Height Goals: How Milk Made My Kids Grow Taller
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I come from a family of tall people. My sister is 5’6” and my brothers are almost 6 feet.
I happen to be 5’2” and I blame it on drinking soda instead of milk since I was a kid. I was also very hard to feed. I was pretty much average height in school so it was never a problem. And then one night when I was 16, a British girl from International School said to me, “Gosh, you’re so tiny!”
That was the first time anyone called me tiny. I became very insecure and started to wear platform shoes, but I was still tiny. So I made it a goal to marry tall. I wanted my kids to be tall.
I married a Dutch. But I also married for love 🙂

How I wish I had taken milk instead of soda. My nephew Miko is the tallest kid (so far) in the family. He is now working in Singapore. But what I remember, when he was a little boy, he had a little fridge in his bedroom stocked with cartons of milk which he drank everyday.
My husband Jeroen also said they had a “schoolmelk” program in Holland, where milk was distributed in school once a day. The Dutch school milk program dates back to when my father in law was a child. Just look at these charming photos. No wonder Dutch are the tallest in the world!

Dutch schoolmelk

Look how cute!

Dutch schoolmelk

When I had my kids, I resolved they would drink milk and not soda. My sons don’t drink soda to this day. Ben is 14 and 5’9” while Markus is 12 and 5’5” and growing. They both love their milk. They have never had cavities and are growing like reeds.

Ben and Markus in Tokyo

Good thing they are tall because both are obsessed with basketball. Both are pretty good and Markus is in his school’s varsity team. Our youngest son Chris (8) also has so much energy. Luckily, he’s into martial arts.

Chris at Disneyland

Having a dutch husband also means football is very much part of our household, especially during FIFA season. To be honest, I’m only in it for the guys (read: Neymar).
I remember vividly, that before I attended the 20th Alaska Football Cup a few months back, I had no idea how many Filipino boys and girls were really into the sport.

Alaska Football Cup 2015

Long before the Philippine Azkals became a household name, Alaska was already hosting the Football Cup. It’s a good thing because sports are a better alternative to children staying in front of the computer or tinkering with their iPad for hours.

The National Nutrition Survey of Food and Nutrition Research Institute has reported that health issues are best addressed by adopting an active lifestyle along with healthy diet and regular drinking of milk (at least twice daily). Milk contains protein, riboflavin, and vitamin B21. It is very high in calcium so drinking milk is the easiest way to get the calcium your body needs. And of course, playing football outdoors actually help your body to absorb calcium better because of the sun’s energy—responsible for Vitamin D.

Alaska 20th Football Cup delegates line up for their Alaska milk

I’m grateful that my kids in their teens still love to have their milk, and Alaska Milk is one of their favorites.
For more information about Alaska Milk Corporation visit
To know more about Alaska Sports Progrms visit

Sad time for showbiz and new CPR guidelines video
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It’s been a sad couple of weeks for Philippine showbiz.
Director Wenn Deramas (whom I knew from Ai Ai delas Alas comedies) suddenly died of cardiac arrest on February 29, 2016. He was 49.

Wenn Deramas
Wenn Deramas wake held at ABS-CBN’s Dolphy Theater

Talent manager Cornelia Lee, whom we knew as comedian Angge during the ’70s, suffered a heart attack last March 5th.
She was dead on arrival Sunday morning at Cardinal Santos Medical Center, where doctors successfully revived her after 15 minutes. Friends are asking for prayers as she remains confined at the hospital.


On March 6th, Kris Aquino posted an Instagram video of herself working out after having an elevated blood pressure. Her caption is self-explanatory. (My two cents: she needs to work less)

Kris Aquino
Kris Aquino

Also on March 6th, award-winning director Francis Xavier Pasion, who recently completed work on the hit TV series, On The Wings of Love, was found dead by his parents at his Quezon City home. He was only 38.

Francis Xavier Pasion

Perhaps it is worth paying attention to what director Quark Henares’ wrote about the death of Francis Xavier Pasion:


I’m not in showbiz, but I can just imagine the long hours, the unhealthy food, the horrible conditions that people have to go through to complete a project—from the movie extras to the top directors.
CPR (cardio pulmonary resuscitation) also comes to mind, because it only takes a few minutes before the brain dies without blood and oxygen. For those who are like me, hesitant to do mouth to mouth resuscitation, this video is a great help. Please watch.

Sting/Alden/Gloria: Nasaan ang hustisya?
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In Eat Bulaga they often say, “Nasaan ang hustiya?” (Where is justice?) whenever actor Alden Richards still looks good even when he’s crying, covered in garbage, or completely drenched.

Alden Richards

I guess he’s not a regular human being. Just like Gloria Vanderbilt who looks this good at 91 next to her beautiful son, Anderson Cooper, now 48. How is this even possible???

Gloria Vanderbilt and Anderson Cooper

Last Thursday night we were completely floored when we saw Sting for the first time ever, at the Marriott Grand Ballroom in a concert with Chris Botti.
Listen, Sting is not my type. I have never ever checked him out in my life. But things change when you get older. You appreciate older men and get embarrassed to like Zayn Malik, who is half your age.
You appreciate wisdom and kindness. Or in Sting’s case, incredible talent.
Not to mention he looks so good at 64, it’s unreal. He looks so fit and dresses appropriately for his age, without looking dated.
He first came out in a jacket over leather pants, which he removed to reveal a fitted basic grey T-shirt, which he probably has twenty of.


Check out his waist, back, and hips.

Sting in Manila

Tell me: Nasaan ang hustisya??

Sting in Manila

OK fine, he has a receding hairline. But gosh, what the hell is his diet and workout like? Some people said, macrobiotic diet + tantric yoga. Whatever that means. It makes me depressed but at the same time inspired to look as good when I’m in my 60s, I hope.


Not only that. His voice sounds as smooth and velvety as ever, as if he never aged—except for the hair and the slight lines on his face. But he doesn’t need Botox or ThermiLift. He really aged well.
Without Googling, I would have guessed him in his 50s.
He was amazing. So sorry, we completely forgot about Chris Botti. Listen to his voice.

Going back to Alden, the young actor was in a car accident this afternoon. I was in shock when Dinna sent me pictures of his car with the unmistakable plate number of Richard Faulkerson Jr. (his real name).

Alden car accident

Well thank God he and his assistant Tenten are OK, except for minor scratches on Alden’s arms.

Alden car accident

Thank God the airbags protected his face. Just look at him on the sidewalk after the accident—he still looks good!
As they would say in Eat Bulaga, “Nasaan ang hustisya?”

Alden car accident

IKEA hack: How to hide ugly cords using a Molger stool
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As a techie, one of the things I find annoying are all the wires and cables that constantly surround me. Aside from tripping on them, I find them very unsightly.
Take a look at the side of my nightstand where the Internet, modem, phone, and chargers are connected.

How to hide ugly cables using Ikea stool

This has bothered me for a long time. So really racked my brains to think about how to hide this nicely.
I also Googled to death until I found an Ikea Molger hamper stool, which I ordered from Mobler in Makati, and had delivered to my house for less than Php 3,000.
I assembled it by myself in a few minutes.

How to hide ugly cables using Ikea stool

Put in the power strip

How to hide ugly cables using Ikea stool

And carefully connected and hid all the ugly plugs and cables inside.
Take a look at it before:

How to hide ugly cables using Ikea stool

And after:
How to hide ugly cables using Ikea stool

I lovett. So happy my husband noticed when he came home at night and said, “How cute!”
He also noticed I was wearing a clip in my hair and said I was cute too 🙂

To order Ikea products from Mobler, text (0917) 813-1201 or visit the showroom at 4977 Enrique Street, Palanan, Makati.

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