Updated: Win a brunch buffet for 4 at Fairmont, via Cinemaworld

I’m a fan of hotel buffets and have probably tried all Manila has to offer.
The Fairmont Hotel’s Spectrum buffet is one of my Top 3, so I’m happy to share this giveaway sponsored by Cinemaworld.

Spectrum buffet at Raffles
Spectrum buffet at Raffles

The contest is open to anyone in Metro Manila, and the prize is brunch buffet for four at Spectrum of Fairmont Hotel.
If the winner is a Sky Cable or Cable Link subscriber, he or she will also get a free 12-month subscription to Cinemaworld.
CinemaWorld provides exciting new movie options you won’t find anywhere else.
Think all kinds of films—from Europe, Latin America, Australia, Asia, South Asia, North America and the Middle East—any time you want.
CinemaWorld International Movie Channel is now available in Metro Manila on Cable Link and the HD Movie Package of SkyCable. Learn more about its offerings HERE.

Now here’s a chance to get it free and/or treat your loved ones to a great buffet, just by following simple mechanics below:

1) Open residents of Metro Manila.
2) Must have a Twitter or Facebook account.
3) Follow @CinemaWorldAsia on Twitter or like them on Facebook.
4) Share this entry by clicking the Twitter or Facebook link at the bottom of this entry.
5) Watch the following trailers to answer trivia questions.

6) Register and answer the questions HERE.
7) Entries will be accepted from September 6-15, 2013 at 11 PM.
8) One winner with best answers will be selected electronically and announced on this blog.

To know more about CinemaWorld, go to https://www.facebook.com/cinemaworldasia.

Inside CHANEL premieres September 12

Chanel-wise, I’m a late bloomer.
I’ve always been fascinated by Coco Chanel, but wasn’t able to afford it until about four years ago.
I’m serious! I was never into the classic flap bag, but this particular bag spoke to me at that time.
It said, “Buy me!” in 2009.

Cecile van Straten

Prior to that, this was my first Chanel bag—swag from a runway show, which I was lucky enough to score on eBay.


This carry-on was my favorite for years.

I love my closet

Come to think of it, I haven’t bought anything Chanel for a while.
Even though I don’t consider myself a Chanel girl, I do embrace what Coco Chanel stands for.
She is a huge influence in my life. I can thank her for making it OK for women to wear trousers, and for making the striped long-sleeve tee chic.

Coco mariniere

Something I’ve known since I was a teenager: Typical is boring.
After 16 years, my husband has never complained of a dull moment.


Coco Chanel basically went against all odds and did what she wanted, no matter what other people said.
She fell in love and lost her love in a tragic way, but she built an empire that remains relevant decades after her death.
This Thursday, learn more about Coco Chanel as Inside CHANEL tells the story of a young orphan who became a legend.
Her legacy is continued by Karl Lagerfeld, who shares his vision of Coco and the style of Chanel in five online films that will be shown beginning September 12, 2013.


Mandarin Oriental Manila’s new GM

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group has announced the appointment of Torsten Van Dullemen as General Manager of Mandarin Oriental, Manila.
Mr. Van Dullemen first joined the Mandarin Group in 2004 as Resident Manager of Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, London.
For two years he was Hotel Manager of the award-winning Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok.
Now he joins Mandarin Oriental, Manila from his most recent position as General Manager of the Group’s Chiang Mai hotel.

Mandarin Oriental, Manila's GM Torsten van Dullemen_Photo C

Commenting on the appointment, Richard Baker, Executive Vice President, Operations Director—Asia said, “Torsten has excellent experience with the Group and is a natural leader and motivator. We are delighted to welcome him to his new position as General Manager of Mandarin Oriental, Manila, and wish him continued success.”


Winners: Chuva’s girly giveaway

Thank you for 862 valid entries to this girly giveaway!
Before I announce the next giveaway from Cinemaworld, here are the five winners chosen via electronic raffle:

Crystal Marie Cañete of Cebu City
Racquel Pueblo of Pasig
Michelle Co of Binondo, Manila
Ruth Palacio of Caloocan
Jovie Madlang-awa of Makati

Each winner will receive a Rootote bag in a random color

Rootote bags

Nail polish set and mini cube MP3 player from Caronia


CarbTrim carb-blocking iced tea mixes, cooling santary pads, and iPhone panty :)


Winners, please check your email about receiving your prizes. Thank you!

Manila’s real-life version of Scandal

While waiting for Season 3 of Scandal on October 3, 2013, I can’t help but think: with all of Janet Lim Napoles’ billions, she could actually hire Olivia Pope to get her out of this mess.
But since Olivia Pope is only fictional, she hired Lorna Kapunan instead.

Lorna Kapunan Olivia Pope

Which leads me to ask:

1) Did she really pay 20 million for Kapunan to take her case?

2) Who are the gladiators behind Kapunan?

scandal cast

Who are the Huck, Quinn, Abby and Harrison of the firm?

Screen Shot 2013-09-06 at 12.38.44 AM

3) Is there a special “friendship” between Kapunan and the President? :) (just kidding)


4) What are the secrets and coverups Malacañan is hiding from us?

5) What advice would Olivia Pope give Napoles?


6) Since Olivia Pope was based on real-life crisis manager Judy Smith, why not hire Smith instead?


7) Will there be further arrests?

8) And God forbid: will a whistle blower die?

Can’t wait to see how everything unfolds. I am really hoping some people will go to jail and to a hospital.
Meanwhile, we await the continuation of Scandal, Season 3.

Watch foreign films at home, anytime

Tired of predictable Hollywood movies and endings?
Movie buffs can now look forward to all kinds of films—from Europe, Latin America, Australia, Asia, South Asia, North America and the Middle East—as Cinemaworld International Movie Channel is now available in Metro Manila on Cable Link and the HD Movie Package of SkyCable.

City Slaker (2)

Few years in development, CinemaWorld is the first and only pan-Asia international movie channel showcasing top box-office hits and award-winning films from around the world.
Offering mainstream programming that is fresh, unique and differentiated, CinemaWorld provides movie lovers with exciting new movie options they won’t find anywhere else.

In Your Veins (1)

All movies on CinemaWorld are shown in their original language, with English subtitles.
CinemaWorld is commercial-free and available in High Definition.
Weekends will have a thematic focus, while Thriller Fridays at 11 PM will showcase movies that will have you hiding behind the covers. Saturday Festival Picks at 9 PM will highlight the best selections from international film festivals, and Sunday See The World at 9 PM will offer something unique from around the world.

The Shooter (2)

Subscribing to CinemaWorld, whether you’re on Sky Cable or CableLink, is simple.
First, get an HD Box from your cable operator, since the channel is shown in High Definition.
Then choose your desired add-on. For Sky Cable subscribers, there are several options to choose from, including their Movie Package which is offered at Php 550/month.
For CableLink subscribers, CinemaWorld is available with their Movie Pack at Php 350/month.
All this can be done over the phone! No need to go to a service center.
To find out more, contact your cable provider or go to https://www.facebook.com/cinemaworldasia.

COMING UP: I’ll tell you how to win a free CinemaWorld subscription for 12 months, plus a Sunday brunch buffet for four at Spectrum, Raffles Hotel.

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