Le Steak
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I had 24 hours in Beijing for work and no time to explore. I was hungry. I hit the mall nearest to my hotel, the Ritz Carlton.
The mall was empty. Emptier than the Podium on Good Friday. I ended up in this Chinese restaurant at the basement.
I ordered giant hakaw and two other things that were so-so. The hakaw was really good though, so it deserves a picture.


I wanted to order fresh orange juice, but my Chinese sucks. I ordered Coke instead, but I needed a glass of ice with it.
How to order ice in Chinese? You draw it.


They gave me a heaping glass of ice and I was a happy camper.


So here’s where I had my first meal in Beijing


Yesterday’s lunch was something else though. I decided to indulge in some Kobe beef, all for the love of Tokyo.
I went to a teppanyaki place which was the only place in the food court that had seats (read: mahalia jackson).


The chef cooked my steak very carefully. Unfortunately the size of the steak did not match the picture in the menu.
I purposely took this picture because the guy in blue is a deadringer for my brother-in-law Victor.


Here’s what I got. It was so good, but I felt so kawawa as this cost me PHP 3,300. I wanted to my dad to rescue me from hunger hell.
Dear Dad, Please buy me a good steak when I see you as this frikking steak cost PHP 412/piece!


I savored every bite, but still so hungry. I ordered two more scallops. The price: Php 200. PK na.


I feel like eating a ton of food today, just because I feel kawawa. Will ask Jeroen to grill some steaks at home. Hmmmp.

The chair
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I’ve been wanting this Eames Rocker for a long time.
I have sat on it at D-mop, Hong Kong.

Eames rocking chair

Ely Buendia has a couple of them in his house

Ely Buendia's house

Secret Fresh has one. So finally I bumped into one in Beijing, in a wonderful store called Edimass.


I figured, since there was nothing to buy in Beijing and I’m flying business class, I might as well buy a chair I’ve always wanted.
The thing is, it came in a humongous box, even though it weighs only 12 kilos.
So I took my chances. Two kind men carried it back to my hotel. But I had to hire a van to go to the airport and prayed for the best.
I didn’t want to leave the chair in Beijing.
They say Beijing has one of the worst airports in the world due to its massive size and frankly, lack of air and odor management, but a kind angel helped me from van to immigration.
A young airport employee wearing a suit helped push my cart until I checked in with no excess baggage, no overweight. We were led to a special x-ray for over-sized baggage. He dropped me off at immigration, we shook hands, and said goodbye.
Oh, and Keri would appreciate that he kind of looks like this guy.

Kim Hyun Joong

God is really good. I took Dragon Air from Beijing to HK and Cathay from HK-MNL.
Beijing to HK was really bumpy I almost cried, but thanks to 1/2 Rivotril, I fell asleep and survived.
And here is the chair with neither a bump nor scratch: my dream chair at home.


Isn’t she lovely?


Dear Service Provider
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Thank you very much for the “privileged account” you offered me last June, 2010. I raved about it a few times, some people were convinced to switch—only to be disappointed.
Three months after you let me experience 12 mbps heaven, you downgraded my account to 3 mbps. When I asked why, you had no answer. Since then the Internet has gone from bad to worse.
This morning, I tried to upload photos to my Flickr. After 8 hours, I managed to upload only 6 photos at 0.44 mbps upload speed.
I have had problems with clients because my Internet sucks. And so, I’m writing to say thanks but no thanks.

I’m off to Beijing for work tomorrow. When I get back, I’ll have to shop around for another Internet company that works.
To be fair I tried to call my press contact and I was helped this evening by your customer care.
I requested a paid upgrade to 12 mbps, at my own expense. And while they “upgraded” me tonight, our Internet was still slow at your 12 mbps. I can’t explain it, they can’t explain it.
It now appears that they have pulled the plug on me and I’m updating with my backup.
I wish you hadn’t offered bad Internet to a blogger, even if it’s free.
Sorry to sound ungrateful, but I’ve been dropping subtle hints here and there and nothing happened.
Thank you and goodbye.

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