H&M opens August 25th in Davao
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This August 25th, H&M Philippines will open its 16th store at Abreeza Mall, Davao.
The 1500-square-meter store will offer a wide variety of the latest, affordable fashion trends as well as timeless basics at the best prices.
It will carry the full assortment of H&M apparel and accessories for ladies, men, teenagers and kids, as well as a full sports, denim and underwear department for both men and ladies.

The mindful shopper will find an array of Conscious and sustainably-produced items, and have a chance to donate used clothes in exchange for discount vouchers to use on their next purchase, under H&M’s Garment Collecting program.

H&M davao

Those shopping on opening day can expect great offers, such as gift cards of varying amounts from Php 300 to Php 2,000 that will be handed out to the first 200 in line.
A special prize worth Php 5,000 will be given to the first in line.
The next 300 will receive H&M umbrellas and tote bags.
A special treat also await the five most fashionable shoppers in queue before the opening and will be given Php 3,000 gift cards each.

The store will open on August 25, 2016 from 11 AM-9 PM. Regular operating hours from 9 AM- 9 PM will resume thereafter.

@chuvafinds goes to Landers Superstore
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If there’s a new supermarket, I’m in.
Supermarket is love, even when I’m traveling. I like to discover products we don’t normally see at home.
When we were kids in the ’70s, we had limited choices for anything. If you wanted imported chocolate, you had to go to Dau, Pampanga to buy PX goods.
Now all you have to do is go to the supermarket. Better if the supermarket stocks mostly imported goods.
The newest shopping destination to open in Manila is Landers Superstore in Balintawak, Quezon City, which opened last June 22, 2016.

As someone who lives in Pasig, I thought it would be difficult to go to, but it took us less than an hour. It is super near Trinoma, about eight minutes away, according to Waze.

Landers Superstore

What every Filipino wants to know: who owns this?
It’s owned and run by a new corporation called Southeast Asia Retail Inc.

How to become a member:
For a personal account you’ll need to present one valid ID and pay Php 800 for a primary card and Php 400 for a supplementary.
For business accounts, you’ll need to present a business permit or mayor’s permit. Fee is Php 1000 for primary and Php 400 each for up to four extension cards.
If you apply before September 15, you can enjoy a 20% discounted rate.
It only takes minutes to apply.

Membership counter

First impression: it’s very spacious. The compound—which includes gas station, barber shop, dining and selling areas, and more—spans 8,000 square meters.

Landers superstore
Landers superstore
Landers superstore

Landers superstore

After getting my membership card, I grabbed one of these new carts and went through every aisle.


I’ve been thinking about getting a commode like this in case of earthquake and no water. I’m deathly afraid of no water and no flush. But then how am I supposed to clean this?

Guardian folding commode, Php 3700

The folding shower bench is also a good idea cause sometimes you just want to sit in the shower.

Folding shower bench Php 4000

I kind of went nuts with the doggie treats for Anwar

dog treats
dog treats

I ended up buying the Burt’s Bees doggie shampoo

dog shampoo

Because we all need Frozen wipes by Huggies

Frozen wipes, Php 1500

And pre-cut Reynold’s foil sheets

Reynolds pop up foil Php 60

Can’t wait to make Southern Fried Chicken at home using these

Kelloggs Corn Flake crumbs, Php 160

and homemade tempura

Tempura batter, Php 140

and spicy fried chicken for Christian

Spicy chicken fry

Speaking of Chris, they have Pillsbury Funfetti cake mix and frosting

Funfetti, Php 120
Funfetti frositing, Php 130

and Jif-to-go individual portions of chocolate silk and peanut butter

Jif to Go, Php 200

Tempting Oreo pie crust

Oreo, Php 150

Classic yellow cake reminds me of my Easy Bake Oven childhood

Yellow cake, Php 100

They have all sorts of gluten-free choices for Mich

Krusteaz gluten free Php 240

Giant Lily’s peanut butter for Martha!!

Giant Lily's

I spotted Woolite do-it-yourself dry-cleaning kits

Woolite dry clean, Php 800

and this exercise set for Php 3,000

exercise set Php 3000

Could have used this palabok mix when I was studying in New York 20 years ago

Palabox mix, Php 119

My favorite Orbit gum is here! Php 180

Orbit gum, Php 180

I love the retro glass cake displays

cake display

Wanted to buy this for my son Chris, but he’s eight years old….

kid's folding bed Php 3800

Wish I needed a new trash can but I don’t. This is so pretty

Simple Human trash can Php 5000

Junior Advil chewables for kids who can’t swallow pills yet

Advil chewables, Php 900

Earwax kit for Cedric 🙂

earwax kit, Php 400

Epsom salt, for all sorts of aches and pains, is Php 800 for a pack of two

Epsom salt Php 800 for two bags

I could really use this heat wrap for my back pains. Php 1500 for a pack of six. Hope it works!!

heat wrap, Php 1500

Cadbury chocolate ice cream—how I really wanted to take this home…

Ice cream

Australian butter

Australian butter

Because Chris needs an anti-allergy pillow

anti allergy pillow

For grilling at home


and homemade sisig


Don’t forget the pork rinds from Cebu—a best-seller at Php 335/tub

Pork rinds Php 335

My favorite Biore makeup remover wipes and refills are here

Biore, Php 430
refill, Php 317

A whole range of Every Man Jack shampoos and washes

Every Man Jack Php 550

Not sure what it’s for, but I love the graphic design

Liquid Soap, Php 300

Again, for Chris who has sensitive skin

baby stuff

Takeaway roast chicken for Php 210.

roast chicken Php 210

Here’s my loot


for a total of:

grand total

Thank you for the friendly service

Landers card

After shopping, my friends and I had a quick snack at the dining area. They have large pizzas, fried chicken, fries, and more. I love their packaging.


and the comfy seating


Don’t forget to try the Nathan’s hotdog, which I haven’t had since the New York ’90s.

Nathan's hotdog

Best to visit from Monday to Thursday because Friday to Sunday are crowded shopping days.
I think it’s great that they’re located in Balintawak for the convenience of North-side dwellers who shop like crazy (based on Trinoma and SM North Edsa sales).
It’s also great to provide jobs for people closer to provinces.
The second branch will open in Otis, Paco, Manila this September, so watch out for that.

Landers Superstore is at 1240 EDSA Balintawak, Apolonio Samson, Quezon City
Open daily from 9 AM-9 PM.
To know more, like them on Facebook.
For more shopping finds, follow @chuvafinds on Instagram.

Chuvaness x National Book Store launches next week
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I’m excited to show you my latest collab with National Book Store!
It started when Rajo Laurel presented his NBS collab last October 2013, followed by Daphne Oseña Paez in January 2015.
To make a long story short, nainggit ako.
Luckily, our friends at National Book Store gave me a chance—thank you Xandra and Miguel Ramos and Charles Dee for the opportunity.
First, I contacted my friend, graphic designer Yodel Pe to help me, and I found this amazing illustrator Keeshia Felipe on Instagram.
Last week, we photographed Stef Lim for our lookbook.

Chuvaness x NBS

Together, we present to you our labor of love.
It is composed of more than 15 items for travel, gift giving, organizing and personal indulgence 🙂
It includes gift wrappers



Chuvaness x National Book Store

A tote bag in two sizes—Large

DSC00275 (1)

and Baby

Chuvaness x NBS


Chuvaness x National Book Store

Shoe bags (cause I hate packing shoes in plastic bags)

Chuvaness x National Book Store

Travel pouch

Chuvaness x National Book Store

Note cards with envelopes

Chuvaness x National Book Store

To-do lists

Chuvaness x NBS

Round clutch


Note pad


Organizer clutch

Chuvaness x NBS

and Gadget case

Chuvaness x NBS

Please come early to get fist dibs at our pop-up store this August 18th at SM Mega Fashion Hall from 10 am to 10 PM. See you there!!

Chuvaness x NBS evite

They are people, not sardines
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Dear President Duterte,
I know you’re a very busy man but I hope you’ll have some time to read this.
Schindler’s List is one of my favorite movies. I hope you have seen it already. It tells the story of a man who saved hundreds of Jews during the Holocaust.
In 2008, I visited the Holocaust Museum in Houston. I entered this car by myself. It was used to transport Jews to the concentration camps where many of them were killed brutally.

This car transported Jews during the Holocaust

Lots of Jews died during the transport.

This car transported Jews during the Holocaust

The ones who survived were forced to stay under inhuman conditions with little food. They were cramped in bunk beds like sardines.


This was more than 70 years ago. Now in the Philippines, take a look at our prison conditions in Manila, photographed by Noel Celis/AFP.
They are worse than the concentration camps.

Manila jail

There are no beds.

Manila jail

No space.

Manila jail

Some of them sleep in the open air. What if it rains, like now?

Manila jail

They are human too.

Manila jail

Not sardines.

Manila jail

Some sleep on the stairwell.

Manila jail

Dear President Duterte,
Look what the past presidents have not done to help these people. Maybe you can be the change they are waiting for. Please have mercy.
Not everybody is guilty. Some of them have been waiting for years for their cases to be heard.
And if they’re guilty, they still don’t deserve this.
Please do something.

Please share until it reaches the President.
Thank you.

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