Christmas 2011

My New Year’s resolution is to lose weight. That’s why I’m hiding behind the wall.
Cape: Initial • Skirt: Comme des Garçons • Socks: Forever 21 • Shoes: Acne • Bag: Billykirk x Opening Ceremony • Glasses: Cune

Me, Christmas 2011

Skinny Mich Dulce at the same door


Mich and her mom opening my present*

Mich and Mrs. Ileto open my gift

Heather Miss Grey placemats

Heather Miss Grey placemats
*Placemats by special order at Bleach Catastrophe, Greenbelt 5


Jude wants to kill her



Merienda at Gilda’s

Visit with Gilda

Paul Jatayna spotted in Proudrace at Rockwell

Paul Jatayna in Proudrace

A Christmas greeting from the STAR

Philippine Star writers
Erwin Romulo, Stephanie Zubiri, Adel Tamano, Jessica Zafra, Quark Henares, Cecile van Straten

Beautiful chocolate from Villa del Conte

Villa del Conte

Thank you, Villa del Conte

I always love it when the Oishi truck comes around

I always love when the Oishi truck comes around

Our first real tree

O Christmas tree




Big things come in big packages: a gift from Beabi

Gift from Beabi

Christmas eve



Lechon at Wack Wack

How to say goodbye?


Looking forward


Yesterday at Rockwell

It has been tradition of sorts to get together with Ferry Corsten and his wife Lia whenever they’re in town. Not all the time, but at least once or twice a year.
Dutch DJ Ferry Corsten is married to a Filipina with the cutest daughter Gabby, so it’s inevitable that they will stop by Manila during a break from his many gigs.
The get-togethers are arranged by my friend Ginggay who is related to Lia Corsten.
Our first meeting was in Gaudî in December 2010.

Ferry, Jeroen Joris
Ferry, Jeroen, Joris

Ginggay, Ferry, Tonichi, Lia
Ginggay, Ferry, Tonichi, Lia

Last April there was lunch at Heat, Edsa Shangri-La Hotel

Jeroen, Lia, Ferry, Victor, Joy
Jeroen, Lia, Ferry, Victor, Joy

Tonichi, Jeroen, Ferry, Victor
Tonichi, Jeroen, Ferry, Victor

This year we really wanted Ferry to try the new Pepper Lunch at Rockwell. We were really happy when Ginggay texted to say the Corstens were available on Thursday afternoon at 1 PM. Tell you the truth, I’m so starstruck I don’t even talk to him.

Lia, Noel, Jeroen, Joris and Ferry shaking the salad


Ginggay and Penny gave Jeroen an iPhone for Christmas, so a thank you was in order


Rockwell has an ongoing Baker’s Fair at the food hall in the basement. I bought the yummiest cupcakes from Costa Brava. The caramel cupcake is better than Estrel’s!


The Dutch contingent arranged according to height: Lia, Ligaya, Ferry, Tark, Jeroen, Joris (he is 6’5″)


Ferry’s next stop: Club Ageha in Tokyo, Japan this Thursday, December 29, 2011.

See you next time!


December 19 is special because it happens to be the birthday of my son Christian + my mom. While Christian had his first birthday party last Saturday, my mom’s was tonight.
Last Friday my dad and his friends Mr. Takanori Fujimura and Dr. Eiki Enatsu soft-opened a Japanese fusion restaurant with a very talented chef, Masaaki Ishikawa.


Mangetsu used to be located at the Creekside Mall, now closed.
My dad said Chef Ishikawa came from Nagoya, opened his restaurant here a couple of years ago before he was abandoned by his business partner. My dad and his friends loved his food so much, they convinced him to change location under new management and partnership.

My brother Dennis (L) with Mr. Takanori Fujimura

My dad is no restaurateur, so I was a bit skeptical—but he knows his Japanese food very well.
My mom invited her closest friends and family to dinner. Jeroen and I braved the Makati traffic all the way to Jupiter Street in Bel-Air, Makati.



Soft opening here


I swear, everyone on the main floor was Japanese (a good sign)


We spotted my dad’s friends from Sumitomo Metals.


Oh, there is a real sushi chef in there. In Japan you need at least four years training to become a sushi chef. I’m very particular about sushi, so I’m happy whenever I see a real sushi chef in Manila.


My sister Ana would love Mr. Chuichi Mastumoto and the sound of his geta (wooden slippers) clacking on the floor.
So Spirited Away


Dinner was upstairs


Jeroen and I arrived just in time to sit down to this large plate of sashimi. Ana took all the salmon (not in picture). I ate the tuna and hamachi with a side of sushi rice.

Sashimi platter

Next came the tori karaage (Japanese fried chicken) served with three kinds of salt, kropek and calamansi. Loved this too.


Then the wagyu beef slices cooked on top of a plate with special sauce. Jeroen says keep the three kinds of salt from the tori karaage and use this to flavor the beef. Jeroen, my brother and I had two plates of this.


Please eat this with rice


I was already full when the ebi tempura arrived. Brown this over hot coals


Plus another plate of sushi, which I took home to Mich Dulce and her mom. So full.


The menu is surprisingly large and affordably priced. I’m coming back with my hungry friends cause I wanna try the beef bowl. Click HERE to see the menu.
P.S. It’s always fun when Ana’s around.


Mangetsu is at 38 Jupiter Street, Bel-Air, Makati
Tel. 478-3292


Hello, who gave me leaf pie? I received this at Pepper Lunch Shang with no note and just want to thank the sweet person who sent it from Singapore. Thank you very much!! :)

Leaf pie


Winners of simple swag


As drawn by, the 10 winners are:

#370 Leah Tamondong of Cubao
#618 Maria Johanna M. Batolos of Pasig
#676 Marlon Pasilon of Marikina City
#961 Nermaine Jel De Asis of Malate
#1044 Rizzane Ong of San Juan
#1057 Natasha D. Cayco of Rockwell
#1058 Giancarla Hernandez of Novaliches
#1103 Amy Santos of Sta. Ana
#1320 Ronna Kristel De Leon of Cainta
#1331 JELENNI B. BROJAN of Cainta

Please check your direct messages on Twitter and reply to me.
All winners will receive


a Pepper Lunch x Team Manila notebook
Chuvanotes by Tickles
Manansala x Freeway mousepad
The newest edition of Enjoy Cards
Php 1,000 gift check from Adidas
Php 1,000 gift check from Payless*
Php 1,000 gift check from Marks & Spencer*
Php 1,000 gift check from Accessorize
Php 1,000 gift check from Debenhams*
(*Care of Stores Specialists Inc.)
Plus, a variety pack of Burlington’s softest socks!


P.S. You can now buy Burlington products online and pay through credit card or Paypal. No minimum order required and currently on sale! Go to


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