To streak or not to streak

I remember certain milestones in my life which signaled another stage of growing up. I remember the night I felt pain on my chest as I lay on my front to sleep (I was growing boobs). I remember my first period in Baguio (I was traumatized) and certain other discoveries which should not be blogged.
Anyway, the year 2011 was the year my white hair started to sprout everywhere, so much that I could no longer pull them out as I would get bald.
I estimate having about 50-100 strands of white hair all over my body. I was avoiding dyeing because my mom’s maid Mila said when she started to dye her hair, the rest of her hair turned white quite rapidly.
Most of my white hair is concentrated on the middle part of my scalp, it could form a streak if I let it grow out.
I started to think about people who had streaks in their hair:

1) Sergei Diaghilev of the Ballet Russes

Bakst, Leon (1866-1924) - 1905 Portrait of Sergei Diaghilev and his Nanny

2) Alexandra Cabot of Josie and the Pussycats


3) Cruella de Vil of The Hundred and One Dalmatians


4) Daphne Guinness


5) Irene Marcos Araneta

Irene Marcos

Besides having an odd streak of hair, what do these people have in common? They are all rich, most of them fashion icons, and they are all characters.
So I thought that maybe I should let my streak grow out and see what happens. The thing is, white hair started to sprout in other places. I’ve been tempted to pull them out, especially when locked in the privacy of an airplane toilet where the lighting is quite harsh.
Today, 1/2/2012 to be exact, I decided was the day I was finally going to get my hair colored. After going to the gym (and yes I worked out today and yesterday) I headed over to Studio 546 at Shang to get a cellophane treatment.
After I had it done, all I could think of was, why did I wait this long?? This is so liberating, like LASIK! I can’t tell you how good this feels. I’m so happy and what a great way to start 2012.


SINGAPORE—I would’ve wanted to eat at Mario Batali’s Mozza, seafood at Ming Kee, or chicken rice at Powsing, but it’s not so easy with the kids. Markus wanted to eat in the hotel with his yaya. Ben is easier, he will try anything and Jeroen of course will eat almost anywhere (except Max’s). So I found this sign at Ion Orchard and took a picture for Jeroen and convinced them to have dinner there.


Magosaburou, a high-end Japanese barbecue restaurant, just opened here last December 1, 2011. Lucky that we were able to walk in without a reservation.



Love the place setting


with the steak sauce, salt and lemon


On the menu: Wagyu T-born Porterhouse Steak


and Mangalican Pork Boston Butt


We settled for the more familiar stuff and started with three kinds of kimchi, which we loved. I had never tasted “posh” kimchi before


Not knowing what to order, we got this special platter with assorted beef


Ben and I loved ribeye, while Jeroen liked the Kurohana beef


My boys love to cook together

Cooking daddy and son

We had “special” Niigata rice, LOL

Niigata rice

The scallops came like this


but seriously pale in comparison with the beef (read: sayang)

Steak and scallops

OK, here’s the most delicious thing I had: the thinly sliced Kurohana beef. Cooked well done, it taste like beef bacon from heaven


These shots are from the website






Take note our bill was mahalia jackson (SG$410 for three people) but should be less next time without the scallops and the beef sushi which weren’t that great.
Just for that I’m excited to grill again tonight in Makati.
Happy new year everyone!!

Magosaburou is on the 4th level of ION Orchard Singapore
Tel. +65-6634-1411
Open for Lunch from 12 noon – 3 PM
Dinner 5:30 – 11 PM

Ketna Patel

SINGAPORE—I first spotted a very colorful Ketna Patel chair at All Dressed Up during a press event here last year and wanted to visit her showroom today, but with three boys to take care of, I simply had no time.
The British-Indian mixed-media pop artist is currently based in Singapore where she has been a permanent resident since 1996.
I have a feeling I can’t afford her, but I’ll make sure to visit next time I’m in Singapore (though I don’t know when that will be cause I’m sara).

ketna patel

ketna patel

ketna patel

ketna patel

ketna patel

ketna patel

ketna patel

Ketna Patel Studio
35 Jalan Puteh Jerneh, Singapore 278063
Tel: +(65) 6479 3736
Mobile: +(65) 9735 0901

Size matters

SINGAPORE—I took it as a sign of aging when I passed by the outside of Topshop at Ion Orchard and felt really bad seeing the huge store, knowing I would be disappointed.
As a rule when traveling, I don’t enter stores we already have in Manila—such as the usual Topshop/Mango/Zara.
I still do enter Muji because there are more choices abroad. I check out Uniqlo, but H&M is too crazy for me. Plus I’m too old.
As someone who made her own clothes in college, I don’t really enjoy looking at massive collections of clothes anyone can buy. I also hate the fact that I am a Large in Zara and XL in Muji.
From Ion Orchard I walked all the way to the Hilton Hotel (well, it aint that far) in search of clothes that would fit me.
I entered the newly opened Swedish label store Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair—this one


Not this one

Fifth Avenue Shoe Repairs: Goodge Street

where everything is black and flowy. After choosing four things to try, I settled for a very soft and flowy knit top with an interesting, ghostly pattern



I was confused because the size ticket said XXS—a size I haven’t fitted into since 4th grade


Maybe I am an XXS according to Swedish standards. The only Swedish friend I had, was after all, 6’6″.
Fashion is basically slim pickins in Singapore. Thank God there’s a Club 21, which is currently 50% off everything. (I bought nothing.)
For the rich with no personal style, there’s Club 21 Style Services


Last stop: Comme des Garçons, where I am either Small or Medium


There was a lovely skirt which as a bit loose on the waist, but the last piece so I took it na.


Size: Medium. Thank you very much. :)