Hello Alden! That’s not Sacai

Dear Alden,
Where are you? Eat Bulaga is not the same without you. In two words: so boring.
Please come back na.
P.S. Just saw your latest calendar for the apparel brand you’re endorsing.
Love you but—it’s not Sacai. (Just saying).
P.S. Love you.

Alden Richards Nike Lab x Sacai
L-R: Alden Richards, Sacai x Nike Lab

Raffles high tea inspired by Charriol timepiece

Raffles Makati teams up with Swiss luxury brand Charriol for its third Pret-a-Portea at the Writers Bar this January 15 to March 31, 2016.
Enjoy savory teacup sandwiches, such as the mini club sandwich Riviera, Pissaladière, and Focaccia Caprese, to name a few, with the tea of your choice.
French pastries feature the silver, gold, and pink-gold of Charriol’s St. Tropez 35 timepiece.
There’s a three-tier collection of scones, La Tarte Tropézienne with lemon mousseline, chocolate hazelnut éclairs, and plush pink-berry tartlet mascarpone.

Charriol tea at Raffles Makati

The blackcurrant macarons dipped in silver and gold along with the divine white-chocolate lemon cake are tribute to Charriol’s lunar mood.
Available from 2:30-5:30 PM daily, the high tea is priced at Php1,500++ for two.
Add the refined touch of a glass of Rosé champagne at Php 1000++ for a sparkling afternoon.
For more information and reservations, call Raffles Makati at 795 1840, or email dining.makati@raffles.com.

Decisions, decisions: The things I give up for family

Part One: Takashi Murakami or Christmas Eve dinner?

Last December 24th, Sayoko-san was kind enough to take me to Takashi Murakami’s coffee shop http://bar-zingaro.jp/Bar Zingaro at Nakano Broadway.
Please don’t ask me how to get there. I rode Sayoko’s car and she took me there.

Nakano Broadway Entrance

I’m so grateful because I never knew such a place existed.
But don’t let the website fool you. Nakano Broadway is a 50-year-old mall with old fixtures, fluorescent lighting, and a low ceiling. In a Philippine setting, you could almost imagine Tony Ferrer in the corridor with his white suit and white shoes. But I digress.
This is a shopping mall for all kinds of old pop culture items—from books to creepy dolls that may have once belonged to Nellie Oleson.

Grease Up magazine
:: アンティーク あじさい ::
:: アンティーク あじさい ::

I would’ve taken more photos but there was too much sensory overload. I can’t even begin to describe all the stuff I saw.
Sayoko’s friend said Takashi Murakami was frequently found at his coffee shop Bar Zingaro on the 2nd floor.
Murakami opened Bar Zingaro in October 2013 together with the Fuglen group of Oslo, which includes Fuglen owners Einar K. Holthe, Peppe Trulsen, Halvor Digernes, and Fuglen Tokyo co-owner Kenji Kojima.
Look how festive last Christmas

Bar Zingaro
Bar Zingaro
Bar Zingaro
Bar Zingaro

Sayoko and I sat here. She had a muffin. I had hot chocolate.

Bar Zingaro
Bar Zingaro

Too bad Mr. Murakami wasn’t there. But upstairs, we saw Murakami prints at his Hidari Zingaro gallery.
I nearly bought these because I thought they were affordable. Until I found they would be delivered unframed and kind of like a signed poster (sorry). I changed my mind.

Takashi Murakami
Takashi Murakami

Then Sayoko and I saw a poster outside, that Takashi Murakami would be appearing at a talk with Mr. Iwasaki Natsumi in the same building at 7 PM.

Bar Zingaro event

It was nearly 6 PM, and I promised Jeroen I would be back at the hotel for Christmas eve dinner, since we had to catch Holy Mass at 9 PM. I looked at Sayoko and decided to go back to the hotel.
P.S. When I told my cousin Gerard Henson about the decision between Murakami and family Christmas eve dinner, Gerard said: “Anong mas importante?”
Me: “Family of course!”

Part 2: Alden Richards or husband’s birthday?

Meanwhile, back in Manila, the hubby has decided to celebrate his birthday by checking in with us at the Raffles Makati on his birthday, January 22nd—the same day Alden Richards is holding a fan meet at Broadway Centrum.

Alden Richards

When I mentioned the coincidence to Grace, she gave me really evil dagger looks, saying, “Oh God. NO. Please don’t tell me!!” She nearly stabbed me with a fork.
“Are you going to Alden Richards on Jeroen’s birthday???”
Me: “Of course not noh. He will kill me!!”

See the similarity?
Takashi Murakami = Nakano Broaway
Alden Richards = Broadway Centrum

File this under: Things I Gave Up For My Family…

Korina Sanchez Roxas interviews Pia Wurztbach on Rated K

This Sunday evening, January 10, 2016, Rated K on ABS-CBN will air Korina Sanchez Roxas’ exclusive interview with Miss Universe 2015, Pia Wurtzbach.

Korina Sanchez and Pia Wurtzbach

“It’s not difficult to interview Pia,” said Korina. “She is smart, witty and fun. She has many interesting stories to tell.”
The new Miss Universe arrived at Central Park for her talk with Korina straight from an interview with CNN, and looked every inch a new Yorker in her camel-coloured outfit.

Korina Sanchez meets Pia Wurtzbach

During the interview, Pia shared with Korina her feelings about having New York as her homebase during her reign, while she travels the world to fulfil her duties.
Pia will arrive in Manila on January 23, 2016 as Bb. Pilipinas arranges a grand welcome for the country’s third Miss Universe titleholder.
“She is very excited to come home before she gets too busy,” shared Korina in her Instagram account.
Rated K airs Sunday evenings on ABS-CBN after Wansapanataym.

Korina Sanchez in New York

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