Perks and offers for Smart iPhone 6 customers

Smart Communications, Inc. has announced its pricing offers for postpaid subscriber interested in iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, as the new phones become available on November 14, 2014.
The iPhone 6 (16GB) is offered, starting at Smart Postpaid Plan 999, with Php 800 monthly cash-out or a total of P1,799 per month.
The iPhone 6 Plus (16GB) starts at Plan 999 with P1,050 cash-out every month, or P2,049 per month.
Both iPhone offers come with FREE all-net texts, all-net calls plus consumable data every month which can be used for video and music streaming, file uploads, and downloads, and chatting.

Wipeout promo
Existing subscribers who want to upgrade to the new iPhones can do so with Smart’s Wipeout promo, which allows them to “wipe out” their existing contracts as long as they have less than 20 months left on their contracts.
Corresponding discounts on the wipeout fee will be applied, depending on the number of remaining months in the contract.
Every subscriber that avails of the wipeout promo can get FREE 1-year handset insurance on their new iPhones for repair and replacement of the units in case of accidental damage or loss.
For more information, go to

Free Uber rides for Smart customers
Subscribers who want to check out or claim their new iPhones can get free rides to and from selected Smart Stores from November 14 to 16, 2014.
All you have to do is download the Uber app on your phones, book a ride, and enter the SMARTIPHONE6 promo code to get the ride for free. Upon arriving at the store, look for the special lane so you can get your device on the same day.

Choose your number
For a limited time period, postpaid subscribers getting a new iPhone will be able to choose their own mobile number, if available (first-come, first-serve), when you sign up at any Smart store nationwide.

Free Blink movies
As an added treat, each subscriber to any iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus from Smart will get three FREE movies through Blink, a new mobile app that allows you to watch Hollywood movies and TV shows on your mobile phones.
Subscribers can purchase additional movies by texting BLINK 60 (catalog movies), BLINK 99 (latest movies) or BLINK 250 (unlimited TV series) to 3161.
To enjoy the videos, download the BLINK app from the App Store.

For the full list of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus plans and cash-out options from SMART, please refer to the table below:

Smart Postpaid Plans
Smart Infinity Plans

JOSEPH opens at SM Aura

British luxury label JOSEPH recently opened its first store in Southeast Asia and in the Philippines at SM Aura.
Extending over 150 square meters, the store also marks a significant moment in the brand’s global expansion strategy.
With over 30 stores in Japan and recent openings in Beirut, New York and Taipei, followed by Beijing, JOSEPH plans to continue its expansion in the Philippines with further locations set to launch within the next five years.


“We are thrilled to be opening a store in the Philippines at such an important time for the local luxury market, “ said Louise Trotter, Creative Director at JOSEPH.
“Showing the JOSEPH collection within a store that reflects the brand’s core DNA allows us to offer our clients in the Philippines the full JOSEPH experience.”


The store offers the complete assortment of women’s and men’s ready-to-wear and accessories from JOSEPH’s Autumn/Winter 2014 collection, and the space (designed by Architect Raed Abillama) reflects the brands sensibilities clean lines and monochromatic color scheme.
Its minimalistic feel was created through the use of coarse materials like concrete and black metal.

Joseph at SM Aura
Joseph at SM Aura
Joseph at SM Aura

The brand hosted an evening of entertainment by London-based DJ Mikhail and special guest DJ Solange Knowles, who flew in from the US for the event.

Solange Knowles DJ

Guests from the worlds of fashion, design, media and business toasted the occasion with champagne while enjoying a range of canapés including foie fras, soft shell crab and caviar.

Georgina Wilson
Georgina Wilson

Eric Dee Jr and Bea Soriano-1
Eric Dee Jr. and Bea Soriano

Angel Jacob and Carissa Chan-1
Angel Jacob and Carissa Chan

Tootsie Caharian and art consultant Miguel Rosales-1
Tootsie Caharian and Miguel Rosales

Natalia & Nicole Ortega-1
Natalia and Nicole Ortega

Daryl Chang
Daryl Chang

The Philippines store is operated by SM Premium Fashion Retail Designs, Inc. through an exclusive distribution agreement.

Three months later: a new dining set

Last July 2014, after we finished renovating our kitchen, our next task was to update the dining set. This was where we left off:

Living room

Seven years ago I wanted to have a dining set similar to Spiral at Sofitel

I want this kind of dining set up in our house

I wanted to sit on a couch while eating at home. So we created this setup at home—two dining sets that we could join together if we wanted to.

Big Ass Fan at home

But after seven years, Jeroen really wanted a long table and the kids didn’t like the mismatched furniture.
So we looked at my Pinterest album and settled on this peg by Timms Bach/Herbst Architects

Timms Bach / Herbst Architects

Through the help of our friend Cedric, we were able to order 10 Eames molded chairs from Herman Miller in the US. While waiting for those, we ordered the table from Triboa Bay Living in Makati, with measurements approved by Herman Miller.

Two months later, Cedric shipped the chairs from Los Angeles to his mom in Makati. Because I didn’t want to impose on her space (and kindness), I asked the help of Safehouse Storage to take the chairs and keep them for us while waiting for the table to be finished.
From Makati, the chairs were taken to this warehouse in Taguig

safehouse storage

Safehouse has several storage sizes for your needs. I chose a small unit to store the chairs.

safehouse storage

And here they stayed for two weeks

safehouse storage

Finally, yesterday morning, the table was delivered and assembled at home.

new table

In the afternoon, Safehouse delivered the chairs in perfect condition

safehouse storage
Eames chair

Check out our new dining set and living room

living room
living room

Next on the agenda: change the pendant lamps!
Can’t wait to have guests over.
Couldn’t have done this without the help of Cedric Cid, his mom, and the folks at Safehouse Storage.

safehouse storage

To know more about their services, click HERE.

How to get a decent bowl of rice at Tim Ho Wan

I love dimsum. But there aren’t many chuva-approved dimsum restaurants in Manila. That’s why I am so happy that Tim Ho Wan opened just around the corner at SM Megamall.
Since it opened last May 2014, I have been there no less than 15 times. I’m not scared of the line. I have lined up for one hour, and I have lined up for five minutes. The trick is to go during off-peak times like mid-afternoon.
Tim Ho Wan is famous for its baked pork buns, but it’s not my favourite. I prefer the more conventional siopao, which they don’t have.

Tim Ho Wan at SM Fashion Hall

So I usually go for the pork siomai and the shrimp dumplings.

Tim Ho Wan at SM Fashion Hall
Tim Ho Wan at SM Fashion Hall

But after the tenth time I got tired of it.
That’s when I found my current favourite—the fried shrimp puffs with wasabi dressing. Unfortunately I don’t like wasabi, so I tell them to skip that.

Tim Ho Wan

These are really good when piping hot and crunchy.

Tim Ho Wan

The downside of eating at Tim Ho Wan is they will refuse to serve you plain rice if you’re not a kid. So for the last 15 times I would do something I don’t like to do—I would drop the name of one of the owners.
Finally last week I saw the owner at his other restaurant, Todd English at SM Aura. I asked him if he could give me a calling card with instructions to give me plain rice.

Tim Ho Wan

It worked like a charm! Not only that, I got extra smiles from the servers.

Tim Ho Wan

The card has a special place in my wallet. I am actually thinking of laminating it.
When I showed the card to my friends they were kind of impressed, until Dinna Vasquez said, “You should get a card that says ‘Please don’t make her line up.'”
She has a point there. But then, I have some shame, hehe. Thank you Eric Dee :)

Tried and tested: Linksys > Airport Express

I’ve been an Apple user since the early ’80s. I went straight to Mac and can’t get along with a PC no matter how I try.
So naturally I would prefer an Apple product to go with my MacBook Pro.
But I can’t tell you how many Apple routers I have gone through. Five or six is my guess, and they have all conked out on me. Here are the last three I’ve used.

Airport Express

For some reason, these Apple routers don’t work well with my Internet at home. Doesn’t matter what kind of Internet. Right now I have PLDT Fibr.
Last month I had a problem when my PLDT modem had a red light and Internet died.
The following day the light was green again, but my Internet would disconnect every so often.
For the next three days I kept calling PLDT customer service, who kept telling me there was nothing wrong from their end. So I decided to try all three Apple Airport Express units I had at home. Each one would be a pain in the ass to install, reset, connect.
On the fourth day I gave up and decided to look for a more conventional router at SM Megamall. The salesperson recommended this Linksys which he said was easy to install. It costs a little more than an Airport Express.


I went home, followed instructions, and it worked magically. So much better than the Airport Express.


Check out my current speed.

The only problem I have is I can’t seem to change the default password, even by following instructions.
Other than that, I highly recommend it.
P.S. This is an honest review, not a paid advert.

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