Flight 001 opens at BHS Central

So I found out the new open mall/area across from Bonifacio High Street has a name—it’s Bonifacio High Street Central.
The open area is surrounded by three buildings: the first one has Cake Club and Mango Tree; the second has Cotton On, Slice, and Jamba Juice; and the third is a shopping mall with Y-3 and Fred Perry underneath, G-Star Raw and the A.Shop on the second second level.
Through my sister Ana, I heard that FLIGHT 001 opened last week in the third building I mentioned.

Flight 001

FLIGHT 001 (pronounced “flight one”) was conceived in 1998 by John Sencion and Brad John—two business travelers who envisioned a one-stop travel store with a retro-modern feel.
They have stores in New York, Los Angeles, Berkeley, Chicago, Brooklyn, Singapore, Sydney, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, and now, in Manila.
I first discovered this as an online store before seeing an actual store in the Singapore airport. It’s hard to resist the store design.

Flight 001

In New York

Flight 001, New York


Flight 001, Chicago

San Francisco

Flight 001
Flight 001

I dropped by last Saturday night to check out the newly opened store across from the A.Shop.
Not much luggage here, but more of travel accessories and what goes inside the luggage

Flight 001

Like organizing cubes

Flight 001

and labeled pouches

Flight 001
Flight 001
Flight 001
Flight 001

Compact travel bags for your last minute purchases

Flight 001

I love Herschel

Flight 001
Flight 001

A small selection of Hex bags

Flight 001
Flight 001

Things to make your trip comfier

Flight 001
Flight 001
Flight 001

Neon travel cases (drooling here…)

Flight 001
Flight 001

Retro passport cases

Flight 001
Flight 001

And all kinds of bag tags

Flight 001
Flight 001
Flight 001
Flight 001
Flight 001

Finally I found what I was looking for. I bought ten!

Flight 001

To know more call FLIGHT 001 at 720-9683.


Crying over a wedding invitation

Jeroen and I had a beautiful wedding invitation designed by Yodel Pe back in 2000.
Luckily we printed many extras. I still have a bunch of them stored somewhere. (I’ll show you when I find them :) )

I still remember the first time I encountered Ryan and Garovs, the creative duo behind Everywhere We Shoot. It was at McDonald’s Greenbelt.
I didn’t know them but I smiled because I thought they looked cute. They didn’t smile back so at first I thought they were snobs.
I got to know them more through Mich Dulce who knows all the hipsters in town in any country.
I’ve seen Ryan through his weight loss (he gave up meat) and Garovs through numerous hairstyle changes.

Ryan and Garovs meeting outside Rustan's
Outside Rustan’s, 2007

Ryan and Garovs
Must be Greenbelt, 2009

Ryan and Garovs at 100 launch, GB5
Definitely Greenbelt, 2009

Ryan and Garovs
Bingo at home, 2009 (Photo: EDISON ONG)

Garovs and Ryan
Photo shoot at home, 2009

Garovs and Ryan
Ayala Museum, 2011 (Photo: TRISH SOMERA)

Garovs and Ryan
At home, 2012

Ryan & Garovs
Bleach Catastrophe, 2012

Ryan and Garovs
Winning the Globe Tatt Awards, 2012

ryan and garovs
Swiped from somewhere, 2012 (cause I love this photo)

The one time I realized how much Ryan was devoted to Garovs was when he accompanied to the hair salon in 2009 and fought for her rights. Sorry to mention it again—I just wanted to point out that I’ve had boyfriends wait for me in the salon for a blowdry, but not patiently for hours—that’s LOVE!

So finally, after so many years, I was so happy to hear these two were engaged. What’s more, they asked me and Jeroen to be their wedding sponsors. Ryan told me they sponsors who were their pegs in life. Maybe they saw how Jeroen and I really get along with our 15 years (and counting) together.

Today I received the invitation that made me cry. The accordion invitation they shot and designed with Inksurge and Charles Buenconsejo, opens up to 18″ x 24″.

Ryan & Garovs wedding invitation

On the flip side are wedding details, venue, attire, entourage, and some fun facts about the couple

Ryan & Garovs wedding invitation

Jeroen and I are listed here

Ryan & Garovs wedding invitation

I cry when I see really beautiful things. This is one of them. I also cried because Ryan and Garovs know I will be in Japan during this time with my family. I had mentioned to them early on that I may be out of town, but they still asked me and Jeroen to be part of it.
Because of that, I have deep regret, but really hope to make it up to them, praying to God and Johnny Air Cargo and Analyn Diego to help deliver my wedding gift to Manila before the wedding and holidays.

P.S. I saw a stolen shot of Garovs’ gown by Mich Dulce, and it is amazing!!

The fear of fear

Aside from flying in airplanes and substandard restrooms, I try to avoid cruise ships, cable cars, rollercoasters, and I say a prayer every time I have to ride a tiny elevator.
Another thing I’m deathly afraid of are infinity pools! Just looking at these pictures gives me the heebie creepies.

Infinity Pool
Infinity Pool Singapore Marina Sands Bay-14
Infinity Pool at Wildernest
Infinity Pool at Wildernest

I know there is a science to it, but still…

Infinity Pool. How it works.

Can you imagine how this makes me feel??

InterContinental Celebration Town Resort, Dubai
InterContinental Celebration Town Resort, Dubai

Margiela is not dead!

He may have sold his name and label to DIESEL, but Maison Martin Margiela’s collab with H&M launching next month shows he hasn’t sold his soul!
I feel like crying after see the lookbook pics! I’ll definitely have to fly somewhere there’s no serious queue because I want to buy half the collection!!
One by one, let’s take a look at the offerings this November.

1) I love this, especially the bag and skirt


2) Everything here is geniu: the pillow-pack clutch, the jeans, and the trompe l’oeil bra top


3) I love the pant/skirt thingy


4) Hello, did you make this for me???


5) Cute leggings. Coat inappropriate for Manila weather, obviously


6) Pang Philippine Fashion Week 😉


7) Maybe Keri would like this


8) Very nice but nakakatanda (no offence)


9) Lovely trompe l’oeil dress


10) Cute


11) I love everything here


12) Nice


13) Yes


14) Must-have!


15) Love this


16) Love


I have to plan this carefully. Don’t know yet which country I’ll go to, but definitely not Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore or Thailand. So help me God!!

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