Sephora Philippines goes online
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Who’s scared of Sephora? I am!
I once spent $800 on impulsive buys at Sephora New York. Never again.
So now I don’t even want to enter Sephora in Singapore unless I really need to buy something.
Now comes Sephora Philippines—but don’t hold your breath yet. It’s only an online store and it doesn’t have all the products seen at the physical store. Dinna Vasquez tells us all about it.


The other night my friend Rae tweeted: “Tomorrow, Luxola will be” And true enough, at 8 AM today, went live!
Having a Sephora in the Philippines is every beauty junkie’s dream. Now, we have something almost as good. So how did that happen?
Luxury conglomerate LVMH (LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton SE) acquired the Singapore-based cosmetics website Luxola in 2015, which is now Sephora Philippines. LVMH is the parent company of Sephora.
“Investing in Luxola is a unique opportunity to penetrate the online beauty market and accelerate Sephora’s growth in Southeast Asia,” said Anne-Véronique Bruel, president of Sephora Asia, in a statement after the acquisition last year.

This is exciting news because of two reasons. One, it means that it won’t be long before Sephora finally opens a brick-and-mortar store in the country. Two, we can now get beauty tools, products, and brands that were previously unavailable to us, like SK-II, Burberry, and Sephora Collection.
I am personally excited about First Aid Beauty because I have read rave reviews about their cleanser.
But please manage your expectations. Not all the brands at Sephora stores are available online. There’s no Kat Von D, Too Faced, Marc Jacobs Beauty, Buxom, Bite Beauty, Tarte, Yves Saint Laurent, or Tata Harper, but I’m sure we’ll have more brands soon.
These are Cecile’s picks by the way.

My creation

Sephora has also brought its loyalty program called Beauty Pass to the Philippines. You get one point for every Php 35 purchase. Accumulate 250 points on your White Card to automatically upgrade to the Sephora Black Card and enjoy more perks!
To know more, follow them on Facebook or Twitter @sephoraph.

Meet: Rexona’s New Pinoy Movers 2016
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Imagine it’s the first day of school and these are your classmates:

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 3.41.35 PM

Admittedly I don’t know everyone on the list. (I know 28 people, and you?) But while sitting with these people at the waiting area of the Marriott Grand Ballroom, which was arranged classroom-style with rows of seats facing forward, I couldn’t help but think:
1) What if these were my classmates?
2) Who would I hang out with?
3) Who would date who?
4) Who would I date if we were single?
5) So much talent in this room.

With the help of Google, we were handpicked by Rexona to represent the New Pinoy Movers of 2016.
Because Rexona believes that the Philippines’ greatest asset are its people—everyday hardworking Pinoys who tackle multiple challenges—from three-hour commutes to annual calamities that have become part of life.
Despite all hardships, most of us continue to smile and go above and beyond the call of duty.
These traits, together with a sense of national identity, make up the New Pinoy Mover, who knows that every move makes a difference that inspires and empowers others.
Can you spot me?

RYN_4021 (1)

Personally I sweat a lot. My close friends know my deodorant tends to let me down at very important events when I tend to layer up. That’s why I need a superior deodorant that allows me to #KeepOnMoving.
To keep up with the new Pinoy movers, Rexona recently launched its breakthrough technology, Rexona MotionSense.

New Rexona Motionsense is the first and only antiperspirant with a patented technology that is activated by movement. It contains microcapsules filled with fragrance that burst with friction, so that with every move, you smell fresher throughout the day. The more you move, the more it works.
Now watch what makes one a new Pinoy mover.

Now tell me, what if these were your classmates:
1) How many do you know?
2) Who would you hang out with?
3) Who would you date?
Answer in the comments section 🙂

MAC presents makeup trends for Spring/Summer 2016
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No wonder everyone wants to go to the MAC event. I had never been to one so I finally dropped by.
MAC’s Spring-Summer 2016 Trends was held last week at the Shooting Gallery Studios in Makati—the same day of Miss Universe Pia Wurtbach’s motorcade. (read: traffic=afraid).

MAC Spring Summer 2016 trends
MAC Spring Summer 2016 trends

Inside, a classroom set-up welcomed attendees. A high-tech classroom with great air-conditioning.

MAC Spring Summer 2016 trends
MAC Spring Summer 2016 trends
MAC Spring Summer 2016 trends
MAC Spring Summer 2016 trends

Present were beauty writers, editors, a few bloggers, and professional makeup artists.

MAC Spring Summer 2016 trends
MAC Spring Summer 2016 trends
MAC Spring Summer 2016 trends
MAC Spring Summer 2016 trends

And the “teacher” was MAC Senior Makeup Artist Louise Zizzo.

MAC Spring Summer 2016 trends

Forget the “perfect” hair and makeup of beauty gurus on Instagram. For Spring-Summer 2016, MAC Cosmetics goes for refreshing simplicity, its take on “No Makeup.”
“It’s about rejecting the idea that beauty can be a recipe,” said Terry Barber, global director at MAC.
“There’s a real girl kind of feel. Whether full-on or pared down, the makeup is still simple,” said Zizzo.

MAC Spring Summer 2016 trends
MAC Spring Summer 2016 trends

For the season, MAC divides trends into two philosophies:
“All” is bold, brave, and standout makeup accents that decorate a clean canvas. The “All” trend is about stylish eccentricity—colorful with a youthful feel. Think of makeup as an accessory—an edgy lash, eyeliner that seemed to have been applied haphazardly, and out-there lip color.

At Desigual

Giambattista Valli

Thom Browne

Monique Lhuillier

“Nothing” is a face that’s well-groomed, almost with an athletic spirit, and healthy-looking.
The “Nothing” trend is a new approach to beauty. It’s skin that’s tanned, glowing, and healthy. No more extreme highlighting or contouring because luminosity is the new sculpting. Skin appears precious and expensive.

simone rocha
At Simone Rocha


Paul Smith

Prabal Gurung

“It’s a big makeup season,” said Zizzo.
“The concept of runway-to-reality feels old now. The most important thing now is individualism and makeup that translates straight to the street,” said Romero Jennings, Director of Makeup Artistry at MAC.

“Sarusuberi: Miss Hokusai” special screening at Nihongo Fiesta 2016
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Sarusuberi is a Japanese historical manga series written and illustrated by Hinako Sugiura, which was adapted into an anime film, Miss Hokusai, released in 2015.
Sarusuberi: Miss Hokusai is the untold story of O-Ei, a free-spirited, utterly outspoken and highly talented artist and daughter of Master Hokusai, one of the most globally famous Japanese artists.

Miss Hokusai

His works have inspired Monet and Debussy. His woodblock print, The Great Wave off Kanagawa, is so iconic that it can be seen on t-shirts and coffee mugs all over the world. However, very few are aware of his daughter, and how she contributed to her father’s art.


This February 27, 2016, The Japan Foundation, Manila will feature a free screening of the award-winning animation film at 3:30 PM at the Shang Cineplex Cinema 1 , Shangri-La Plaza Mall.
The event is part of Nihongo Fiesta 2016, which celebrates the culture and arts of Japan with a focus on Japanese language.
Admission to the screening is free but numbered tickets will be issued on a first-come, first served (one ticket per person) basis only from 10 AM, February 27 at the entrance of Shang Cineplex Cinema 1. The film will be shown with English subtitles.

The film has won several awards including Jury Award at Annecy International Animated Film Festival 2015, the Satoshi Kon Award and Audience Award at Fantasia International Film Festival 2015.

To know more about Nihongo Fiesta 2016, click HERE.

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