Multimedia Arts Festival opens at the Rockwell Tent
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Experience the De La Salle College of Saint Benilde’s first ever contemporary multisensory exhibit in The Multimedia Arts Festival.
The exhibit will feature art works and installations by of the Multimedia Arts Program.

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There will be nine different concepts on display:
Rewind will take you back to 90’s to reminisce or show the younger generation what life was like in that decade.
Twisted Tales will reinterpret childhood fairy tales, creating new librettos while still retaining the stories’ classic crux.
IM | POSSIBLE will attempt to answer strange ideas in the form of innocent questions or philosophical ones.
Spectrum will represents a multitude of ideas using different mediums.
Artbeat will weave together the past and the present through a creative play between the 80’s and today.
Cosmic Leap will recreates a virtual reality through different dimensions by providing visual, somatosensory and auditory perception.
Espejismo is the Spanish word for “mirage” and will beg the questions: “Is it really there? Is it present? Does it exist in reality or is it just an illusion, a trick of the visual perception?”
Inspired by Newton’s experiments with prisms, the nature of light, and spectrums, Prism will take the students’ collective understanding of the arts and their individual creativity to bring you this exhibit, taking a single concept and refracting it into an exhibit that is just as varied as a single beam of light.
And Bring to Light will create a futuristic visual for the viewers to experience the light that makes use of what new technology can bring us, showing what the future has in store.

The Multimedia Arts Festival will be at the Rockwell Tent from April 10-12, 2013.
April 10 will mark the opening night starting from 6PM onwards and will be open on April 11 and 12 from 11 AM onwards.

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