Alexa Chung, Marks & Spencer Collaborate for Archive collection
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Model, TV presenter and style icon Alexa Chung collaborates with Marks & Spencer for a unique women’s wear capsule collection called “Archive by Alexa.”


What makes the collection unique is that Alexa looked into the Marks & Spencer Company Archive, based at Leeds University, where she got the opportunity to study one of the richest retail history collections in the United Kingdom.
Founded in 1984, the Marks & Spencer Archive is home to over 70,000 historical items, and chronicles the brand’s journey of over 130 years, from its beginnings at the Penny Bazaar to its expansion as an international multi-channel retailer.


“In the collection itself, I think there is something that you can build into your existing wardrobe, whatever your style; from classics like the trench coat in rich olive and oversized blue shirt; to quirky additions like the paisley print dress and wide leg ‘70s tailored trousers,” said the 32-year-old English model, television presenter and contributing editor at British Vogue.


Alexa incorporates her youthful, vibrant aesthetic while ensuring that she preserves and honors the proud heritage of the brand.
“I curated the collection, carefully selecting pieces from the Marks & Spencer Company Archive and working with the Marks & Spencer design team to reproduce them for a contemporary consumer. I rummaged through clothing, magazines and amazing old films and cherry-picked relevant items; bringing them back to life for 2016,” she shared.


Ensuring that her collection remained faithful to her vision, Alexa was hands-on during the campaign and worked as the overall creative director for the project.
“There was something very touching about looking back through the British fashion and social history for which Marks & Spencer is synonymous… I have always had affection for Marks & Spencer, and I am thrilled to be part of this special and unique project.”

David Gandy

Rick Edwards and Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung and Pixie Geldof

The collection will be available in May 2016.
In the Philippines, Marks and Spencer is located at Alabang Town Center | Eastwood Mall | Gateway Mall | Glorietta 4 | Greenbelt 5 | Rockwell Power Plant Mall | Robinsons Place Manila | Shangri-la Plaza Mall | SM Mall of Asia | SM Megamall | SM City North Edsa | Trinoma | Central Square | Estancia at Capitol Commons | Abreeza Mall, Davao | Marquee Mall | Ayala Center Cebu | Lim Ket Kai Center | Cagayan De Oro | Paseo de Sta. Rosa Outlet Store | Subic Harbor Point Outlet Store | SM Lanang Premier

Poll: Who are you voting for?
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After going through the process of biometric registering in Pasig, it looks like I’m not even voting.
I really want to be here on May 9th but here are the reasons why not:

1) We’re going to be in Japan from April 29-May 10 to celebrate my birthday (April 30) and Markus (May 8). I asked Markus three times if we could move the dates to April 27-May 6, but he doesn’t want to. Sorry if you don’t agree with my parenting, but in our house the children’s voices count in decision making, including holidays.
2) After running a Twitter poll of Elections or Japan, 67% said I should go to Japan. Including Teddy Boy Locsin.

Twitter poll

3) Markus said my one vote is not going to make a difference. Kind of true. Whoever I vote for doesn’t win anyway. Except for that one time my candidate won, but got impeached.
4) I feel very unsure of the candidates, so I pray that you all make the right decision.
I’m kind of hoping they will move the election to a later date though I’m not in favor of printing receipts, because this aid vote buying.
That said, kindly answer my poll.

Goodbye friend
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seen zone

I just learned this term today when I reached out to an old friend through Viber and saw that she had seen my message and not replied back. I also saw that she was online.
We didn’t have a fight. We had just lost touch for many years because we live in different countries.

We were such good friends back in the ’90s when I was in New York. We helped each other through really bad times and I have always fond memories of her. We used to talk a lot on the phone, long before Viber and Skype came around. And for some reason, we lost touch.
I started to miss her and recently found her on Instagram, but she’s not really into social media. She rarely updates. So I messaged her and told her I missed her. She replied and that was that.

Now I feel like I need to talk to her again because I have some questions and I need to let her know what’s going on. Viber is funny because it gives you contacts you didn’t know you had. So I found her on Viber and reached out. But for whatever reason, she didn’t respond to me and it hurts so much it makes me cry.

Crying Miffy

I decided to delete her info on my phone so I won’t be tempted to contact her again and feel bad all over again.
I have no ill feelings towards her. I just wish her the best and prayed for her. I hope she is OK.
I am guilty of cutting off people but only those who have done really bad things to me.
She and I have never fought so it makes me feel so sad, I spent half the day in bed. And I can write this because she doesn’t read my blog anyway.

Comments is now mobile friendly!
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I know right. Kind of late. But I’ve been trying to figure out how to make my site mobile friendly.
At first I wanted an app, which I have on Google Play, but only works on certain Android models because my app developer became a father and got busy 🙁
So I tried speaking to other app developers, but none of that came through.
Finally I spoke to my web dude, Van, who made my site mobile friendly. Here’s what it looks like on my Samsung phone.

chuvaness mobile
chuvaness mobile
chuvaness mobile

Still have to check how it looks on iPad. Thank you Van and your team! You are awesome!!

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