Time for a giveaway!
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Hi kids! Time to de-stress and give away some prizes.
Neutrogena just sent over nine gift packs for me to give away to some kind followers who are not yet blocked by me. 🙂

Neutrogena giveaways

It contains summer essentials like:
Neutrogena’s Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock, Complete UV Moisture and Waterlight Lotion
Johnson’s Body Care Naturally White Daily Mosturizing Wash and UV Lotion
and this grey fluffy object you use to scrub your body.

Neutrogena giveaways

Promo is open to anyone following me on Twitter who can claim a gift bag from Pepper Lunch Shang, GB5, or Rockwell.
All you have to do is tweet:
Give me a break this summer! I need Neutrogena goodies!
Go follow @jiritajackson #chuvaness

Promo ends this midnight. Winners tomorrow!
To find out who won Belo Essentials SunExpert giveaways, click here.

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Don’t you think this guy would look so much better as a skinhead, like say, Rocky Salumbides?

Rio, meet Rocky Salumbides.

Rocky Salumbides

Kids these days
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And one more thing before I sleep….
There’s this video going around for a long time now, about a certain fashion blogger who was lucky enough to be invited to a junket in New York.
Upon being interviewed on cam, she kind of dissed Philippine fashion and put herself above the local fashion populace.
I understand why lots of people are really pissed at this girl right now, but here are my thoughts as an older person:
1. She is a child, seriously, and doesn’t understand what she’s saying (so don’t take her seriously as she is not a fashion authority).
2. I also felt power at 22 with my own column at the Daily Globe, reviewing fashion shows and designers either wanting to have lunch with me or have my head on a platter. Such power at a young age can make one—delusional.
2. I’ve seen her blog. More than a fashion blog, I find it bordering on the narcissistic, and that’s me being kind. 🙂
3. No offence, but head-to-toe Forever 21 is just so funny—no offence to Forever 21, opening in Makati this Thursday!!
4. Again, she’s a child with a blog and feeling power. I’m too old to pick on her and honestly, happy she’s going to Fashion Week in New York. I’d much rather have her than you-know-who. 😉

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