Grave of the Fireflies

My friend Jude has a habit of dropping by the 24-hour neighborhood Mercury Drug at odd hours. During one of his nightly visits, he spotted a poor-looking woman hiding some groceries under her dress.
Jude had a few moments to decide whether he should report her or not, but after making eye contact with her, he decided to let it go.
“Did I do the right thing?” Jude asked. “She just looked so kawawa.”
“I dunno Jude, I may have done the same thing. Or I would’ve paid for her groceries, but I wasn’t there.”

Everyone hates a thief, but sometimes you don’t know why they do it. I just remembered because last night Markus wanted to watch anime and asked for Grave of the Fireflies, which is part of my anime collection.
“Markus, it’s the saddest thing on earth,” I warned him as I fed the DVD into the player. But he insisted. We watched together while lying on the bed, Markus asking lots of questions about the war. I could only guess the answers based on what my Lola and Dad had told me.
True enough, the movie brought back the same sad emotions I had when I viewed it the first and second time.

Grave of the Fireflies

Grave of the Fireflies is about a brother and sister (Seita is 14, Setsuko is 4) who struggle to survive during the World War II fire bombings in Kobe, Japan.
The son of a naval officer, Seita vows to take care of his sister, especially after their mom dies during an attack.
Their home completely destroyed, they are forced to stay with an aunt who becomes mean when her own husband dies in the war.
When things get worse at the aunt’s house, the two decide to live in an air raid shelter and fend for themselves with whatever food they can get by fishing, eating frogs and snails, bartering goods, and using what little cash they have left. When almost all their resources are gone, the boy turns to stealing.

Grave of the Fireflies

Grave of the Fireflies

Grave of the Fireflies

The story is based on the semi-autobiographic novel by Akiyuki Nosaka who lost his sister due to malnutrition in 1945 wartime Japan. He blamed himself for her death and wrote the story to make amends to her and help him accept the tragedy. (Wiki)

Grave of the Fireflies

While Googling last night, I was amazed to find out how high-tech YouTube has become. You can now view the anime in its entirety here.
Movie critic Roger Ebert considers Grave of the Fireflies to be one of the most powerful war movies ever made and has included it on his Great Movies list. (Wiki)
If you have a soft spot for children, watch it. (Note: it is 90 minutes long.)
If you have kids, love them even more. If you have older children, watch with them. Aside from crying your eyes out, you will also savor every bowl of rice you will have from this day forward.

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To discover that one’s crush isn’t cute

Thanks to Google, I found out my high school crush isn’t my type at all :(
When I was a teenager I fell in love with the voice of Yutaka Yokokura. His voice gave me the warm fuzzies while I hugged my pillow, and I imagined he was the cutest Japanese guy on the planet.
If you are somewhere my age, you would know this song.

Bit of trivia: I listen to Crossover FM when I’m in the bathroom because I hate showering in silence.
I hate silence when I’m alone because it leaves me with crazy thoughts, I end up talking to myself.
I love Crossover because it brings me back to the ’70s and ’80s—the good old days.
So Love Light goes on the radio while I’m not yet in the shower. I grab my BlackBerry and Google him.
In my mind, he’s supposed to look like this:


In reality, he looks like this—Afraidy Aguilar!


Di ko na-gets! Is he supposed to be Brapanese?


Mood: shattered :(

Get spotty with Zatchels

It ain’t official yet, but expect dotted bags by Yayoi Kusama x Louis Vuitton this July.
I’ve been a fan of Yayoi Kusama for years, and because of her, anything polka dots.


If it’s dotted, I’ll have it.
Here’s my current collection of dotted bags:

dotted bags
1. Porter / 2-4. Comme des Garçons / 5. Comme des Garçons x H&M / 6. Zatchels

The latest one is the polka dotted Zatchel from French Macaroons, which comes in other colors

Polka dot ZatchelPolka dot Zatchel
Polka dot Zatchel

Zatchels originate from the UK and were developed by Dean and Brian, owners of a small manufacturing business in the middle of Leicester. Hand-made Zatchels are made of the best quality leathers you’ll find in the market today.
The bags come with or without handle, with adjustable strap, dust cover, in four sizes.

How to order from French Macaroons:
1) Visit the Facebook page for photos, prices and descriptions.
2) Text Kriss Lim for availability (she accepts pre-orders) at (0922) 857-4771 or (0917) 449-4175
New shipments arrive every month.

Samsung’s Smart Window

I can’t imagine anyone who would ever need or want this, except some crazy architects I know :)

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