Poliform opens in Makati

Time flew. Nine years passed by quickly since we moved into our house.
I’m a firm believer in updating, so our house is in constant renovation. There’s always something that needs to be fixed. I’m running out of ideas.
And now that the older boys are in their tweens, they’re no longer using the playroom downstairs. Who would’ve thought a simple iPad would replace all the toys we had amassed since they were little?

Right now we are fixing the roofdeck which has been a problematic source of leaks.
There are termites in one part of the house. Ceiling fans and floors have to be replaced, etc.
Two of the things I really want to change are the closets in our dressing room and our broken kitchen.
Both are falling apart.

Last month, on my way to browse for furniture at the LRI Plaza, I saw this building coming up on Nicanor Garcia Street in Makati.


I knew Poliform as an expensive Italian brand online, but have never been inside a showroom.
Luckily my cousin knew the owners. I was invited to a preview before they opened to the public last week.
I found out Ed Calma was behind the showroom design. Aside from Poliform furniture and closets, it also showcases Varenna kitchens.


Downstairs are the living room furniture and kitchens


The kitchens make me cry because they cost around 6 million to build (read: impossible dream)

Varenna kitchens

The kitchens are so beautiful, they were designed for display—as in open kitchens that are trendy now.

Varenna kitchens
Varenna kitchens

We went upstairs and saw expensive beds.


I asked about the wooden stool, one of the simplest things I couldn’t afford. I think they said Php 80,000++!


Moving along…it was the closets that really made me want to cry.
Back in 2005, I thought these Philux see-through closets were heaven, even though they look ghostly (read: parang may mumu). The thought of seeing my bag collection behind glass appealed to me.

Glass closet by Philux

Now check out Poliform’s see-through closet!


That small section is estimated at Php 900,000! I felt my heart sink as I would need at least three of that to store my current collection. I can’t justify a closet that costs more than my clothes.
They are really gorgeous though, if you can afford it, with other finishes to choose from.


But for me, it’s just a dream to have a closet that looks like a store. And you?


POLIFORM is at 219 Nicanor Garcia Street, Makati City, Philippines
Tel: +63 2 804.2776 • 804.2778
Email: agchia@poliform.ph


About the nanny

Last night I couldn’t sleep thinking about Kevin and Marina of New York, whose two children were killed by the nanny in their Manhattan home, while Kevin was on a flight back to the city and Marina was taking care of their other child, Nessie.

Marina and Kevin Krim in December 3, 2009 (Photo: Patrick McMullan)

Kevin and Maria Krim had three children: Leo was 2, Nessie is 3, and Lucia was 6.


When Leo was born they decided to hire a nanny based on the recommendation of the nanny’s sister, whom Marina met at her daughter’s ballet class.
Yoselyn Ortega, 50, had been working for the Krim family for two years. She was treated like family, and the Krim family even flew to the Dominican Republic to meet Ortega’s family.
Here’s what happened to them on October 25, Thursday.

Lots of thoughts came to my mind:

1) Aside from the shock I felt as a mom, I also felt relief that the nanny isn’t Filipino. I dread the repercussions on countless Filipino nannies all over the world, if ever the evil nanny turned out to be Filipino.
2) I was trying to think what would motivate Yoselyn Ortega to kill the children. I’ve heard that some yayas (Filipino for nanny) take revenge on their wards whenever they feel resentment towards their employers. This was one of the speculations I read about last night.
3) I thought about some of my friends and relatives who left their careers abroad to raise their children here, where a village can really raise one child. Here there are many arms willing to hold a baby or child.
4) I thought about my own experience with four different yayas who had hurt my children—the horror stories ranged from the pinching to the dunking of the head in the toilet bowl. I don’t know for sure, and I don’t want to know. I don’t want to think or talk about it anymore.
5) Grateful as I am to the good yayas we’ve had, I’m also relieved whenever one of my kids grow old enough not to need one.
6) Yoselyn Ortega was the Krim’s first nanny. I know it’s really hard to get a nanny in New York, unlike here. But there is safety in numbers. It’s better if a nanny can also get relieved by another nanny or maid. I wouldn’t leave my children alone with only one person, that’s why I like to hire many people.
7) If you see many red flags, or if something doesn’t look or feel right, get rid of them. Many witnesses said Yoselyn Ortega seemed cold and distant. Go by your gut feel and get rid of people with bad vibes.
8) Even the best yayas have expiration dates. Some of them start out nice and sweet. You feel so grateful, you treat them like family. You spoil them and raise their salary. You give them many perks. And then after a few years they change. They’re not so nice and sweet anymore to you and your kids. You see the red flags. Don’t be afraid to let go.
9) Listen to your friends and relatives. If one of them hears or sees something wrong with how your yaya is treating your child, take heed. It’s better to be safe than sorry.
10) Countless other thoughts, many of them I can’t write about. I prayed for Marina Krim last night before falling asleep. The Krims will be in my thoughts and prayers in the days to come. I hope they find answers to their questions. I hope justice will be served. I hope they find peace. I know children cannot be replaced, but I do hope they’ll be blessed with new babies.

On the road: More scary in the Philippines

We hear about crime all the time, but the impact is always stronger when it happens to someone we know.
With elections coming up on May 13th next year, it’s time to think about who we’re voting for.
We need to vote for people who really care about making changes for good, and making this country a safer place for all of us.

MALATE—October 10, 2012

Carlos Celdran was attacked in his own neighborhood, Malate, and posted this on his Facebook page:
“After having noodles at Qan Do Lami last night—due to rain and poor visibility—I backed up my car and accidentally tipped over a motorbike.
When I came out to check if everything was OK, I was accosted by the very, very drunk owner of the bike, who had just left one of the girly bars next door.
After a few kicks to my torso, and punches to my head, bystanders managed to hold him back.
But as I tried to drive away, the man and his companion broke away from the bystanders’ grasp, pulled out my side mirror and punched in my back window with a rod.
Thank God he did not have a gun. I do have a bump in the back of my ear as a souvenir of the evening.”

Carlos Celdran's car

Later, Carlos returned to the girly bar on Sinagoga and Mabini.
The staff said the attacker is a “marketer” or a pimp that takes commission from bars for bringing Koreans and Japanese tourists to meet Guest Relations Officers.
“His name is Rey and the people in the bars don’t like him either. I’ll let this go. This guy is scum and I wouldn’t put it past him to have me shot on the street for a few bucks,” Carlos wrote.

Quezon Avenue—October 23, 2012

Yesterday morning, my husband was on board a van with a driver and three office staff, when they saw a white Toyota Vios with plate number PQT 567 coming from the right side lane, with blinking lights.
At first they thought it wanted to change lanes, but it moved slowly, closer to the van.
A man rolled down the window of the front passenger seat and shouted to the driver: “Tabi mo! Tabi mo!”

In Manila you’re not supposed to stop for anything while on the road—due to carnappers, kidnappers, hold-uppers, or hostage-taking. My husband told the driver not to stop.
The sped up a little but the car kept cutting in front of them and signaling them to move to the right inner lane.

“You’re thinking lots of things at this moment and wondering what this is about. Since there were two men wearing shirts marked Land Transportation Franchising & Regulatory Board and we were five people in the van, we decided to stop,” my husband said.
“One of the men came out of the car and approached our driver’s window. He looked inside and mumbled something and left. According to my staff he was checking if our private van was being used as an unregistered PUV (public utility vehicle) that transports people for a fee.”

My husband took a photo and tweeted it to @LTFRB_Official and @MMDA


@LTFRB_Official replied:


It appears whoever is tweeting for @LTFRB_Official is lost in translation.
We shall send this entry to Asec. Torres.
@MMDA never replied by the way.
What the hell is going on? Does anybody have a clue? Does anybody care??

Margiela with H&M launches in New York

Earlier today, I searched Instagram for photos on H&M’s launch party to celebrate its collaboration with Maison Martin Margiela.
Held in the historical 5 Beekman Street in New York’s financial district, the event was attended by models and celebrities who wore pieces from the collection.

MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA with H&M Global Fashion Event
MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA with H&M Global Fashion Event
MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA with H&M Global Fashion Event - Location Shots

Spotted on the red carpet concrete floor were Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker

Chace Crawford

Chace Crawford

Doutzen Kroes

Doutzen Kroes

Alan Cumming

Maison Martin Margiela With H&M Global Launch Event - Red Carpet

Mena Suvari


Helena Christensen


Leigh Lezark

Leigh Lezark

Margareta van den Bosch, Creative Advisor at H&M


Bart Freundlich and Julianne Moore


and more



Guests didn’t know what to expect as each room in every floor held surprises—such as art installations by Daniel Arsham, Frederique Chauveaux and Noemie Goudal, who created sculptures, projections and photographs exclusively for the event.

MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA with H&M Global Fashion Event

The collection was also revealed in dance performances choreographer by Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker.

MMM with HM_Performance_0010
MMM with HM_Performance_0009
MMM with HM_Performance_0013

Then lucky guests were welcomed inside pop-up stores in some of the rooms, where they got first dibs from the collection.

MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA with H&M Global Fashion Event - Location Shots
MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA with H&M Global Fashion Event - Location Shots
MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA with H&M Global Fashion Event - Location Shots

While the rest of us mortals wait as the Maison Martin Margiela with H&M collection launches November 15th in 230+ H&M stores worldwide.

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