How to get a decent bowl of rice at Tim Ho Wan

I love dimsum. But there aren’t many chuva-approved dimsum restaurants in Manila. That’s why I am so happy that Tim Ho Wan opened just around the corner at SM Megamall.
Since it opened last May 2014, I have been there no less than 15 times. I’m not scared of the line. I have lined up for one hour, and I have lined up for five minutes. The trick is to go during off-peak times like mid-afternoon.
Tim Ho Wan is famous for its baked pork buns, but it’s not my favourite. I prefer the more conventional siopao, which they don’t have.

Tim Ho Wan at SM Fashion Hall

So I usually go for the pork siomai and the shrimp dumplings.

Tim Ho Wan at SM Fashion Hall
Tim Ho Wan at SM Fashion Hall

But after the tenth time I got tired of it.
That’s when I found my current favourite—the fried shrimp puffs with wasabi dressing. Unfortunately I don’t like wasabi, so I tell them to skip that.

Tim Ho Wan

These are really good when piping hot and crunchy.

Tim Ho Wan

The downside of eating at Tim Ho Wan is they will refuse to serve you plain rice if you’re not a kid. So for the last 15 times I would do something I don’t like to do—I would drop the name of one of the owners.
Finally last week I saw the owner at his other restaurant, Todd English at SM Aura. I asked him if he could give me a calling card with instructions to give me plain rice.

Tim Ho Wan

It worked like a charm! Not only that, I got extra smiles from the servers.

Tim Ho Wan

The card has a special place in my wallet. I am actually thinking of laminating it.
When I showed the card to my friends they were kind of impressed, until Dinna Vasquez said, “You should get a card that says ‘Please don’t make her line up.'”
She has a point there. But then, I have some shame, hehe. Thank you Eric Dee :)

Tried and tested: Linksys > Airport Express

I’ve been an Apple user since the early ’80s. I went straight to Mac and can’t get along with a PC no matter how I try.
So naturally I would prefer an Apple product to go with my MacBook Pro.
But I can’t tell you how many Apple routers I have gone through. Five or six is my guess, and they have all conked out on me. Here are the last three I’ve used.

Airport Express

For some reason, these Apple routers don’t work well with my Internet at home. Doesn’t matter what kind of Internet. Right now I have PLDT Fibr.
Last month I had a problem when my PLDT modem had a red light and Internet died.
The following day the light was green again, but my Internet would disconnect every so often.
For the next three days I kept calling PLDT customer service, who kept telling me there was nothing wrong from their end. So I decided to try all three Apple Airport Express units I had at home. Each one would be a pain in the ass to install, reset, connect.
On the fourth day I gave up and decided to look for a more conventional router at SM Megamall. The salesperson recommended this Linksys which he said was easy to install. It costs a little more than an Airport Express.


I went home, followed instructions, and it worked magically. So much better than the Airport Express.


Check out my current speed.

The only problem I have is I can’t seem to change the default password, even by following instructions.
Other than that, I highly recommend it.
P.S. This is an honest review, not a paid advert.

More Filipino family recipes in Angelo Comsti book

I think it’s great that more and more Filipino recipe books are coming out with nice covers and photos, unlike the newsprint and bad covers and fonts we had back in the day. Today’s Filipino recipe books are pretty enough for gifting.
Food stylist, reviewer and author Angelo Comsti has been prolific in coming up with recipe books highlighting well-loved recipes from not just anyone but from prominent figures in the local food industry.

His latest book, The Filipino Family Cookbook contains more than 50 unpublished family recipes from some of the country’s well-known food personalities, like Felice Prudente Sta. Maria, Robby Goco, Margarita Fores, Nana Ozaeta, Jin Perez and more.
Personal photos and short stories detailing the history of each dish are featured along with recipes written in clear and concise step-by-step instructions, with tips and advice for food preparation.

Angelo Comsti book

Angelo Comsti graduated with a degree in professional culinary studies at Le Cordon Bleu in Sydney, Australia.
He is a food writer for television and various print and digital periodicals, as well as a food and prop stylist for magazines, print ads, billboards, restaurant menus and cookbooks.
Angelo has a regular FM radio spot called Radio Brunch on Manila’s Wave 89.1 where he talks about all things food. He holds cooking demonstrations and develops recipes for corporate clients and food magazines.

The Filipino Family Cookbook: Recipes and Family Memories from our Home Kitchen (Php 845) is available at National Book Store and Powerbooks, or online at

Take 25% off at Old Navy’s Kids and Baby Sale!

Baby clothes aren’t what they used to be and a far cry from what we had in 2001 and 2003.
The choices we have in Manila now make me wish I had a baby again and again.
Old Navy is one of those stores that has a large selection of cool baby clothes—not just the usual pinks and flowers for girls and baby blues for boys. At Old Navy I’ve seen blacks, greys, skulls, and more for little boys and girls.
From now until November 12, 2014, stock up and take advantage of Old Navy’s Kids and Baby Sale with 25% off on ALL Kids and Baby styles.
Available at Old Navy stores in Bonifacio High Street, Glorietta 3, SM Megamall, and Fairview Terraces.

Old Navy sale

Was Neymar Jr. at Megamall yesterday?

I’m just so used to stalking my jeje crush, Neymar Jr. on Instagram, who often looks like this


that I nearly fell off my bed when H&M PR Manager Dan Mejia posted this on his Instagram


My poor eyesight thought that Neymar Jr. had shopped for Alexander Wang x H&M opening at SM Megamall.
Until I realized it happens to be makeup artist Leo Posadas.
Oh well. I can always look at Qatar Airways latest TV commercial with FC Barcelona.

This makes me willing to fly Qatar. Mabuhay ang jeje crush!

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