Afternoon tea with Tiffany & Co. at Raffles Makati
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Raffles Makati launches its fourth Prêt-a-PorTea series with the legendary Tiffany & Co. at the Writers Bar.
Enjoy afternoon tea with a medley of three-tier pastries that includes the iconic Tiffany Blue Box caramel cake, macarons, cupcakes, and a white-chocolate bracelet inspired by Tiffany’s iconic T collection.

Other treats include a bite-sized apple coated in chocolate caramel (a sweet take on the Big Apple), the famed cronut, classic New York cheesecake, and all-American favorites such as lemon meringue pie, strawberry shortcake, and sour cherry whoopee pie.
Savoury sandwiches, lox and bagels, mini hotdogs, and soft pretzels are also served.

Tiffany Pret a PorTea 2

Available from September 1 to November 30, 2016 from 2:30 to 5:30 PM daily at the Writers Bar, Raffles Makati.
Php 1500++ for two. Add a glass of champagne for Php 900++.
For more information and reservations, call the Raffles Makati at (02) 795-1840, or email

Introducing Security Bank’s Human Switch Kit
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For busy people like me, convenience is everything. I appreciate home services such as food delivery, ink delivery, blood tests, massages, even getting a blow-dry. Especially with this horrible traffic.

Last month I lost my phone at the mall. Luckily I had a backup phone which I used until my new phone arrived. Using a smart switch app, I was able to move all my info from one phone to the other within minutes. I love it.

Now what if you wanted to switch to a better bank?
Based on past experiences, banking can be a hassle. To open an account, you’ll need two valid IDs, photos, and fill out so much paperwork.
You need to go to the branch to open the account and come back to get your ATM card/passbook/checkbook. That means two trips!
For someone like me, that’s a lot.

In 2008, my husband and I switched to Security Bank. I used to dread banking, but since Security Bank opened at my office building, it’s been a breeze.
I no longer hate it; in fact, I look forward to it.

Now Security Bank is making it more convenient for Filipinos to open bank accounts or make the switch.
Security Bank recently launched its Human Switch Kit service where, instead of you going to the bank, the bank goes to you!

Here’s how it works:
1) Make an appointment HERE. Give your name, email, number and desired branch so they can call you for your preferred meet up address.

2) Security Bank will send a Sales Associate to your place to help you decide what kind of account to open. Security Bank sent Therese to my office.

Security bank human switch kit

I prefer the All-Access account because it includes a passbook, checkbook, and ATM card—very convenient. The opening balance for this account is Php 5,000 but the maintaining balance is Php 25,000. (You’ll have 60 days to fund your account or you can make an interbank fund transfer but only with BancNet member banks.)

Security bank human switch kit
Security bank human switch kit

3) When the Human Switch Kit comes to you, he/she will verify the unique reference number sent to your email by Security Bank’s system. During the meeting, he/she will also bring a business card. Security Bank ID and an endorsement letter printed in Security Bank’s letterhead and signed by the business manager.

Security bank human switch kit

4) You give her one valid ID and she’ll help you fill out a form. Just present one ID from the list below.

ID list

5) She will come back with your new bank account together with your checkbook, passbook and ATM card!

Security bank human switch kit

It’s that easy.
I love how Security Bank innovates. Being environmentally conscious, I appreciate how transactions at Security Bank are paperless. I simply give them my checks, cash, and passbook when I deposit. No need to fill out forms.

Security Bank makes me feel like a VIP whenever I’m there.
There’s no standing in line. You can sit on comfy chairs and get coffee if you’re a Gold Circle member.
Whenever something doesn’t seem right with our transactions, the bank will call me or my husband to verify if we wrote this check.
It’s like your bank having your back at all times.

If you’re not happy with your bank and it’s too much of a hassle to transfer, Security Bank has made it very easy for you to do so. Make the switch. You won’t regret it.

Security Bank is a two-time winner of the Bank of the Year-Philippines award by The Banker (2012 and 2015), which is regarded as the “Oscars of the global banking industry.”
At the core of the bank’s success is the promise of a BetterBanking experience achieved through innovative products and a faithful emphasis on customer service.

To know more about Security Bank’s Human Switch Kit, click HERE.

Tried & Tested: Irvin’s salted egg chips
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I’m not one to join bandwagons. For example, I could not get into:
1) Olympics (except for the Ryan Lochte mystery—I want to know the truth!!)
2) Pokemon Go
3) Stranger Things

When every Filipino was hoarding Cookie Butter, I was not impressed.
Basically, if there’s a bandwagon, I’m not interested. That’s why I was in doubt when everybody started posting Irvin’s salted egg chips on Instagram.
I had tasted the local version from Salcedo Market and found it greasy.
Then my friend Grace went to Singapore for a business trip. I asked her to buy for me and my dad. When I finally tried the real thing this afternoon, I couldn’t stop raving about it, like this deserves a blog entry.

Irvin's salted egg chips

They are truly addictive!
Some people say the fish skin version is deadlier than the potato chips, while Grace thinks it’s too greasy. As for the potato chips, I had 1/3 of the bag at the office and 1/3 for dinner (I know, I’m unhealthy).
The last 1/3 I am saving for tomorrow.

How I wish I could import these to Manila, but they are being rationed in Singapore, so I think it’s kind of impossible for now.
If salted egg is your thing, you could always try Jonas’s Salted Egg Fried Chicken at BGC. Not bad, though I wish they would serve it with plain rice, with more skin, and use other chicken parts.

salted egg fried chicken

To know more about Irvin’s Salted Egg Chips, click HERE.
Jonas Pares is at the The Fort Strip (formerly Zong), BGC Taguig. To know more, follow @jonasmanila on Instagram.

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