Four days to go

Well, I feel bad there are only four days to go before the Oscars and I’ve only seen one movie, which I hated.
Based on my track record, the movie I hate always wins. I therefore predict some awards for The Help.
I still have a couple of days to try to watch some of the nominated movies.
How many have you seen and what do you recommend?

On Monday next week, watch the Academy Awards on Velvet channel beginning 6 AM Manila time, if you want to see the Red Carpet coverage. If you prefer to sleep in longer, show proper begins at 9:30 AM.
Billy Crystal returns once again as host. And if you’re working, a replay will be shown on Monday night.

Oscar Awards

Back in stock: FEED bags

Lauren Bush’s charity project, the FEED bags, are back in stock at
Buying this bag will support the FEED Project’s mission to fight world hunger. Proceeds go to the United Nations World Food Programme’s (WFP) school feeding operations, which serve nutrient-packed meals to children in 74 countries worldwide.
Lauren Bush

Food gets kids energy to go to school and empower them to better their lives.
Made with sustainable materials, these eco bags are a great alternative to disposable paper and plastic bags, so you’ll help the environment as well.

Lauren Bush

The Feed 1 bag is large, roomy and reversible. Made of burlap on one side and white cotton on the other, sling it over your shoulder and you’re good to go. (Php 3,500)

feed 1feed 1

Feed 2 is also reversible but comes with an extra shoulder strap you can sling across your body. Perfect for travelers who like to keep their stuff close by. (Php 5,500)

feed 2 b

A must for book lovers, the Feed 3 bag is a partnership with Barnes & Noble. Revenues from its sales will provide three school lunches and three Room to Read children’s books for children in Nepal. (Php 1,600)

feed 3 afeed 3

Feed 10 is a lightweight cotton tote packaged inside a little burlap bag. Each FEED 10 bag sold will provide 10 school meals to children through the United Nations World Food Programme’s School Feeding program. (Php 1,500)

feed 10

Feed 100 is a perfect shopping tote that folds inside a zippered burlap pouch. Pop this inside your usual bag and say no to other shopping bags when you’re out. That, and you’ll be feeding 100 children through the program. (Php 1,750)

feed 100
feed 100b

Get them now at

Pretty things

Met up with my girls—Ginggay and Penny—at One Rockwell for some chat ‘n’ chew at the newly opened Apartment 1B.


Ginggay brought the swag—initial coin purses from Madison at the 2nd level, Power Plant Mall.
They are Php 750 each. So adorable!
Chuvaness x Alphabet Bags
The plan was to visit Univers, as Penny and Ginggay went to look for a bag, specifically my Celine backpack which caused them bag envy


The Ed Calma restroom here is so nice…


Was inspired to take an Every Where We Shoot kind of pic inside Univers with Ginggay, Tadi and Penny


Oh, and the first stand-alone Comme des Garçons shop opens here next month!


Be still, my heart

I heard that Adrien Brody was coming to town but it was top secret. He’s on his way to the beach (not telling which one). I also know which hotel he’s at. I’m getting a heart attack just thinking about it.
These NAIA pics confirm his arrival. Eva Cadelina had a pic taken with him at NAIA 1.


Eva said he was so nice and was even surprised that someone recognized him here.
I knew Eva as a former model in the ’90s. It’s always nice to see her smiling face at arrival


Meanwhile, blogger Scott Roxas spotted him at NAIA 3 lining up like everyone else (no VIP treatment—*le sigh*).
Scott said nobody seemed to know him (which is good) and took these stolen shots


Read his account here.
Ugh, I love this guapo outfit. Jeroen dressed like this in Tokyo one winter (remember, Grace?)

Screen Shot 2012-02-22 at 2.46.52 PM

Heard that Adrien’s part of the Bourne movie and is headed to the beach for some R&R.
Here’s wishing him more fun in the Philippines.
Adrien, minamahal kita!!!!!!!!! Remember this?

What is deliciously frivolous and creepy?

Mich Dulce presents her AW 2012 millinery collection in a short film directed by Jason Tan, featuring Manila’s current It Girl, Georgina Wilson.
Mich explains the theme behind her unabashedly feminine and frivolous collection. It was inspired by Marie Antoinette, who became a symbol of the shameless frivolity of a dying regime.
“Today, we live in an age where femininity is a luxury, and being girly is almost trivial and superficial. I just think we all deserve to play and be who we dreamed of being when we were eight, and this collection is about doing just that,” says Mich.

Georgina Wilson

Like her previous collection, Mich continues to work with traditional hand-woven Filipino fabrics like T’nalak. The sustainable material is molded into exaggerated bows and ruffled berets. Piña fabric is introduced this season, adding another element of softness through veils and ruffles while preserving the fiber’s edges. The result is a collection that is doll-like, sweet yet slightly sinister.

Dulce’s designs are known for its overt romanticism and high drama. They are objects that not only speak of luxury but rather demand it as an entire lifestyle.
In Dreams You Are indulges in the reverie of pomp and circumstance, of rakish regality, and the decadent dandy. It refuses to simply grow up and is adamant of going to bed with a hat on.

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