Simplifying, positivity, and the colour purple

Jinky Amores is a family therapist with the gift of clairvoyance. Like Cole Sear in The Sixth Sense, she can see dead people and communicate with them, as well as with comatose patients, or children with special needs. Because she can scan your present health condition, some people call her “the human MRI.”
One of the simpler gifts she has is to read one’s aura.

Jinky Amores
She’s not scary: Jinky Amores at a get-together at Slice last week

I met Jinky a few months ago when I consulted her about an important decision. As a devout Catholic I was hesitant to go to her. I am deathly afraid of fortune tellers or manghuhula. “But Jinky is not a manghuhula,” my friend Patrice reassured me.
So we met Jinky at her consultation space in Makati, which is decorated with various Catholic objects, and began with a prayer. During my consultation she read my aura and gave me positive advice on my case. She also gave me a clean bill of health and told me what to avoid. You can an idea of what Jinky can do HERE.

Last week I saw Jinky for the second time when I was invited to preview a website she has launched with her friends, Kristin Ruth Zalameda, Julia Jatico, and Robert Madamba.
Kristin and Julia are friends that have been consulting Jinky for years. Both attest to how meeting her has changed their lives for the better. They believe that one can change his/her life by improving one’s state of mind as well as appearance. And it all starts with the aura.

Tweetie Gonzalez
Tweetie de Leon Gonzalez consults Jinky Amores

When Jinky reads your aura, she suggests a colour that will attract positive energy to your life.
They say what’s inside reflects on the outside. But I also believe that if you fix the outside, it can affect the inside.
For instance, when I don’t feel well, sometimes a pampering session at the salon can really make a difference. I force myself to shower, put on makeup, wear decent clothes and get a blowdry. Much better than just veging in bed in pajamas.

When you look good, you feel good and attract positivity.
This is the idea behind the Dress My Aura website, where for Php 599, you can upload your photo and have Jinky Amores read your aura. She will tell you your current state of mind and tell you what is your special colour.
A makeup artist will also suggest what makeup to apply, and a stylist will give wardrobe advice.
Results will be delivered via email within 48 hours.

L-R: Kristin Ruth Zalameda, Jinky Amores, Julia Jatico, Robert Madamba (I.T. expert)

During my meeting with Jinky, I was wearing my usual black and navy blue uniform. She told my to wear amethyst or a light colour purple for to enhance my spirituality. (How I wish she had told me to wear red or pink instead—two colours I approve, aside from my usual black and 50 shades of grey.)
So off I went to the mall and bought the Uniqlo body shaper and socks and the nail polish from Watsons. I also bought an amethyst-colorer Swatch, which I can wear with my black/grey/navy uniform.

lavender stuff

I sighed in relief as Jinky gave me another clean bill of health and a positive reply to an important question.
She also advised me to “simplify” and declutter my life from all forms of negativity.
To know more about the website, go to
If you would like to consult Jinky in a private session, you may contact her through the site.

BENCH issues announcement on Naked Truth

BENCH has just issued the following statement on the Naked Truth show originally scheduled for September 19 at 8 PM:
“We regret to cancel the BENCH Underwear and Denim Show due to the extreme weather and its repercussions.
We would love to see you instead tomorrow at 5:30 PM, Saturday, to witness a show specially created for you.”

BLEACH collaborates with ICanServe for breast cancer awareness

The ICanServe Foundation for breast cancer support and awareness will be setting up its pop-up store at the Power Plant Mall, Rockwell Center Friday, Saturday, and Sunday weekends beginning October 3, 2014.
This year, ICanServe collaborated Tinay Villamiel of Bleach to create a special fund-raiser T-shirt.

“We wanted a new look to commemorate our 15th year—something very simple, straightforward, organic,” said Crisann Celdran of the ICanServe Shop. “When I started thinking about brands that could create the shirt for us, I only came up with Bleach. I sat down with Tinay over coffee and she instantly understood.”
“We are glad and inspired that there is an organization like ICanServe that reaches out to create awareness to women about Breast Cancer. It is an honor to become part of this cause,” said Tinay Villamiel.

BLEACH x I Can Serve Foundation tee
Photo: Francisco Guerrero

ICanServe advocates early breast cancer detection through information campaigns and community screening programs.
Bleach-designed shirts and other new fundraising items such as pouches, organizers, fans, umbrellas, and contribution cards will be available for purchase at the ICanServe booth at the lower level of Power Plant Mall all weekends of October or online at
To know more about the foundation, go to or email

Toni Gonzaga raves about Acer’s Liquid phone

Like her or hate her, it’s Toni Gonzaga’s time.
The singer, TV host, and actress has been lucky with her recent hit movie, Starting Over Again, and has been very visible with numerous endorsements—the latest of which is Acer’s new line of smartphones.
“I grew up with the brand,” said Toni during a press conference at Marco Polo Ortigas. “Our first laptop was an Acer, which I was able to operate right away without a manual. It’s so convenient.”

2014-08-27 20.58.47
L-R: Agnes Neria Espino (ACER Product Marketing Director), Andrew Chuang (General Manager, Tablet Business Unit Group), Jason Chen (Global President and CEO), Toni Gonzaga (Brand Ambassador), Manuel Wong (General Manager), S.T. Liew (President – Smartphone Business Group) and Dio Vasquez ( Senior Manager/Product Management Head)

Acer recently launched its latest Liquid line of smartphones including the Acer Liquid Jade, Liquid X1, Liquid E700, Liquid Z500, and the Liquid Z200.
The company also unveiled its new Iconia Series tablets including the Acer Iconia Tab 8 (A1-713) and Acer Iconia One 7 (B1-730HD).

Andrew Chuang with the new Iconia tablet

The new gadgets were introduced in a media event at Metrotent in Pasig City.
The event, which was attended by members of the media and Acer’s trade partners, also saw Toni literally being unveiled as the brand’s new endorser.
Acer officials said they chose the TV host-actress because like the Liquid Jade, Toni is bold, innovative and beautiful.

Toni Gonzaga

“It has always been Acer’s mission and vision to provide our customers the best that technology can offer.” says Acer Philippine general manager Manuel Wong. “So we bought the kind of technology in our smartphones that people actually need, and this is because we have remained sensitive and listened to what our customers say and feel.”

ACER General Manager Manuel Wong

Toni described the Acer Liquid Jade, which she uses, as a phone that “keeps up with my busy lifestyle.”
The 7.5mm ultra-thin Acer Liquid Jade smartphone features a 5-inch IPS HD screen, a 1.3GHz quad-core processor for stellar performance, 21Mbps HSPA+ connectivity for seamless connection to any network, Android 4.4 KitKat operating system, plus 13-megapixel rear and 2-MP front cameras to capture those precious moments with friends, colleagues and loved ones.
Liquid Jade (4)
The actress had rave reviews for her new phone.
“The Acer Liquid Jade is perfect for me because its features match and serve my lifestyle. It gives me everything I need for work, and even helps me bond with my friends and family by keeping me in touch with them wherever and whenever I need to. It’s become part of my life.”

Toni GonzagaToni Gonzaga

Acer chief executive and president Jason Chen, who was in Manila for the launch of the brand’s new smartphones and tablets, said they have identified the Philippines as one of three countries where Acer will promote its smartphone line. The other two are Belgium and Thailand.

Liquid E700Liquid E700 (3)

“We will go beyond a traditional PC maker by diversifying into mobility devices, including smartphones, tablets and wearable digital devices in order to serve changing consumers’ lifestyles,” said Chen.

ACER Global President and CEO Jason Chen

Wanted: Linked In for household help

How I wish they had taught us Life Lessons at Assumption, instead of Physics or Trigonometry, which I hated and don’t even remember or apply today.
I wish they had told us that cooks sometimes steal food. As in, on Saturdays when they do the marketing, they meet their husband in the market and slip them a bag full of uncooked meat from our marketing money. Or they meet their husband at the corner store near ULTRA and slip their husband a bag of uncooked meat from our freezer.
No wonder sometimes there would be no bacon or chicken breast at home for the kids when I could’ve bought it before it ran out—if only the cook would’ve informed me.

So our cook of four years—the one I had trained at 25 Mushrooms, the one Jeroen and I personally trained, the one I sent to Chef Sumet Sumpachanyanont of Mandarin Oriental, the one whose rent I paid on top of her salary, and who owes me money—had to be let go.
The driver snitched on her with a caught-in-the-act video. Then she snitched back about the driver, which unearthed tons of horror stories from our past employees.
A new driver was easy to find, but a good cook is difficult. Where do we find a good, honest cook who doesn’t steal?
I wish there were a Linked In for household help. I’m sure there are tons of people there looking for jobs. There has to be a good, trustworthy cook out there who needs a job.
But there are problems that could go with a household Linked In—like pirating each other’s cooks or yayas. It could be one hot mess.
Or maybe someone should open cooking school just for women who are wanting to be household cooks?
God please send us a good cook. We are really nice and pay well…

Win the perfect wedding coverage from the Dream Team and Colgate

Things were much simpler when Jeroen and I got married almost 14 years ago (thank God!).
With all the new technology available, getting hitched these days requires much more work.
As for the perfect wedding coverage, two names stand out in the industry: the dream team of Jason Magbanua and Pat Dy.

Jason Magbanua, Colgate's Allan Castro, Pat Dy
L-R: Jason Magbanua, Colgate’s Allan Castro, Pat Dy

With more than 10 years experience, Jason Magbanua is a gifted storyteller with an eye for capturing perfect wedding moments. Pat Dy, on the other hand, started his career by shooting for top fashion magazines in the country. Taking this fashion background when capturing real life couples has given him that extra edge.
Their client list includes prominent couples from the Manila social scene, such as Maggie Wilson and Victor Consunji in their racy pre-nup shoot

They captured Stephanie Kienle and Chris Gonzalez in their romantic Parisian wedding of

Then there’s Cat Arambulo and Carlo Antonio’s intimate weekend nuptials at Bellaroca.

Through Colgate Philippines, one lucky bride can get a chance to have her most important day covered by Pat Dy and Jason Magbanua through an online contest.
To join, the bride-to-be must upload a short video telling her worst wedding fears on the Colgate Philippines’ Facebook page.

“I’ve taken hundreds and thousands of photographs, and it’s really the perfect white smile that makes all the difference,” said Pat Dy.
“It’s the one thing people notice, and having the perfect white smile will boost your confidence to get through your special day,” said Solenn Heussaff, face of Colgate Optic White.

Solenn Heussaff, Maggie Wilson, Stephanie Kienle
L-R: Solenn Heussaff, Maggie Wilson, and Stephanie Kienle at the event launch

Colgate Optic White’s Dream Wedding runs from September 4 to October 27, 2014 and is open to all Filipinas getting married between January 2015 to June 2015.
The 10 most creative submissions will be chosen by Colgate and voted on by the public.
To know more, like Colgate Philippines on Facebook.

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