Maleficent inspires MAC colour collection

We grew up knowing the story of Sleeping Beauty, but know little about the jealous, evil witch that wanted her dead in the first place.

Sleeping Beauty

This May 30, 2014, Angelina Jolie stars as Maleficent, about the untold story of Disney’s most iconic villain.

Inspired by the movie, M.A.C cosmetics offers a limited-edition colour collection in specially designed packaging to delight the most demanding of sorceresses.

Angelina Jolie

The collection includes a lipstick (Php 1100), lipglass (Php 1270) and lip pencil in bright red (Php 1230), eyeliner in Rapidblack (Php 1290), and eyebrow pencil in taupe ash blonde (Php 1100)
Maleficent-LineUp-300 - Version 3

There are three nail lacquers called UNINVITED (neutral nude), FLAMING ROSE (true red) and NOCTURNELLE (black) at Php 830 each, as well as a Prep+Prime Highlighter Bright Forecast pen (Php 1400)


A Beauty Powder comes in soft peachy pink (Php 1800) and a Sculpting Powder in soft taupe matte (Php 1430)

Maleficent-LineUp-300 - Version 2

The eyeshadow has a palette of GROUND BROWN dirty deep brown (matte), CONCRETE muted taupe brown (satin), CARBON intense black (matte), and GOLDMINE intense gold with shimmer (frost) PHP 2530

Maleficent-EyeshadowX4-Maleficent-300 - Version 2
To complete the look, LASHES 36 and LASH 30 are available at PHP 830 each.

Find them this June 2014 at MAC Makati and Rockwell only.

Japanese artisans at Univers this weekend

“You look cute mommy,” Ben said to me while looking into my eyes last night. I was wearing new glasses—a birthday gift from Michael Concepcion of Ronnie & Joe at SM Aura.
I was wondering how the boys would react to my glasses—if they would think it made me looked old—so Ben’s comment was really sweet.

About two weeks ago I started getting a migraine on top of my left eye. I had my eyes checked with Dr. Alnette Tan of American Eye and got two prescriptions for reading and normal glasses.
A few days ago I started using the glasses—not the whole day but during times I felt like a headache was coming.
The glasses have been a lifesaver.
My eyes aren’t that bad, having had LASIK at American Eye 10 years ago. In fact, Dr. Alnette was quite impressed that my vision had stayed good that long. But this year I felt like the old age was creeping in.

Chic glasses are hard to come by. I get so amazed with people who always have nice frames—like my Uncle Greg Garcia and Jappy Gonzalez of Homme et Femme.
Yesterday I got an email from Jappy inviting me to check out nackymade‘s popup store at Univers this May 23-25 only.
Naoki (Nacky) Nakagawa is an eyewear designer based in Kobe, Japan who has made a name for himself by creating handmade bespoke eyeglasses. He personally customises each piece based on the client’s face shape, personality and lifestyle.
Naoki-san was busy seeing clients when I arrived at Univers around 4 PM.

Nackymade at Univs

He was assisted by his cute wife Tomoko-san

Nackymade at Univs

On the table are various frames that are available for sale

Nackymade at Univs
Nackymade at Univs

Plus some that are a little bit strange (Yoko Ono is a client after all)

Nackymade at Univs

Then there are many loose frames, hinges and stems to choose from to customise according to your taste.

Nackymade at Univs

Naoki-san is very effective in helping you choose a frame that will suit you best. He will also make sure the fit is perfect by measuring the distance between your eyes and ears.
Naoki-san and his wife spend six months in a year in Kobe, and travel the rest of the year to Hong Kong, Singapore, London, and Manila to meet the clients.
Bespoke glasses are typically 25,000 pesos each, but ready-made pieces may be purchased at Univers for 20,000.

Also at Univers this weekend are Takashi and Miki Uokawa who make clothes and accessories under the Tougher and Katano Kaban labels.

Tougher at Univers
L-R: Miki (left) and Takashi Uokawa with their daughter Mizuki

There are many pieces on display—both for men and women, with prices much more affordable than the nackymade glasses :)
Some of the pieces I liked under the Tougher label were these summery tops and dresses

Tougher at Univers
Tougher at Univers
Tougher at Univers
Tougher at Univers

Under Katano Kaban, I liked the circular bags that turned from this

Katano Kaban

to this—well, in a different colour, but you get the idea.

Tina Ong

Meet the Japanese artisans at Univers, One Rockwell East Tower, Rockwell Drive this May 23-25, 2014 from 10 AM to 7 PM. For inquiries call 553-6811 or 553-6881.

Who’s afraid of Tim Ho Wan?

I don’t like queues at restaurants (unless it’s ours, hehe). But yesterday I found myself lining up for the second time at the newly opened Tim Ho Wan at SM Fashion Hall.
Prior to its opening in Manila, I had never even heard of it—maybe because eating is not my priority in Hong Kong.
But my friend Grace says she often takes home the baked pork buns from Hong Kong to Manila.
Grace says there’s a Tim Ho Wan at the Hong Kong Station that she goes to before boarding the airport express.

Outside Tim Ho Wan - Visit #2

That looks pretty tame compared with the mob in Kowloon

The mob of hungry dim sum-ers in front of Tim Ho Wan

So last Tuesday, after passing by briefly at Hayden Kho’s event at the Marco Polo Ortigas, Grace, Patrice and I decided to take a chance and go to Tim Ho wan at Megamall. As expected, the line was super long on its opening day.
Luckily, franchise owner Eric Dee Sr. and blogger Anton Diaz spotted me and offered us a table to join a group of young bloggers touring the mall’s new restaurants.
The menu is simple enough, with good prices.

Tim Ho Wan menu

My favourites are the shrimp and pork dumplings—easily some of the best dim sum in Manila right now.
I could really taste the authenticity—what with a team of ten Chinese currently in Manila for the opening.
Mr. Dee says four of them will be leaving soon, but six will be staying.

Tim Ho Wan at SM Fashion Hall
Tim Ho Wan at SM Fashion Hall

Other dishes on our table were the machang (glutinous rice with meat, steamed within green leaves—sorry forgot to photograph it opened)

Tim Ho Wan at SM Fashion Hall

and this pretty-looking spinach dumpling with shrimp

Tim Ho Wan at SM Fashion Hall

But the restaurant’s star dish is the Baked Bun with Barbecued Pork that comes in a plate of three

Tim Ho Wan at SM Fashion Hall

Honestly, I loved the bun, not so much the saucy filling.
The question everyone wants to ask is, is it the same as Hong Kong? I can’t tell you because it’s my first time to try.
But I was back the following day at 5 PM. The line was pretty organised and my friend Rem and I waited for about 15 minutes. Not bad.

Tim Ho Wan is at the ground level of SM Fashion Hall. The best time to go is off-peak hours (in between lunch and dinner) and the best place to get dropped off is SM Department Store on the B-side.

About Tim Ho Wan
Chef Mak Kwai Pui started serving dim sum at a humble 15-seater restaurant along Kwong Wa Street in Mong Kok.
The lines outside Tim Ho Wan stretched for blocks with hungry diners waiting hours for the baked pork buns.
Word got around and in 2010, Chef Mak Kwai Pui earned his first Michelin star.
Tim Ho Wan is now known as the most affordable Michelin restaurant with branches in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Manila.

Christian gets a Japanese haircut

Our son Christian was clean-shaven when we first brought him home five years ago.

Christian comes home

But oh, he had a cute face


He turned into this chubby little bunny

Christian, 23 months

One day we took him for a haircut at the kiddie barbershop at SM Megamall. At first he wasn’t happy

Christian's haircut

But the outcome was good


The hair grew longer


The kid got wiser

Christian washing hands

And just like that, he turned six years old last Christmas.

Policarpio Street 2013

Lately I haven’t found anyone who could style his hair nicely, so I took him to our friend Fumio of Natural Hype salon in Taguig.

Natural Hype at Taguig

Run by Japanese DJ and bartender Fumio Onishi (below, right), we got to meet him through our friend Takatoshi Kimachi (left) who always has good hair, so we thought Fumi could do the same for Christian.

Hairstylist Fumio Ohnishi and interior designer Takatoshi Kimachi

He plays great music and will offer you a drink

Natural Hype at Taguig

Being a new dad himself, I found Fumio very gentle with Christian. He carried him to the shampoo chair, which was already prepped with pillows to support the child

Christian's haircut

Christian enjoyed watching TV on the ceiling while getting a shampoo

Christian's haircut

Then he was brought to a chair where Fumio had propped up an iPad loaded with cartoons

Christian's haircut

Not too long after, we were done! We love it!!

Christian's haircut

Now if only yaya or I could style it like this each time, that would be great.

Christian's haircut

On the way home Christian settled into the backseat and announced, “The boss is going to sleep.”
And that he did.

Christian's haircut

To know more about Natural Hype, click HERE or like them on Facebook.

Natural Hype is at the 2nd floor, Blue Sapphire building
30th Street corner 2nd Avenue, Crescent Park West, 1634 Fort Bonifacio.
Reservations are necessary. To make an appointment call (02) 478 4226.

The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo

The Peninsula Tokyo may be heaven on earth, but for this trip with the kids I decided to book at the Ritz-Carlton Tokyo as recommended by my brother Dennis.
We had also considered the Grand Hyatt Tokyo due to its proximity to Roppongi Hills, but upon inspecting the rooms personally, I backed out due to the open bathrooms, even with the sliding doors. I don’t like sleeping near the sink or bathroom odours. :(

Tokyo Grand Hyatt

The Ritz-Carlton is also connected to the beautiful Tokyo Midtown mall, which I had visited previously many years ago.
I had lunch there once with my family at an expensive tempura restaurant. But being with parents, I wasn’t able to see the entire mall at that time. I did have a impressive memory of its interior and an extra large Muji store on the ground level.
Staying next to the mall means we have access to all kinds of food—rain or shine, summer or winter.
Another big plus is the 24-hour supermarket called Precce Premium, apart from the 7-11 at the basement.

Precce Premium, Tokyo Midtown

Here’s a look at the Ritz-Carlton Tokyo

The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo

There are always fancy cars parked in front—fascinating for the boys

Ritz-Carlton Tokyo

We checked in at the 45th floor lobby with a calming water feature

The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo

Ritz-Carlton Tokyo

We took two connecting rooms on the 49th floor.

Ritz-Carlton Tokyo

This was our room with Frette sheets and a view of the Tokyo Tower

The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo
The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo

The kids’ room

Ritz-Carlton Tokyo

Milk and macarons for the kids

Ritz-Carlton Tokyo

and for adults

Welcome note

and most importantly, the chuva-approved bathroom

The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo

Aside from two counter sinks, it features a remote-controlled flatscreen TV and clock

Ritz-Carlton bathroom

with convenient night light, so you don’t have to turn on the lights and wake up


Two sets of amenities per bathroom

Ritz-Carlton amenities

Automatic heated toilet


Chuva-approved minimalist shower and bathtub

Palmolive Naturals body wash

(Palmolive body wash, my baon from Manila)

Palmolive Naturals body wash

Apart from the fluctuating aircon temperature, I have no complaints about this room


Plus the boys really loved the wifi

Ritz-Carlton Tokyo speed

To know more about the Ritz-Carlton Tokyo, click HERE

(To be continued)

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