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Almost a month after my lipo + BodyTite, I’m a believer in Dr. Vicki Belo.
Though not completely healed and still sore, itchy, numb, lumpy, and swollen in some spots, overall I’m happy I did it. It is so worth it.
My arms have been shrinking and improving steadily since last week. I’m amazed how my shoulders and biceps suddenly have “cuts”. I can’t wait to see the final result.
Already I can’t stop staring at the mirror. I can wear shirts with shorter sleeves and not be ashamed that I look so thick. Slim arms can really make you look thinner, younger—even though I have not lost weight since the procedure.
(No worries, I am so motivated to exercise and change my diet.)

Do you have a beauty or cosmetic surgery question for Dr. Belo?
Now you can ask the expert herself as Dr. Belo answers questions in a 30-minute live streaming show on the Belo website.

adb poster

Here’s how:
1. On July 14 at 7:00 PM Go to and click on Ask Dr. Belo.
2. Type in your question/s using your Facebook or Twitter account in the chat box.
3. Stay tuned for the 8:00 PM show and listen to Dr. Belo answer questions.

Here’s more:
Not only do you have an opportunity to have Dr. Belo answer your question, you also get a chance to win Belo Gift certificates. So keep posted and tune in to the first ever online Q&A show by Belo.

Make your mark for greatness (and Php 100,000) at the Tatt Awards

Is there a blogger, tweeter, or social media personality that has inspired you with their words, works, or thoughts?
Give them the credit they deserve by nominating them to the Globe Tatt Awards, honoring winners in 10 categories with a cash prize of Php 100,000 each, plus premium broadband products from Tattoo.

Tattoo’s first-ever Tatt Awards celebrates Filipinos who share Tattoo’s fiery passion, and have used that energy to create a strong and unforgettable social media presence.
Their pioneering online efforts will be recognized by a jury of peers and the Tatt Awards Council of judges, including:

Globe Tatt awards

1. Veteran journalist and the force behind ABS-CBN’s News and Current Affairs initiatives Maria Ressa
2. Tattoo Head of Nomadic Broadband Business Dong Ronquillo
3. Prolific blogger and entrepreneur Cecile Zamora-Van Straten
4. Tech blogger supreme and Tattoo ambassador Rico Mossesgeld
5. Rock Ed Philippines founder Gang Badoy
6. RX radio DJ Chico Garcia
7. Flippish star and YouTube personality, director, and video blogger Kring Elenzano
8. President of the Internet and Mobile Marketing Association Hans Roxas-Chua

“Tattoo is all about making your mark and your own personal definition of greatness. The Tatt Awards are our venue to recognize individuals whose passion and individuality have created a space that is uniquely theirs, but sincerely shared with others,” Ronquillo said.
The field is now open for nominations via
Public votes through the Tatt Awards portal and the scores of the Tatt Awards Council will determine the winners, who will each receive Php 100,000 in cash and premium broadband products from Tattoo.
Expect big announcements within August 2011.
To nominate, know the rules, mechanics, and more information, click here.

Angel Guirado signs with PR Asia Worldwide

Yesterday, Grace, Jay and I met up for a press conference at the Dusit Hotel to meet the Azkals’ Angel Aldeguer Guirado.
Guirado, a Spanish–Filipino professional footballer who plays midfielder, formerly for Spanish club CD Ronda, and currently for the Philippines national team, officially signed a representation deal with PR Asia Worldwide.

Angel Guirado
Photo: Magic Liwanag

Guirado recently delivered a breathtaking goal to boost the Azkals’ home game against Sri Lanka in the FIFA World Cup qualifiers. Now he is all eyes on getting the best endorsement deals and other commercial projects through PR Asia’s help.
Apart from commercial success, Guirado hopes his newfound ‘alliance’ with PR Asia will lead into the blossoming of his international career in football.
“For now, he is looking to play outside the Philippines but of course, he would also want to go where there is an opportunity for him,” said Rafa Garcia, his translator. “Also, he wanted to play outside Spain.”

Angel Guirado

As of the moment, however, the 26 year-old Guirado affirmed that playing for the Philippines is what matters more.
“He chose to play here for the national team since this is an opportunity for him to play for his motherland,” Garcia said.
Guirado is one of the more dutiful Filipino players who have recently made football big in the country.
But before becoming one, he was just an average kid so passionate about football like the rest of his countrymen in Spain.
As a four-year-old, Guirado started hitting the pitch with his older brother in his hometown Malaga.
At five, he started playing against boys older and bigger than him.
“During his younger years, before bed, he would put his long socks already and place his football shoes beside him so that ready na when he wakes up,” Guirado’s Filipina mother, Angela, recalls of his son.

Grace Velasco interviews Angel Guirado through interpreter Rafa Garcia.

Guirado then took his interest football a little notch higher by playing for his school, San Estanislao de Kostka, up until high school.
After attending Instituto Mediterraneo for two years, and Safa Icet for another, Guirado then commenced his exciting career in football.
He played in different clubs in Spain until he decided to play for the Philippine national team early 2011.
Guirado instantly made an impression in his first Azkals appearance. In the team’s clash against Myanmar in the Asian Football Condeferation Challenge Cup qualifiers held early this year, he scored his first international goal to settle the match to a draw. Guirado then contributed two goals in their winning game against Bangladesh.
The 6’3″ footballer has since been getting acclaims for his stunning performance, which was accomplished over his yet so brief stay in the team.

Jean-Paul heaven

If you’ve been to Jean-Paul heaven, you will never go back to Hershey’s, Marks & Spencer, or Royce chocolate (currently what’s in the house).
I discovered Jean-Paul Hevin last year in Hong Kong, all because the chocolate lollipops looked so irresistible. They look like little men in bow ties.

Sucette Chocolat, Jean-Paul Hévin, Shinjuku Isetan

My favorite is caramel. Grace likes dark and caramel. My dad seems to like the macarons.

Macarons from Jean-Paul Hévin

This time I bought myself a present. I love that it came in this reusable cooler bag.


Inside, boxes of chocolate and a teddy bear (not tiddy burr).


Cause sometimes you need to buy yourself a present.


I’m really amazed how beautiful the packaging is



These are my new discovery


The pure chocolate caramel buttons with salt crystals are to die for. So worth the price.


Jean-Paul Hevin
• Shop 212, Ocean Centre, Harbour City, Kowloon, Hong Kong (Tel. +852 2735-3268)
• Shop 2045A, IFC Mall, Central, Hong Kong (Tel. +852 2111-9770)

To know more, go to


This was the weirdest day ever, filled with stress and blessings both.
It was not a good day, but it had its perks. I’m just glad to be safe in bed.
It started with panic buying at Jean Paul Hevin at the IFC.
These are not entirely mine, but whoever is getting the big present is so lucky!


Then I had to buy my favorite sesame raisin bread at City Super before my diet starts tomorrow :(


I had one hour to shop, so I went to Vivienne Westwood in Causeway Bay. I also grabbed a Joyrich x Lesportsac laptop case at Sogo before rushing back to the hotel.
I made it back in time to go to the airport with my mom and sis.
Four Seasons is cool because they send these guys to help us check in at the airport. May tagabuhat pa :)


All these bottles people left behind before the X-ray


I love these little carts. I wish our malls would have them or something. It would make shopping much more fun.


My sister saw Anthony Bourdain alone at the Disney store, while I was buying lunch at Saboten, a fast tonkatsu place


I love the tenderloin


Oh, and a Japanese guy helped me, as I couldn’t carry my tray and push my cart at the same time. He pushed my cart for me. What an angel. I thanked him in Japanese.
Here’s my meal:


I love you. Marry me.


And oh, my sister was upgraded to First Class because she is a frequent, frequent flyer (like it’s not funny).
She offered her seat to my mom, but my mom and sister decided to give it to ME, knowing how much I love nice plane seats. I had an amazing time and slept like a baby.
This is Cathay Pacific First Class.

The New Cathay Pacific First Class

Here’s my seat


My shelf/desk (with power outlet and flower)


In front of my seat


Leg room


Check out the drink and magazine compartment


and this wonderful closet—all your stuff is just close by = Love


Unfortunately I didn’t eat because, well, I already had tonkatsu at the airport. I wanted to sleep anyway.

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