#SayNoToNgilo: Say No to sensitive teeth
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Imagine a day, just once a year, where you can eat one thing and not gain a pound. If that were true, I would love to eat a tub of coffee ice cream because I have never done it.
Aside from all the calories, I’ve avoided doing that because I don’t like the tingling, unpleasant sensation I get in my teeth, which, I later learned, means I have sensitivity.

coffee ice cream

Some people say they get it from hot coffee. Like my husband who is a coffee drinker. Us Filipinos call it ngilo. In English, it’s called “dental hypersensitivity.”
That’s why we have Sensodyne® at home.


According to Sensodyne®, one in three people suffer from dental hypersensitivity, which can be caused by several factors including hard brushing, tooth grinding, acidic food, acid reflux and other conditions.

The condition, characterized by eroding teeth enamel and receding gums, expose the teeth’s nerves to outside stimulation such as hot or cold food and drinks.
Over 70% of dental hypersensitivity sufferers don’t find enjoyment in eating certain foods or drinking beverages like coffee.


Sensodyne® recently launched #SayNoToNgilo, a campaign to help raise awareness for dental hypersensitivity. The Ice Chill Test will determine if you have teeth sensitivity. You can find Sensodyne® booths at different malls and barangays in Metro Manila where you can take the test until September 18, 2016.

To take the test: You’ll be given a coffee ice slush to put inside your mouth. If you don’t experience discomfort, you’re good to go. If not, you have sensitive teeth
So how do you take care of your teeth if you have dental hypersensitivity?

Sensodyne® is a toothpaste that was created for people with this condition.
Sensodyne® Freshmint provides daily relief while Sensodyne® Repair and Protect relieves sensitivity by creating a layer around the tooth, preventing sensitivity, fixes teeth from the inside and outside by providing a robust layer that shields it for over six months, with twice daily brushing.

Head to the nearest Ice Chill Test booth to find out if your teeth are sensitive and which Sensodyne® product works for you.
Learn more by visiting www.sensodyne.com.ph or Facebook.

Sensodyne® and the rings device are trademarks owned by or licensed to the GSK group of companies.

Why catcalling doesn’t bother me (or my husband)
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I would like to apologize to everyone who feels offended by the following entry.
It was meant to be a light piece about turning 50 and invisible not an insult to those who are offended by catcalls. Sorry for those offended by Mr. Duterte’s catcall, but I feel that there are more important issues to tackle such as the killings and cursings which have to stop.

A few years ago, I read an article about a woman who was scared to turn 50 and become invisible. I wondered what that meant.
Google the words “50 + women + invisible” and you’ll see what it means.
Basically when you turn 50, you no longer matter. You don’t turn heads the way you used to when you were young. Nobody checks you out.

“I miss being checked out,” I told Dinna a couple of months ago. And then I went to National Bookstore after a press lunch, I was dressed, blowdried and made up. I swear, one of the stock boys checked me out, greeted me, smiled, and said something nice to me. It felt really good.

These days the only one who tells me I’m cute is my son Ben, 14.
In Tokyo, when I wore my Jil Sander x Uniqlo coat and put the hoodie over my head, my sons Ben and Markus hugged me in the cold and said, “Awww, mommy you look so cute.”

These days the only sexual harassment I get is when Jeroen, my husband of 15 years, grabs my ass in the hallway of our dressing room. I still hate it!
Gone are the days when 17-year-old boylets would pick me up at the meatpacking district in New York, 25 years ago.
The last time a stranger flirted with me was in a Footlocker store in New York 2012 (ask Grace) and nearly at Antique Garage in Soho.

Cecile van Straten

That said, I am turning 50 next year. If anybody catcalls me at this point of time, I would be very grateful. I don’t care if it’s a carpentero, seriously. I would not be offended.
The problem with society, said another blogger, is if Alden Richards catcalls you, it’s flattering. But if an ugly guy does it, it’s sexual harassment.
I asked my husband Jeroen how would he feel if President Duterte catcalled me? He said he would laugh. I would too.

Besides, catcalling is so ’70s. Who the hell does that anymore (aside from Mr. Duterte).
What Justin Trudeau or if Sebastian Duterte catcalled you, would you mind?
I certainly wouldn’t.

Sebastian Duterte

Which reminds me, I have to pay for those Baste T-shirts I ordered from Davao.

How To Deal With Duterte’s Painful Presscons (Part 2)
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Just when I was about to update my blog, here come the announcements:

CNN tweet

Gosh. Now my friends and I are panicking—the same friends who wanted Duterte to shut up.
Because now we realize we looked forward to his late night press conference like a bad teleserye. What are we going to discuss on Whatsapp without Duterte’s shocking statements? What boring headlines are we going to read instead?

freddie tweet

To quote Eddie Boy Escudero in Facebook:

“What did you expect? A 180-degree turn around? He still won despite saying even nastier things, announcing very controversial plans and acting very unpresidentiable.
Well I expect it to remain the same which is why I stopped caring about this topic. It’s just sad that some people are doing their best to make things worse and pushing him to become even more nasty.
Sometimes I wish the press really boycotts him and lets him just do his thing.”

Right now I’d like to end this with a prayer by Marianne Williamson:

Dear Lord, we pray for the leaders of this country and every other. May they not be swayed by false politics but instead listen to the spirit of truth. May they not harken to the false and bitter voices of a frightened world but instead hear the angels who minister unto them. May the world make room for their leadership and resist no more their path into greatness. May their virtue shield them. May their lack of virtue be forgiven and corrected. May their words be true. May their strength go before them to cut like a sword through all illusion. May they see the innocence and brotherhood in all who oppose them. May they grow beyond a shallow fight. And thus may we all be taken with them into new light, new peace, new politics, new hope for all the world. Amen!

Waiting is not a bad thing
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I didn’t make it to my Belo appointment because the maid used the driver to buy bread without telling me. While waiting for the driver to come back, I got three calls from the Belo Shang clinic asking where we were. I tried to explain that sorry we are on our way, but you know how Pinoys are, you get a 15-minute grace period, and if you’re not there, sorry ka na lang. Never mind if you’re a good or potentially good customer).

I got so pissed I don’t think I can ever show my face there again. But why does it have to come to this?
In this day and age of horrible Manila traffic, there should be some humanity when a customer begs for you not to cancel their appointment.
How many times have I waited for my turn at a doctor’s clinic, say, at St. Luke’s or Medical City?
If you’re on time, you usually have to wait for your turn. If you’re late you still have to wait anyway because that’s life. Things and emergencies do happen. Traffic happens.

In Tokyo where people are incredibly polite, they always say, お待たせしました (Omataseshimashita) or thank you for waiting. In Roppongi, I was surprised when an Uber driver waited for us for ten minutes when we couldn’t find him, instead of cancelling our trip.
When we were late for our reservation at our favorite Barbacoa restaurant, I was afraid we would lose our table. But nobody cancelled our reservation and it remains our favorite restaurant.
We try not to be late but things do happen especially if you’re managing teenagers.

Barbacoa Roppongi
Love this place

So yes, I’m still home and tomorrow I’ll take my kids to Dr. Murad at Shang instead. We will not be late. I hope the kids like the service there.

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