Gates of Hell: Chilline’s T House in Tagaytay
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Be very afraid of websites that don’t update and accommodations that don’t renovate.
Take the description of Chilline’s T House in its website:

Feel the cool air with a touch of Greek-Balearic flavor. Sitting at the edge of a cliff, T has a spectacular view of the Taal volcano and its lake. The first Asian home to be featured in Architectural Digest, T is a homage to modern design with an uniquely organic flair.
A gracious example of Filipino hospitality, T accepts private bookings as a weekend getaway and is a venue for corporate retreats, private parties and exclusive events.
T now opens its doors to guests with discriminating taste. We invite you to come home to T.

Weekdays: Php 25,000
Weekend Rates, One Night Only: Php 30,000
Weekends (Friday to Sunday) Php 55,000
Rates are exclusive of 12% VAT; Plus 10% Service charge
Please call for holiday, peak season rates and Commercial shoot rates.

Now view the professional photos, starting with the house itself. Not bad…

Chilline's T House in Tagaytay
Chilline's T House in Tagaytay

There’s the day view

Chilline's T House in Tagaytay
Chilline's T House in Tagaytay
Chilline's T House in Tagaytay

and the night view

Chilline's T House in Tagaytay
Chilline's T House in Tagaytay

The bedrooms

Chilline's T House in Tagaytay
Chilline's T House in Tagaytay

And the rest of the features listed on the website:

2 Master Suites
2 Bedrooms
5 baths
Lake View Patio
Hidden Zen Garden
Custom Gourmet Kitchen
Additional Service Kitchen
Swimming Pool
4 Hot Tubs
Sauna and Steam Room
Free Wi-Fi Access

You wouldn’t blame Candy Dizon’s friends and family for wanting to book this, would you?
They paid Php 33,000 for one night but soon found out the website isn’t quite accurate.
Check out the reality of the accommodations, starting with the bedroom—it looks like the chambermaid needs to learn her “hospital corners”…

Chilline's T house Tagaytay

Maybe Woody Woodpecker was a guest?

Chilline's T house Tagaytay
Chilline's T house Tagaytay

Or a really lazy boy

Chilline's T house Tagaytay

Need an extra bed? Go help yourself to the mattress in the dressing room

Chilline's T house Tagaytay

This bathtub has an element of surprise and it ain’t bath salts and petals

Chilline's T house Tagaytay

It has “insect eggs and poop” in it

Chilline's T house Tagaytay

I can’t brush my teeth in here

Chilline's T house Tagaytay

And my poop just backed up. But hey, there’s toilet paper!

Chilline's T house Tagaytay

So Candy searched around the house to look for a cleaner bathroom among the five baths, and found these instead

Chilline's T house Tagaytay
Chilline's T house Tagaytay
Chilline's T house Tagaytay
Chilline's T house Tagaytay
Chilline's T house Tagaytay
Chilline's T house Tagaytay

Wait. It gets worse

Chilline's T house Tagaytay

I swear, I would sue this place ten x Php 33,000 for the agony of seeing these in person. I would scream and run, run far away back to Manila.
So be careful when viewing hotel websites, especially in the Philippines. Trust me!
But wait. Candy says there was a positive side to their stay—I just wonder what that is and I wait for her next entry.
Read Candy’s story HERE.

My Top 10 hottest Jewish men
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I was 24 years old when I lived in New York in the early ’90s as a student at Parsons School of Design.
When you’re single and in your 20s—that’s the best time to be in New York.
I was kind of dumb because I had a boyfriend back in Manila, so I dated nobody!!
BUT I am really attracted to good-looking men, especially if they are good boys, and more if they are religious.
Good Catholic boys are such a turn on, like this one we saw at St. John The Evangelist in New York last year.

Catholic boy

You can imagine how nice to bring home to your parents, be a good daddy, sweet husband, good provider, etc. Luckily I already got one at home, having married a nice Dutch Catholic in 2000.
But aside from Catholic boys, I am also attracted to Jewish men—I really think from a fashion point of view. I just die whenever I see a cute guy in a yarmulke with their suits or long-sleeve shirts, walking around New York.


For me it’s just a turn-on.
So the Buzzfeed recently featured their Top 51 Hottest Jewish Men on their site.
Upon seeing the list, I thought, no wonder I’m attracted some of those guys.
From there, Grace and I decided to blog each other’s Top 10s without looking at each other’s blogs.
Here’s mine:

1) Adrien Brody
Fell in love with him in The Pianist. I find him intense looking and fashionable.

Adrien Brody

Died when he kissed Halle Berry at the Oscars

Adrien Brody 2002

Swooned when he rode the train in Taipei

Adrien Brody in Taipei

and died again when he passed by Manila and didn’t see me!

Adrien Brody at NAIA

2) Paul Rudd
Loved him in Clueless and the fact that he aged well. He looks good even when haggard.
Wanted to watch him in Grace last year, but was no longer in New York when it opened on Broadway.

Grace on Broadway

Paul Rudd at Grace press conference in New York

Paul Rudd

3) Bryan Greenberg
Got me hooked to How To Make It In America , which was sadly canceled after Season 2, and watched him again in Prime, as cougar Uma Thurman’s love interest.
Would make him #1 if he didn’t ignore me on Instagram and Twitter 🙁

Bryan Greenberg

4) Joshua Bowman
Plays Daniel Grayson in the TV thriller Revenge.
Was in Palawan not so long ago with girlfriend and co-star Emily VanCamp.
Joshua Bowman

5) Jake Gyllenhaal
Because how many guys can look good—both as a good boy and a bad boy?

Jake Gyllenhaal
Jake Gyllenhaal

6) Mark Ronson
Because he looks so cool, and his looks change all the time.


7) Adam Brody
Can look good—both as good boy and bad boy.

Madison, WI Youth Tour w/ Adam Brody and Joy Bryant

The American actor also drums for Big Japan for extra pogi points!

Adam Brody of Big Japan

8) Jack Antonoff
The guitarist of the American band Fun gets pogi points for the hair, and being Lena Dunham’s main squeeze.

Jack Antonoff

9) Adam Sandler
Don’t laugh, but when I was a kid I had a strange crush on Jerry Lewis and watched all his movies.
For me, Adam Sandler is the modern Jerry Lewis. I don’t find him guapo but he’s cute in a comedian way.

Adam Sandler

10) Adam Levine
Saw him in Manila as Bench endorser and found him refreshingly honest.

Adam Levine

To see Grace’s Top 10, click HERE.

Grace Park’s new offerings
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Now on its third month of operations, Grace Park gives us more reasons to go back, with new “farmhouse” offerings at One Rockwell, including favorites from Pepato, such as roasted bone marrow

GP Starter - Pepato's roasted bone marrow [IMG_4070]

Tomahawk—good for 5 persons and served with sea salt from Cervia, Italy; lemon; and béarnaise with vegetable sides of the day

GP Main - Tomahawk with bearnaise, Cervia sea salt [IMG_4173]

Fresh pappardelle with organic duck ragu

GP Pasta - Fresh pappardelle with organic duck ragu [IMG_4023]

Spaghettini with uni and prawn

GP Pasta - Spaghettini with uni and prawn [IMG_4130]

Orecchiette with Ilonggo chistora

GP Pasta - Orecchiette with Ilonggo chistora [IMG_4145]

Cotechino with lentils

GP Main - Cotechino with lentils [IMG_3998]

Chicken liver pate with sage butter on crostini

GP Starter - Chicken liver pate with sage butter on crostini [IMG_4048]

and Macedonia di fruta with mascarpone gelato

GP Dessert - Macedonia di fruta with mascarpone gelato [IMG_4085]

Grace Park was created by Margarita Fores, who was recently recognized as Ambassador of Italian cuisine in the Philippines by the Italian culinary school, Casa Artusi, which awarded her Premio Marietta ad Honorem.

Margarita Fores awarded by Casa Artusi

Margarita’s award was received in Italy by Patricia Locsin with HE Luca Fornari and Senora Silvana Fornari

Premio Marietta award of Margarita Fores received by Patricia Locsin with HE Luca Fornari and Senora Silvana Fornari [IMG_2965]

Margarita’s team was in Italy last June 2013 to represent the Philippines in the annual Italian food festival, Festa Artusiana under the banner “La Cucina Filippina” where they served pollo e maiale con salsa di soia (chicken and pork adobo), pasta di riso, verdure fresche e code di gamberi freschi (pancit guisado), pollo grigliato (chicken inasal), maiale grigliato (inihaw na liempo), and variazione di budino alla crema (leche flan).

Festa Artusiana 2 [IMG_3749]
Festa Artusiana 1 [IMG_3773]

Their participation, aimed to promote Philippine cuisine and tourism, was made possible by the Department of Tourism.

This trailer gave me goosebumps
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I’m a big fan of Pinoy cinema. Never mind if 95% of it is bad. I just like Tagalog movies.
My husband doesn’t understand. “Too much shouting,” he says.
My love affair with Tagalog movies started when I was a kid—with black and white Dolphy movies on TV, all the Sampaguita movies with Susan Roces, Eddie Gutierrez and countless others.
We watched Niño Muhlach movies at the old Greenhills theater. Anything Danny Zialcita is a favorite—especially if it stars Sharon Cuneta.
I will watch almost any Tagalog movie as long as it’s cheesy. But rarely would I recommend something.
Now this trailer gave me goosebumps.

In celebration of ABS-CBN Film Production’s 20th anniversary, Skylight Films presents Tuhog, in theaters nationwide on July 17, 2013.
Directed by Cinemalaya award-winning director Veronica Velasco, Tuhog stars the unexpected ensemble of Enchong Dee, Jake Cuenca, Leo Martinez and Eugene Domingo.

TUHOG MINI POSTER 18x24in lowres

Three uniquely struggling characters—the cranky bus barker, the retired old man, and the young man who preserves his virginity for his girlfriend—get their lives tangled up when they figure in a bus accident.
How will Fiesta, Tonio, and Caloy ‘disconnect’ from each other even if it means death for one of them?
To know more, go to

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