Sosy Problems, the movie

Watch the trailer and see if you agree:
1. Doesn’t GMA Network have an HD version of this trailer?

2) Coño #1: Scary bag :(
3) Coño #2: I can understand brushing teeth with Evian. But how can she do it chilled water? #notfun
4) Coño #3: The shoes.
5) Cono #4: Looks convincing. But even if there’s no Internet where they’re at, surely she must have a 3G phone with data plan?
6) Try using your cellphone after stepping out of a helicopter. I don’t know if you can hear anything.
7) Listen to Cherie Gil pronounce “snakeskin buh-kin bag”. #fannoying
8) Ruffa looks fab! Let’s watch!
9) Wala man lang official website??
10) Wala ba talagang HD??

Gift Guide #6: Gadget Grocery

“Where do you buy your gadgets?” I’m often asked.
While many of my gadgets are gifts from my Dad or sponsors, I do occasionally buy my own—either on Amazon (shipped via Johnny Air) or Fortress (if in Hong Kong).
I’m really scared to buy from unknown stores in the streets of Hong Kong.

More than 12 years ago, I was pressured/harassed by a Chinese salesman in Tsim Sha Tsui to buy a portable Panasonic DVD player for US$ 1,000. I was too scared to call the cops, so I just paid for it then.
I enjoyed it for a while until it conked out a few times. I paid again (twice) to have it fixed in Hong Kong instead of just buying a cheaper model—just because I was thinking of how much I paid for it.
Finally after three years, I gave up. And now those portable DVD players can be had for less than US$100.
I’ll never forget it.

In Manila, I rely Gadget Grocery because the owner is only a BBM or tweet away @gadgetgrocery.
They deliver to your home or office and you can pay by credit card with their portable swipe machine—so you can get your airmiles on top of your purchase. (What I really hate are appliance stores whose prices go up when you take your credit card out.)

Gadget Grocery offers some of the most in-demand gifts this Christmas.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 04
Samsung Galaxy Note II (16gb) PhP 27,900
On top of the list is the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, which I love and tell everyone to get.
It’s an improved version of the original Galaxy Note. Pretty much the same size with the built-in stylus, but faster and with a better camera.
Only thing is, I haven’t quite figured out how to remove the repetitions in my synced contacts.
I don’t leave home without this.

Apple iPad Mini (16gb – WiFi Only) PhP 19,900
The iPad Mini is a great gift because it’s affordable compared to other iPads and tablets. I love its size. I’m just waiting for everyone else to create nifty cases and accessories to go with it because it’s so damn cute.
I use the iPad mini for storing iTunes movies, which the Samsung can’t do. I was never a big iPad fan, but this one I like.

Apple iPhone 5 (16 GB) Php 39,900
I don’t know a lot of people who use the iPhone 5. Just my Dad, Dr. Vicki Belo, Maxene Magalona, my friend Harold, and Mr. Fashion Pulis. I understand it uses a lightning cable, which complicates matters due to lack of accessories.
But I know a lot of people have this on their wish lists.

iPad 4
Apple iPad 4 (16gb – WiFi Only) PhP 23,900
Woah. I didn’t even know there was an iPad 4. I don’t think this was hyped at all.
It features the best Retina display on an iPad with twice the speed and 10-hour battery life.
It has a new FaceTime FD camera (not sure if I want to be seen in HD though) and shoots 5-megapixel still images.
Then there’s the lightning thing again.

To see more of Gadget Grocery, click HERE.

Gift Guide #5: Cibo gift sets

CIBO’s holiday gift sets are now available to order, packed in either wooden tray or habi box made of handwoven scrap materials. Habi boxes provide livelihood to the indigent people of Baseco, through a project of the Kabalikat sa Kaunlaran ng Baseco Inc., Urban Poor Associates, Maraming Bayani Foundation, Zesto and Oishi Corp.

GIFT SET 1 (Php 2,950)
Lavazza Qualita Oro (beans), Lingue di Gatto (Cioccolatto), Lingue di Gatto (Plain), Sardine (Peperoncini, 2 bottles), Crostini, Marmellatta (mango, 2 bottles), Palmieri (2 packs), habi box

SET 1 [PHP 2950]

GIFT SET 2 (Php 2,350)
Lingue di Gatto (Cioccolatto), Lingue di Gatto (Plain), Lavazza Qualita Oro (ground coffee in can), Sardine (Peperoncini), Marmellatta (mango), Crostini (2 packs), Palmieri (2 packs), habi box

SET 2 [PHP 2350]

GIFT SET 3 (Php 1,450)
Lingue di Gatto (Cioccolatto), Lingue di Gatto (plain), Sardine (Peperoncini), Marmellatta (mango), Crostini, Palmieri, white wooden tray

SET 3 [PHP 1450]

GIFT SET 4 (Php 550)
Sardine (Peperoncini, 3 bottles), habi box

SET 4 [PHP 550]

GIFT SET 5 (Php 450)
Sardine (Peperoncini), Marmellatta (mango), habi box

SET 5 [PHP 550]

GIFT SET 6 (Php 550)
Patatine Fritte, Cibo Bimbi T-shirt for kids, white wooden tray

SET 6 [PHP 550]

GIFT SET 7 (Php 2,500)
2 Cibo 15 Anniversary Mugs, Lavazza Qualita Oro (beans), Lingue di Gatto (Cioccolatto), Lingue di Gatto (plain), Palmieri, habi box (optional: add Casa di M woven bag + PHP 650)


GIFT SET 8 (Php 990)
Cibo 15 Anniversary Mug, Lavazza Qualita Oro in can, habi box


May I suggest the Chuvaness Gift Set at Php 850?
Patatine Fritte (Potato Chips), Lingue di Gatto (Plain), Maionese, habi box


All gift sets may be purchased with a Casa di M woven bag for an additional PHP 650.

Place your orders at least 3-5 days in advance at the nearest Cibo:
Glorietta 4: 729-2426
Shangri-La Plaza: 633-2426
Alabang Town Center: 842-7285
Rockwell: 898-2426
Promenade Greenhills: 727-2426
Gateway Araneta Center: 913-2426
Greenbelt 5: 758-2426
Eastwood Mall: 470-2426

For bulk orders, call Bernadette Ong at 912-3524 (Cibo Central Office) or email

Gift Guide #4: Fiori di M, Holiday 2012

This season, Fiori di M offers stylized floral arrangements and wreaths using nature discards and indigenous materials.
When ordering, quote the style number below. Please note that flowers or materials depicted in the photos may be replaced if not available at the time of your order.
To order, call 729-0030 or email

FC-01 (Php 3,050)
FC-01 [MG_0006]

FC-02 (Php 3,850)
FC-02 [MG_0020]

FC-03 (Php 1,250)
FC-03 [MG_0027]

FC-04 (Php 1,350)
FC-04 [MG_0039]

FC-05 (Php 2,700)
FC-05 [MG_0049]

FC-06 (Php 2,350)
FC-06 [MG_0056]

FC-07 (Php 2,000)
FC-07 [MG_0061]

FC-08 (Php 1,800)
FC-08 [MG_0069]

Fiori di M

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