How to catch a Rolex thief

Rolex airport thief nabbed wearing stolen watch

Igor Adrian Ramos apparently had no idea he was the subject of news reports across the country when Broward Sheriff’s detectives arrested him Friday wearing a $6,500 Rolex watch that investigators say was stolen last month from a passenger at an airport security checkpoint.

Ramos, 37, was charged with grand theft and was being questioned Friday afternoon at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport by Broward Sheriff’s detectives who are based there.
“Crime Stoppers tips confirmed what detectives were finding at the same time,” Broward Sheriff’s Spokesman Jim Leljedal said. “Through the investigation, they had narrowed it down to a couple of flights, and he was on one to New York the day of the theft.”
When he was arrested, the Broward Sheriff’s Office says Ramos was wearing the watch that belonged to fellow passenger Gloria de Regalado, who has a vacation home in South Florida.
On Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport surveillance video of the Jan. 18 incident that was broadcast around the world, a man investigators say is Ramos was seen behind de Regalado on the security checkpoint line.
Blaming herself for hurrying and juggling boots, a coat and multiple bags, de Regalado, 43, said earlier this week that when she last saw her watch and a bracelet, the items were placed in a gray plastic bin on top of her coat instead of inside of her purse.
Apparently the watch, a 10th wedding anniversary gift from her husband, as well as a bracelet that held a crucifix, slid into the next gray plastic bin.
On video, she is seen organizing her baggage and leaving behind the items that are noticed by a male passenger.
He pauses, and then picks them up and puts them in his backpack. He had several opportunities to turn the jewelry in to Transportation Security Administration agents or Broward Sheriff’s deputies, and continues to move beyond the security cameras toward the airport concourse.
Investigators say that on the day the jewelry was stolen, Ramos, who travels between Florida and New York for his auto sales business, flew to New York, where he has a home in Long Island.
He was home at a Sunny Isles condo when he was arrested wearing the stolen watch, according to the Broward Sheriff’s Office.
“I guess he didn’t realize he was wearing a woman’s watch,” Leljedal said. #award

Nandito Ako premieres this Monday on TV5

The much-waited mini-serye Nandito Ako, starring David Archuleta alongside Jasmine Curtis Smith and Eula Caballero, premieres February 20, 2012 on TV5.
David Archuleta plays Josh Bradley, an international singer who holds his final leg of concerts in the Philippines.
He meets Holly (Eula Caballero) during one of his promotional activities, and through her meets her best friend, Anya (Jasmine Curtis Smith), a boyish and carefree lass.
Nandito Ako

Nandito Ako tells the story of young love and its joys and pains. Will Josh fall for Anya instead of Holly?
Find out as Nandito Ako airs this Monday after Wil Time Big Time and back-to-back with Valiente.

Bea Soriano for Privato Tower

“Since our project prides itself as the perfect balance of form and function, we chose Bea Soriano—with her beauty and brains—to endorse Privato Tower,” said Green Asia Real Estate CEO Gab Perez.
But beyond her stunning looks and statuesque form, not a lot know that Bea Soriano has always been an achiever, even in her Ateneo days.
A graduate of BS Psychology, Bea was a consistent Dean’s Lister, even while juggling school with a modeling career.
Now, she runs her own enterprise, while being the face of the newest development to hit the city, Privato Tower.
bea 0320

Along Pasig’s Shaw Boulevard, Privato Tower is designed by renowned Architect Carmelo Casas, whose metropolitan landmarks include Pacific Plaza at The Fort, St. Francis Tower at Shangri-La, and Makati’s Shang Grand Tower.
To complement the crisp and stark aesthetic is London-trained Architect Juan Carlo Calma, who collaborates with Casas for the building’s interior design.


Privato Tower’s unique concept lies in 25 floors with 200 rooms, where buyers can purchase a room that will be locked in a rental pool.
“The rooms will be operated like a hotel, and whether it is your specific unit that gets physically occupied or not, you are guaranteed your share in the total monthly hotel revenue,” said Perez.


Floorplan copy

Floorplan copy 2

“What’s more, buyers get actual ownership via Condo Titles (not just time-shares, mind you), doing away with monthly association dues and even offering free room refurbishing every five years.
So all you have to do is sit back and wait for your profit dividends. And since it is a tangible, self-liquidating asset, the concept is to earn from your investment without even lifting a finger,” adds Perez.
“With such a business model, our market is ultimately the conservative investor who wants a sure-fire alternative to just putting money in the bank or in riskier instruments.”

Privato bedroom



Indeed, there are investors who are likely to buy condo units with the purpose of renting them out. Problem is, there’s so much more to maintaining an asset than it initially seems—with monthly association dues to pay, tenants to deal with, repairs to address and so much more.
With Privato Tower, all these hassles are virtually removed.
Hassle-free, maintenance-free and with guaranteed recurring income, it is but proper that Privato Tower rightfully claims to perfect the true Art of Investment.

Learn more about the art of investment.
Go to
Call (0917) 823-2742 or 477-6888, or visit Privato’s Showroom at Ortigas, Pasig City.

Privato Vicinty map

Creepy Rolex thief caught on video

Thank God I don’t make nakaw. Thank God I also don’t get robbed very often.
Here’s another reason to be extra viligant in airports: watch as this man picks up somebody else’s Rolex from the X-ray bin.
Big Brother is watching everywhere. Only a matter of time before this guy gets caught—and all for what—a watch??
(Mood: Afraid)

$6500 Rolex Thief Caught on Video at Florida Airport

A surveillance video from the security checkpoint at a Florida airport shows a traveler stealing a $6,500 Rolex watch and a bracelet from a fellow passenger.
Gloria de Regalado, 43, was flying from her South Florida holiday home to Kentucky and momentarily left the luxury timepiece behind in a gray plastic bin after she grabbed her bag and coat and left the screening area.
Police in Broward County are now searching for the brazen thief using the Transportation Security Administration footage captured at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport on Jan. 18.
The footage shows the man directly behind her, dressed in a white jacket and blue jeans, noticing the items as he gathers his own belongings in Terminal 3 of the airport.
The TSA cameras clearly show the man scooping up the Rolex watch and bracelet before moving away from the security checkpoint and depositing them in his backpack.
About 30 minutes later, Mrs. de Regalado reportedly noticed her watch missing. A check by airport staff found no trace of the watch with the thief long since departed.
When they reviewed the surveillance footage, they noticed that the items were stolen.
Mrs. de Regalado told the Sun-Sentinel that the jewelry was a gift from her husband to celebrate several milestones including the births of her three children, her 40th birthday, and their 10th wedding anniversary. The bracelet was symbol of her Catholic faith.
She said she normally puts such items in a closed purse, but this time, in a rush, put them directly into the bin.
Mrs. de Regalado claimed she made eye contact with the suspect at the airport before she realized the pieces were missing.
“He had an opportunity to do right by himself,” she told the Florida paper. “He knew who I was and he could have redeemed himself, but he didn’t.”
A $1,000 reward has been posted for any information leading to the thief’s arrest.


Lucy in the sky

To commemorate six years of Lucy Torres Gomez as muse and model of Jul B. Dizon jewellery, Sara Black photographed the Filipina congresswoman, model, and television host in one-of-kind earrings, cuffs, rings and brooches, worn with Dennis Lustico’s couture pieces.

“For this photo shoot, I decided to go a step further and make Lucy look more dramatic and edgy. I am very confident that with the Jul B. Dizon brand, I can make Lucy—who usually looks sweet and wholesome in her photos—look fierce and sexy with our latest collaboration. We think she is the best person to represent our brand because of her flawless personality and exceptional beauty,” said jeweller Candy Dizon.

This 2012, expect another project by Jul B. Dizon with Lucy Torres Gomez as its sole muse.

Lucy Torres Gomez
Earrings of Diamond briolette, white diamonds, fine diamonds in 14 karat white gold.
Brooch Pastel sapphire ovals, yellow sapphires and diamonds in 14 karat white gold.

Lucy Torres Gomez
Cushion cut diamond, rubies and rose cut diamonds in 18 karat white gold.
Opal, white diamonds and tsavorite garnets and blue sapphires in 18 karat white gold.
Asscher cut green tourmaline with pear shape cut diamonds in 18 karat white gold.
Oval chalcedony, diamonds and pink sapphires in 14 karat white gold.
Cabochon paraiba, emerald cut diamonds, white diamonds in 18 karat white gold.

Lucy Torres Gomez
Earrings of Rough multi-color tanzanites, emerald cut tanzanite and fine round diamonds in 18 karat yellow gold.
Bangle, Winning design in Tanzanite Foundation.
Tanzanite cushion cut with rough tanzanite, round diamonds in 18 karat raw unplated gold.

Lucy Torres Gomez
Emerald cut diamonds with round diamonds in 18 karat white gold
Tanzanite pear shape, with diamonds in 18 karat white gold.

Lucy Torres Gomez
Ring and earrings of Cabochon turquoise, ruby ovals and diamonds in 18 karat white gold.

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