Tried and tested: The Face Shop’s CC Cream

After BB cream comes CC cream.
BB cream stands for blemish balm or blemish base, promoted as an all-in-one facial cosmetic product to replace your serum, moisturizer, primer, foundation and sunblock.
And now there’s CC cream, which stands for Color Control—a must-have product for those who want to achieve a natural skin tone.
I’m currently using the Face It Aura CC Cream SPF30 PA++ (Php 1,595), which comes in this interesting package—a round compact with a clear push button, to pump small amounts of cream to your sponge.

Face Shop Aura CC

I use this after applying concealer under my eyes and on my freckles, and finish this off with a powder fix.
I like it because it looks so natural with a dewy finish, instead of the heavy cakey feel of many foundations.
But I have yet find out if it is refillable because the packaging is too fancy to throw away.
The Face Shop also has the Face It Smart Capsule CC Cream SPF40 PA++ (Php 1,595).

Face Shop Capsule CC

While both products offer anti-aging, brightening, and UV protection benefits, there’s a slight difference:
The Aura CC is a liquid makeup base, while the Smart Capsule CC Cream finds the most natural skin color for the user.
It comes in three capsule colors: yellow, black and red which gets broken when applied using fingertips (it needs body heat to release the pigments).
This means no matter how dark or fair the skin is, the CC cream will automatically find the most natural skin tone.

The Smart Capsule CC Cream’s main ingredient is the Italian Blood Orange which brightens the skin and contains more vitamin C than normal oranges, giving excellent anti-oxidant effects.

66/365: G is for Good Morning :-)

Designed to offer more coverage than BB creams, The Face Shop’s CC cream still goes on sheer, moisturizes better and contains hard-core anti-aging ingredients.

THEFACESHOP is Korea’s #1 beauty brand, with over 2,000 stores worldwide, including 39 in the Philippines, located at Glorietta; Power Plant Mall; Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City; Newport Mall; Robinsons Galleria; Robinsons Place Manila Midtown Wing; Eastwood Mall; Shoppesville Arcade, Greenhills Shopping Center; TriNoma; Alabang Town Center; Festival SuperMall; SM Megamall; SM North EDSA-The Block; SM Mall of Asia; SM Southmall; SM Fairview; SM Taytay; SM Novaliches; SM Manila, SM Masinag; SM City Pampanga; SM City Clark; SM City Bacolod; Ayala Center Cebu; Abreeza Mall, Davao; SM City Cebu; SM Sta. Mesa, Ayala Harbor Point, Lucky Chinatown, SM Davao Annex; SM Lanang, Davao; SM General Santos; Solenad; Greenbelt 4; SM City Naga, SM Dasmarinas, SM Baguio, SM Lipa, and SM Iloilo.
To know more, go to

Please be careful with your bag

Last week, I was invited to Taylor Lautner’s press conference for BENCH at the Makati Shnagri-La ballroom.
I consider myself very careful about my belongings and placed my bag behind my seat.
But during all the excitement, I didn’t notice that my bag had fallen to the carpet with my wallet right next to it.
Good thing all the guests and staff were decent and none of my things disappeared.

But when my friend Jude had his bag stolen from a chair he was sitting next to at a Quezon City restaurant, I felt bad for him as though I was the one who lost a Margiela bag, a cellphone, and Mommy’s wallet with Php 15,000 inside.
Why was he carrying that much cash?
Jude was supposed to pay his bills. But the good friend and kaladkarin in him made him accompany our journalist friend to visit their schoolmate’s new restaurant instead.

How do bags disappear from right under your nose, or on the seat next to you, even though you feel protected by a wall?
Check out these two CCTV videos taken at McDonalds’ restaurants in Quezon City and Dau.
In this first video, the victims are on the left, while the thieves are on the right, aided by a man on a cellphone, who drops two bills (pesos and a dollar) and asks the people on the left if it is theirs.
When the couple checks out the bills, the thieves on the right snatch the bag right from the hole in the wall dividing them.

Be very aware of modus operandi where snatchers drop a bunch of coins to divert everyone’s attention, allowing accomplices to grab the bags of victims. This diversion method is also known as salisi.
In this next video, the victim is on the left with her bag placed on a seat next to her.
The thief takes the seat behind the bag, while a man with cellphone covers the scene of the crime.
Watch as the bag gets snatched, while the salisi gang disappears quickly.

So please be careful with your bags. Be careful even when seated in a booth or next to the wall. Make sure your bags are always in front of you. Hold on to a strap, even if it’s in your grocery cart. Be extra vigilant when there is a commotion around you.


Farmer Sanchez

I wish I’d taken notes or pictures of the funny things that have appeared on our grocery list, written by the maids, of course. They run from the amusing to the baffling.
My friend, Biden, who was visiting from Canada told me this story while we were shopping at S&R at the Fort:

Her friend was shopping at S&R too when she came upon “FARMER SANCHEZ” on her grocery list.
The first thing she did was ask the S&R staff if they had any “FARMER SANCHEZ” and showed them the list.
But none of the staff had a clue.
Finally she did call the maid to ask, “Inday, ano nga ba yung FARMER SANCHEZ na nilista mo? Meron ba niyan sa S&R?”
To which Inday replies, “Opo mam, yun pung nilalagay sa spagiti.”
Ah……Farmer Sanchez…..
Meron nga naman sa S&R.

Parmesan cheese

And you, can you recall any funny things found on your grocery list?

KFC Zinger vs. McSpicy

Don’t judge me because I love fast food. Not everyday but once in a while I do need my fix, and most of the time it involves chicken. :)
I’ve been kind of obsessed with KFC lately ever since my friend Andrew told me about the line at KFC Aura when it opened.
Andrew told me about seeing three guys splitting an order of three wings (one wing per dude), with six servings of rice, and unlimited gravy.
I didn’t even know there was such thing as unlimited gravy! Andrew went on to describe the insane queue to the gravy station at KFC Aura. I wish I had seen it!


Andrew went on to describe a sign which his friend had seen out of town which actually said, “Ang gravy ay hindi sabaw.” (gravy is not soup) He didn’t have a picture, but I found a similar sign on Google Images.


So popular is KFC’s gravy, there is a 19,000-strong Facebook group dedicated to it.
My favorite KFC are three wings, rice and gravy. Recently I discovered the joys of Funshots through my kids.
As for my husband, he prefers the Zinger, which I decided to try yesterday.

KFC Zinger

Here’s the thing, I don’t like trimmings. No sauce, no veggies, just bread and meat. So I ordered mine plain.

KFC Zinger

First of all, I love this kaiser bun. Kaiser bread is marked by five segments radiating from the center of the bun, my husband says.

KFC Zinger

There is a generous portion of chicken thigh

KFC Zinger

And to my delight, an unexpected large piece of crunchy chicken skin

KFC Zinger

I ate the top bun first, followed by skin dipped in gravy, before eating the chicken. The bottom layer of bread I can’t finish.

KFC Zinger

The following day I decided to try McDonald’s version of the Zinger, called McSpicy.


The bread is OK, but I prefer the softer kaiser bun of the Zinger


Well hello there :)


I ordered this without dressing and veggies, so this is what I got—a less spicy chicken breast


Not bad. I decided to make a quick survey on Twitter to see what others thought:

Out of 14 respondents, 10 preferred the Zinger.
Even my husband says, “The Zinger has more flavor, crunchier breading and juicer chicken. I also like the sauce/dressing much better.”
And you?

Bensimon introduces perfectly imperfect French footwear

Thirty years ago, brothers Serge and Yves Bensimon created a classic sneaker design that combined effortless Parisian style with a laid back, rugged, imperfect look and feel.
Parisians prefer brands with a long heritage, or with artisan and handmade elements over more generic factory-produced garments.
This affects the way they shop, creating a landscape of true Parisian fashion.
Now Bensimon sneakers, with its roots built in the European market, cover a range of styles, colors, and prints for men, women and children.


“We aim to challenge the perception of Filipinos about sneakers from a footwear category that is identified with grunge and roughness to one that is sophisticated and stylish,” said Ammiel De Leon, Bensimon Philippines’ Brand Director. “The Bensimon lifestyle highlights the perfect imperfections of Paris,” he adds.

Anne Gonzalez and Ammiel de Leon

Responsible for bringing Bensimon to Manila is Terry S. A. (TSA), a renowned company that distributes Havaianas, David and Goliath, Dupe, and Pininho in Manila.
As Anne Gonzalez, President of Terry S.A., puts it, their company “is constantly on the look out for brands that have a unique point of view, are optimistic, fun, and work well with the Filipino lifestyle.”
With its solid French heritage, chic and casual ease, along with its expansive product offering, Bensimon fits right into the portfolio of brands that Terry S.A. is building.

Olivia D’Aboville and her and mother Ara

Ten years ago, Terry S.A. introduced Havaianas to the Philippines, changed the Filipinos’ approach to dressing. It also prompted an entire category of casual footwear in the market.
Although Bensimon sneakers are of a different style altogether, Terry S.A. is confident of its place in the Philippine market.
“We know this category well and believe that Bensimon sneakers will find a place in many shoe closets in the country,” Anne Gonzalez shares.

TJ Trinidad

Mia Borromeo
Olivia D’Aboville
Nicole Hernandez

Look for Bensimon sneakers at Center of Gravity stores (at Forbes Town, Burgos Circle and Centris Walk), Shoe Salon (Glorietta 3, Rockwell, Robinson’s Ermita, Shangri-La Plaza Mall, Trinoma), and Shoe Thing (kids styles only, at Bonifacio High Street, Eastwood Mall, and Greenbelt 5).
Prices range from Php 2,095 to Php 2,565 for men’s and women’s lines and Php 1,295 to Php 1,795 for the children’s line.


Hong Kong over the weekend

Can you believe it’s only my second time to travel this year?
Last time was Singapore for Valentine’s Day. And then Asiana Airlines crashed, and I lost my desire to travel.
But after my lipo I was needing some new clothes, so I asked my husband to take me to Hong Kong.
The flight going there was pretty OK, but I was scared as a cat. I was really paranoid and curled up into a ball praying the Rosary.
Towards the end of the flight I relaxed a little and sat in front of the hubby.


Can you see my Candy Crush? It really helps pass time.
We stayed at the Park Lane Hotel due to its proximity to my favorite I.T store, Frabpois, Cabane Zucca (read: chic Japanese clothes for middle-aged women like me)


Aesop is just around the corner


I love the free sampling at the entrance


At Wellcome I can get my favorite Kowloon Dairy bottled milk


Across the street is Tonkichi


There is a huge Muji not so far away


And right underneath the hotel is Ikea


and a Homeless store


But Park Lane is really a borderline hotel for me because despite its great location:
1) The wifi is free for only two gadgets
2) The TV remote doesn’t work and I need my CNN
3) My pillows smelled like old man’s saliva
4) and the server on the Club floor refused to give me a glass of water because it wasn’t in our package. (what’s a freaking glass of water for a parched throat??)

Park Lane Hotel

The price was right. But next time we will stay in a better place and spend a little more.
Hong Kong was sweltering hot. I had to shower two to three times a day that I nearly ran out of clothes and bras.


Luckily I caught the tail end of the sale season.
The sad thing is, I felt really old. The clothes I want to wear are hard to come by, for my age and body issues, so for the first time Jeroen and I traveled without fear of overweight luggage.

Jeroen and I in Hong Kong

My only real fear towards the end was coming home to a typhoon which was in between Manila and Hong Kong.
On the night before our flight I prayed many rosaries and tweeted incessantly to ask about the weather at home.
As expected I developed the runs at the Hong Kong airport in anticipation of a turbulent flight.
But as soon as I settled into my seat, I spotted Ben Chan and Miguel Pastor on board plus Mons Tantoco and friends, followed by Richard Gomez, so I quickly asked, “Where’s Lucy?”
Lo and behold, Lucy was on board too, looking like a vision in COS.

20130812_162655 (1)

Seeing Lucy made me less scared because I think Lucy is an angel and we can’t crash.
I settled into my seat and prayed many chaplets. The flight started out really smoothly but got shaky towards the middle. I prayed for mercy. Then it settled down.
I finished reading my printout of the Napoles exposé which is so juicy!!
And before I knew it, I could see the comforting Manila lights and we landed safely.

When we got out I was surprised to see Manila raining cats, dogs and the kitchen sink—considering the flight was not so bad! Cathay Pacific really rocks.
Earlier today, Cathay Pacific posted this notice on their website:

Screen Shot 2013-08-13 at 4.40.08 PM

So glad I missed that and made it home, I can’t tell you. God is good!

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