was your first date?
@chuckiedreyfus: Peach & Plum at Crossroad Arcade, Greenhills. Favorite namin talaga, Tom Sawyer.

Did he get bullied in school?
@chuckiedreyfus: Ya! Malayo pa lang maririnig mo talaga sa hallway ang That’s Entertainment song.

Predetermined ba ang mga winners sa That’s Entertainment Show? Laging Thursday Group kasi nananalo.
@chuckiedreyfus: no

I had a warm fuzzy feeling sitting next to Chuckie, who brought me back to the days of Shoppesville and Tom Sawyer.
I wanted to squeeze him like a stuffed toy, pero nakakahiya.
So nice to know he grew up normal and ended up with a loving wife and good-looking kids, unlike some of the kids in this book that I gave him


Oh and I gave away swag bags to all the guests containing products from That’s Entertainment sponsors. (Unfortunately I could not find any C.Y. Gabriel Wonder soap.)


We had special cupcakes baked to order from Mrs. Field’s


Chuckie signs a pack of Besuto Prawn Crackers for my bud, Lloyd Joven


Super nice evening. Thank you Chuckie and Yen for meeting us and see you again in real life and on Twitter!

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