Joyrich x LeSportsac now at Greenbelt 5
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LeSportsac recently opened its first free-standing store with a runway show, featuring their latest collaboration with JOYRICH.

Joyrich x Lepsortsac

The Los Angeles design house has given the JOYRICH treatment to 16 classic LeSportsac styles.
LeSportsac’s weekenders, Classic Hobo, Erika Tote, a bookbag, and cosmetics kits are just some of the styles included in the collection.
The collaboration reintroduces the Leigh duffle bag that functions as a tote or an extra roomy handbag.


All pieces feature JOYRICH’s signature gold triangle, while selected styles include an exclusive gold JOYRICH charm—a special gift with purchase that can be clipped to a belt loop, key-ring, or bag.
For a more luxe feel, all hardware and zipper pulls are in gold.

JOYRICH has created new prints and textures for the collection.
Chain is made of sateen; a fun and playful take on an oversized gold chain, inspired by ’80s/’90s fashion.

Joyrich x Lepsortsac
Joyrich x Lepsortsac

Numbered is a coated nylon, inspired by luxury brands; it’s the JOYRICH interpretation of classic monogram prints.

Joyrich x Lepsortsac
Joyrich x Lepsortsac

Leopard, another coated nylon, reflects their love for animal prints.

Joyrich x Lepsortsac

Shiny Quilted takes LeSportsac’s bestselling black patent and gives it a JOYRICH feel with quilting—a first for LeSportsac.

Joyrich x Lepsortsac

LeSportsac is exclusively distributed by Stores Specialists, Inc. (SSI) with stores at Greenbelt 5, Rustan’s Makati, Rustan’s Tower, Rustan’s Alabang Town Center, Rustan’s Gateway Mall and Rustan’sCebu.

Maltesers Teasers
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My two friends, Joy and Gail, send me Maltesers Teasers from Australia when they’re in season (read: Easter) and I’m down to my last two pieces. 🙁

Maltesers Teasers

Yesterday Jude and Jay almost made the mistake of eating them, but I caught them and gave them one egg each.

Maltesers Teasers from Joy

Teasers are Maltesers, but with little bits of malt inside, instead of just one big malt centre.

Maltesers Teasers
Maltesers Teasers

You can also find them in a package of Mars Celebrations


But for me it’s sayang cause I don’t eat the rest of these

Screen shot 2011-04-28 at 9.47.43 PM

Lunch with the Corstens
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It was the hottest day of the year (so far)—36 degrees outside, and the Corstens were treating us to lunch.
“Indian or Filipino food or something else?” Lia BBMed me prior.
“How about Heat buffet?” I suggested.
Last Tuesday, one of the Top Ten DJs of the world, Ferry Corsten and his Filipino wife Lia, squeezed us in between gigs in Boracay, Seoul, Macau and Tokyo, for some chat and chew.
I didn’t take many pictures of Ferry—even as Lia was feeding him all sorts of Filipino desserts, like puto bumbong (you have to hear Ferry say it, hehe) and cassava—because Ferry would look at me and say, “No blogging.”
And so I restrained myself, because when I took too many pictures of Boy George in Malate, 2005, he finally told me, “That is the last one.” (Oops.)
Back in 2005 my camera was so low-tech.

lolo George

So I took mostly food shots. 🙂
I love Heat buffet because it’s easy, it’s good, and very near our home.
I usually start with a dimsum platter. They have the best siopao asado. Pork siomai is OK. But hakaw tasted old (read: not worth the calories).


Ferry started with this very well-plated seafood selection.


Heat has seriously the best fries in Metro Manila. Ginggay ordered this.


She had the fries


I had the bottles. Cause I love cute sizes. 🙂


I had like two servings of lechon kawali until they ran out—this was so good!!


Ferry’s next plate was what he called the “Protein Platter.”


Jeroen began to notice that I wasn’t paying attention to his food for a change, so he asked me to take a picture of his plate, too. 🙂

jeroen's plate

I swear, we were there until the buffet closed at 2:30 PM. We left the place at 2:45 PM, at which point I was so sleepy from all the food I ingested.
Finally I could take the pictures I wanted.

L-R: Tonichi Bautista, Jeroen, Ferry Corsten, and Victor van Straten, my brother-in-law from Sydney

It’s always fun to catch up with the Corstens. Thanks for the treat!! Next one is on us!

Jeroen, Lia, Ferry, Victor, Joy
L-R: Jeroen, Lia and Ferry Corsten, Victor and his wife Joy van Straten

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