I first heard of the media term “kuryente” while I was working for the Daily Globe in 1991.
Apparently it meant believing some story as fact or truth, when you are being taken for a ride.
As a blogger I try to check things before I put it out there, but I’ve had kuryente before, like when I believed Brangelina were at Boracay Shang, according to a very “reliable” source. Ngek.
Yesterday I posted a very moving letter from a 24-year-old man named Dave who had cerebral palsy and supposedly died of pneumonia.

David Rose

Tonight I found out both Dave Rose and his sister Nichole, who took care of him—both deleted their Twitter accounts as well as his blog and his Facebook page.
Earlier this evening I was chatting with my friend Juan about gadgets for people on wheelchairs, when I stumbled upon this site where a deadringer for Dave Rose was featured. Except his name is Hunter Dunn.

Screen Shot 2012-10-16 at 3.04.30 AM

I searched Twitter, which finally led to this site: http://dave-on-wheels-exposed.blogspot.ca/.

I don’t understand why people do these things—make up stories online and pretend to be people they are not.
Apparently the American press hasn’t been informed yet. I can still see news items on Dave Rose updated two hours ago from big news agencies.
Let’s wait for an update on this weird internet hoax in the next few days.

Watch your stuff

Mind your own stuff and beware of dropped coins.
My sister lost her carryon, handbag and all its contents at the Berlin airport when she used the restroom and asked her co-worker to watch her stuff.
A man dropped some coins on the floor and people helped him pick them up. That was when my sister’s stuff disappeared. Imagine losing your passport, wallet, cash, credit cards, gadgets, everything, on a trip?
Good thing her husband was there to for moral support and help her make the calls.
While they were taking a train to get a new passport to the Hague, they got a call from the police. Someone had dumped her passport in the trashcan. At the very least it was a blessing to get that one back.

Thieves have no conscience. Be careful even during mass.
In 2005, my uncle suddenly died of a heart attack. While the wake was going on in Malate, some friends and relatives gave envelopes to my tita, who put it inside her handbag. During the mass, her bag was stolen, adding more salt to her wounds.

Not all thieves lurk in squalid, crowded places like Divisoria.
Last night, TV personality RJ Ledesma lost his backpack containing his Mac and other valuables while hosting a wedding at the Peninsula Manila. He had entrusted his stuff to the wedding organizers, who failed to keep an eye on it.
Luckily the hotel’s CCTV captured the thief entering and exiting the Pen with RJ’s backpack.
Unfortunately it’s going to take a miracle to get his stuff back.
Let’s see.

Shabby Chic

Rachel Ashwell’s Shabby Chic was a TV show that ran from 1999-2003 on channels E! and the Style Network.
It was my cousin Chelo’s favorite show; I used to hear it from her all the time.
I never paid attention because, well, I didn’t use to watch TV at that time.

My last trip to New York was spent going back to the places I used to know, including shops.
Walking around SoHo one afternoon, Grace and I stumbled upon this store on 117 Mercer Street. (Uhm, can I just say I love this street??)

Rachel Ashwell NY

I was attracted to the crazy petticoat lamps hanging from the ceiling. I nearly bought them!
Lucky for my husband, I couldn’t imagine how to take them home or where to place them.

Rachel Ashwell NY

It was inside the store where I finally got to know Rachel Ashwell’s world.1
I really wanted this antique lamp but the thought of how to take it home stressed me.

Rachel Ashwell NY

Grace and I went downstairs. Luckily, nobody followed us. I could take pictures!

Rachel Ashwell NY

I love all the overstuffed furniture in white. They felt like clouds after a day of walking.

Rachel Ashwell NY

This reminds me of my grandmother

Rachel Ashwell NY

I truly, madly fell in love with the Russian Folk Beds in the back. I want!!!

Rachel Ashwell NY

I decided to buy and handcarry this lamp for my studio.

Rachel Ashwell NY

I also bought this giant wooden rosary.

Rachel Ashwell NY

All I need is a bed, and I’m all set.

Rachel Ashwell NY

Rachel Ashwell, I’m a fan!


Carine Roitfeld vs. Marilyn Monroe for M.A.C

This October, M.A.C launches two new collections inspired by legendary Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe and French editor and stylist Carine Roitfeld.


Carine Roitfeld, known for her smoky eyes, collaborates with M.A.C to recreate her aesthetic.
The Full Face Kit contains four eye shadows and a Cremeblend blush, eye brows in brunette, Kohl powder eye pencil, Fluidine, 49 lash and two mascaras.
Tropical Mist lipstic, face and body foundation, Mineralize concealer, nail lacquers and brushes create the perfect backdrop for dramatic eyes.

M.A.C Marilyn Monroe is a color collection that channels her luster and sex appeal through lipsticks in rapturous reds, gleaming Dazzleglass, False Lashes Extreme Black, and eye shadows in shimmering metallic and diamond tones.
Finishing the look are a range of nail lacquers and beauty powder that evoke the flawless screen goddess.




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