Who wants to see Nina Garcia in Manila? (or win JAG jeans) #JAGorigins

Nina Garcia—fashion expert and creative director of Marie Claire—is set to arrive in Manila to promote JAG Origins, a fashion and design advocacy program to benefit Filipino design students and budding fashion entrepreneurs.
On May 24, 2013, the celebrated Project Runway judge will be at Philippine Fashion Week at the SMX Convention Center, to lead a forum-type discussion that will focus on global style, design, and fashion trends worldwide.

Nina Garcia

Sharing her global perspective on fashion, Nina will give guests a sneak preview of what’s to come for JAG Origins 2014.
During the forum, Filipino designers Jerome Salaya Ang, Normal Noriega and Jeffrey Rogador will present special collections that will highlight Filipino artistry.
The forum will culminate in JAG’s Holiday 2013 fashion presentation, featuring JAG’s Ankle Cut Jeans for women and JAG Stretch Denims for men.

NIna Garcia

Do you want to see Nina Garcia in Manila?
I’m giving away ten pairs of VIP tickets to the JAG Origins forum at SMX. That’s 10 winners of two VIP tickets each.
Plus, 20 pairs of JAG ankle-cut jeans for women or JAG stretch jeans for men will also be given away.

Here’s how:
1) Open to anyone with a Twitter or Facebook account.
2) Follow @Jagjeans76 on Twitter or like them on Facebook.
3) Click on the Tweet or Like button at the bottom of this entry.
4) Register HERE.
5) Contest runs from May 21-22, 2013.
6) Winners will be raffled electronically and posted here on Chuvaness.com.

The Sarah Jessica experience at SM Aura

Last Thursday, everything was all about Sarah Jessica Parker opening the new SM Aura mall in Taguig.
Almost everyone I knew was going to be there, including my husband who opened the 16th Pepper Lunch store at Food on Four.
I was invited by SM’s Millie Dizon to SJP’s press conference at 6 PM.
I left the house around 5 PM and got there at 5:30 PM.
Here’s what greeted us: massive but moving traffic.

SM Aura opening day
SM Aura opening day

It was well-organized.
A couple of days prior, everyone was asking if I would be attending, and some asked if I could bring them in, like Paulo and Jujiin who are known to dress crazy, even on a regular day.

Paulo and Jujiin

I told Jujiin, “If you go, can you please not wear a costume?”
I was pleasantly surprised when I saw them all dressed up like this:

Jake, Matt, Jujiin, Paolo
L-R: Jake Galvez, Matt Gozun, Jujiin Samonte, Paulo Castro

We all went in for the presscon, but it was crazy crowded. I have to thank these guys and Elmer Lapeña of SAGA for helping us get through security. Joey Mead was hosting.

Joey Mead

Everyone was there

Sarah Jessica Parker at SM Aura

I’m so grateful I was able to secure a front row seat, but the presscon was crazy. Not a good idea to mix the press with the fans, because this was my view:

My view
My view
My view

Behind me: Saab and Maxene Magalona with Mary Ann Tinio and Teddyboy Locsin, who patiently tried to listen through the noise


Seriously. The fans would not stop chattering, we could not hear a thing.
Anyway, Sarah Jessica Parker was a vision in a simple black dress, no vulgar jewelry, just simple hair and makeup.

Sarah Jessica Parker at SM Aura
Sarah Jessica Parker at SM Aura

She is much more beautiful in person, I just can’t put my finger on why as she is not a conventionally beautiful woman.
We are the same height, but she is probably 30 lbs lighter.

Sarah Jessica Parker at SM Aura

I wish I had better pictures, but butts were in my face.
These pictures I borrowed from Instagram. She is really beautiful.

Photo: liza ilarde
Photo: Liza Ilarde

Photo: Deneb Villanueva
Photo: Deneb Villanueva

Photo: deneb villanueva
Photo: Deneb Villanueva

Photo: kat malicsi
Photo: Kat Malicsi

I wasn’t able to look inside the SM Store with its new look, but I’ll be back when the crowd thins out.

The SM Store

Tried to eat at Pepper Lunch but it’s been packed since it opened at 11 AM on Thursday.

Pepper Lunch at SM Aura

My friends and I ended up checking out what’s open. Digital Walker has a gorgeous store on the 4th level

Digital Walker at SM Aura

Forever 21 had a crazy queue when it opened to the public yesterday

Forever 21 at SM Aura

Passed by Cotton On

Kevin and Cedric at Cotton On

Spotted: Yvette Fernandez after a shopping spree

Yvette Fernandez shopping

Passed by briefly at the cocktails, where I saw Robby Carmona, Cedric Cid, Dong Ronquillo, and Tim Yap

Robby, Cedric, Dong, Tim

Ended up at Uniqlo to buy the lounge pants I’m wearing now

Uniqlo at SM Aura

Overall an exciting experience. Haven’t seen so many people in suits in Manila, and SM Aura has the aircons to accommodate them, even in this heat.

SM Aura on opening night

I’m scared of crowds, so I’ll be back to check out the rest of the mall—maybe next month. :)
Watch this!

Make your own tee at Artwork’s silkscreening party

ARTWORK, one of the country’s leading T-shirt brands invites you to a silkscreening tee party on May 18, 2013 at the Cinema Lobby of Trinoma in Quezon City.


To join, just buy a silkscreening kit for Php 299 at any Artwork store or during the event.
The kit includes a plain T-shirt and color stubs.
At the event, choose from a variety of designs and colors. Or buy plain tote bags to print on.
And while you’re at it, enjoy a live performance by Up Dharma Down.


Hate lines? You can purchase a VIP kit:

collateral 4

This real people campaign was photographed by Everywhere We Shoot, featuring creative friends of Artwork.
To know more, go to http://www.artwork.ph/



Chuvaness app now available for Android!

Special thanks to Kester Ford for creating my Chuvaness app for Android!

Kester Ford

The app is now available for free on the Google Play store.
It works well on my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and other Samsung phones, including S4.
Please let me know if it works other Android phones, in the comments section.

chuvaness app

If you were one of the first ones to download the trial version, please delete that before downloading this updated version.
iPhone users, please wait a little more as we develop one for Apple.
Special thanks also to Jiki Lim, James Acuña, Yodel Pe, Jeroen van Straten, AJ Dimarucot, Samsung Philippines, Odette Velarde, and Bridges PR for making this possible!

Charice: dying to come out

Last November 2012, I found out over shabu-shabu in Ginza, that Charice was planning to come out on the Ellen show.
But I promised my friend I wouldn’t blog it.

Shabu-shabu in Ginza

But Charice has been giving signs that she really wants to come out.
First, the drastic change from this to this:

enening with david foster 201110 charice-new-look2

Second, lovelorn tweets such as this!

Third, news that she has eloped with X-Factor contestant, Alyssa Quijano.

Alyssa Quijano

Four days ago, Charice’s mom Raquel actually gave her permission to come out.
So Charice, come out na! Because, hey, you are bagay!

But just because you’re in love doesn’t mean you have to look like this! #chizzy!

Charice and Alyssa Quijano

Chizzy attire

I’m still bitter that I didn’t get to vote. But I am monitoring the results, and I am going to turn a bad thing into a good thing. Yesterday I heard they had set up a precint in our village clubhouse. So I checked it out and found a very civilized setup with airconditioning! After voting all my life in San Juan, I shall finally register in Pasig.

Still on the election, I can’t get over what Senator Chiz Escudero wore yesterday when he came out to vote for himself. Seriously, this picture makes me crave for Kentucky fried chicken.

Chiz Escudero
Chiz Escudero
Chiz Escudero

It’s a good thing senators aren’t elected based on their fashion sense. Otherwise Chiz would never make it to Top 12.
He could use new glasses

Chiz Escudero

This shirt reminds me of Tropical de Hilo (maybe it is)

Chiz Escudero

I don’t understand

Chiz Escudero

He is begging for a stylist

Chiz Escudero

Love is truly blind

Chiz Escudero

There seems to be a pattern….I just can’t put my finger on it


We’ve always known Chiz needed help, so in 2006 we actually styled him for a photoshoot.
Chiz in Dior Homme and Team Manila (Photo: Jo Ann Bitagcol)

Chiz Escudero

Chiz in Dior Homme jacket, Fred Perry T-shirt, Springfield pants, Y-3 shoes. (Photo: Jo Ann Bitagcol)

Chiz Escudero

Look, I’m not asking to style him. I’m just saying, what the hell was he thinking??

Chiz Escudero

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