Ladurée to open at 8 Rockwell

Just a few years ago, traveling out of the country meant hoarding or stocking up on one’s favorite things—from basic supplies to fashion items, even food. Thanks to signs of progress, all that has changed.
The next global brand to set up shop in the Philippines is Ladurée, the French luxury bakery and sweets maker famous for its double-decker macarons.
Boite 24 macarons Prestige T1 ouverte HD 4
Ladurée was founded in Paris in 1862 by Louis Ernest Ladurée, with the first pastry shop at 16 rue Royale designed by Jules Cheret, a famous turn-of-the-century painter and poster artist.
More than 150 years later, about 15,000 Ladurée macarons are sold everyday.


Mark “Jappy” Gonzalez, Managing Partner of H&F Retail Concepts Inc. (the group behind Homme et Femme and Univers, among other brands) announced the opening of Ladurée at 8 Rockwell end of August.
Ladurée is H&F Retail Concepts’ first food venture. What made them decide to bring it in?
“The macarons are simply the best,” said Jappy, a frequent traveler to Paris. “The texture, the ganache, the flavors—never too sweet. The sugar doesn’t overcome the flavor.”
Jappy says the first Ladurée in the Philippines will be a more of a gift shop or takeaway store—but not limited to macarons.
Boites Macarons permanentes
Coffret Caramel Beurre Salé HD 1

“We will also have fine chocolate, candies, jams, honey, tea leaves and tea bags, and coffee grounds. There will be shopping bags, key rings, candles, and room sprays,” said Jappy, who first tried his first Ladurée macaron in 1998.
His favorites?
“The rose, salted caramels, and pistachios.”
Réglette Napoléon ROSE HD (1)
Réglette Napoléon Noire HD (1)

The 45-square-meter store will be rendered in marble, brass, gold leaf and crystals in true luxe Paris fashion. The interiors were designed by Paris-based interior architects.
Next year, Jappy says, H&F Concepts will open a Ladurée Salon de The in the Philippines.

Jo Malone announces Manila opening this October 2015

Penny Ong and Tina Tagle are just two of my friends who love Jo Malone, a British fragrance brand known for elegant scents, luxurious candles, and bath and body care products.


It was Penny who gave me my first Jo Malone fragrance, which she purchased in London.
Last month, I was excited to receive an iconic cream and black box and tied with the black grosgrain ribbon—it was a gift from Jo Malone announcing its opening in Manila.
When I posted it on Instagram I was surprised how many women were excited for the news.

Jo Malone

Inside: a Red Roses candle, Lime Basil & Mandarin body creme, and my favorite Nectarine Blossom & Honey cologne

Jo Malone

Last June 22nd, some of Manila’s finest (or should I say, luckiest) entered the world of Jo Malone when they were treated to an evening of British luxury at Blackbird, Nielson Tower.


Guests were treated to a relaxing hand and arm massage at the Tasting Bar where they learned about Fragrance Combining.


A preview of the brand’s line up of scents was available at the Discovery Bar where stylists assisted guests to find their own bespoke scent.


Guests were then ushered into their seats for a sit down dinner prepared by Chef Colin Mackay.
The Bench Group/Suyen Corp. came in full force as retail partners of Jo Malone in the Philippines.
Present were (clockwise from left) Ben Chan, Miguel Pastor, Mons Romulo, Lucy Torres Gomez

Ben Chan, Miguel Pastor, Lucy Torres Gomez, Mons Romulo

The Lim family—Christine, Suyen, Virgilio and Nenita, with Doris Ho and Brian Lim


Estee Lauder Country Manager Mel Lerma, Philippine Star Lifestyle Editor Millet Mananquil, Donnie Tantoco (President of Rustan’s Commercial Corp. Inc.), and Jo Malone Brand Manager Camille Flores-Oloan

Millet Mananquil, Donnie Tantoco, Jo Malone Brand Manager Camille Flores-Oloan

Virgilio Lim, Rhoda Aldanese, Richard and Lucy Gomez, Nenita Lim and Pia Campos

Mr. Lim, Rhoda Aldanese, Richard Gomez, Lucy Torres Gomez, Mrs. Lim, Pia Campos

The evening’s host, Angel Jacob, welcomed Jo Malone Studio global speaker and Lifestyle Director, Debbie Wild.

Angel Jacob
Angel Jacob

Debbie gave the guests an in-depth knowledge into the brand’s lifestyle concepts, and the captivating and unusual ingredients of Jo Malone London fragrances.
She introduced Fragrance Layering for guests to be inspired in creating their own trademark scent. She gave each guest her recommendation in finding what scent blends would suit their lifestyle.


Jo Malone opens its doors in Manila in October 2015 at Greenbelt 5, Makati.
(Photos: Elaine Ojeda-Subido)


Do you keep notes? I do. Not everything, but those that touch my heart.
Many years ago when letter-writing was part of life, I actually accumulated one balikbayan box full of letters.
But when Jeroen and I moved from Greenhills to Pasig, I decided to just throw everything out, no regrets.
Very recently I found a note my friend Penny had written to me on my birthday, only six weeks before she died.

Note from Penny

“I should keep start keeping notes and cards,” my friend Patrice said regretfully. “I never do.”

I love giving gifts. And because I do, the gifts always come back.
This week alone I received so many. My sister once again designed the notebook for Taguig, given for free to Taguig students under Mayor Lani Cayetano’s incentive.
This was Ana’s design in 2013

chuvaness giveaway

And in 2015—this year Ana included my sons—Ben, Markus and Christian—among the characters. (Markus and Ben are on the upper right corner, first and second rows)

From Ana

She always leaves the cutest notes

From Ana

My neighbor and makeup artist Apple Faraon brought me a rosary from Jerusalem and a special cloth from Medjugorje. I love them.

From Apple

When I was in Tokyo last April, Sayoko, Patrice and I walked into an art gallery in Omotesando.

Yuka Osada

I was charmed by a small painting by Yuka Osada, which hangs in my office today. I love finding art from trips abroad.

From Yuka

I was really surprised to receive a letter from Yuka, since I didn’t even meet her when I purchased it.
Yuka sent a postcard of the painting and a letter

From Yuka

What beautiful handwriting!

From Yuka

I wish my sister Ana could meet her

From Yuka

My heart nearly burst when I received a box of chocolate and note from Ralph Relucio, the boy who survived a freak accident earlier this year in a school/camping activity.

From Ralph

This note also belongs to Penny and Patrice and all the donors who contributed to Ralph (the chocolate is mine though, hehe)

From Ralph

Do you keep notes? I do.
Some of my favorite notes are stuck on the inside of my desk cabinet—mostly from my kids.


But one note popped out as I was looking at them tonight. It was from Penny.

From Penny

It means the world to me.

Tried & Tested: Claritin’s new melt-in-your-mouth tabs

I never thought of myself as an allergy type, or maybe I’ve been tolerating it all these years—whether sneezing 20 times in succession, coughing nonstop for no reason, or getting an attack of the itchies.
My kids, however, have had allergies on and off, and two of them have been prescribed Claritin by two different doctors.
So I got Claritin.
Never took them for myself until we started renovating again this month.
In our bedroom and study room, we changed our laminated floors to bamboo. So we had to remove all the junk and park them in the living room. Plus our new closets arrived and have to be assembled.
This is how our living room looks right now.

Living room

Plus all these flying insects due to the rainy weather. That, plus all the work being done in the house, gave me an attack of the itchies. I was about to leave for the office with Dinna when she took a pack of Claritin from her handbag.


I was about to get a glass of water when Dinna told me these were the new melt-in-your-mouth Claritin pills.


True enough, it melted in my mouth. My itchies diminished in no time.


The thought of normal everyday things like dust mites, pollen, dirt and insects causing allergies can be annoying and inconvenient. What I like about Claritin Reditabs is that it really melts in your mouth. You just peel the label and pop in your mouth. It’s not a chewable. There’s no weird taste.
This new and convenient format can be taken anytime, anywhere—no water necessary! It dissolves in seconds and leaves you with a fresh minty taste—and the effects last for 24 hours.

Join Claritin Reditabs as it celebrates National Allergy Day/Week.
To know more, follow @ClaritinPhilippines on Facebook and Instagram.
Be #AlwaysRedi with #ClaritinReditabs! Powerful allergy relief now made more convenient.
Loratadine is the generic name of Claritin Reditabs. If symptoms persist, consult your doctor.

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