To help or to take a picture?
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That is the question.
In this day of social media, one can’t help but whip out a smart phone every time something out of the ordinary happens.
I’m in Tokyo for a short break with my hubby. I asked him to take me here during a recent spell of depression and he did.
I’m so happy to be here even for just a few days, even when it’s sweltering hot.

Something is wrong with my taste buds. I’ve had this cough for a month. My doctor said it seems to be an allergy. I take medicine at night, and now my taste buds are whacked. Food isn’t so delicious, I can’t even finish the last bite of anything.
Today, while my hubby met up with his Dutch friend Marco, I took a cab to Shake Shack Marunouchi for a solo lunch. It’s a good thing this is all I ordered.

Shake shack

My son is right. The burger does taste greasy. The Coke didn’t taste good and I wasn’t able to finish the last bite. I put my backpack on as I left the restaurant to go shopping. A few seconds later, I saw an old Caucasian man walk into the glass window.
He fell, and I saw blood.
My instinct was to go and talk to him.
“Are you okay?” I asked.
I walked him to a bench where he sat down holding his head.
Then two young foreigners (male and female Caucasians) approached him too, so there were three of us.

“You’re bleeding,” I told the old man.
“Am I?” he touched his head and his hand was covered in blood.
“It doesn’t look so good,” I said.
I saw white stuff under his skin. I don’t know if that was a skull??
I decided to run inside Shake Shack and look for the manager.
He came out, and OK, I’ll say it: he was guapo…. (sorry)

I told him a man had walked into their glass and was bleeding. I pointed to the glass window which had a mark.
“Do you know him?” the manager asked.
“No, I don’t.”
On my way out, another foreigner (white woman) handed me a cup of water for the old man.
The manager and I approached the lolo and I gave him the water.

There were food trucks parked around Marunouchi during this busy lunch break. One of the vendors offered me a variety pack of bandages. I heard one of the young foreigners say he was a medic, so I handed him to band aids.

I told the Japanese manager, “Where is the hospital?”
He said to the man, “Do you need an ambulance?”
The lolo said no.
Just then I heard the “medic” say, “I don’t think he even needs stitches.”
And I was thinking, are you kidding me? I’m not a doctor but he’s dripping so much blood…..

Just then another vendor went up to me and handed me a plastic bag with five wet wipes. But I was shaking… I seriously didn’t know what to do.
Then the other white foreigner (female) took a picture with her phone. I was thinking, why???

The lolo was holding his phone and blood was on his phone. I asked him if he was alone. He said his wife was at the hotel.
I said, where is your hotel?
I offered to walk him to his hotel, but the young foreigners told me the man needed to sit down for a while. He seemed disoriented. So kawawa I tell you.
I figured the medic and his companion would take care of him, so I left.

Shake Shack Marunouchi

There were so many angels in Marunouchi today.
There were three angels that offered water, bandages, and wet wipes, and there were strangers who offered help and concern. What I noticed was it was mostly white people (except me) who were quick to help. I’m guessing because the lolo was white and the Japanese people would be lost in translation.

One thing I learned about myself today: when faced with a situation whether to help or take a picture, I chose the former.
I don’t know where lolo is now. I feel like crying thinking about it. I hope he got stitched up and is resting well with his wife.
From now on, lolo should never walk alone.

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  • J Eezzle 2 da Mizzle

    good thing you were there. bless you.


  • Merlinda Little

    My family is in there and there was fire in the neighborhood. My sister brought all of the pets outside and it was raining she said that people are taking videos or photos of them evacuating. She felt so devastated that other people chose to take photos of them instead of helping her. One of our dog died because of stress. Heartbreaking event made worse by people who chose are so insensitive to the victims. =(


  • oh_fudge

    I’ve always known you have a good heart. I’m lucky to call you my friend.



    CVS Reply:

    thank you. you’re so sweet…


  • sirenspeaks

    We had the same experience but ours was in a fastfood where a man in his 40’s walked into a glass door. The loud bang on the glass was followed by some loud giggles from two men eating their meals near the glass door. I felt so sorry for the guy who bumped his face into the glass door and so much disappointment with the two inconsiderate men. The guard and the manager came to the poor guy’s rescue. I saw him patting his nose with a bloody tissue and when we were about to leave, I couldn’t help but notice the smeared glass where the man’s face landed. His face was oily enough to leave a mark on the glass door. I saw traces of the nose, the oily cheeks, some lips and a lot of fingerprints on the glass.


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