Ask Dr. Belo tonight!

She’s back!
Dr. Vicki Belo goes on her second livestream broadcast of Ask Dr. Belo.
She will be joined by her daughter, Cristalle Henares and Ruffa Guttierez as co-hosts.
This time around the topic will be Cosmetic Surgery. So get your questions ready as Dr. Belo answers your questions in a 30-minute live streaming show on the Belo website.

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How to:
1. Tonight at 7 PM, go to and click on Ask Dr. Belo.
2. Type in your question/s on the chat box.
3. Stay tuned for the 8 PM show.
4. Not only do you have the opportunity to have Dr. Belo answer your question, you also get the chance to win Belo gift certificates.

Chasing Paris

Pagoda. That’s how I felt today, and now at 12 midnight, I’m just glad to be home in my sweats and socks.
I was supposed to have a list of things to do today but all that changed because Paris Hilton is in town.
A press conference was scheduled at the Peninsula Manila’s Conservatory at 4 PM, with media registration at 3:30 PM.
On the way to the Pen, I was craving for Häagen-Dazs coffee ice cream. I tweeted around to find out if the Peninsula served Häagen-Dazs, and was told they didn’t. Luckily when I got there, a Häagen-Dazs launch had just ended at Salon de Ning!
Spotted: Häagen-Dazs’ new endorser, Georgina Wilson


I made pakapal and asked the PRs if there was any ice cream left. They had tons, but no coffee. So I had two of these strawberry cups (my 2nd favorite). I could not believe my luck. Now I can taste and eat my ice cream.


After eating the ice cream I thought I saw Paris Hilton walking towards the Conservatory.


Oops! It’s Bianca Valerio! #award


Upstairs I saw my cousin Candy Dizon, who is blooming like Mich Dulce! #payat


See, it’s supposed to start at 4.


Around 4:30 we were informed that Paris would come down in another 30 minutes, so we had to kill some time.
RJ Ledesma was lucky he brought his Mac and could get some work done.


I was still hungry so I went to the buffet table which was wiped out. I was lucky to grab these pineapple slices and thought, why do hotels have the monopoly on perfect fruits?


More waiting. Take a look at the photographers waiting for Godot.


Finally, Paris arrived at 5:40 PM with a ton of entourage. I have never seen or heard the sound of so many cameras clicking in the Philippines, simply because we have no celebrity like this in Manila.
Watch Paris work it.

She sat in between Robbie (L) and Jigger Antonio of Century Properties. She looks exactly like her photos and she looks like a live Barbie doll with Barbie hair.

Paris Hilton in Manila


It was difficult to take pictures because the place was packed


Paris arrived on Sunday night and seeing from their video presentation, she had a full agenda shooting a commercial and ad campaign for Azure Urban Resort Residences and meeting with Century Properties to design the resort.


Last night she had dinner with Vicki Belo and Manny Pacquiao.
Today she had a press conference and tonight, a party in her honor at the Peninsula.
Tomorrow she will have a meet and greet at SM Megamall the Paris Hilton bag store at the SM Megamall Atrium before leaving the country

The cheesy part was when Paris’ supposedly “number one fan” was called to the stage. Some of us wondered how one gets the official title “number one fan”.
Apparently the girl Isha and Paris communicate on Twitter and was meeting here for the first time.
To be fair Paris was really sweet to her. They swapped presents.




The cheesiest part was when the Facebook promo winners were called to the stage for a meet and greet.


That was my cue to exit, but not before taking one last picture of Paris with the Antonio family.


Was able to catch Paris leaving the press conference with a ton of entourage.

Left the Pen and had dinner with Harold at Sugi. We were starving.


To know more about the development, click here.


Run for Sofia Ysabel

Funny how Eliza and I were just talking about mothering over dinner.
Eliza has a baby boy and I have three sons. For the past two days I was sad because the kids aren’t doing very well in Math and have been fighting like cats and dogs—what else is new?
Whenever this happens I tend to blame myself and wonder if I’m a good or bad mommy.
Jeroen always says, good mommy. But I think, if God were giving out report cards, I would fail.

It makes you wonder why that happens, how you love your kids from the day they are born. You strive for equality and fairness, to give them what they need and what they want, in terms of affection, attention, material things—and yet they end up trying to kill each other on a regular basis.
Sometimes you wonder if you’re raising Cain and Abel, when all you really want is for them to get along and have some peace at home.


So yes it’s true, ang hirap maging mommy.
I’m no tiger mom and I hate tiger mom. I’m not the type to send my kids out to every activity after school/on weekends because I want to see them and spend time with them.
I don’t expect to have kids who get seven or eight medals at graduation. I just want them to be happy, to be good, to work hard and do well in school, to be honest, healthy and to love God.
I always think life is short, you don’t know what’s gonna happen. I have friends who had kids that died at 6 or 8 years old due to illness or accident. So I’m just grateful to have healthy kids. There is no need for perfection.

Just now I got this email from Ginggay, about Sofia Ysabel Rosal, who was born only three months ago with Down’s Syndrome and Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS), a congenital heart disease.
Sofia had undergone dialysis to address kidney failure, apart from other tests and procedures that were regularly administered to keep her condition stable.
Last July 23, 2011, Sofia’s battle finally came to an end. But her short life and her fighting spirit have inspired friends and family to put together a fund-raising activity to support her family as the cost of her treatment has reached alarming heights.


One Thousand Runners for One Heart: A Run for Sofia Ysabel, is a 3k and 5k fun run happening on August 27, 2011, 6 AM at the Piazza at Venice, McKinley Hill, Taguig City.
Registration for both 3k and 5k is Php 500 (with the fee donated entirely to Sofia’s family) is now open at R.O.X Bonifacio High Street and The Brick at McKinley Hill.
You may also sign up online at
Professional runners, leisure runners, and first-time runners are all welcome to run—not to beat previous records, but to be one of a thousand runners running or walking for Sofia, the little girl with a big brave heart.


So cute!

DKNY’s Fall/Winter 2011 collection features New York mods, inspired by modernists in the city. It reminds me of Gossip Girl or Madeline, the French school girl. The collection is a sexy study of graphic lines, colors and texture that are pulled together with a fresh ingénue spirit.
Color palette is all city-inspired with shades of black, cream, navy and gray with bold shots of Lipstick, Tangella, Henna, Foundation and Blush.

DKNY FALL 2011 Women's RTW (9)

DKNY FALL 2011 Women's RTW (8)

DKNY FALL 2011 Women's RTW (22)

Shapes are simple and clean, flexible and ready to layer. Tailoring is linear, and marked with detail: tux-edged in black or pieced with contrast inserts, be it rib knit, leather, horizontal splashes of color or the pattern play of hounds tooth, pinstripes and plaids.

DKNY FALL 2011 Women's RTW (2)

When it’s not a jacket, it’s a sleek, modern coat, like the V–neck cardigan coat with leather sleeves or the tailored cape that wears like a coat over the shoulders. The short, spare shift is a canvas to color, pattern, the softness of silk pleats, or the movement of shredded silk with detachable white collar. Horizontal blocking emboldens simple knits or angora sweaters. Silk blouses are edged in piping or spontaneously color–pieced.

DKNY FALL 2011 Women's RTW (27)

DKNY FALL 2011 Women's RTW (25)

At the bottom, it’s all legs, from the sliver of a skirt to super–skinny pants and new lean flare trousers.
Finish with the plush chic of a knit puffer, a faux fur or something warm and shearling with shoes as tall and grounded as New York itself.
The shoes are really special, with the hidden platform and strong stacked heel that gives height to ankle–braced Mary Janes, Cap Toes and Modern Spectators.

DKNY FALL 2011 Women's RTW (28)

DKNY FALL 2011 Women's RTW (34)

DKNY FALL 2011 Women's RTW (33)

DKNY is exclusively distributed by Stores Specialists, Inc. (SSI) in the Philippines with stores at Greenbelt 5, Rockwell, Rustan’s Makati and 158 Designer’s Boulevard Alabang Town Center, and Newport Mall.

How to win one of ten Vespas from Yellow Cab!

For the last ten years and counting, Vespa—the cool Italian motor scooter—has become an icon of Yellow Cab Pizza Co. to deliver great food, 24/7. These distinctive bright yellow scooters reflect the culture and innovation that the quick-casual restaurant subscribes and lives up to.
Celebrating a decade of great food and friendly service, Yellow Cab shows its appreciation to loyal customers by giving away ten limited-edition vintage Italian Vespas in its grand anniversary raffle called One Great Decade, One Great Vesparade, co-presented by Coca-Cola, Fonterra and 2GO.

Vespa Raffle Promo Pic

Specially customized and designed with the help of Vespa experts in the country, each scooter was carefully worked on to represent Yellow Cab’s most iconic products:
Two red Vespas embody the spicy flavor of Yellow Cab’s popular Hot Wings

Vespa/Yellow CabVespa/Yellow Cab

The classic mica brown- and camel-hued scooters personify the savory Charlie Chan Chicken pasta

Vespa/Yellow CabVespa/Yellow Cab

The chic pistachio and pink colored Vespas take inspiration from the Dear Darla pizza

Vespa/Yellow CabVespa/Yellow Cab

The two black and white motor scooters characterize New York’s Finest pizza

Vespa/Yellow CabIMG_6305

Finally, the vintage yellow scooter is singled out to represent Yellow Cab as a whole.

Vespa/Yellow CabVespa/Yellow Cab

From July 1 to September 30, 2011, customers (whether dine-in, take out or delivery) have the chance to win their very own Vespa.
For every Php 500 worth of purchase that includes at least one Coca-Cola product, patrons will receive one (1) raffle coupon for a chance to win one (1) out of ten (10) exclusive limited edition Yellow Cab vintage scooters to be given away in three monthly draws.

Promo period for the first month is from July 1 to 31 with 3 scooters to be given away at the draw on August 10. Raffle entries submitted from August 1 to 31 will be included in the succeeding draw to be held on September 10, where another 3 units will be raffled off.
The final draw for entries submitted from September 1 to 30, will be held on October 10, where the remaining 4 Vespas will be handed over to winners.

To know more, go  to

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