Shaburi all-you-can-eat wagyu shabu-shabu opens at Uptown BGC
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The word “healthy” may not be something you connect with delicious and filling when it comes to food but that is what our newest food concept is all about.
Shaburi is a new concept created by Dining Innovation, whose goal is to bring Japanese food culture to the world.

Shaburi Uptown BGC

It’s no secret that I love anything Japanese, and fun dining is what we love to do as a family.
We love hands-on cooking at home, such as grilling on the table using a yakiniku grill or hotpot. Even the children like to get involved. That’s what led us to open Pepper Lunch in 2008.
Nearly 40 Pepper Lunch stores later, we felt it was time to introduce a new franchise to the Philippines.
Luckily, Shaburi was offered to us by Dining Innovation during a leisure trip to Singapore.

Kamada-san and Jeroen
Mr. Eiji Kamada of Dining Innovation with Jeroen in Singapore

There are many things that make Shaburi unique. One, it is an all-you-can-eat shabu-shabu restaurant. You may choose from four kinds of meat—Regular Shabu (includes tasty Beef and Tender Pork), Special Shabu, Shaburi Wagyu (black label), Special Wagyu (gold label), or all of the above—which you cook in your own personal soup pot, instead of double dipping and having to share with a bunch of people.

Shaburi Uptown BGC

There are five kinds of broth: including Original Konbu (which is my favorite), Sukiyaki, Soy Milk Miso, Chicken Collagen Paitan (good for the skin!) and Hot Miso (which is spicy).
There are three sauces: Ponzu (traditional Japanese sauce), Special Goma Tare (roasted sesame and soy milk) and Sweet Sauce (green apple, onions, garlic and white sesame).
I’m a simple eater, so my choices look like this:


A buffet table offers fresh vegetables, dipping sauces, condiments, drinks and desserts. Not a bad deal, considering prices range from Php 499 to Php 1599 depending on the meat level you choose.
Side dishes include steamed rice, fried rice and the crowd favorite, wagyu rice, as well as chicken wings and karaage, fries, creamy carbonara, corn fritters, and sushi rolls.
Don’t forget to try our gyudon on steamed rice. It is the most addicting gyudon in town—my friend Gerome calls it “crack.”

Shaburi Uptown BGC

“In other Asian countries, people are of different religions. Some do not eat pork. So the personal pots make sense,” said Eiji Kamada, Chief Executive Officer and Director at Dining Innovation.

Shaburi Uptown BGC

The individual soup pots are perfect for families that have picky eaters. Some people only eat meat and don’t want vegetables floating in their soup. But many of those who come to Shaburi do so because they love vegetables, which include lettuce, cabbage, leeks, four kinds of mushrooms, spinach and young corn. The freshness of the vegetables is maintained by a mist machine imported from Japan.

Shaburi Uptown BGC

There are Chinese add-ons such as a variety of seafood balls, squid rings, white fish, tofu, and noodles.
The soups were created by Japanese chefs and are imported from a Japanese commissary (so there’s a minimal charge for extra soup).

“When we came here two years ago, we noticed there were only two kinds of shabu-shabu restaurants—the very expensive ones or the low-end. Shaburi is somewhere in the middle. Ramen, sushi and tonkatsu are already very popular here. We wanted to offer something different,” said Shinichiro Matsufuji, Chief Operating Officer at Dining Innovation.

Shinichiro Matsufuji and Eiji Kamada
Mr. Shinichiro Matsufuji and Eiji Kamada food tasting at Shaburi at The Fort

The meat at Shaburi Philippines is of the same grade and quality you will get anywhere in the world where there is a Shaburi restaurant, The meat, side dishes, sauces and basically anything in the restaurant are of the same grade/cut/specifications.

“We are targeting a wide range of customers from diet-conscious ladies to families who want a quality dining experience. We want customers to enjoy meat the healthy way,” said Jeroen van Straten of Shaburi Philippines.
Shaburi Philippines is committed to opening 10 restaurants in five years. We’ve been successful with Pepper Lunch so we look forward to this challenge.

Shaburi Uptown BGC

Shaburi Uptown BGC

Our interiors were proudly designed by a Japanese firm. The restaurant is 260 sqm, with a seating capacity of 96 guests.
There are two semi-private rooms for big groups so if you’re having a big get-together or a birthday blowout for friends, Shaburi can accommodate your requirements.
By the way, Shaburi also serves beer (Asahi and San Miguel Light).

Shaburi guests

Shaburi is at 4th floor (Veranda), Uptown Mall, Bonifacio High Street Central.
Open daily from 10 AM to 10 PM.
Best to reserve (especially on weekends) by calling 805-2932 • 978-2481 • 0917-708-3930.
Follow @shaburiph on Instagram.

PS. The best way to go up is use the outside escalator. It will take you straight up to the 4th level veranda where Shaburi, right next to Buffalo Wings 🙂

Shaburi guests
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