Queueing for Margiela

I learned about Martin Margiela as a fashion student 20 years ago, when a Swedish friend, who was working at IF in Soho, started raving about the new Belgian designer.
At that time, the majority of my wardrobe was Xuly Bët and Margiela.
Don’t laugh, here’s a rare picture of me wearing Martin Margiela in Parsons back in the day.

Draping class

Washed hundreds of times, the shirt’s still with me—and it fits!
I kind of lost interest in Margiela after he sold to Diesel, but this recent H&M collab got me interested again. I just had to fly to Hong Kong and be there.
While not all countries were hot for the collaboration, a good amount of fans lined up the night before to be the among the first to get the goods.
Take a look at photos I grabbed from Instagram showing which cities had the most intense fans.

I took this photo in Hong Kong at H&M Elements Mall around 10:30 PM the night before. There were 30 people in line with their books, food, mats and tablets.

Hong Kong

Brian del Rosario spotted a brilliant customer who brought a tent in Singapore?


Not sure what happened in Osaka. This doesn’t look good.


Copenhagen was probably a good place to be (along with Los Angeles, Shanghai and Zürich, from what I’ve heard)


Inside a Calgary mall looks like a good place to camp out—I’m sure they had a clean restroom to use.


Camping out in London (take note: mostly Asians)


and Kuala Lumpur


Waiting in Milan


and New York

New York

More Asians in Austin TX

Austin TX

More queueing in Barcelona




and Margiela’s hometown, Antwerp.


(To be continued)

Hong Kong in a jiffy (Part 1)

Whatever is lacking in Manila, Hong Kong makes up for it.
We’re lucky that it’s only 1.5 hours away.
I do apologize for the lack of entries. Hong Kong is probably the only city where I can’t feel my legs after a day of shopping/walking. That’s because you can still buy something even though it’s 11 PM in Causeway Bay!

Jeroen and I left the house at 8:30 AM for an 11 AM Cathay Pacific flight.
The new business class seats are okay. I was happy to charge my gadgets during the flight.


But I prefer the old fishbone layout. I find it easier to sleep there.
Here’s the old business class

Cathay Pacific business class

And the new business class

CAthay Pacific new business class

I heard that many passengers complained about feeling cramped in the old fishbone layout, while I personally like the feeling of being enclosed in a cocoon.
The bad news is: my fear of flying is back. It’s back with the full-blown anxiety when turbulence happens.
Good thing Hong Kong is only 1.5 hours away. I can’t say it enough.

We checked in the W Hotel because it’s right next to H&M at the Elements Mall.


We used to love this hotel, but it’s gotten old. Our bathroom showed corners with mildew, a defective bathtub drain, and a toilet stall that constantly needed air and odor management.
Tired, I took a delicious nap and wanted to stay in. But Jeroen and I had to step out for dinner.
We walked to the mall and ate in a place called Dondonya.
Jeroen had the curry katsu


and I had the beef wagyu bowl, which I was too hungry to photograph.
We did a little shopping at Kurachika (Porter store)


before checking out the queue for the Maison Martin Margiela with H&M opening at 8 AM the following day.
At 10:30 PM there were already a few brave souls in line.


I decided to get some sleep and ready to wake up at 5 AM, to be in line by 6 AM.

(To be continued)

Mankind premieres November 14 on HISTORY

History lovers, don’t miss the biggest TV event of the year, as Mankind: The Story Of All Of Us, premieres tonight, November 14, 9 PM on HISTORY™.
Acclaimed actor and Oscar nominee Josh Brolin narrates the English language version of the epic, six-part series.

josh brolin

Over two years in the making, Mandkind is one of the most in-depth television series ever produced by HISTORY.
It will be the first TV series to look at the history of the human race through the ages, in a highly ambitious way with the scale of its cinematic vision.
Jaw-dropping CGI technology and dramatic reconstructions of the most critical events in human history will leave viewers spellbound to the compelling story of our race.

In every episode, the path of Mankind’s progress will be unlocked through a set of mysterious keys.
These will range from the first tools to the construction of the pyramids, to the birth of agriculture and the revolutions in military technology.


Through geology, astronomy, meteorology, and physics, the series delves into the forces of nature, exploring human’s ability to harness these immense natural powers through engineering, science and innovation to assure their survival. Remarkably, Mankind’s path is guided by events that stretch back, not hundreds, but thousands, even millions of years.

Watch Mankind every Wednesday night at 9 PM on HISTORY™.
To know more, go to http://www.historyasia.com
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Have you ever felt the presence of someone who has just passed away?
Funny how Jude and I were just talking about Mommy. Today is the 9th day after her passing.
Jude said Mommy has a funny way of saying hello. He has smelled her perfume on two occasions, a perfume given by me.
And just now, while cleaning my desk, I found this note underneath my pile of press releases (which I have to work on!).

Note from Mommy

I like to think that she meant for me to find this today, after all, it is dated “today.”
I immediately called Jude to tell him Mommy is indeed funny, and it made him laugh.
So thank you Mommy. You did tell me your name, I just wasn’t paying attention. :)

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