Pepper Lunch Mall of Asia now open!

Pepper Lunch opened its 7th branch in the Philippines recently at SM Mall of Asia.

PL - Mall of Asia facade


The 140-square-meter restaurant seats 54 guests inside and 40 on the veranda overlooking the bay, where you can watch the sunset daily and the fireworks every Friday and Saturday at 7 PM.


PL - MOA inside


Pepper Lunch Mall of Asia is located on the 2nd floor of the Entertainment Mall.

MOA map

And we rock! Thanks to the support of SM Mall of Asia, happy people are served everyday from 10 AM-10 PM.

PL - MOA dinner peak

PL - MOA dinner time

PL - MOA happy people
All photos: George Huang

Pepper Lunch, the original franchise from Japan, is located at Greenbelt 5, Shangri-La Plaza, Alabang Town Center (Corte de las Palmas), Robinson’s Place Ermita, SM Megamall, and SM Mall of Asia.
(Rockwell branch is currently under renovation.)

Buy Muji, win tickets to Japan!

Traveling is fun, but packing, maybe not so. That’s why it’s great to have Muji just around the corner, with everything you need to get your trip organized—from minimalist passport cases

passport case

To affordable, water-repellent spinner luggage

4-Wheel Pocket Carry Suitcase

Toiletry kits

Hanging toiletry case

Packing cubes with divider

packing cube

Or even shrink-wrapped scarves

shrink-wrap scarf

Now Muji officially launches a special promo in partnership with Delta Airlines by giving away a pair of round-trip tickets to Japan to one lucky winner.
For every minimum, single-receipt purchase worth Php 10,000, including at least Php 500 worth of any featured MUJI to GO travel item, the customer is entitled to one raffle ticket.
One winner will win a pair of plane tickets that are valid for one year.
Promo runs from September 1 to 30, 2011, with the official raffle draw to be held at MUJI Bonifacio High Street on the first week of October, under the supervision of a representative from the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI).
Promo does not include visa processing, insurance, travel taxes, pocket money, hotel accommodations and the like.
Interested participants should be at least 21 years old with a valid passport for at least 6 months prior to departure.

In the Philippines, MUJI is exclusively distributed by Stores Specialists, Inc. (SSI) and is located at Bonifacio High Street and Rockwell Power Plant Mall. Opening soon at Greenbelt 3 and SM Mall of Asia.

Favorite things

Having been a fag hag since the age of 13, I’ve gotten along with third sex very well. That’s why I find it amazing that after I turned 30 and had kids I’ve found that women are not so bad to have as friends. I find it amazing that they actually want to hang out with me! I am proud of myself whenever I find myself at a girl’s night out because I never used to do that when I was single.
Tina’s birthday is coming up and we’ve been bugging her to treat us at The Last Chukker.
Chukker is one of Jeroen’s and my favorite place to eat—but you have to be a member of the Manila Polo Club to eat there. So basically we’re at the mercy of my parents if we want to have our favorite steak and pizza.
Last night a bunch of us girls had dinner there—with two orders of four-cheese pizza, six orders of steaks al burro, Cokes and Cokes Zeroes, and dessert.

Tina, the birthday girl


The best four-cheese pizza baked in a woodfire oven


Too bad they don’t serve this on a hot plate, because it is so divine. The best part are the little morsels of fat in that little sauce dish.


Chocolate cake and tiramisu


Bread pudding


Patty hamming it up like a model (Jeroen, please find her a tall Dutch date!!)


Grace and Keri


Us girls (with no intention to diet right now)

Me, TIna, Abet, Patty, Keri

Finished this off with Chuvaness swag from M&Ms


If I were so rich, I would buy this restaurant. Yum.


Suspicion raised over Swiss national

The readers are smarter than me.
After I posted the story of David Archetti last night, things became clearer in the morning, and some questions were begging to be asked.
1) Why doesn’t the Tourist Police just drive him to the Swiss Embassy?
2) Why doesn’t his family want him back home? Doesn’t he have other friends who can fork out the Php 4,500 he needs?
3) Was he overstaying? Can they just deport him?
4) Why isn’t he losing weight?
5) Did the ABS-CBN news team offer to take him to the Swiss embassy, or even Google David Archetti?
Because this will show up if you click here:


Important Message
David Archetti : A fraudster and conman
David Archetti : A “impersonator” swindler and (English: see below)

SKEMA Dear Members and Friends SKEMA
We are forced to see, before you to warn DAVID ARCHETTI.

DAVID ARCHETTI tried repeatedly amounts in the range of approximately CHF 1’000 .- to CHF 10’000 .- (approx. U.S. $ 8,000 .-) to swindle the following reasons:
He expects money in the next few days – but still had the money will not be blocked or not approved by the bank at the moment …
A friend (acquaintance) was innocent in a Philippine prison, he needed money for bail or a lawyer …
He urgently needs money for his daughter, Serena (Born: 13.2.2004) or anything else ….
Redemption in the next 7-21 days …
DAVID ARCHETTI pushes again and again as guarantor / surety his uncle Rolli Krauer ( Suny Kamay liquefaction ) or his father (Archetti – Vini D’Italia) in front.
Neither Sigung, nor his father or mother are one for the debts of ARCHETTI DAVID! Any liabilities or guarantees are expressly rejected here!

Since DAVID ARCHETTI the latest electronic tools like e-mail and cell phone used his whereabouts is difficult to ascertain. With very high probability it stays in the Southeast Asian region to: Thailand and the Philippines (Cebu City, Moalboal, Davao, Manila) and he used addresses (yet) the following e-mail:
and the following (known to us) phone numbers:
+63,916,458 27 85 / 67 49 +63,926,431
For personal contact please Archetti David over to the local police.
For any questions and / or comments should apply directly to you: à “David Archetti”
Please excuse the unpleasant reason of this letter.
Yours sincerely,
SKEMA International
SiSuk Markus Bühlmann


SKEMA Dear members and friends SKEMA
Dear Swiss / German community of Cebu
Please do not give any amounts of pesos / US $ / € / CHF to the Swiss citizen: DAVID ARCHETTI !
He is a swindler and a impersonator!
He has not any connection to Sigung Suny Kamay (ROLLI KRAU). And even his father (Archetti – Vino D’Italia) and mother will not pay back any outstanding credits of DAVID ARCHETTI!
He is using followings e-addresses and Cell Phone numbers:
· +63,916,458 27 85
· +63,926,431 67 49
If you meet DAVID ARCHETTI or his girlfriend / partner in life, ” Joey “- please hand over him / her to the local police.*
For questions or Indicate future of his staying – please contact:
Watch out and regards from:
SKEMA International
SiSuk Markus Bühlmann

My thoughts:
1) * He is with the local police.
2) Looks like he got a makeover in Manila.
3) Shall we email them his whereabouts?

How to send this Swiss national home?

There are many homeless people in the world, but I really feel bad when I see a homeless foreigner. It’s very strange to see a white guy begging in Bangkok or a Japanese national, poor and homeless in the Philippines.
I would never want to be in a position where I can’t find my way back home here in Manila.
My question is: Can I/we/the Swiss Embassy/Swissair donate money/help this man go home? And how?

accidental prisoner

The Accidental Prisoner
By Rem Zamora,

At the corner of Kalaw Avenue and Orosa, inside the Tourist Police Station, a 29-year-old Swiss national has been seeking refuge there for almost three weeks now.
A sales agent by profession, David Archetti wanted to experience Manila after spending 6 years in Cebu with his ex-wife.
Upon arrival on June 27, 2011, he met a taxi driver who introduced him to different unscrupulous people. These people stole his belongings, including his passport, cellphone, and wallet. They left him with only 400 pesos in his pocket.

accidental prisoner

With no place to stay, David walked around the streets of Manila and slept inside a church for three nights until the deacon told him he couldn’t stay there any longer. Wandering at 11 PM, he passed by along Kalaw Avenue and saw the Tourist Police sign outside the station.
“Tourist police… I’m a tourist, maybe they can tell me what to do,” David remembered uttering to himself.

accidental prisoner

He later asked Police Sr. Inspector Jovan Sicat, chief of the station, if he can stay there for the night. Sicat allowed him to stay. He ate cheese macaroni with the police on that first night in the station.
The following morning, David told the police officers what really happened to him. He also related how he needs to raise Php 4,500 to pay the penalty for his return ticket.

accidental prisoner

David found out that his family back in Switzerland is not willing to help him out of his situation after warning him not to go back to the Philippines. His ex-wife sent him 450 pesos and said that is all she can give.
Since then, David has been staying inside the station hoping to raise the money for the penalty so he can go home. The officers have been helping him for his daily needs, from food to medicine for his toothache and even his mobile phone load.

accidental prisoner

David, in turn, tries to help with the daily chores in the station like sweeping the floor, cleaning the dishes and buying the policemen food from the nearby fast-food station.
To keep himself busy, he joins the bike patrol keeping watch in the Luneta area. In the evening, he sometimes accompanies the men on night duty stationed at the Harbour Square.

accidental prisoner

David says he enjoys his stay at the police station because people are friendly and he feels very safe.
“I feel very good and comfortable here, actually almost enjoying my time here at the station. But I want to go because it can not be that I’m living here by people giving me 15 or 20 pesos, giving me ulam. That cannot be my life.”

accidental prisoner

One day, a detainee at the station asked him to buy food for himself and gave him Php 100. David said to himself, “This is bad. Because the prisoner has more money than me. And the street beggar also. I’m the poorest of all.”

accidental prisoner

When asked if he still wants to come back to Manila after he goes back to Switzerland, David promptly replied, “Yes! Because I have now many friends here in the tourist police station already.”
David wants to leave soon but he also wants to be back soon. He says he wants to go back to his country and work again until he saves enough money to return to the Philippines.
“Even though with bad experiences, I know that I want to live here. It took me ten years to find this kind of good friends like I found here. Nine years I found not one real. And now so many in a short time,” David said.

Handmade Art Fair this weekend at 10-A Alabama

By Kissa Castañeda

Now that the “ber months” are here, expect bazaars to become ubiquitous as it does each year.
A requisite glance at Rockwell’s billboard along EDSA shows the variety of themed bazaars—from purely fashion fairs to ones that benefit a certain cause.
Its temporary nature is one of the draws. We know by now that something available only for a limited period makes it all the more enticing, a fact proven by sites like Gilt, Groupon, and all its permutations.

While formulaic fashion and food fairs have become a staple in Manila’s retail landscape, there are those that defy convention and reinvent the concept—one such event is the Alabama Art Fair.
First held last April, it brings together various artists, craftsmen and designers selling artwork and accessories not found in run-of-the-mill bazaars.
A criterion that separates them from the crowd: all items have to be handmade.
“We’ve had about 12 participants, mostly first timers who have never sold artworks anywhere so it was a great experience for them,” said Leah Bautista, organizer and part owner of Resurrection Furniture and Found Objects Gallery.

10-A Alabama

10-A Alabama

10-A Alabama

This weekend, the organizers have culled Etsy-worthy works to sell, added live music to the mix, and are excited to introduce a new feature called the art exchange.
It’s as simple as it sounds: you bring your artwork and find someone willing to swap with you. Essentially, it’s a barter trade of art.

10-A Alabama

10-A Alabama

Aside from the fair and the art exchange, new visitors to 10A Alabama will be wowed by what’s in the venue itself: hand-crafted interior décor from Resurrection Furniture and Found Objects Gallery, a peek into the eclectic and personal art space of Robert Alejandro called RAW, and the sublimely styled Hausbezetser Tea Laboratory handled by Jetro Rafael of Van Gogh is Bipolar.

10-A Alabama

10-A Alabama

10-A Alabama

10-A Alabama

So while it ticks all the boxes of what makes a traditional bazaar—limited sale time, unique finds, festive marketplace feel—this art fair is not only different but has a higher purpose: “To foster a community of artists and crafts people and give them a venue to show what they do.”
Let’s shop to that.

The Handmade Art Fair is on September 3 and 4, 2011 from 12 noon to 7 PM at 10A Alabama Street, Quezon City.
Those interested in joining the next bazaar can e-mail photos of their works to

Kissa Castañeda blogs at
Photos: Charles Buenconsejo

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