Cathay Pacific scandal solved

When I first saw photos of the Cathay Pacific sex scandal, my immediate concern was safety. I mean who wants the pilot messing around with a flight attendant during a flight?
This video is in Chinese, but you get an idea.

Now Cathay Pacific has released an official statement. The incident didn’t happen during a flight (thank God) and the pilot and flight attendant are no longer connected with the airline. One wonders what kind of job they can get next?
The following statement is issued on behalf of Mr. John Slosar, Chief Executive of Cathay Pacific Airways:

Statement by Cathay Pacific Chief Executive John Slosar

12 August 2011

“I can confirm that two members of our crew shown in compromising situations in photographs published recently in Chinese-language daily newspapers are no longer employees of the company.
I can also report that we have found no evidence to suggest that the incidents happened on any of our flights while airborne.
We will now produce a report of our findings and pass it to our regulator, the Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department. We will continue to co-operate with the CAD as required.
I know that many people were disturbed by the damage this incident caused to the reputation of our cockpit and cabin crews, all of them serious safety and service professionals, and to the airline itself.
I want to assure the public and all of our staff that we conducted a thorough investigation into the circumstances in which the photographs were taken and published.
And I can provide further assurance that our investigation was fair, conducted without fear or favour and with no special consideration or regard for rank or position in the company.
As Chief Executive of Cathay Pacific, let me be crystal clear about one thing: I find any behaviour that recklessly soils the reputation of our company or our team members as totally unacceptable.
That’s why we moved as swiftly as we could to ascertain the facts of the case, and to take decisive action.
I appreciate that some people wish to know more details of our findings.
However, the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance strictly limits us from discussing matters between the company and individual employees.
For this reason, we cannot release information about the specific actions that have been taken by management or individual members of staff, or comment on rumours relating to individuals.
This is the law, and we must and will respect it.
But I am satisfied that the actions we have taken are the right ones and that the lessons learned will make all of us in the company even more conscious of our responsibilities under our own Code of Conduct and the privacy provisions of Hong Kong law.
Finally, I would like to thank the Cathay Pacific team for their understanding and concern as we carried out our inquiries, and also to those who conducted the investigation with diligence, determination and commitment to a fair process.”


Puey ‘fesses up in MEGA August issue

In this digital age of blogs, Twitter and Facebook, more than ever, a social media scandal can cause an individual to lose everything he/she has worked hard for.
Words of praise turn into dismay, disappointment and disassociation. Judgment is easily casted before light is shed on the issue.
Take the case of celebrity designer Puey Quiñones, who became the subject of shame and ridicule which began with a photograph of a re-tagged jacket posted all over Facebook and Twitter.

Puey Quinones_lowres

In the August Issue of MEGA, Puey opens up to Editor-in-Chief Sari Yap to talk about the incident.
“I agreed to do the interview only because of Sari,” Puey said.
It’s never easy to go public and admit your wrong deeds, but Puey braved the odds and apologized to those he let down.
In said interview, he said he didn’t want to prolong his agony and opted to apologize rather than deny the allegations.
It’s easy to create a scandal, but to erase the stigma will take time and effort to erase.
Puey may have done things wrong, but to err is human.
Coming out clean by admitting his fault is a good way to start again.
Read more about the exclusive confession of Puey Quinones in the August Issue of MEGA Magazine with the Maricar Reyes on the cover, out in stands now.


Update: Puey loses job once again

There’s no place like Shang

For many of us living in “midtown” (Makati being “uptown” and QC/Cubao “downtown”), Shangri-La Plaza is like a second home.
As an expert mall-goer, I can tell you a successful mall needs to have the following staples: Mercury Drug, National Bookstore, True Value/Ace Hardware, movie cinemas, supermarket, department store, beauty salon, dental and health clinics, spa and gym mixed in with your favorite restaurants and reliable clothing stores.
Shangri-La Plaza has most of that, so imagine your second home right next to your home—and more.
Enter Shang Properties’ newest residential development, One Shangri-La Place, a luxury twin-tower residential development that will stand on top of new a six-level mall.
Amenities include swimming pools, a fully-equipped gym with changing rooms, a play area and game rooms as well as a four-level parking podium.

One Shangri-La Place Aerial view day shot

Designed by architectural consultants Palmer & Turner Hong Kong; Casas + Architects; BTR Workshop Limited, Hong Kong; LDI Design Limited, Hong Kong, Aecom; Meinhardt Phils., SunAsia, Inc.; and Davis Langdon & Seah, you can expect comfortable units with high ceilings and roomy interiors.

One Shangri-La Place Show Suite master's bedroom

One Shangri-La Place Show Suite living-room

One Shangri-La Place Show Suite kitchen

One Shangri-La Place Show Suite 2nd-room

Right across are the Edsa Shangri-La Hotel and the Chi Spa; connected to it via walkways is the Shangri-La Plaza Mall, which has direct access to the MRT Shaw Station.
One Shangri-la Place is conveniently located near the San Miguel Corporation and Asian Development Bank, Poveda Learning Center, the University of Asia and the Pacific, and Medical City.

One Shangri-La Place site development plan

It joins a roster of residential and commercial developments under Shang Properties Realty Corporation (The St. Francis Shangri-La Place, The Shang Grand Tower, The Enterprise Center and Shangri-La Plaza Mall).
Shang Properties is the Philippine property development arm of the Kuok Group, one of the largest diversified conglomerates in the world renowned for the quality of its Kerry properties in Australia, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, the Philippines and Singapore, as well as the Shangri-La Hotels & Resorts worldwide.
Interested buyers may visit the showroom and model unit on the ground level, Shangri-La Plaza Mall (on the side of Mercury Drug) or contact any One Shangri-La Place property consultant through (632) 634-8080, (632) 634-8111, (632) 634-5678. Or email

To know more, go to

101 People You Must Meet (right now)

Last January, Town & Country USA published a list of 101 People You Must Meet in 2011 with Lake Bell on the cover.

Town Cover

The alphabetical list included personalities like Wendi Deng Murdoch (67), Kate Middleton (64), Sarah Ferguson (34) and Lapo Elkann (30).


This month, Town & Country Philippines does its own version with Liz Uy on the cover.

Liz Uy

Compiled by a panel that includes Lizzie Zobel, Monique Villonco, Sevrine Miailhe, Doris Ho and Margarita Forés, the local version includes Lea Salonga (78), Irene Araneta (6), Tina and Ricco Ocampo (61), Anton Huang (46), Wynn Wynn Ong (62), and me! (100). Haters to the left!
Read all about it in the August issue of Town & Country, out in stands now.



What happened at the Pen…

As a judge of the Globe Tatt Awards, I had to be at The Peninsula Manila’s Salon de Ning at 6 PM.
But knowing how these things work, I left my house at 6:30 and followed the proceedings on Twitter.
Luckily traffic wasn’t a bitch and I arrived in good time.


Since almost everyone was a blogger, there were so many cameras. As you know, I dislike being photographed so I squeezed in the back with Carlos Celdran and Rajo Laurel (nominees both) and Victor Basa.


Starvation 2011! Victor was kind enough to steal me a hakaw :)


Spotted: Blast from the past, Jeje Santos of Giniling Festival! Yes, Jeje was around long before the jejemon came into existence.


Nominees Bianca Gonzalez and Laureen Uy with Liz Uy

Bianca Gonzalez, Laureen Uy, Liz Uy

While judges were being announced, I was hanging out with Matt Gozun and Jake Galvez of Becky Nights.


Then Gang Badoy’s name was called. I overheard Jake Galvez say, “What’s Gang Badoy?”
Matt Gozun answers, “Tao yon, sis.”
I was cracking up when they called me to announce the nominees for the Stylista category.
After this I went back to Matt and said, “Nakakatawa si Jake. Hindi niya talaga alam kung sino si Gang Badoy.”
Matt says: “Is he here na ba?”
Me: “Anong he?? SHE!!”
Yes folks, Gang Badoy is a woman and I quote:

Gang Badoy

Luckily Gang arrived shortly after and got to meet Matt Gozun (L) and Jake Galvez (R). So yes, she is a tao, and a woman at that. :)


After the program I was looking for Ginggay and found her at The Bar with Robby Carmona (L) and Divine Lee (R).


I spotted an apostle-looking guy across the room and was told he was from Korn.


To be honest, I don’t know Korn from Asin. But the blogger/loser/poser in me just had to take a picture.


There was a dude with him, so kakahiya naman. Take 2.


Siempre, join na rin si Ginggay, so Take 3.


Just then my son called from home and said he needed to bring an apple to school tomorrow. But where to get an apple at this ungodly hour?
Carlos Celdran suggested calling Mariano Garchitorena or checking out the hotel’s Fitness Center where they may have complimentary bottled water and fruits.
But I had another plan. I dragged Ginggay to the Escolta buffet.
“Why are we going?” she asked.
“I need an apple for Ben’s homework. He needs it for school tomorrow.”
“Anong balak mo?”
“Kukuha ako.”
“As in ipapasok mo sa bag mo?”
“Kind of.”
Ginggay looked doubtful. We entered Escolta and I immediately saw this container of fruits.
“Ayun, Ginggay. Ayun!”


Ginggay: “Teka, teka, teka.”
Me: “I just need one apple. One apple.”
Ginggay: “Can I just call Stephanie Chong? Let’s do this right OK?”
Me: “Fine. Me I’m gonna look inside.”
I wanted to look for someone I knew who could get me an apple from the buffet table. Surely there must be someone I know….
And I found one! Just when Ginggay had Steffie on the phone. We didn’t steal it!


So thank you Manila Pen, I can become a good mommy.
Love, Ben


P.S. I’m so glad I am a judge and not a nominee because online voting/campaigning stresses me. (Thank you Globe!!)
So while waiting for official event photos, find out who’s nominated and start voting now!

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