What’s in your bag?

Spotted at Serendra last week: The new Bench girl Lucy Hale with celebrity hairstylist Scott Cunha.

Scott Cunha and Lucy Hale at Bonifacio High Street

The bag is Rebecca Minkoff’s Flame Convertible Satchel
Rebecca Minkoff Flame Convertible Satchel

Last Saturday afternoon in a one-on-one interview at SMX, I asked Lucy what’s inside her bag

More of Lucy Hale in this Wednesday’s Philippine STAR.


Some of my goals this year include fitness and self-improvement (I try to run every night after dinner), home improvement (I need to renovate parts of our eight-year-old house again), and finish a studio apartment we’ve been working on for a year.
This is a kind of cozy room I want to create downstairs, where I can move my home office, tons of press releases, books, exercise bike, and DVD collection, because I need to stop being cooped up in the bedroom for work.


Then there’s the studio apartment I’ve been working on with young architects Kellyn See and Rex Gapuz.
When Jeroen and I fell in love with the model unit, it looked like this

I want this studio

Never mind the unmade bed

I want this studio

The bathroom looked OK

The banyo

But when it got turned over, it looked like this


I don’t really wanna walk into a kitchen

entrance inside

Inside unit


ledge view

There is no excuse for this kind of sink


And the kitchen is just so cheap and sad


To say I was disappointed is an understatement. Through the help of Kellyn and Rex, we came up with this plan

Our studio, 2011

The idea is a kind of hotel room, a getaway

Our studio, 2011

These were truly my pegs: a hotel room in Amsterdam

Hotel bedroom

and JIA hotel in Hong Kong

H01 - Studio - living room.jpg

So far this is how it looks now. It is a work in progress. It should be done in a month.




Kellyn and Rex will be leaving for Sydney after it’s done, which makes me so sad, but they promise to come back for some projects. I’ll take care of the furnishings and show you when it’s done. I can’t wait to have a second home, a hotel room I can hide in and not have to pay for when I check out.
After this, I’ll continue working on our main house.

A friendly letter to Breadtalk

Trying to cut down on rice and Coke, I’ve recently switched to bread and freshly squeezed orange juice.
The good news is, I don’t have to fly to Hong Kong to enjoy fresh OJ everyday.
Del Monte freshly squeezed is consistently good once again.

Fresh orange juice

Fresh orange juice

The bad news is I can finish one bottle in a day and I know it’s packed with calories.
As for bread, I’ve been going to Breadtalk for baguettes, premium sliced bread, and standard sausage rolls, which my boys love.

Breadtalk standard sausage

As a frequent customer, however, I have a few suggestions on how to make the Breadtalk experience more pleasant:

1) I wish they would stop putting each piece of bread in a separate plastic bag. Imagine the repercussions (trash, flooding) of the momentary use of plastic. Can we just put like kinds of bread in one big bag? Can baguettes go in a long paper bag?
2) I saw how they “clean” the trays earlier in Megamall. One staff was hurriedly wiping trays with a rag, instead of washing them, in full view of all the customers lined up at the cashier.
The occasional dirtier tray was actually rinsed with water in a sink (no soap), again in full view of everybody. I got grossed out and left the sausages on the tray. I did buy the half loaf of bread wrapped in plastic and the baguette that didn’t touch the tray.
I wonder, instead of wrapping each bread in plastic, can they use that money instead to line the trays with paper? Or is that a waste too and could they just clean the trays more efficiently?
3) I don’t know if the lone cashier is a marketing ploy to create lines that make them look really busy with customers. But I really wish they would have two cashiers because there is always a line at Breadtalk.


That said, I am jealous and wish I owned Breadtalk and more power to them. I’ll be back.

Kiss on the Lips, Year 3!

Pepper Lunch’s Kiss on the Lips promo every Valentine’s Day started from me watching Gossip Girl, where a Kiss on the Lips party was organized in Season 1.
Once a year, kissing couples are treated to free dessert when dining at Pepper Lunch on February 14.
This year the first 50 couples to lock lips get to choose from one of three fun desserts below.

Kiss on the Lips 2012

Hint: it’s good excuse to kiss your object of desire at Pepper Lunch. Drag them over to Rockwell, Greenbelt 5, Shangri-La Plaza, Alabang Town Center, SM Megamall A, Mall of Asia, or Robinson’s Place Ermita.
Opening soon: Trinoma!


In dreams you are

Mich Dulce told me one of the hats in her latest collection was inspired by a hat I wore in the ’90s.

Café Orfeo
Me at Café Orfeo (Photo: Edgardo Santiago/DAILY GLOBE)

Here’s a screenshot of Georgina Wilson in a teaser for Mich Dulce’s A/W 2012-2013 collection.

Georgina Wilson

I’ve seen Mich’s new look book photographed by Everywhere We Shoot and it is amazing!!
Here’s that teaser filmed by Jason Tan

Directed by Jason Tan
Producers: Erwin Romulo / Mads Adrias
Cinematographer: Dom Dycaico
Production design: Heima
Music: Mikey Amistoso (Liquidpost)
Hair/Makeup: Gela Laurel-Stehmeier • Emmanuel Concepcion/MAC
Dress: Proudrace
Styling: Melvin Mojica
Supported by BENCH

This February 15-23, 2012, milliner Mich Dulce will present her A/W 2012 collection in the Philippine Embassy at 10 Suffolk Street, London SW1Y 4HG.
Her collection features sustainable contemporary hats and headpieces using traditional hand-woven Filipino materials such as T’nalak, a natural fabric from the T’boli Tribe of South Cotabato.
Also showing his collection is designer Jerome Lorico, who has made a study of ethnic groups from the Philippines, focusing mainly on royal tribal members who have now been largely assimilated into today’s modern society.
The exhibitions will be shown alongside a fashion film by Filipino filmmaker Jason Tan.

To know more, go to http://www.britishfashioncouncil.com/.

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