How I spent Good Friday
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While most people try to leave town during Holy Week, I’d rather stay home because going out of town means traffic and going abroad would mean crowded airports, expensive hotel rates, and bumping into everyone in a foreign country when the point is to get away.

I try to avoid Instagram to minimize feeling envious of people who are traveling, while I take comfort in the fact that I have plane tickets to Tokyo end of April.
This year we did not check in at the Raffles Makati but stayed home in Pasig where the boys played Call of Duty the whole day, and I was mostly in bed watching TV and playing Candy Crush.

On Wednesday I hauled my ass the gym where my trainer made me suffer TRX (also known as 50 Shades of Grey workout). Thursday was spent in bed with aching muscles.
Friday I was back at the gym where the aircon was dying.


Calling the management of St. Francis Shangri-La Place, please have all the aircons checked and cleaned at the gym. We are really suffering there. What a waste of gym equipment if people have to suffer to use them. Thank you.

I started going to the gym this year because I gained 8 lbs. after my friend Penny died last June 15, 2015. I was abstaining from Coke as a sacrifice when she was dying.
When three of my friends died in 2015, I started to eat everything I wanted because life is short, until my clothes started to feel tight. I thought of all the money I spent on clothes, so I had to go to the gym and diet. I’ve already lost 2 lbs. after three weeks and I realize I can’t ever stop going to the gym. This is going to be a lifelong commitment.

Writing this to remember how I kept sane on Good Friday in Manila, 2016.

What’s open/closed Maundy Thursday, Good Friday?
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S&R Membership
Maundy Thursday: Open from 9 AM to 9 PM
Good Friday: closed

Central Square at BGC
Closed on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday

Eastwood Mall
Closed on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday


Century City Mall
Closed on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday

Estancia at Capitol Commons
Closed on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday

Newport Mall
Maundy Thursday: Open from 12 PM to 12 AM
Good Friday: Closed

Bonifacio High Street
Maundy Thursday and Good Friday: Select dining establishments open for Walkways: Stations of the Cross Exhibit

Greenhills Shopping Center
Closed on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday

Power Plant Mall
Closed on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday

Shangri-la Plaza
Closed on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday

SM supermarkets

Most Ayala Malls
Closed on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday

UP Town Center
Maundy Thursday: open from 10 AM to 10 PM
Closed on Good Friday

Ayala Malls Solenad
Maundy Thursday: open from 11 AM to 9 PM
Good Friday: open from 11 AM to 9 PM

Harbor Point
Maundy Thursday: Open from 10 AM to 10 PM
Good Friday: Open from 10 AM to 10 PM

Fisher Mall
Maundy Thursday: Open from 10 AM to 9 PM
Good Friday: Open from 10 AM to 10 PM

SM Supermalls
Robinsons malls

Duterte leads this presidential poll
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Looks like my readers and followers are mostly for Duterte, according to a poll I have been running since the 2nd presidential debate.
The poll was promoted on my Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts. Duterte continues to win after more than 1500 votes.
Poll results
Still crossing my fingers I can vote in this election, if by some chance they will move the date later than May 9.
If you would like to participate in the poll, you can still do so HERE.

Weave opens online store
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I’m a huge fan of online shopping, sometimes more than physical store shopping.
I’ve been shopping online since 1999. Here’s proof, and don’t laugh. This was my first ever order from Amazon—a book and two VHS tapes.
amazon order
I can’t tell you how online shopping has changed my life. I can do it when everyone’s asleep and there’s no one to talk to. It keeps me sane! How I wish there would be more Philippine-based online sellers. I would be happy to support them.
One of the newest online fashion retailers in town is called Weave.
The difference between Weave and other online sellers that they don’t just sell the products; they also design and make them.
The designers, headed by Brit Romero, work with an experienced production team to make sure each item is of skilled artistry and integrity.
Brit Romero graduated from De La Salle’s College of Saint Benilde where she major in Fashion Design and Merchandising. After that, she continued her studies in London College of Fashion and took up Fashion Business.
Weave is still a new site. Right now there are 24 basic items available, like skirts, tops, trousers, culottes and dresses in neutral colors of black, grey and white. These items are easily mixed and matched, so you’ll have less things to worry about when getting dressed.
Weave’s goal is to be an “online fashion stylist” for women.
They’re planning to expand their offerings next month so follow them on Facebook or Instagram.
Enjoy an exclusive 20 percent discount when you shop at Weave.
Simply enter this code: WEAVECHUVA20 in the voucher field at the checkout counter. Promo runs until April 15, 2016.
Now here’s a chance to win a free item from Weave:

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