Déjà Vu
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My son Ben, 11, asks the most curious questions.
When he was little he asked me, “Mommy, when you were a kid, did you use feathers to write?”


“No Ben, Mommy’s not that old. We had pens and pencils.”
Another time: “Mommy, when you were a kid, were people black and white?”

Lola Paying and I
Mama and her friends

“No Ben, some were sepia. (just kidding!!) We had color. Only TVs, movies, and pictures were black and white.”

Then one night Ben says, “Mommy, why do I feel like this happened already?”
“What happened?” I ask him.
“You and me sitting here. It happens to me sometimes. Like something that’s happening happened already.”
“Ben, that’s what they call Déjà Vu—the feeling that something already happened.”
Hard to explain.

Back in the ’80s, during one of those summers, my family was staying at the Hyatt Terraces Baguio

Hyatt Terraces Baguio

I was a scrawny little kid with glasses and curly hair. I remember grabbing a hairbrush, standing on the bed while facing the mirror and lipsyncing this song on the cassette player. I closed my eyes, feeling the moment.
You could say I was already a gay man at that time…

I was halfway through the song when I opened my eyes and saw a roomboy/housekeeper standing by the door and holding a stacking of towels with his mouth hanging open.
I swear to God, I wanted the earth to swallow me up like Ricky Lo interviewing Anne Hathaway.
I don’t remember what I did to get out of that situation, but I survived. And now whenever Déjà Vu comes to mind I think of a hairbrush, a bed, and a roomboy with a stack of towels….

Jeremy Scott’s Leopard Flourish for Spring 2013
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I always look forward to Jeremy Scott’s limited edition collabs with French leather goods company Longchamp.
My favorite is the Gold Card my friend Victor brought back from Paris in 2008

Me following dad
Jeremy Scott Gold Card

Mark Nicdao got me the Pills, also from Paris :)

Jeremy Scott Pills

This is cute

Jeremy Scott x Longchamp

I really wanted this one. Then I thought, do I really need another one?

Jeremy Scott Paradise

This Spring 2013, Jeremy Scott does Leopard Flourish, his new limited-edition design in Longchamp’s Le Pliage® holdall.
Jeremy Scott Leopard Flourish

Leopard spots, baroque swirls, and the unmistakable typography of the US dollar are bound together by a bold, gold color scheme. Made of fine-quality cotton canvas trimmed with dark brown cowhide leather, only 2,500 were produced worldwide.
Find them at Rustan’s Makati and Shangri-la Plaza.

Grand Hyatt Singapore
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Dear Dennis (my brother),
There is nothing shabby about the Grand Hyatt Singapore!
Except for amazingly slow Internet connection, everything else is lovely. Look at the floor.

Grand Hyatt Singapore

This way to our room

Grand Hyatt Singapore

Huge, comfy bed (can sleep 2 adults + 1 kid)

Grand Hyatt Singapore

Jeroen loves the reading chair and lamp

Grand Hyatt Singapore

Study table in the corner

Grand Hyatt Singapore

I love the closet

Grand Hyatt Singapore

Inside is a wooden door that slides open so you can access the closet from inside the bathroom. Genius idea!!


I love the bathroom with the privacy toilet and bath

Grand Hyatt Singapore

Separate shower

Grand Hyatt Singapore

Counter-mount sink! (read: not bowl)

Grand Hyatt Singapore

And a makeup table!!! I don’t have to dry my hair next to the laptop! Thank you!!

Dressing table

The first three days Jeroen and I were really thrilled to be in this room, but today there was that feeling of it’s time to go home. #singapore

Back to Singapore
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It’s been a while since I last saw Singapore—to be exact, it was December 2011 with the kids.
I wanted to get away, so I asked Jeroen to take me here for Valentine’s Day.
I’ve forgotten how great Singapore Airlines feels.
So much space


So many compartments—for your magazines, bottled water, rosary

2013-02-13 13.56.55

I even had a “trash” bin (cause I hate stuffing trash into the magazine pocket)


This I love: you can plug your gadgets (I don’t know why that logo is baliktad)


I sat next to the wing. I only realized this before landing because I kept the cover down the whole time.
The plane shook a little after takeoff and I had to manage my anxiety by praying and of course some medication :)


Because Jeroen slept on me! I love that you can recline fully.

2013-02-13 15.51.18

To think that the seats near the wings are the least shaky—so I’ve read. Yes I’m still scared of flying.
Over and over I kept thinking about what Kissa McDermott told me—her brother and father are both pilots. According to them turbulence is nothing to be afraid of and flying is really, really safe.
We made it in one piece.
The airport looks so beautiful.


Yes, it’s been a while. I don’t remember this beautiful carpet


Follow the Singapore Girls


Gorgeous trees. I wonder if they were lit up for Christmas


Jeroen and I didn’t eat on the plane. After checking in our hotel, we walked to the Ion Orchard where I enjoyed real Singaporean roasted chicken rice—the best!!
I have to say it feels good to be back.

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