Call for filmmakers: Louis Vuitton’s 2nd Journey Awards

Two years ago Louis Vuitton launched the Journeys Awards with Wong Kar-wai.
In addition to showcasing Kar-wai’s Blueberry Days and Louis Vuitton’s Journeys Core Values, the Journeys Awards also invited emerging filmmakers to create films based on what a journey means to them.

On the occasion of the Rome Etoile Maison opening, Louis Vuitton is proud to announce the 2nd Journeys Awards.
This year, director Luca Guadagnino, will invite the most prestigious international film schools to participate in the 2012 Journeys Awards.

Journeys Awards 2_poster

What Will You Encounter?

Travel has been at the heart of Louis Vuitton since its inception and the most memorable part of a journey is what you encounter. The subject of encounters is open to interpretation. It is not only about meeting another person; it can be an encounter with a place, an object, a culture, or even oneself. No matter what, when you are open to these experiences, an encounter can have a profound and lasting effect.

Louis Vuitton is calling on emerging filmmakers to show what a meaningful encounter means to them. How it is experienced. Where it is experienced. How it is felt in the soul. What we live in that moment. And we carry away from it.
The competition is designed to offer participants a chance to showcase their creativity, demonstrate their technical skills and resonate with an audience. It also offers two $25,000 prizes and international media exposure opportunities.

The Journey Begins

• Beginning March 15th participants should visit to register for the competition.
• Luca Guadagnino will personally brief participants via video at the Journeys Awards web site.
• Participants have until June 18th 2012, the official deadline, to complete and submit their films.
• The Official Jury will announce their selection, viewable online, on July 3rd 2012.
• The public will be invited to vote for their favorite film on Journeys Awards website
• End of July, 2012, the winners of the Jury’s Choice and Online People’s Choice will be notified.
• In September 2012, the winners will attend a special screening and celebration of their winning entries at the Venice Film Festival.

Comme des Garçons opens at One Rockwell

The invitation came in the form of a candle, whose box was marked “HAPPY OPENING MANILA, Comme des Garçons, March 17, 2012″ and less than 100 invitations were sent out.

Comme des Garçons candle

For me, it was a very important occasion as Comme des Garçons is my uniform of choice.
From a couple of racks at Homme et Femme, Shangri-La Plaza, at last Manila has its first standalone Comme des Garçons store, just a few steps away from its cousin store, Homme et Femme Univers.
Though the invitation was unique, I didn’t really expect anything earth shattering because this is Manila, but I can tell you now—I was not disappointed. Stock- and price-wise, Comme des Garçons Manila has it really good.
As soon as we arrived at 6:30 PM and saw the spotted store, I started calling my friend Penny who was feeling under the weather.

Comme des Garçons at Rockwell

It is the first Comme des Garçons store in the world that has grey dots, as per Junya Watanabe’s instructions after seeing photos of One Rockwell’s vicinity.
“Penny, get your ass in here. You cannot miss this,” I insisted. Outside, the driveway was converted into a cocktail area, with LED screens, a DJ’s booth, and catering by Cibo di M.

I made a quick tour of the store before selecting a black and white gingham dress and a polka-dotted tee.
Keri’s holding up the dress I bought on the right, and sorry Keri, there seems to be a hanger on your mouth. Eep :(
The sleeveless lacy gingham dress Keri’s holding is really the loveliest thing.

Keri Zamora

I want to come back for these jackets in a medium.

The selection is really amazing. I was surprised to see many new items including all these cool bags.
(Tip: Comme des Garçons bags are very affordable.) They have the new Comme des Garçons x Cambridge Satchels in new colorways

Comme des Garçons x Cambridge Satchel Co.

Love this man’s bag on Jude

Jude Mancuyas

This chic, giant, gym or everyday bag on Grace

Grace Velasco

Some of the menswear


Stuff I love

I’m waiting for the official photos. I didn’t take many photos because I was overwhelmed by the merchandise. Plus, my battery died.
Spotted: Celebrity hairstylist Chiyo Tagami

Chiyo Tagami

Dong Ronquillo of Globe Telecom

Dong Ronquillo

Chica girl: Penny Ong

Penny Ong

JP Singson and his mom

Mrs. Singson and JP

Chef Kerwin Go of People’s Palace

Chef Kerwin Go

Partners in Docs: AJ Garcia and Borgy Manotoc

AJ Garcia and Borgy Manotoc

Outside: Dr. Gerard Henson was spinning, assisted by DJ Itong Torres

Gerard and Itong

Mano Lotho, Press Relations officer of Univers

Mano Lotho

Tadi de Leon, Operations Manager of Univers

Tadi de Leon

Daryl Chang

Daryl Chang

Gerard Henson, Ed Calma, Margarita Forés, Tere Henson

Gerard, Ed, Margarita, Tere

L-R: Kiko Escora, Angelo Mendez, Steve Tirona, Prisara Morales, Archie Geotina, Gino Dalao

Kiko Escora, Steve Tirona, Prisara Morales

Margarita Forés and Jappy Gonzalez, Managing Director of H&F Retail Concepts Inc., which brought Comme des Garçons to Manila

Margarita Fores, Jappy Gonzalez

Mandy Santos

Mandy Santos

and me


Comme des Garçons MANILA
Unit 102, Ground Floor, One Rockwell East Tower, Makati, Philippines
Tel: +63 2 8693528

Mangetsu obsession

This Lent I’ve found myself craving more and more for Mangetsu food, specifically fish.
My friends and I find all sorts of excuses to go there—whether to eat spicy tuna or gossip or both.
Jeroen, Grace and Keri are obsessed with spicy tuna, which comes in a roll or in a bowl.
When Keri orders both, she has a no-sharing, no leftover rule :)
If spicy tuna is your thing, Mangetsu is a must.

Spicy tuna roll

I like to order a hamachi sashimi and a bowl of sushi rice, instead of ordering it in sushi form, because I don’t like wasabi.

Hamachi sashimi

I find the portion too small, so I order a second dish: breaded shisamo with a small salad and the loveliest kropek in town

Shisamo katsu

For those who haven’t tried, shisamo is a long fish that is stuffed with roe from neck to tail. Try it with a squeeze of lemon and dip in soy sauce or Japanese mayo—yum!

Shisamo katsu

You know what’s surprisingly good in a Japanese restaurant is the fresh mango shake that is not too sweet or watery.
Oh, and I loved looking at the specials menu, which looks like it was written by the Japanese chef.
As an editor I enjoyed proofreading it. XO


Mangetsu is at 38 Jupiter Street, Bel-Air, Makati
Open 11:30 AM – 2 PM (last order 1:30 PM)
5:30 – 11 PM (last order 10:30 PM)
To reserve, call 478-3292 or email

Karl Roy’s last night

Last Saturday night, Grace, Jude and I drove over to Mt. Carmel Church in Quezon City to pay our last respects to the rock legend, Karl Roy, who died last Tuesday at the age of 44.
I’m so glad I made it out there, and I apologize to my friend Lia, for not having taken her with me on such a late evening.
When we got there, I was immediately moved by the amount of people gathered around at the courtyard.
My camera’s battery had died at the Comme des Garçons launch, so I made use of my BlackBerry camera and Grace took photos with her iPhone. I feel so emotional looking at these…

Karl Roy 1967-2012

Filled with all sorts of tattooed and pierced young rockers, I hardly knew a soul, except for singer Cooky Chua, whom I knew from the band Color It Red and Karl’s brother, Keith. Also spotted: Earl Ignacio, a familiar face from the ’90s, musicians Ira Cruz, and Paul Zialcita.

Karl Roy was 44

The actual room where Karl’s ashes were was practically empty, save for a few mourners. Understandably, everyone was outside to see the informal concert staged by Karl’s friends.

Karl Roy's ashes in an urn

Karl Roy 1967-2012

Like I said, Karl photographed really well. Portraits stood on easels inside the chapel.

Karl Roy 1967-2012

Karl Roy 1967-2012

After saying our prayers, we stepped out to check the scene. The wake was well organized with so much food, shawarma stands, and even some bouncers. I don’t remember seeing any alcohol on the scene, which was good, considering these are still church grounds.

Karl Roy 1967-2012

Karl Roy 1967-2012

Karl Roy 1967-2012

“I want a shawarma stand in my wake, and Cibo food and Coke and Haagen-Dazs ice cream,” I told Jude and Grace after smelling the nice aroma of grilled shawarma. Not that I have a death wish, just saying :)
I had a warm feeling for Karl seeing the turnout. I knew he would approve. I also thought, just because you are pierced, tattooed, shaved and skinny—doesn’t make you a bad person. I saw the love for Karl and I felt that if so many loved him on earth, then God would also be merciful.
Well, either that or the shawarma was really good—just kidding :)

Karl Roy 1967-2012

Mich Dulce in the Wall Street Journal

A Hat to Upgrade Any Outfit
By Robert Michael Poole

Choosing a hat is more about how you feel than how it looks, says luxury milliner Mich Dulce.
In fact, to ease the bareheaded into the world of designer headgear, she has created a line of “introductory” hats for first-timers who don’t want to start off too showy.
Ms. Dulce, who counts British pop star Adam Ant and Japan Vogue editor Anna Dello Russo among her customers and was named “International Young Creative Entrepreneur” at London’s 2010 fashion week, works in a studio outside Manila but lives and handles marketing from London.

Mich Dulce
Mich Dulce in Paris

Her designs often incorporate aspects of their wearers’ personality, and previous themes include saints and sinners, with references to religious imagery, and fairytale motifs such as kings and princesses.
“Hats are really about upgrading your outfit,” she says. “Even a cozy headband makes a statement.”
The finished products range from simple pieces worn on the crown to abstract, asymmetrical sculptures that perch on one side of the head. Even when a hat is worn at a tilt, however, comfort is key, Ms. Dulce says. “There is nothing worse than watching someone constantly playing with or adjusting their hat.”

Mich Dulce AW 12-13

In Pasig, a suburb of Manila, she works with natural fabrics from indigenous Philippine tribes.
Her latest material of choice is tinalak, which is hand-woven by the residents of Lake Sebu, in the South Cotobato province. Used in her winter 2012 collection, “In Dreams You Are,” tinalak is made from a fiber called abaca that derives from plants in the banana family.
Ms. Dulce employs seven women from the Gawad Kalinga Community Development Foundation, a social-entrepreneurship nonprofit. This has the added benefit of improving the product, she says, since the women are familiar with the local materials used. They sell at retailers such as Fenwick in England and online at Yoox for more than $300 each.

Mich Dulce AW 12-13

Mich Dulce AW 12-13

When you’re ready to try one on, here are some things to keep in mind.
Look for a hat that has a lining — an indicator of quality, since cheaper manufacturers omit it. The color should complement and provide accent to an outfit but doesn’t need to match its color, she says — someone wearing all black, for example, might select a hat in yellow.
Men should look for a hat that fits the head snugly — you should be able to slip one finger under the rim without it slipping off, Ms. Dulce says. “If you are going to measure your head size, one or two centimeters above the eyebrow is the way to do it.”

Mich Dulce AW 12-13

Mich Dulce AW 12-13

Contrary to what some people believe, hats can work for all face shapes. People with rounder faces should avoid hats placed directly on the top of the head; instead, they should look for pieces that can sit at 45 degrees. A more narrow face, meanwhile, can pull off a wider variety of designs but will need a smaller size so as not to look ungainly.
In addition, hats require more care than other accessories and are more susceptible to wear and tear, Ms. Dulce says. “Make sure when you buy a molded hat that it is not soft, so it doesn’t lose its shape too soon,” she says.
Boxes are essential and too often neglected, she adds, since they keep hats from getting crushed. She stores all her own hats in cases, though she also suggests keeping them in cabinets to keep them in good condition.

Mich Dulce AW 12-13

Photos: Everywhere We Shoot
Model: Jasmine Maierhofer
Stylist: Melvin Mojica

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