Updated: Help for Ralph

April 7, 2015
Deposited a total of Php 22,969 from donors Jocelyn, Rose, Wendy, Lucille, Evelyn, and Gilbert and emailed them the deposit slips.
That makes a total of Php 240,331 deposited to Ralph Relucio’s account from chuvaness readers and followers.
Thanks so much!


April 1, 2015
Oops! I just checked my Paypal and saw that more donations had come in.
I have heard from Ralph’s mom Elaine. She wants to thank all of you who prayed and donated.
Ralph finally checked out of Makati Med last March 25, 2015.
They will be in Singapore from April 3-12 to see a plastic surgeon.
Elaine says Ralph will have to wear a pressure garment 24/7 for two to three years while his scars heal.
It’s a long-term treatment so your donations are much appreciated.
Right now I want to thank Rose, Wendy, Lucille, Evelyn, and Gilbert for donations I found out only now.
Sorry about that! I will deposit the amount of Php 13,374 to Ralph’s account after Holy Week and email each one of the donors the deposit slips.
To know more about the cause, scroll down.
Thank you very much and have a blessed weekend.

March 18, 2015
Received an additional Php 4789 deposited to Ralph’s account.
Total donation is now Php 217,362.
Thank you Victoria, Dennis, Grace and Margie.

donation to ralph

March 11, 2015
Thanks to more donations from Victoria, Alwin, Grace and Margie.
I will deposit your donations next week because I’m traveling this Thursday.
Will email you as soon as it’s done.
God bless you!

March 9, 2015
Thanks to two more donors, we have deposited an additional Php 45,000 to Ralph’s account, for a total donation of Php 212,573. To know more about the cause and how to help, click HERE.

For Ralph

RTL CBS Entertainment HD to air Britain’s Got Talent

Britain’s Got Talent Season 9—one of the biggest television talent competitions in the world—comes to Asia via RTL CBS Entertainment HD. The show will air live via satellite from the UK every Sunday beginning April 12 at 10:30 AM in Manila with a primetime encore at 9 PM.
Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon and David Walliams are returning to the judging panel. Ant and Dec are also back as hosts. The show is open to anyone and anything with talent to show—from comedians to contortionists, dancers to drag acts, and acrobats to animals.
Britain's Got Talent

Britain’s Got Talent Season 8 winner Collabro, who won in front of an audience of nearly 14 million people, has gone on to achieve success, securing a No. 1 hit with their debut album, Stars.
The boy band has also started touring alongside Season 8 finalist Lucy Kay, who released her debut album, Fantasia, last year, which shot straight to the top of the Classical Album Charts in the UK.
Other success stories from last season include musical duo Bars & Melody whose single, Hopeful, reached number 5 in the UK charts in July 2014, and swing band Jack Pack, who will release their debut album this year.
The show has created a host of stars over the years. To date, Susan Boyle has sold more than 23 million records worldwide. Dance group Diversity has had five sell-out nationwide tours in the UK. Singer Paul Potts has secured 27 platinum records worldwide and Pudsey the dog even starred in his own movie.

To know more about RTL CBS Entertainment HD, like them on Facebook.

Korean wasteland Artbox opens at Glorietta 4

For me, wastelands are a sign of progress.
A wasteland is basically a store that sells colorful stationery and cute things you don’t really need but want anyway.
Why are they a sign of progress? Because food is the basic necessity and everyone needs to eat.
Clothing is next because many of us want to update our wardrobe from time to time.
Now wastelands are for shoppers who have money to spare on things they already have, but cuter.
Artbox in Singapore is one of my sister’s favorite wastelands.

Artbox Singapore

She’s an artist in her 20s, so it’s really more for her age group or younger. I, however, have not outgrown cute objects and can spend an hour or two browsing in these stores.
The good news is, Artbox, which originates from Korea, opened at Glorietta 4 last November 2014.
Since I rarely go to Makati, I found out about it only recently through an Instagram follower.
A few days later, I dragged my friend Yodel to check it out.
Artbox was on sale when we visited. (Note to owner: easy on the SALE signs. We get it :) )

Artbox, Glorietta

I love the festive party supplies

Artbox, Glorietta

Birthday candles

Artbox, Glorietta

Party hats

Artbox, Glorietta

Tons of colorful notebooks

Artbox, Glorietta
Artbox, Glorietta


Artbox, Glorietta

Greeting cards

Artbox, Glorietta


Artbox, Glorietta


Artbox, Glorietta

Bags and totes

Artbox, Glorietta

Loungewear, blankets, aprons

Artbox, Glorietta

Sleep masks

Artbox, Glorietta

Plastic containers

Artbox, Glorietta

Wooden organizers

Artbox, Glorietta

Kitchen accessories, and more.

Artbox, Glorietta

I’m thankful the staff was friendly and let me take pictures. I would’ve taken more but the some of the merchandise were too high on display, or the lighting did not agree with my camera.
It’s worth a trip! I’ll be back.

The best way to locate Artbox is to either ask the Information counter at the mall or take the entrance across from Uniqlo at SM Makati.
To know more about Artbox in the Philippines, follow them on Facebook or Instagram.

Happy Easter indeed!

I used to wonder why people would greet each other Happy Easter and this year I finally got it.
For the first time in a very long time I have been able to keep my Lenten sacrifice till the end.
Last Ash Wednesday I decided to give up Coke, ice cream, cookie, and cake.
To be honest, the last three items were easy. I found out I could actually live without them. But not having Coke is torture. I had serious withdrawal.
Not having Coke made me feel sad, frustrated, and extremely thirsty.
There were many times I wanted to throw in the towel. What stopped me was to keep reminding myself that Jesus fasted for 40 days and nights in the dessert. So I figured I should just count the days.

The height of my suffering was about three weeks ago, and then it became easier until last night, Black Saturday, I realized I had just one more night to go.
Last Thursday I ordered a lechon from Abub’s for Easter Sunday.

Abub’s Cebuana Native Lechon
Sexy lechon skin

And today when I woke up, I found the words “Happy Easter” so meaningful. It was the end of my fast, my suffering.
This whole time, I had been praying for friends battling cancer.
Some people like to save a good bottle of wine. I have been saving two bottles of Mexicoke given by my friend Rica de Jesus, who is one my favorite bloggers.
Some say Mexico makes the best Coke in the world because it uses can sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup which is used in most countries (read the label).
So this was lunch at home.

Mexicoke at home

I still don’t where Rica got it and how she took it home. She gave me four bottles, and as a frequent traveler, for me that’s a big deal because carrying liquids is a big hassle. So thank you Rica.

Now that Lent is over, I’ve decided to cut down on Coke anyway. I will try not to drink everyday, and if I do, only once a day, unless I am in Tokyo because the bottled Coke there is even better than Mexicoke for me.
Japanese Coke, I shall see you next week.

Coke at Robata

No time for fashion? harlan + holden introduces B.C. for the busy, stylish woman

When I was younger I had so much time for fashion. I would spend hours trying on many looks until my dressing room looked like a war zone. Well, it still looks like a war zone to this day.
I used to spend so much time putting an outfit together—whether it was just for school or for a big party.
Now that I’m older, with kids, I don’t want to think about fashion anymore. Yes, I enjoy the shopping part, but I don’t want to spend two hours getting dressed. That’s why I tend to wear a uniform or buy items in the same color scheme or even the same brand.

Harlan + Holden Presents BC at the Harlan Tent in Greenbelt 5

harlan + holden is a clothing brand for the woman who wants to look put-together but doesn’t have time to think about fashion. She has no time to go through an extensive wardrobe every time she dresses up because she is a wife and mother who is busy with her career, business, and other interests.

Harlan + Holden BC emodies cool, chic and effortless clothing

harlan + holden has owned the term “uniform dressing” because the clothes look deceptively simple, in colors that can be described as basic. Think blacks, whites, grays and beiges in styles that are easy and fuss-free.
The fabrics are carefully selected for easy care. They rely on hand or machine washing; no need for dry cleaning and/or meticulous ironing. The harlan + holden woman also likes to travel so clothes can be easily packed and stored.

Staying true to the brand's three key elements of neutral palette, loose, minimalist silhouettes and light, diaphanous fabrics

Comfort is always a priority. You won’t find tight-fitting clothes at harlan + holden. The pleated skirt is one of the signature looks as it can be dressed up or down. The shirt dress is something every woman needs. Another wardrobe staple is a pair of black or white trousers.

BC collection by Harlan + Holden

harlan + holden recently unveiled B.C., a collection of 15 pieces that every woman needs in her wardrobe, at Greenbelt 5.
The collection, which remains in store for six months, is harlan + holden “stripped to the core.”
One of this season’s key pieces is a white cover up that would look good with a skirt or pants. There are also the brand’s take on jodhpur pants and a top with a cowl neck.

The Harlan Tent compliments the beauty of the BC collection

The clothes are meant to be worn by women ages 30 and above. They have a unique aesthetic. It’s all about slouchy, elegant silhouettes. The clothes are meant to be mixed and matched. The fabrics are light and breathable with design elements like drop shoulders and gartered waists ensure that the clothes are not restrictive.

Models in Harlan + Holden BC collection pieces

Eman Pineda, who created harlan + holden in 2011, says the brand believes a woman doesn’t have to be in a skintight dress to look stunning.
“The harlan + holden woman doesn’t need to bare a lot of skin or endure the discomfort of wearing tight clothes. She wants tried-and-tested pieces in comfortable and breathable fabrics.”

Cool, effortless and chic clothing ideal in any woman's wardrobe

harlan + holden stores complement the brand’s philosophy of fuss-free dressing. The wooden interiors and natural lighting create a comfortable setting for the shopper. The displays are also arranged according to color scheme.
The brand’s soon-to-open e-commerce site will feature stylish images and easy navigation for shoppers who will enjoy free shipping for a year.

harlan + holden is available at Adora, Greenbelt 5; Rockwell Powerplant Mall; and Shangri-La Plaza Mall.
For information, go to http://www.harlanholden.com.

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