I survived July 2016
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Sorry for the lack of updates. I was in pain for a month and was living off painkillers, prayers, and the patience of friends. I just wanted to let you know I’m still here.
I was not prepared for the month of pain.
It started with a strenuous workout in the gym, followed by a suspected UTI, doctors, ultrasound, PAP smear, colonoscopy, online bullying, stolen cellphone, hacked credit card—all in July 2016.
But I survived it.

Out of everything that was dealt to me, the worst thing really was the physical pain because it lasted for one month, I thought I was dying.
The pain would start every time I sat up to eat, from my lower back to my tail, it would radiate to my right thigh, buttocks and calves. The pain was so bad I would end up in bed, cancel appointments, meetings, and move deadlines.
I tried Flanax, Ponstan, Alaxan, Salonpas, massages, sleeping, and in the end it was only Advil, prayer, and time that worked for me.

I was losing hope. All I could think about was Prince, who suffered from chronic pain after jumping constantly in heels.

Prince pain

I thought about my cousin Lance Raymundo, who survived a deadly gym accident in 2014. I thought about my friend Penny who was bedridden for a month before she died in 2015.
Cause that’s all I could think about when I was in pain. I thought about other people in pain and I prayed.

On the last week of July my friends were telling me to hang on because it’s nearly August.
True enough, yesterday was my second day without pain. I went to bed early. I was tired, sleepy, but had no pain.
I also have an abnormal craving for Haagen-Dazs coffee ice cream, but there is none currently in Manila. (Please tell me if you find a tub in the supermarket.)

Funny, I bought this metal sign in Tokyo last Christmas and forgot about it until now. I should have hung it up somewhere. For when I really thought the pain would never go away and I would be living a life like Prince, it’s finally gone. I hope for good.

Pain sign

That said, I’m back. Sorry if I have missed some deadlines or not taken your calls. I’ve been in pain and feeling very tired. Thanks to all my friends and family who have been patient with me through this time and who prayed for me. I am grateful.

Yvonne Quisumbing exhibits at Silverlens
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Fashion designer and artist Yvonne Quisumbing, who has been in hiatus after moving to Cebu, returns to the art scene after more than a decade. Her painting exhibit, titled Who Are You Wearing? runs until August 6 at Silverlens Gallery, 2320 Don Chino Roces Ave. Extension, Makati.

Rachel Rillo, Yvonne Quisumbing, Isa Lorenzo
Yvonne Quisumbing (center) with Silverlens Gallery’s Rachel Rillo (R) and Isa Lorenzo

L-R: Romeo Lee, Yvonne Quisumbing, Nikki Luna, Mikee Carrion, and Alandra Carrion

Yvonne Quisumbing, Ces Drilon, Ling Quisumbing Ramilo
Yvonne Quisumbing, Ces Drilon, Ling Quisumbing Ramilo

Who Are You Wearing? is more subdued but no less dramatic than Yvonne’s last exhibit, Infernal Desire Machines in 2005, which was about wearable and interactive art.
The new exhibition consists of monochromatic portraits without faces as the multimedia artist indulges in her fascination with masks of horns, rhinestones, textile, feathers, butterflies, and florals.


Yvonne Quisumbing

Yvonne explores mythological, astrological and biblical meta narratives and gives each faceless portrait a name and corresponding narrative and symbolism to represent actual persons.
“Tame,” for example, shows a dressage horse for a face, representing an individual who “sticks to the rules she made for herself, no matter what.”


“Ado” refers to the wife who looked back and became a pillar of salt.


“Wife” is bejeweled, pointing to Yvonne’s interpretation of gems as valued burdens. Blooms and plumes are integrated generously in all the facades, lending a dynamic touch to the volumes, seemingly warning of more change. The horns, meanwhile, provide a semblance of structure, holding everything together.


Yvonne’s approach to representation is relatable because she makes use of symbols that are easy to understand. As an artist, her goal is to reach out and not confuse people. Her pieces rationalize the inclination to pretension. The art works seem to say that the tendency to cover up is natural, as is the penchant to adorn one’s self to compensate.
All is well until the mask becomes the face itself and this is where Yvonne’s question (and the title of the exhibition) hangs heavy.


The masked faces pertain to a threatened breakdown between image and creator, wherein the posturing becomes the portrait itself, where the expected reaction is that of horror.
Thus, the tentativeness of the question, “Who are you wearing?” comes out as if told in apology, or pure curiosity, or invitation to reflection, or rebuke or damnation.


For more information email or call Silverlens at (02) 816 0044.

LOOK: Hugo Boss dresses German national football team
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For this year’s European Soccer Championships, HUGO BOSS is once again the exclusive fashion outfitter to the German national team.
“We are proud to support the German team again in 2016. The players not only demonstrate tremendous determination and team spirit; they are also the epitome of great style,” said Gerd von Podewils, Senior Vice President Global Communication HUGO BOSS.

German National Team (5)

Germany’s national players will be wearing the slim-cut, dark grey colored BOSS suit from the new ‘Create Your Look’ line at all official engagements during the European championship.
The collection’s unique feature: the athletes can individually combine their preferred size and fit of trousers and jackets—regular, slim and extra-slim—to create a suit that perfectly matches their body type.

German National Team (8)

HUGO BOSS also outfits the coaching staff under Joachim Löw with custom made suits by BOSS MADE TO MEASURE.
“Together with HUGO BOSS we have already succeeded in winning one World Cup, in 2014. We hope to repeat this success in France,” said Joachim Löw.
The squad posed for the BOSS photoshoot at the Hilton Hotel Munich Park.

German National Team (1)

In the Philippines, BOSS is located at City of Dreams • Greenbelt 5 • Newport Mall • Rustan’s Shangri-La and Shangri-La Plaza East Wing.

This isn’t me
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Dear friends,
Please check if you are friends with this impostor Facebook account. This is not my Facebook page.

Facebook impostor account

Click HERE to see if you are friends with “her”. This person could be using my name to snoop on your Facebook, so please unfriend immediately and help me report it.
Thank you!

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