Run from the heat with David Beckham’s shoes
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I used to run as a child and seriously thought I was good. But then a sharp pain would shoot up on my lower right side every time I ran.
My elder brother Manolo had appendicitis when we were kids, so I became paranoid whenever I ran and had that pain.
Now that I’m older, I found out I could no longer run. I mean I can run for only a minute and go back to walking.
Meanwhile, my other brother Dennis lost so much weight running, and I have all kinds of excuses not to work out, such as the traffic, the time, the hot weather.
If heat and running matter to you, here’s a running shoe which provides ventilation from all sides for improved running performance, endorsed by David Beckham, no less.

David Beckham Adidas
David Beckham Adidas

New ventilation channels across the outsole and the use of climacool® material on the upper of the shoe help sweat to evaporate.
In addition, the COOLEVER lining, a special clover-shaped yarn, keeps the foot cool, dry and comfortable during the run. The achieved performance benefit of 360° ventilation reduces thermal stress and discomfort during workouts and results in increased running performance.

Adidas climacool

The benefit of 360° ventilation is highlighted in the new climacool® launch film, directed by Nathan Price and developed by 180LA. While the rest of the city tries to get any bit of breeze with the help of hand-held fans and airconditioners, David Beckham enjoys a cool and ventilated run in his climacool® Revolution.

The new climacool® Revolution running shoe is available in adidas Sport Performance stores and other sports retailers nationwide with a recommended retail price of PHP 6,895.
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The Last days of Pope John Paul II
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Tomorrow, April 2nd, marks the 8th death anniversary of Pope John Paul II.
I wrote such a brief entry about the event, even though it affected me profoundly during that time.
Last night I stayed up late watching this CNN documentary on the weeks leading to his death in 2005.
Finally it made me understand why the Pope chose to stay in position while physically suffering and deteriorating before our very eyes.
The documentary reminded me how blessed I am to have known him as Pope for 26 years, and helped me appreciate the subsequent election of Pope Benedict XV.

How to scramble an egg inside its shell
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Happy Easter!
I know it’s a strange greeting. I find it weird whenever people say that, but I just heard the Pope say it on TV, so it must be a legit greeting.
Speaking of Easter, my husband found this cute video on how to make a scrambled egg inside its shell. He finds the weirdest things online. Enjoy!

How to join @chuvaness summer giveaway!
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It’s been a while since my last giveaway and I really need to give away so much stuff.
I want to keep my promos simple because I find it silly when other people ask you to do so many things for such a minor prize (sorry!).
This week I’m giving away eight prizes.
There will be four train cases and four Team Manila tote bags filled with goodies.


Here’s what’s inside the train case:


1.’s amazing picture book of Manila’s best desserts with directory on where to order
2. Manansala mousepad from Freeway
3. Adjustable shoulder strap
4. 2013 calendar pen
5. wala lang dollar pen case


6. A pack of two BagsGo reusable bags (colors will vary)
7. The Happiness Project gratitude journal from National Bookstore
8. Autographed CD from Ferry Corsten!
9. Urbanears Tanto headphones (colors will vary)

Here’s what’s inside the Team Manila tote bag:

1. Goody’s amazing Quickstyle brush and comb—it deserves an entry of its own!
2. Hachi silicone wallet from The Ramp Crossings
3. Autographed CD from Ferry Corsten!


4. Two sets of BagsGo reusable bags—you’ll get four pieces in varied colors
5. Pupung tank top from Solo
6.’s amazing guide to Manila’s best desserts!

1) Open to anyone with a Facebook or Twitter account and a Philippine address.
2) Must like/follow Ferry Corsten on Facebook or Twitter because I super owe him for these autographed CDs!!
3) Register HERE.
4) Share this entry by clicking on “TWEET” or “LIKE” at the bottom of the entry.

5) Deadline for entries: April 5, 2013 at 11 PM, Manila time.
6) Winners will be chosen via electronic raffle and announced here on

Will tell you more about some of the prizes next time!

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