Who’s leading after the Vice Presidential debate?
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Yesterday, after the Vice Presidential debate on CNN, Philippines, I tweeted this
quick poll
and got these results:


I am surprised with the emergence of BongBong Marcos and Leni Robredo in a virtual tie.
Someone please explain to me why Bongbong Marcos is so popular? Did not expect it.
Compare with poll results after the Presidential debate last March 23.

Presidential poll

Interesting to note that even though my poll is so small, I get the same kind of feedback when I talk to people outside—from drivers, to office workers, mall employees, etc.
Can’t wait for the next debate!
You can still participate in the poll HERE.

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  • boi skater

    Interesting results which reflect the demographic that follows you, which is not necessarily representative of the country. As far as I’m concerned, Robredo is the only VP candidate worth voting for. And for the presidency, Roxas is the only candidate who is both presidential and with proper credentials.


  • Kims

    I’m rooting for Duterte-Cayetano.


  • PJ

    Still undecided for president. Leaning towards Leni for VP.


  • MK

    all the taxi drivers I ask, 9 out of 10 times they always say duterte-bongbong



    MDinna Reply:

    Same with me. Maybe not 9 out of 10 but very impressive numbers for Duterte-Marcos.


  • Bea

    Very impressed with Leni last night. Teddy boy was right when he said she is very presidential.

    As for the president, am still undecided. this year is tough for picking compared to 2010 when there were two qualified candidates (sadly, neither of them won)


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