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It’s summer time and I’m reposting this for the moms out there who want a schoolbag option for their kids in the coming school year.
My friend Patrice and I share the same problem about our boys’ school bags.
I have a problem with the hideous, boxy local school bags available in the market, while Patrice was complaining that her eldest son’s bag weighed 40 lbs.
These are bags that are pulled and carried six flights of stairs each day. PIty the boys and their backs.

The wheels of my son’s bag were damaged during the first week of school. Considering the bag cost about PHP3,500, I was really annoyed.
Though these bags supposedly have a lifetime warranty, I found out from SM that the repair would take time, unless you want to take it yourself to some factory in Bulacan. So I blew my top upon hearing that.

The problem is the amount of stuff they have to bring everyday.
Patrice spoke to a teacher and suggested a kindle for each student. I simply thought: not gonna happen in the third world.
It would take time before textbooks are made digital, and imagine the bidding and corruption that could happen at the Department of Education (sorry for being nega).
I also thought the school should probably provide lockers or lockable cubicles for each boy so they don’t have to keep lugging the same stuff everyday.

And then I remembered the Zuca bag.
Designed for travelers, athletes, skaters, and makeup artists, the Zuca bag is a sturdy-framed and wheeled trolley that can be customized according to your taste.
You can choose the metal frame and ballistic nylon shell you want. The choices are numerous and irresistible.
The extra wheels on the back are supposed to aid you in pulling it through steps and stairs.

zuca bag

I am tempted to get the Zuca with organizers for myself.

zuca bag

I love things that are practically a house. Plus, you can sit on it. Imagine while waiting at the airport.

zuca bag

Watch the video for more features.

For my son Ben, I chose a camouflage bag so that he won’t say no. Ordered online and shipped via Johnny Air, shipping cost a reasonable PHP 4,000+.
All his stuff fits, except long folders and envelopes have to be squeezed in.
He is thrilled that he can sit on it while waiting for his ride, or use it as a side table when the desk is too small.
The two extra wheels on the back of the bag allow him to drag it upstairs more easily. Plus, the bag weighs much lighter than the boxy bag used previously.


So I just heard Zuca bags are already in the country. Price is around PHP 9,000, which is more than the online price, but cheaper if you minus international shipping.
I have not checked the supplier myself, but here’s the contact info:

In2 Skating Garments and Accessories
#40 San Joaquin Street
San Francisco del Monte, Quezon City

I’m still tweaking!
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We’re not yet 100% where we want to be, but Mark and Yodel don’t work on weekends, so let’s wait for Monday.
I am taking notes on your suggestions on how to improve the site and most of them are valid.
I am going to talk to Yodel about moving the sidebar to the right side.
I can also repost here entries you want to see again from the archives. Just leave a comment below.
As Tina Tagle said, it’s like moving into a new house. It takes getting used to and it needs to feel lived in.
Move in with me! Thank you for your patience.

The shoes!
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I just love marmy shoes with socks because I can’t do open-toe shoes.

Banana Republic shoes

For Summer 2011, Banana Republic lines up soft, drapy dresses, sleeveless jackets, and knit maxi dresses, that can take you from beach to chic—in colors and patterns inspired by the rain forests, lagoons and gardens.

Banana Republic shoes

Complementing the dresses are the wedges that would certainly add some lift your height, as well as your mood, just because they’re cute.

Banana Republic shoes
Banana Republic shoes
Banana Republic shoes
Banana Republic shoes
Banana Republic shoes

Banana Republic is exclusively distributed in the Philippines by Casual Clothing Specialists, Inc. (CCSI), a subsidiary of Stores Specialists, Inc., and is available at Greenbelt 5 and Rustan’s Department Store Makati.

April 1st is Swatch Zebra Day at Rockwell!
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This April 1st, 25 cities around the world will celebrate Swatch Zebra Day.
In Manila, Swatch Zebra Day will be presented at Rockwell’s Power Plant Mall, where prizes await best-dressed guests who come in zebra, striped, and neon outfits.
To celebrate the launch of Swatch’s Zebra collection, we’re giving away five Zebra Swatches on Twitter.
Choose from neon yellow, green, orange, pink or blue.

swatch watch event dublin

All you have to do is Follow jiritajackson on Twitter and tweet this message:

April 1 is Swatch Zebra Day at the Rockwell mall!
Follow @jiritajackson to win one of five #swatchzebras

Winners will be announced on March 29, 2011 via Twitter and Chuvaness.
Prizes must be claimed on April 1st at the new Swatch pop-up store opening at Rockwell’s Archeology Wing on the 2nd level.
More details to follow!

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