Have you ever felt the presence of someone who has just passed away?
Funny how Jude and I were just talking about Mommy. Today is the 9th day after her passing.
Jude said Mommy has a funny way of saying hello. He has smelled her perfume on two occasions, a perfume given by me.
And just now, while cleaning my desk, I found this note underneath my pile of press releases (which I have to work on!).

Note from Mommy

I like to think that she meant for me to find this today, after all, it is dated “today.”
I immediately called Jude to tell him Mommy is indeed funny, and it made him laugh.
So thank you Mommy. You did tell me your name, I just wasn’t paying attention. :)

Recurring dream

Do you have a recurring dream that keeps playing itself when you sleep?
I have one about a wasteland in Japan. I’ve been dreaming about it for more than 10 years and it goes like this:

A wasteland is what I call stores packed with cute, colorful items, usually made in Japan.
In my dream I’m in Tokyo looking for the wasteland. I’ve been to the wasteland a couple of times in my dreams, and I’m looking for it and I can’t find it. It frustrates me that I have to find it before I wake up.
In my dream, the wasteland is full of colorful stationery and is nearby the hotel we are staying in.
It is also near an old restaurant that serves delicious steak and is located near a train station and amusement park.

That is all I know, and you know dreams don’t make sense when you tell it to someone else.
Many years ago I thought the wasteland might be in Sogo, Hong Kong.

The wasteland, Sogo

So each time I went to Hong Kong, I had to go there, no matter how packed my schedule was.
Unfortunately the wasteland in Sogo was renovated and it is no longer interesting.
I have searched for the wasteland in Singapore (Takashimaya)

The wasteland

Bangkok (Loft)

Loft, Bangkok

and even in Utrecht (Paperchase)

Paper Chase at Utrecht Centraal

But hands down, Tokyo is wasteland central, starting with Hakuhinkan in Ginza


and Kiddyland in Harajuku. Just leave me here for two hours and I’ll be fine!

Kiddyland, Harajuku

Recently I discovered Loft in Marunouchi—so much space!

Loft Marunouchi
Loft Marunouchi
Loft Marunouchi

and Tokyu Hands is pure heaven!!

Tokyo : 11 Mar 2012
Ginza Hands

In my heart the true wasteland is called Etoile in Bakurocho, but it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than to go there because it is a wholesale membership club.


I know the pictures don’t say much, but for me it’s the happiest place on earth.
There is never enough time in Tokyo. Never enough money and never enough baggage allowance.
So frustrating!

New offerings in Pepper Lunch’s new Grand Menu

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We’ve also added our best-selling Garlic Beef Pepper Rice promo item to the main menu.
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New Grand Menu 2012 - PL

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Kids say the darndest things

November 9, 2012—Remember last Friday, the day 11 vehicles collided on northbound C5?
We had a psychological evaluation at Makati Med at 3 PM.
At 2 PM, I took my 4-year-old son in the car to meet my husband at Makati Med.

Christian eating a J.Co donut

On the way, we didn’t know an accident had occurred. The traffic was so massive, I told my husband to go ahead and talk to the doctor at 3 PM.
Four minutes later, my husband texts that I don’t have to go, I can just re-sched my appointment.
Meanwhile, Christian had fallen asleep in the van. Since we were already in the Fort area, I told my driver to pass by S&R to buy some odds and ends, plus a giant pizza for my friend Jude who was at Mommy’s wake.
After S&R, I told the driver to proceed to Loyola Guadalupe so I could drop by for a bit.
Traffic was still bad.

Monumental traffic

It was dark when we made it to the funeral parlor.
As I got ready to step out of the car, Christian said, “Where are we going mommy?”
“We’re gonna visit Tito Jude.”
“Is this Tito Jude’s house.”
“No, baby. He’s just visiting his mommy here for a few days.”

I took Christian to the second floor where Jude’s mother lay in state.
As I have Jude the pizza box, I told Christian to kiss Tito Jude.
Then Christian says, “What’s that?” pointing to the white coffin.

Mommy's final mass

“Lola is sleeping,” Jude said.
“I want to see!” Christian insisted. So Jude carried him up to view the casket.
“See, Lola is sleeping.”
“No she’s not,” Christian said. “She’s DEAD.”

My jaw dropped as I heard about the incident, while Jude couldn’t help but laugh.
P.S. Thanks to everyone who tried to contact Chary Lagdameo whom I mentioned in a past entry.
She was informed of Mommy’s death and was able to visit the wake.

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