KOKON: My collaboration with Locsin International

We all have our dark days. There were times I just wanted to crawl into a hole and hide there, but those days are behind me now, thank God!
When Reg Locsin and Brian Hagedorn of Locsin International asked me to design furniture for them, I grabbed the opportunity to create a hiding place where one could get away, read, work, sleep, be alone, and cocoon.
I decided to call it KOKON.
It started with a scribble on a small piece of paper. Then Locsin did a miniature mockup like this


A trip to Locsin’s workshop in Bulacan where I saw the full-size frame for the first time


To get a feel of the space, we placed a temporary mattress inside


I sat inside as Reg Locsin (at right) discussed with craftsmen where to put the shelves

Reg Locsin

During the development of the project, a huge fire destroyed this workshop


We started again and lots of things happened. Reg and Brian got married and revamped the Locsin website.
We hired Everywhere We Shoot to photograph the KOKON with model Sam Lewis


Garovs Vergara, 1/2 of Everywhere We Shoot


We shot it in daytime and nighttime. Sam called it one of her best shoots ever.


Pillows by Tinay Villamiel of Bleach and Yu Hokazono of Kikastyle, Aoyama


It is amazingly spacious. Five people can sit inside and two adults can sleep with a child


The KOKON daybed is priced at Php 164,000 for the indoor version and Php 232,000 for outdoor, inclusive of mattress and plain throw pillows. KOKON is now available to order at Locsin.com or through their showrooms at LRI Design Plaza, Nicanor Garcia Street, Bel-Air, Makati, or at 4th level, SM Megamall-B.


To know more about Locsin International, click HERE.

Celebrate Cibo’s 17th birthday with 1997 prices

As thanks to Cibo fans for their support through 17 years, Cibo says “grazie mille” once again by offering its best sellers at 1997 prices:
18 August (Monday): Tagliata di Manzo, Aglio Rosmarino at Php 195
19 August (Tuesday): Spinaci Zola at Php 85
20 August (Wednesday): Uva Nera at Php 50
21 August (Thursday): Crema di Zucca at Php 95
22 August (Friday): Penne al Telefono at Php 175


1. Promo runs from August 18-22, 2014 for dine-in transactions only.
2. A chosen item from the original Cibo menu will be selling at its 1997 price for a specific day. A maximum of three orders per transaction will be allowed.
3. The 1997 price is inclusive of 12% VAT, valid only on the specified date.
4. Cibo’s other dishes will be sold at regular prices.
5. Promo not valid in conjunction with any other promotion or government-mandated discounts.

CIBO’s 1997 price promo will be available at all Cibo branches:
• Alabang Town Center (842-7285)
• Gateway Mall, Araneta Center (913-2426)
• Glorietta 4 (729-2426)
• Greenbelt 5 (758-2426)
• Eastwood Mall (470-2426) 
• Power Plant Mall (898-2426) and Cibo Bimbi (895-6426)
• Promenade Greenhills (727-2426)
• Robinsons Magnolia (642-2426)
• Shangri-La Plaza (633-2426)

Per DTI-FTEB SPD Permit No. 1654, Series of 2014.

Smart brings LTE-advanced ‘5G’ to the Philippines

Two years after it brought Long-Term Evolution (LTE) or 4G technology to the country, wireless services leader Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) announced that 5G wireless technology LTE-Advanced (LTE-A), is now running in the Philippines’ largest and strongest network.
Smart recently switched on LTE-A at the Smart Jump Center in Mandaluyong City, setting the next phase of mobile communication technology beyond 4G LTE standards.
Co-founder and Chief Wireless Advisor of Smart Orlando B. Vea (first from left) during the tests of 5G LTE-A at Smart, where speeds reaching 209.66 mbps were recorded.


LTE-A—also referred to as ‘5G’—delivers data from between 100 mbps to 1 gigabit per second (Gbps), or ten times faster than 3G services and more than twice as fast as 4G services.
By firing up LTE-A technology on its network, Smart joins only a handful of carriers around the world with an LTE-A network, along with leading mobile operators in South Korea, United States, Singapore, Australia, and Hong Kong.

With LTE-A, a 10MB file takes less than a second to download, YouTube videos no longer have to buffer, and video calls are almost lag-free. But beyond speed, LTE-A’s main feature is also its capability to allocate more network resources to users when the need arises.
Smart started testing LTE-A across the country in August last year, delivering results of more than 100Mbps in Makati City, in Boracay, and in Davao City during the Kadayawan festival.

Get a piece of Garance Doré at National Book Store

Through a unique blend of photos, videos, illustrations and writings, Garance Doré became known through her blog, garancedore.fr.
She began as an illustrator, following in the footsteps of René Gruau and Antonio Lopez.
Her talent has allowed her to collaborate with important brands such as Dior, Louis Vuitton, Céline, Kate Spade, Chloé, Tiffany & Co., Chopard, Reed Krakoff, and more.
Her illustrations also appear monthly in her Paris Vogue column.


Now you can have a piece of Garance Doré’s work through a limited collection available at National Book Store.
Her Friends Social Stationery Set consists of 12 flat cards with assorted designs boxed with natural white envelopes.

Product Photo - Garance Dore Friends Social Stationery

The Leopard Notebook Set has two unlined notebooks with gold foil accents and 64 pages each.

Product Photo - Garance Dore Leopard Notebook Set 2

The Oui Pocket Notebook Set has two unlined mini notebooks with metallic gold foil accent.

Product Photo - Garance Dore Oui Pocket Notebook Set

The Garance Doré Graphic Assorted Card Collection is available in two boxed sets of eight greeting cards.
One has vertical images that include Le Glamour, Femme, Cape and Friends cards, with soft-white envelopes.

Product Photo - Garance Dore Assorted Girls Card Set

A horizontal set features cards with XO, Merci Hearts, Checkered Birthday, and Bonjour! designs in metallic gold foil paired with gold envelopes.

Product Photo - Garance Dore Assorted Card Set

The Garance Doré collection also includes iPhone cases made of hard plastic and a rubber insert for additional protection.

bonjour-case_garance-dore_1024x1024Product Photo - Garance Dore Checkered iPhone Case
Product Photo - Garance Dore Leopard Pattern iPhone Case

Garance Doré goods are now available at selected National Book Store branches. Or buy them online and earn reward points.
Follow National Book Store on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @nbsalert for updates on events, promos, and contests.

What’s wrong with NAIA Terminal 3?

Finally got to see NAIA Terminal 3 when my friend Karen arrived with her family this weekend from the United States via Delta Airlines. Yes, Delta is one of the airlines that has moved its operations to NAIA 3.
Since both Karen and I didn’t know what to expect, I had to personally pick her up at the airport (long story).
Luckily our friend Lia volunteered to come with me at 10 PM. This is where we got dropped off (at Bay 1)

Outside NAIA 3

We took the nearest entrance and put our bags pass through the X-ray machine. A lady guard barked at me not to take pictures. Obviously that didn’t stop me.
The first thing I saw were the sad concessionaires with not much customers. This was past 10 PM anyway.

Concessionaire, NAIA 3

You just can’t avoid carinderia settings at NAIA, can you?

Concessionaire, NAIA 3

Or the sad convenience store

Concessionaire, NAIA 3

So much water

Concessionaire, NAIA 3

I wonder who chooses the concessionaires and what does it take to get a space here?
Why don’t they have a Jollibee or McDonald’s which everyone can appreciate? Or a Family Mart instead of the sad convenience store?
At least there is one brand I recognised but it’s the saddest Burger King I’ve seen

Burger King, NAIA 3

It was just so dark and cheap-looking (sorry!)

Burger King, NAIA 3

Actually I’m not sorry. The entire arrival floor was dark and somber-looking. I looked up and saw the light.
I saw white lights everywhere, which makes everyone and everything look grey

Burger King, NAIA 3

You can actually mix white light with yellow lights. Because lighting is so important. It can change the way you feel about a place and how everyone looks.
NAIA Terminal 3 has so much space, which is a good thing, with a high ceiling and space everywhere.
I’m happy that all Filipinos who want to pick up their loved ones can be accommodated inside, unlike NAIA 1 where the waiting area looks like a zoo.


Good thing there are signs


and a convenient Arrivals board, which you didn’t see at NAIA 1

Arrivals sign
Arrivals sign

I decided to check out the toilet next to still-unoccupied spaces (ooh…slippers off!)

Toilet, NAIA 3

The cardboard sign looks ngarag (read: worn out)

Toilet, NAIA 3

The restroom looks so creepy—creepier than Narita’s. Nothing makes my skin crawl as much as small bathroom tiles.

Toilet, NAIA 3

It reminded me of a Peque Gallaga movie set

Toilet, NAIA 3


Toilet, NAIA 3

This looks so temporary (read: cheap)

Toilet, NAIA 3

Here’s the really scary part

Toilet, NAIA 3
Toilet, NAIA 3

But thank God no bad smell (unlike Schipol’s) and there was toilet paper!! I wonder who designed the restroom. My guess: contractor?
No thought was put into it. I find it sayang for all the money they spent on the airport and the restrooms already look old and creepy.
Still they are much better than NAIA 1 toilets.
Finally, with all that space, nobody bothered to think about seats. These were the only seats in the house.
Seriously, there must be 24 seats here


So what do people do while waiting for arrivals? They put their drinks down and have a picnic

Lack of seats, NAIA 3

They lie down and charge their phone

Lack of seats, NAIA 3
Lack of seats, NAIA 3

They sit down and charge their iPad

Lack of seats, NAIA 3

They doze off

Lack of seats, NAIA 3

They look kawawa

Lack of seats, NAIA 3
Lack of seats, NAIA 3

You can sit anywhere. No one will stop you!

Lack of seats, NAIA 3

Seriously it makes you wonder if they are there to pick up people or just use the aircon? It looks uncivilised.
I proceeded to the viewing gallery to wait for Karen. (NAIA needs an art director)


I waited with the people behind the glass


At 11 PM (one hour later) Karen arrived with her sisters and brother-in-law

Karen and family
L-R: Karen Salgado, Marty Wilcher, Susan and Carlos Patino

They were hungry but we left quickly because I didn’t want them to see the food choices. Luckily our car arrived shortly and Karen and her sisters were impressed by the new airport.
Next time I’ll review the Departure area—but not so soon because I’m still scared to fly.

Smart Infinity brings Broadway’s ‘Chicago’ to Manila

Smart Infinity—Smart Communications’ premiere postpaid brand—brings to Manila the Broadway hit musical Chicago this December 2 to 21, 2014 at Solaire Resort and Casino.
As a special treat, tickets to the six-time Tony Award-winning musical will be made available first and exclusive to Smart Infinity subscribers, before ticket selling is opened to the general public.

Chicago evite

What’s more: from now until September 8, 2014, every new Smart Infinity plan will come with VIP tickets to Chicago, on top of the gadgets and services that come with every subscription.

Infinity Music Plan 3500 comes with two complimentary orchestra VIP tickets to Chicago, along with two Misfit Shine fitness tracking gadgets, one Chicago album, and 30 songs monthly—to go with the call, text and data subscription already bundled with the plan.

Misfit shine

Plan 5000 comes with either a Samsung S5 or iPhone 5s, two orchestra VIP tickets, a Chicago album, and 30 songs monthly along with call, text and data.


Plan 8000 provides a free Macbook Air, two orchestra VIP tickets, a Chicago album, and 30 songs.
Macbook air

Based on a 1926 play by Maurine Watkins, Chicago is the Tony Award-winning musical that gave us Broadway hits like ‘All That Jazz,’ ‘Razzle Dazzle,’ ‘Cell Block Tango,’ ‘Mr. Cellophane’ and ‘Nowadays’.
The musical follows the characters of aspiring vaudevillian Roxie Hart and seasoned vaudevillian Velma Kelly and the murders they committed in the 1920s.
In 2002, its Hollywood version won six major Oscar awards, including Best Picture and Best Supporting Actress (for Catherine Zeta-Jones).

Chicago, featuring its Broadway cast, will run from December 2 to 21, 2014 at The Theatre of Solaire Resort and Casino.
To know more about Chicago and the premium Smart Infinity experience, call 848-8806, email infinitysupport@smart.com.ph, or go to http://www.smart.com.ph/infinity.

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