Happy Easter indeed!

I used to wonder why people would greet each other Happy Easter and this year I finally got it.
For the first time in a very long time I have been able to keep my Lenten sacrifice till the end.
Last Ash Wednesday I decided to give up Coke, ice cream, cookie, and cake.
To be honest, the last three items were easy. I found out I could actually live without them. But not having Coke is torture. I had serious withdrawal.
Not having Coke made me feel sad, frustrated, and extremely thirsty.
There were many times I wanted to throw in the towel. What stopped me was to keep reminding myself that Jesus fasted for 40 days and nights in the dessert. So I figured I should just count the days.

The height of my suffering was about three weeks ago, and then it became easier until last night, Black Saturday, I realized I had just one more night to go.
Last Thursday I ordered a lechon from Abub’s for Easter Sunday.

Abub’s Cebuana Native Lechon
Sexy lechon skin

And today when I woke up, I found the words “Happy Easter” so meaningful. It was the end of my fast, my suffering.
This whole time, I had been praying for friends battling cancer.
Some people like to save a good bottle of wine. I have been saving two bottles of Mexicoke given by my friend Rica de Jesus, who is one my favorite bloggers.
Some say Mexico makes the best Coke in the world because it uses can sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup which is used in most countries (read the label).
So this was lunch at home.

Mexicoke at home

I still don’t where Rica got it and how she took it home. She gave me four bottles, and as a frequent traveler, for me that’s a big deal because carrying liquids is a big hassle. So thank you Rica.

Now that Lent is over, I’ve decided to cut down on Coke anyway. I will try not to drink everyday, and if I do, only once a day, unless I am in Tokyo because the bottled Coke there is even better than Mexicoke for me.
Japanese Coke, I shall see you next week.

Coke at Robata

No time for fashion? harlan + holden introduces B.C. for the busy, stylish woman

When I was younger I had so much time for fashion. I would spend hours trying on many looks until my dressing room looked like a war zone. Well, it still looks like a war zone to this day.
I used to spend so much time putting an outfit together—whether it was just for school or for a big party.
Now that I’m older, with kids, I don’t want to think about fashion anymore. Yes, I enjoy the shopping part, but I don’t want to spend two hours getting dressed. That’s why I tend to wear a uniform or buy items in the same color scheme or even the same brand.

Harlan + Holden Presents BC at the Harlan Tent in Greenbelt 5

harlan + holden is a clothing brand for the woman who wants to look put-together but doesn’t have time to think about fashion. She has no time to go through an extensive wardrobe every time she dresses up because she is a wife and mother who is busy with her career, business, and other interests.

Harlan + Holden BC emodies cool, chic and effortless clothing

harlan + holden has owned the term “uniform dressing” because the clothes look deceptively simple, in colors that can be described as basic. Think blacks, whites, grays and beiges in styles that are easy and fuss-free.
The fabrics are carefully selected for easy care. They rely on hand or machine washing; no need for dry cleaning and/or meticulous ironing. The harlan + holden woman also likes to travel so clothes can be easily packed and stored.

Staying true to the brand's three key elements of neutral palette, loose, minimalist silhouettes and light, diaphanous fabrics

Comfort is always a priority. You won’t find tight-fitting clothes at harlan + holden. The pleated skirt is one of the signature looks as it can be dressed up or down. The shirt dress is something every woman needs. Another wardrobe staple is a pair of black or white trousers.

BC collection by Harlan + Holden

harlan + holden recently unveiled B.C., a collection of 15 pieces that every woman needs in her wardrobe, at Greenbelt 5.
The collection, which remains in store for six months, is harlan + holden “stripped to the core.”
One of this season’s key pieces is a white cover up that would look good with a skirt or pants. There are also the brand’s take on jodhpur pants and a top with a cowl neck.

The Harlan Tent compliments the beauty of the BC collection

The clothes are meant to be worn by women ages 30 and above. They have a unique aesthetic. It’s all about slouchy, elegant silhouettes. The clothes are meant to be mixed and matched. The fabrics are light and breathable with design elements like drop shoulders and gartered waists ensure that the clothes are not restrictive.

Models in Harlan + Holden BC collection pieces

Eman Pineda, who created harlan + holden in 2011, says the brand believes a woman doesn’t have to be in a skintight dress to look stunning.
“The harlan + holden woman doesn’t need to bare a lot of skin or endure the discomfort of wearing tight clothes. She wants tried-and-tested pieces in comfortable and breathable fabrics.”

Cool, effortless and chic clothing ideal in any woman's wardrobe

harlan + holden stores complement the brand’s philosophy of fuss-free dressing. The wooden interiors and natural lighting create a comfortable setting for the shopper. The displays are also arranged according to color scheme.
The brand’s soon-to-open e-commerce site will feature stylish images and easy navigation for shoppers who will enjoy free shipping for a year.

harlan + holden is available at Adora, Greenbelt 5; Rockwell Powerplant Mall; and Shangri-La Plaza Mall.
For information, go to http://www.harlanholden.com.

Our home in ELLE Decoration Philippines this month

Unique homes and green living ideas are highlighted in the April 2015 issue of ELLE Decoration Philippines, beginning with the residence of designer and blogger Cecile Zamora-van Straten on the cover.
“I like things that are very special and different,” says Cecile of her approach to home decorating.

Our house
Our house

The April issue also takes a closer look at homes with a green and sustainable focus, from artist Emily Campos’s electricity-free dwelling in Batangas to renowned French designer Philippe Starck’s weekend retreat in Paris that introduces his vision of the eco-conscious home of the future.

Emily Campos
Emily Campos

Philippe Starck's house
Philippe Starck

Other notable stories in this issue include a garden special full of lush inspiration, a look at outdoor furniture perfect for summer lounging, and a roundup of environment-friendly hotels and resorts around the world that design-savvy travelers can enjoy.
The April 2015 issue of ELLE Decoration Philippines is now available at leading bookstores and magazine shops.
The digital edition is available via the App Store, Buqo, Summit Newsstand, and Zinio.
Follow @elledecoph on Instagram and Twitter and ELLE Decoration Philippines on Facebook.

Watch: Celia Rodriguez and Cherie Gil star in Acer’s new #PowerLook campaign

“I was the first Valentina—in color,” said actress Celia Rodriguez.


The younger members of the press during Acer Philippines’ event at Salon de Ning seemed quite clueless. But there I was standing in awe of her.
Valentina. You gave me nightmares as a child. I swear.
Back in 1973, Celia played the role of Valentina, Babaing Ahas in Lipad, Darna, Lipad!, which starred Vilma Santos.

Lipad, Darna, Lipad_moviead

I almost didn’t make it to the Acer event due to my sore throat, but I had to be there because my son Markus is asking me to check out Acer for his graduation gift.
I had no idea, so imagine my thrill when I found myself in front of Celia Rodriguez and Cherie Gil at Salon de Ning. And both did not disappoint in how they looked.
Celia wore a drapy red top by Fanny Serrano. Her makeup was done by Leony Diaz. Blast from the past.
Cherie Gil, who also played Valentina in Darna! Ang Pagbabalik in 1994, wore a shimmery gold by Mark Bumgarner.

Celia Rodgriguez and Cherie Gil

The two actresses star in Acer’s new ad campaign #PowerLook, which introduces new products from Acer’s new premium line. Among these: the newest and most powerful laptops, 2-in-1 tablets with removable keyboard, desktop computers, projectors, monitors, and mobility products—all of which combine powerful performance and good looks.

Aspire V 13
Aspire V 13

H6510BD Projector + Aspire Revo One
H6510BD Projector + Aspire Revo One

P7605 Projector
P7605 Projector

U5313W Projector
U5313W Projector

Aspire Z3-615 AIO
Aspire Z3-615 AIO

Aspire Switch 12
Aspire Switch 12

Liquid X1
Liquid X1

“These are very exciting times,” said Cherie Gil. “It’s amazing what technology can do.”
Rodriguez, who admits to being no techie, prefers to use a laptop where she can watch movies during lull moments at shootings or tapings.
The faces of Rodriguez and Gil can be seen in billboards all over Metro Manila and in a TVC showing how a #PowerLook can get you what you want. Watch this.

Acer Philippines said the two actresses were chosen because of “their ability to evoke a powerful image and personality through their attitude and look, which the new campaign and its products project well.”
The campaign highlights Acer Premium line’s pioneering technology and hopes to capture high end markets with its mid and high range products featuring first class engineering and sophisticated.

“In the Philippines, Acer is known for its low-mid options. But lifestyles are changing quickly. The tastes of the market are changing; people are looking to more elegant options that put a little more into their technology,” said Manuel Wong, managing director of Acer Philippines.

To know more about Acer’s new offerings, go to https://www.facebook.com/AcerPH.

OMG: Look inside the Candy Crush headquarters

I have extreme office envy after seeing the Candy Crush headquarters in Stockholm.
Yes, I am still playing Candy Crush. I have already spent $500 on lives and boosters, but am no longer spending as much since I can play the game on five gadgets.
Candy Crush is a stress reliever as well as a productivity killer.
Currently I am at Level 867 on Candy Crush Saga.

Candy crush

On Candy Crush Dream Levels, I am at Level 587

Candy crush

On Candy Crush Soda which I recently started, I am at Level 305.

Candy crush

Candy Crush Soda is the greatest game ever since Super Mario 3, Hatris, and Dr. Mario, in my opinion.
Now take a look at where my $500 went: A conference room

Candy Crush headquarters
Candy Crush headquarters

Lounging area

Candy Crush headquarters

A place to eat

Candy Crush headquarters

A place to lie down

Candy Crush headquarters

Meeting room

Candy Crush headquarters

And my favorite rooms

Candy Crush headquarters
Candy Crush headquarters

The space was developed by Adolfsson & Partners for gaming company King, which owns Candy Crush.
Wish I could visit.
Source: High Snobiety

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