How to remain calm
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What do you do if your car slips on an icy road, spins around and drops your baby girl onto the road where a truck narrowly misses running over her?
You run for your kid and walk back calmly, while your companion jumps down to pick up the blanket and hangs it on the side of the car. Hmmm….

Crying over a hamburger
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So yesterday I was at Pepper Lunch Shangri-La, having merienda with our maid and driver, when I saw on Twitter that Carlos Celdran was found guilty of “offending religious feelings.”

I read online that Carlos can go to jail between “2 months and 21 days to a maximum of one year, 1 month and 11 days.”
I have no idea why the numbers are like that.
All I know is I started to cry while eating this double hamburger (shameless plug).

Because I'm spoiled

“The last time I cried over a hamburger was at Brother’s Burger, when I heard that Gilda (Cordero-Fernando) had a heart attack,” I told my friend Jude over the phone.
“So stop eating hamburger,” Jude curtly said.
Jude had visited Carlos in jail when he was arrested last September 30, 2010.

Carlos Celdran

I believe the night he spent in jail was enough. Carlos apologized. He has been banned from bringing his tours around the churches. Don’t know if he was excommunicated and I don’t want to bug him to ask.

Carlos facebook

Yesterday I spent a great deal of time ranting on Twitter and even arguing with some righteous Catholics with four followers. I consider myself deeply Catholic even though I don’t go to Mass regularly. I like to think that Jesus, while on earth, would have drawn people to himself, instead of repel. So why do some righteous Catholics tend to alienate others instead of inspire?
By nighttime I had a feeling of remorse and used an app to erase more than 2,000 tweets on my timeline, and with that, I went to bed.
So now that even the President thinks Carlos should be pardoned, I think we can rest assured, Carlos will be free.

Thank you PLDT!
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I have Hong Kong guests arriving tomorrow. Actually they are Hong Kong residents arriving from Boracay.
One of them is creating the Chuvaness app and I owe him tons. So I invited them to stay in my one-room Hotel Whereabouts, instead of checking in somewhere in Makati.


The place isn’t 100% finished. It still needs wallpaper, cable TV, the pendant lights have to be slightly relocated, and the bathroom tiles and toilet need repair. All of those will be done next week, and I’ll show you when it’s ready.
But today I really needed the Internet connection for the guests.

Two days ago I woke up in a state of panic and basically tweeted everyone in PLDT, including God and Manny Pangilinan to please help me get my PLDT fixed. I also blogged it.
Lo and behold, PLDT came this morning and installed.

Installing PLDT

The guy worked really fast. I am so grateful. Thank you!! And now I must fix the Skycable. So help me God!!

PLDT: Cry for help
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Dear PLDT,
Please connect my Internet na.
Paid this last January 10. It is now 17 days later.
Have guests arriving on January 30 and I’m getting nervous.
How long do I have to wait?
Thank you very much,

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