Lesley Mobo Spring/Summer 2013

It’s been a while since I’ve spoken to Ariel Lozada, who directed my first fashion show back in 1996 at Star City.
I bumped into him at the wake of our friend Jude’s mom, who passed away suddenly last November 5.

Ariel and Jude at Mommy's wake
Ariel (L) and Jude at Loyla, Guadalupe

Ariel told me about the recent Lesley Mobo show he directed at the SM Mall of Arena—quite an unusual venue for a gala fashion show. Ariel said it was because in the beginning he had planned for models to come from above, but due to budget constraints, he settled for them to walk around stages set in the arena.

Lesley Mobo

The benefit show had guests enjoy a dramatic candle-lit dinner by Margarita Forés, before Mobo presented his Spring/Summer 2013 collection.

Lesley Mobo
Lesley Mobo

I don’t normally enjoy watching full-length fashion shows, but this one is worth seeing and worth getting out of the house for. Do watch it.
Now if only more Philippine fashion shows looked like this.

Catch the first Colours Gala on TV this December featuring MOBO’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection.
Colours is on Channel 101 on HD and Channel 21 on SD, exclusively on Cignal.
December 1, Saturday at 7:30 pm
December 2, Sunday at 4:30 pm
December 3, Monday at Dec 9:30 pm
Repeat: December 6, Thursday and December 7, Friday, 2012

Have you tried Pepita’s lechon?

Lechons have funny names. One of my favorite brands is Abub’s lechon, which I wrote about here.
I have yet to try Ulcing’s lechon, which someone recommended.
Most recently my friend Rhoda was raving about Pepita’s lechon, known for its different stuffings.
Rhoda specifically mentioned “stuffed with truffle rice”. Now, anything with truffle or bone marrow. pretty much seals the deal for me.
So one night Jeroen and I were invited to a lechon degustacion at the house of Pepita’s lechon. The 12-course sit-down dinner was hosted by Dedet de la Fuente, who started it all in her Magallanes home.

Lechon degustacion menu

I thought I would walk into a buffet of all kinds of lechon. But the impatient diner in me had to wait through a few appetizers before the actual lechons were served.
We sampled German lechon, stuffed with garlic bulbs, marble potatoes, and herbs; Spanish Manileña lechon, with Spanish chorizo and crab fat paella; French lechon, stuffed with said truffle rice and Pinoy lechon, with laing rice.


I tried only the German and French lechons and loved them. Jeroen liked the Pinoy lechon with laing best. While Spanish lechon seemed to be the crowd favorite.
I served Pepita’s French lechon during dinner at home and it was wiped out in no time. I realized it was too tiny to serve for a big party. I personally think one lechon de leche is good for four-six people only (or less).
Good thing we had a larger Abub’s lechon on standby. Check out this beauty.

Cebu lechon

Pepita’s Lechon comes in one size only (small) and costs anywhere from Php 6,500-7,500.
Order at least three days in advance. If you’re having a party, I would suggest ordering more than one.

pepitas flyers New colored

You can also arrange a degustacion dinner at Pepita’s home for a party of 15 at Php 1,500/head.
To know more, go to their Facebook page.
To order or inquire, call Dedet at (0917) 866.0662 or 425.4605.

Curious Setting

Have you ever wondered where Celine Lopez draws her decorating ideas from?

Celine Lopez
Celine Lopez
Celine Lopez

Where Lesley Mobo sleeps?

Lesley Mobo
lesley mobo
Lesley Mobo

Or how Hindy Tantoco lives?

Hindy Tantoco
Hindy Tantoco
Hindy Tantoco
Hindy Tantoco

Curious Setting—a fairly new blog by lifestyle editors Bea Ledesma and Ria Prieto—lets you inside other people’s private spaces.
“We didn’t want to approach this like a regular magazine, where everything is styled and fixed, unlike in real life,” says Ria.
“We’re interested in the way people inhabit the space, the mess and the junk, and the offbeat knickknacks,” adds Bea. “After all, that’s what makes a place yours—not some cookie-cutter layout copied off a design book.”

Bea Ledesma and Ria Prieto
Bea Ledesma (L) and Ria Prieto

The site goes as far as London, covering the pristine townhouse of London-based designer Lesley Mobo, to nearby Guadalupe to the studio of 13luckymonkey, the label famed for their handcrafted, handcarved skull rings.
Other homes include the eco-friendly demesne of Hindy Weber-Tantoco who built her Laguna home from old container vans.
“We’re featuring a lot of people in fashion because that’s the world we know,” Ria explains. “But not to worry,” Bea adds, “we’re broadening our horizons.”
Ria and Bea are also known for their jewelry line NARRA.

Visit CuriousSetting.com

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