I made this for you, Jeroen #RealDadMoments

Happy father’s day to all the great fathers in the world.
I am lucky to have married someone who turned out to be a wonderful father to the boys, when they aren’t driving him up the wall.
Some people have tried to put us down—my husband, even my children and I, but those people don’t know anything. They don’t know that love exists in our home every single day.
I’m more than lucky to have Jeroen in my life, and I made this video to let him know how much we appreciate his hard work and everything he does for us every day.
Happy Father’s Day, Jeroen. And thank you, Burt Bacharach, for the music :)

UPDATED: 2014 Hottest football players on my list

As sure as my husband will wake up to watch football every four years, I too shall have my pick of hottest football players in the FIFA World Cup.
I’m trying to figure out why football players are the best looking athletes for me. I’ve narrowed it down to the following reasons:
1) I like lean guys. I don’t like gigantic borta basketball players or swimmers with huge wings (no offence!).
2) I like hair. Football players have the coolest hair for some reason. If a guy isn’t that gifted in the face department, the right hair can make him look really dreamy.
3) I like fashion. Football uniforms can look really cool with the zip-up jacket, the shorts, and the knee socks. Whew!! And when they take it all off, we turn into mush!
I actually went through all the pictures of the players plus intense Googling to come up with my list.
Let me know which ones are your eye candy, or in case I missed someone.
In no particular order, they are:

1) Olivier Giroud, FRANCE

olivier giroud france

2) Mauricio Pinilla, CHILE

Mauricio Pinilla chile

3) Mathieu Debuchy, FRANCE


4) Adam Lallana, ENGLAND

Adam LALLANA, England

5) Fábio Coentrão, PORTUGAL (The hair!! My heart!!)

Fábio Coentrão portugal

6) Fabian Schär, SWITZERLAND (Come to momma!!)

fabian schar switz

7) Eden Hazard, BELGIUM

Eden Hazard, Belgium

8) Dries Mertens, BELGIUM

dries mertens belgium

9) Claudio Marchisio, ITALY

Claudio Marchisio italy

10) Andrea Barzagli, ITALY

andrea barzagli

11) Alexis Sanchez, CHILE

alexis sanchez, chile

12) Alfredo Talavera, MEXICO

Alfredo Talavera, Mexico

13) Neymar, BRASIL (Aaminin ko. Even though he looks jeje, matagal na akong nanggigigil sa kanya.)


14) Xabi Alonso, SPAIN

Xabi Alonso

15) Toby Alderweireld, Belgium

Toby Alderweireld, Belgium

16) Tim Cahill, AUSTRALIA

Tim Cahill, Australia

17) James Troisi, AUSTRALIA

James Troisi, Australia

18) Alexander Kerzhakov, RUSSIA

Alexander Kerzhakov, RUSSIA

19) Matt Besler, USA

Matt Besler, USA

20) Robin van Persie, Netherlands

Robin van Persie

Dove celebrates fathers in touching new video

With Father’s Day just around the corner, I can’t help but think of my own Dad and how I have to stop myself from bugging him all the time.
My earliest memory of my dad was when I was 3 or 4 years old, joining the maids in cleaning the house.
I had my own basahan (rag) and would wipe this dark table in our living room, only to have the dust fall on it again.
One morning my dad was off to work and saw me cleaning. Amused, he smiled and stopped to pat my head and give me 25 centavos.
I had the biggest smile on my face. Little did he know it would be the first of many times to give me money :)

For Father’s Day, Dove Men+Care has released a touching short video that shows the many ways dads care for their children.
Entitled Calls For Dad, the film features real moments that children of all ages share with their fathers—most of which are regrettably absent from media depictions of dads today.

Dove Men+Care is asking dads and their families to submit #RealDadMoments @DovePH on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, which will be heralded on www.Dovemencare.com to celebrate moments of dads’ care.

adidas Originals releases Battle Pack to celebrate 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™

Inspired by adidas’ ‘#allIn or Nothing’ campaign, adidas Originals presents its Battle Pack, consisting of five iconic silhouettes in bold war-paint patterns. Each shoe is rendered in black and white with fire gold accents to represent the tournament trophy.

The Stan Smith (PHP5,195)
Adidas Originals

Rivalry Hi (PHP5,995)
Adidas Originals

Samba Super (PHP4,395)
Adidas Originals

Superstar 80s (PHP5,195)
Adidas Originals

and ZX 5000 RSPN (PHP5,595)
Adidas Originals

It’s a fitting tribute to the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ tournament.
The Originals Battle Pack shoes are available at leading adidas and Urban Athletics stores, while the ZX 5000 RSPN Battle Pack can be found at Sole Academy stores.
Or buy them online at http://shop.adidas.com.ph/.

Join @chuvaness back-to-school giveaway

Sorry for the long absence, but time flies when you’re a mom.
We have a virus at home. Christian got better yesterday and went to school today, while Markus still has a 39° fever and is missing school again tomorrow.
Meanwhile, I have so much stuff to give away. I do apologise to all the people who gave prizes eons ago. I’m on it!!
Today I put together five train cases filled with goodies from National Bookstore, my happy place.

Back to school giveaway

The PVC train cases are made in Korea and come with a shoulder strap. I love this bag.

Jeroen and I at Globe Tatt Awards

Here’s what’s inside:

Back to school giveaway

1) National Bookstore’s Budget Bundle with pens and paper in a handy envelope
2) Total Girl’s cute school planner
3) Britto notebook
4) Campus BDJ planner with lots of discount coupons
5) Friends Fries notebook (thought it was funny)
6) My favourite Post-It pop-up dispenser
7) Dollar pen case
8) Post-It pop-up refill pack


1) You must have a Philippine address.
2) Share this entry through Twitter or Facebook by clicking the buttons at the bottom of this post.
3) Register HERE.
4) Contest runs until 11 PM of June 13, 2014, Friday.
5) Five winners will be chosen electronically via Random.org and informed via email or text. Depending on location and convenience, prizes will either be couriered, delivered, or picked up by/to the winners.
6) Winners’ names will also be posted on chuvaness.com.

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