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It is now 11 days post-op and I’m still homebound, except for check-ups at the clinic and a trip to the mall to buy Spanx bras and a Tempur wedge pillow.
Last Monday I hauled my carcass off to a wake of my uncle who had died last week.

2013-06-03 21.04.36

Funny how you don’t think deeply about some people until they die.
What I have about my Tito Meckoy Quiogue are great childhood memories.
A few have told me what a great boss and mentor he had been, but to me he was the coolest uncle.
If my memory serves me right, he took us cousins to Magnolia Ice Cream Parlour.

Magnolia ice cream plant

He took us to the movies. I have vivid memories of Logan’s Run because it was creepy and had bomba, and I was a kid. I was probably not supposed to see that. 🙂

Logan's Run

My uncle was so cool he got us to watch a preview of the first Superman movie with Christopher Reeve, before it hit the cinemas officially.


He used to work at Coca-Cola, so we got to watch the filming of a Coke commercial in Baguio. I still remember the jingle.

He let my brother and sister and cousin appear in a Coke commercial, while my Tita Noli appeared in a Breeze commercial.
When we were kids back in the ’70s, Coke had a yoyo promo which brought the international yoyo champions to Manila. The champions even appeared at my cousin’s birthday party at home.
He played baril-barilan with us—a game which thrilled us to bits.

When we all grew up, we didn’t see Tito Meckoy regularly because he had a new family, though we would bump into him occasionally at events.

Tito Meckoy and Jeroen

When he died I thought about the memories—that he was a cool uncle, and he was always good-looking.

Tito Meckoy with Enet
Tito Meckoy with my cousin Enet at Hemady (I wonder who’s hiding in the back)

Tito Meckoy
L-R: At work with Ed Roa, Meckoy Quiogue, Willy Ocampo, Frankie Gonzales (Photo: Ed Roa)

My husband says he doesn’t have vivid childhood memories, but I can remember as far back as three or four years old.
I remember bits and pieces of it, and what I like to remember is the kindness of people.
Because as I get older, I look back to my childhood for warm memories, so I try to give my children good ones.
Tito Meckoy was one of those good memories, and I thank him for that.
As I looked around his wake and saw the people that loved him, all the flowers and the few mementoes they put on display, I had the warm feeling he lived a good life and that God would welcome him with open arms.

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  • – r@ch alarcon –

    Condolence to you….

    I just can’t help but comment on the Magnolia House picture that you have…It brings back a lot of memories of when I was in grade / high school. I remember going there to study for the exams and also to celebrate after the exams.

    I am already asking your permission, as I might just blog about Magnolia house very very soon. I promise to give credits regarding the photo…



    CVS Reply:

    not my photo. just borrowed it too


  • TruthHurts

    “Because as I get older, I look back to my childhood for warm memories, so I try to give my children good ones.”

    Now that is exemplary and something society could all look forward to. To fail in all other respects is only but human, but to fail as a mother is disastrous to the entire community. All kids eventually become members of society. How they are shaped initially and the experiences they get from those (whether traumatic or worth cherishing) ultimately dictate their outlook in life and the consequences of those outlook when they someday take their roles and places in society are suffered or enjoyed by everyone else around them.



    Condolence. We live in the same residential area and always see his house when I go to the village pool. Interesting article about his mother. –


  • This is such a beautiful tribute, Cecile. Funny, entertaining and moving all at the same time. I read somewhere that true success is when you look back at your life, it makes you smile. Your uncle was definitely a successful man since his life made a lot of people smile =)


  • lovel aniag

    I met him once, when I was an intern in GMA back in 2007. As interns, we weren’t really expecting any sort of acknowledgement from the big bosses, but I remember him asking us interns to his office for a little chat. I thought that was really nice of him. Condolence, CVS and R.I.P. Sir.


  • literarybulimia

    My condolences, Ms. C.

    Out of topic: I don’t know if it’s just me but every time I log on to, it’s always the Monocle entry that comes up on top even though it’s not the latest. The newer ones are nowhere to be found. I got to access this one through your Twitter. Weird.



    CVS Reply:

    let me check something….



    literarybulimia Reply:

    Fixed it by deleting cookies. Sorry. 🙂


  • Condolence po 🙁


  • condolence to your family, GODBLESS


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