Promod Sale

PROMOD, the leading high street fashion brand from France, goes on sale this July 1-31, 2011 in all Promod Stores at
Greenbelt 5, Trinoma, Abreeza Mall Davao, Ayala Center Cebu, SM Cebu, Megamall, Southmall, Gateway, Robinson’s Ermita


Meet your Smart C+ ambassadors

Here’s a very effective tip my doctor told me when I had a cough that wouldn’t go away: Bombard your body with Vitamin C, 500 mg. twice a day. I took it in tablet form, and in a couple of days I had greatly improved. You’d be surprised.
So here’s a drink that already has 500 mg of Vitamin C—known to be beneficial in strengthening the immune system and repairing cells and tissues.
Whether you’re developing or nursing a cough or cold, Smart C+ is an alternative refreshing drink that has real fruit juice minus the artificial coloring, added preservatives, and artificial flavoring.
Choose from citrus flavors of Orange Crush, Lemon Squeeze, and Pomelo-Grapefruit.


Now meet your Smart C+ ambassadors.
Rissa Mananquil multitasks from being a mother to her son, Enzo, modeling and teaching. Her weekly column showcases her expertise in both beauty and fitness.


Another young mover, Anton del Rosario, center-back for the Philippine National Football Team, the Azkals, is responsible for Philippine football’s reemergence. Anton puts great focus and emphasis on performance and works doubly harder in achieving his goals.


Divine Lee’s success can be measured by the amount of energy and vitality she emits on her day-to-day affairs. By managing a residential empire, a clothing line, a legion of Twitter followers, a burning passion for compassion and philanthropy, and her towering shadow in the glamorous limelight, Divine follows a schedule that is fast-paced, high-impact, and incredibly versatile.


Editor of Manila’s premiere men’s magazine, RJ Ledesma is an author of multiple titles on marriage, manhood. This tongue-in-cheek TV host is also the main man behind Mercato Centrale and Midnight Mercato weekend markets. RJ acknowledges the significance of purity in both diet and lifestyle. An instructor and co-founder of Yoga Manila, he tries to keep his life balanced with a daily routine of Ashtanga Yoga.


Liz Uy is one of the pioneering spirits behind Philippine fashion’s reawakening. Her life in the spotlight—taking her from photo shoots in the morning, to fashion events at night, does take its toll on her energy keep.
To keep up with her multi-faceted lifestyle, Liz makes sure she has enough Vitamin C every day.


To know more about Smart C+, click here.

Sale, sale, sale!!

Robinsons Specialty Stores, Inc., the exclusive franchisee of Topshop, Topman, Dorothy Perkins, Warehouse and Trucco in the Philippines goes on End-of-Season Sale beginning July 1, 2011.
Come on the first day to enjoy special discounts on all regular-priced items.
Take up to 50% off marked-down items up to July 31st.

robinson's salerobinson's sale
robinson's salerobinson's sale

I survived BodyTite (the last installment)

Sundays are made for lying down. The kids are at a children’s party and I’m just chilling with Jeroen.
I sent the nurse home early. She was here to help me shower and remove the dressings. Now I only have a couple of band-aids on my inner elbows.
Last night I couldn’t sleep again because I am used to sleeping on my tummy—and I can’t. I watched two episodes of Real Housewives of New York. Nakakastress and show na ito!


Today I was able to shampoo my own hair. Tomorrow will be the nurse’s last day.
The main problem now is itchiness on the bruised areas, so I took some Benadryl and I’m about to fall asleep in a bit.
Follow up appointment tomorrow plus a few sessions of skin tightening laser.
My appetite is not so great (which is good). I don’t know if this is related to the antibiotic I have to take twice a day for a week.
Though I’m swollen and bruised, the worst is over. Final results from 2-6 months and I’m excited.

Here’s what else you need to know if you want to get BodyTite:
1) You will need big roomy (dark) long-sleeve tops for the first 3-4 days, which will get soaked in blood. For this, I used my husband pajama tops.
2) Try not to use white bedsheets at home. Otherwise, make sure you have bed pads all over.
3) The blood will scare the children under 10, hehe.
4) Try to find a tape that isn’t itchy on the skin. I have to know if that even exists. For the first two days I had to ask people to scratch parts of my body.
5) I just found out that it helps to apply a hot compress to the itchy bruises, as it breaks down the blot clots under your skin.
Buy a hot water bottle in the drug store, wrap in a thin towel or T-shirt and apply to skin.
6) Hire a nurse to care for you at home (will blog this later). This removes stress on you, your family and the rest of the household.
7) Benadryl helps you sleep when it’s itchy. Though Dr. Belo recommends Celstamine for the itch.
8) Banana chips help.
9) It’s not scary.
10) Exercising makes healing faster.
11) Don’t ask me for the price because I might say the wrong thing. But click here to get an idea.
The rest of the stuff will be told to you in detail in the clinic.
To know more about BodyTite, click here.
That said, it’s time for my nap. Zzzzzz……

I survived BodyTite, Part 3

It was 1:45 PM when I laid down on the operating table which was comfy, padded and had a pillow. They handed me the remote control to a Samsung flatscreen TV suspended on the wall. I switched it on to Bagets on Cinema One.


Next door, I could hear the voice of a famous actor who has been going to Dr. Belo for 18 years. No wonder he is amazingly well-preserved unlike his brother.↑
I asked how long the procedure would take, so I texted the driver to go home and come back at 6 PM.
The anesthesiologist plugged the Twilight in. It’s an IV that kind of puts you to sleep.
I watched Bagets. Then my world started to get woozy. It felt like my soul was leaving my body. I was truly scared, just like I was while having my C-section (twice).
My heart pounded and I thought, this must be how it feels to die. I started praying.
They covered my eyes with a dark green towel, if I remember correctly. I could hear them talking and doing stuff to my body, but I felt no pain and the fear was gone.
After some time, they woke me up. Is it done? Yes. It went really well.
I called for my nurse and asked her to massage my feet.
I wondered if Dr. Belo was around. I wanted to thank her. No, I wanted to hug her, but she was gone.
I asked for my cellphone. I wanted to call my dad and Jeroen. I almost called my Dad, but I remembered, husband first.
I called Jeroen to say, “I’m done.” He said he was on his way home from work and asked me what I wanted to eat. I said, I have no appetite.
I saw I had a missed call from my Dad. I called him and said, “I’m OK.” I can’t remember what else was said, but he always says something nice.
Before I left I asked the nurse to take a picture of my fat. Almost 2 liters, I think.
Can you imagine I was carrying that on my arms?


I don’t know how I made it home. But somehow I got myself in the car, up the stairs. I went to bed and felt hungry.
Jeroen fed me Kim Chiu’s diet (three siomais) and I was full.
Then I had an urge to brush my teeth. I felt energized and went to the bathroom with the nurse. While brushing my teeth I saw blood dripping on the sink, on the floor. A bit freaky but we didn’t panic as we were briefed that this would happen, hence the sanitary pads taped on my wounds.
I sat on the toilet lid so that nurse could change my dressing. I started to feel faint and had that feeling my soul was leaving the body again.
I heard voices but couldn’t see. The next thing I was on Jeroen’s side of the bed. How did I get here?
I fainted. Again, we were briefed that I could faint due to the Twilight, so we weren’t scared.
I had no pain, I was in good spirits, until hunger and pain hit me at 10:30 PM.
I asked for Ponstan. For the first time I started to feel sorry for myself and cried. Jeroen told me, don’t cry, the worst is over.
I figured, I should eat something. I had a burger in my mind, but I ate banana chips instead. Banana chips saved my life.
Ponstan kicked in and I felt OK again. But I didn’t and couldn’t fall asleep and so I watched a Bethenny Frankel marathon on iTunes (my idol).
In the morning I was well enough to take a shower without passing out.
(To be continued)