Y-3 opens at Bonifacio High Street

The tough go shopping.
Yesterday after my meeting, I headed over to visit Jappy Gonzalez in the new Y-3 standalone store he’s opening at the new Bonifacio High Street extension.
Y-3 is the retail first store to open in the building, along with Fred Perry. To find it, go to Jamba Juice and look for the entrance to the new building on the right.
We were lucky to get a sneak peek—and first dibs—on the store and merchandise.


The Japanese were busy working when we arrived.


There’s Miyami Ise, Y-3 Retail Supervisor, Global Fashion Group


Nobuyoshi Mizuhaya, Architect for Y-3


Tina Ong, Assistant Buyer of H&F Retail Concepts, is the person to look for. She knows all the pieces and wears them well.


Check out the dress that turns into a skirt


Some of the pieces we loved: the shoes



The shorts x pleated skirt


The black dresses


The men’s pieces—I wish they had in girls’ sizes, like the shorts and track pants in one


The thoughtful shorts, where Yohji Yamamoto thinks of the jogger who needs a place for some essentials


The pants with the removable pouch



The pants with four functional pockets: two in front


Two in the back


The good news is: Yohji Yamamoto is back on track with clothes that are comfortable, practical, architectural, sporty, and doesn’t scream the Y-3 logo. Check out the new looks for Spring-Summer 2012:

Y-3 SS12

Some of it reminds me of me!

Y-3 SS12

Y-3 SS12

I bought the shoes and stretch pants. I love the platformness of the shoes and the comfy pants—I need two* of these!

Y-3 SS12

Loads of cool pieces for the guys

Y-3 SS12

And oooh….is that a half-jacket?

Y-3 SS12

*Warning: Jappy’s favorite number seems to be 2. So go before the 2nd piece gets sold out.
Visit Y-3 at the Bonifacio High Street Extension, next to Jamba Juice.

Amsterdam with kids

On our last full day in the Netherlands, I asked Jeroen if we could take the kids to Amsterdam.
It was a nice day for a walk.

The boys in Utrecht

Took the train at Utrecht Centraal and arrived at Amsterdam Centraal 20 minutes later.

Utrecht Centraal

Our first stop was probably the best souvenir shop in the city. I forget the name, bu we bought loads of cute stuff.
I was too busy to take photos, except for this cute Vincent van Gogh bike

van Gogh Bike

Before anything else, we were starving. Luckily the kids agreed to eat in this shoarma place next door.
Meet Jeroen’s shoarma plate

Jeroen's turkey shoarma plate

and Marky’s chicken shoarma with rice. This was so good, Marky was slightly annoyed that everyone was picking off his plate.

Marky's Chicken shoarma with rice

We were tricked into entering this dumb Medieval Torture Museum, which should be shut down by the Dutch department of tourism. Please do NOT make the mistake of stopping here.

Medieval Torture Museum, Amsterdam

We spent about 50 euro to look at boring wax figures in various situations of torture.

Medieval Torture Museum, Amsterdam


Medieval Torture Museum, Amsterdam

Thank God that was short. We proceeded to Madame Tussaud’s wax museum in the heart of the Dam Square.
The building looked promising and exciting, which was the opposite of what’s actually inside

Madame Tussaud in Amsterdam

I suppose it’s one of those things you want to experience once and never again. What else can you do but look at wax figures, pose with them, and decide if it looks like the real thing or not.

I have no idea

I have no idea who this lame figure is, but the one on the left is my son


Kate Middleton looked real enough

Kate, William, Ben

With Bond. James Bond.

The boys and Sean Connery


Ben and Obama

Jeroen with Freddy Heineken

Jeroen with Freddy Heineken

Ben wanted this picture for Tita Grace

Ben wanted to take this photo for TIta Grace

With Bieber

Marky, Justin, Ben

Van Gogh

Ben and van Gogh

Lance Armstrong, and more.

Lance Armstrong and Ben

Tiring, but the kids loved it. (As for me, been there, done that.)
After the museum we searched for special Dutch chocolate for my dad at Pucci Bomboni.

Puccini Bomboni in Amsterdam

It smelled really good, Markus couldn’t help but get his own bag of pure milk chocolate, which he ate in the store.

Puccini Bomboni in Amsterdam

Right across is an old cheese shop where we bought more pasalubong

Old cheese shop, Amsterdam

Old cheese shop, Amsterdam

Mission accomplished and our bags full, it was time to head back to Utrecht for some home-cooked sinigang.

I finally heard from McDo!

And here’s their response:

McDonald's letter

My note:

Dear Dorothy,
I will continue to patronize McDonald’s all over the world, but I will probably never use your unreliable online delivery service. I am better off sending the driver, eating at home, or buying Jollibee. :)
Hope that my blog entry will push McDonald’s to improve their online delivery service for the sake of many hungry people in the Philippines.
Thanks for your reply,

Changing Manila one toilet at a time

Thank You, Lord for a bit of good news.

DOTC to upgrade toilets in all airports, ports
by Zen Hernandez, ABS-CBN News

MANILA, Philippines – The Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 1 (NAIA-1) may soon be able to shake off its title as the “world’s worst airport.”
After President Aquino noticed leaky faucets in the airport’s toilets when he made the rounds during Holy Week, the Department of Transportation and Communication (DOTC) is looking to upgrade and rehabilitate all the toilets not just in NAIA, but in all airports, ports, train stations and Land Transportation Office waiting rooms.
The DOTC will soon open the bidding for the rehabilitation and upgrade of 786 toilets and the construction of 231 new ones.
Transportation Secretary Mar Roxas said he has noticed a lot of the toilets require repairs, but the procurement of equipment for each agency would cost a lot. Thus, the DOTC opted for bulk purchasing, which would translate into 30-35% in savings. (Read more)

My note:
I hope the government would consider upgrading the restrooms of government offices, starting with the Department of Tourism, where many foreigners wander. I visited last January and found toilets even worse than NAIA.
My apologies to the DOT, but the restroom was just begging to be photographed and renovated.
I know I said I love old mirrors, but this is just ridiculous.

DOT restroom

Apologies to DHL

DOT restroom

I saved water because I didn’t want to touch the faucet—or the soap

DOT restroom

A wooden board as a quick fix

DOT restroom

Perhaps new tiles are in order? New everything?

DOT restroom

Kind regards,

Welcome to Amsterdam

The hot weather in Manila has made me reminisce about the cold weather, so I decided to write about Amsterdam, my second favorite town in the Netherlands.
Amsterdam is only 20 minutes by train from Utrecht Centraal. It costs about 5.5 euros to get there—so easy, as Mich Dulce showed me one time.

Amsterdam Central Station

Check out the sosy Burger King at the station

The most sosy Burger King in Amsterdam

Some other modes of transportation: the Dutch tuktuk with the good-looking driver

Dutch tuktuk

The horse and carriage


and the boats


As soon as you leave the station you’ll see many interesting shops such as Options! which sells bike, home, and baby accessories, as well as stationery and furniture.

Options! Amsterdam

Options! Amsterdam

I bought a pillow here for my apartment, by a Dutch fabric design student

Options! Amsterdam

The store accepts credit and debit cards only—no cash—an unusual concept, presumably to avoid theft and hold-ups.
Next we searched for H&M Home, which I really wanted to go to.

H&M Home, Amsterdam

I ended up buying only three things in multiples for myself and pasalubong. The merchandise looks more interesting online than in reality

H&M Home

Tikal is one of the stores we just walked into because I spotted some oil-cloth bags on display

Tikal, Amsterdam

I almost bought the red gingham bag but Mich convinced me blue is cooler and more traditionally Dutch

Tikal oil-cloth bags

Love this

My Dutch valise

Inside valise

Literally bumped into my sister-in-law Joy at Cos!

Cos, Amsterdam

Dropped by our friend Paolo Basa’s flat by the canal. Haven’t seen him since the ’90s and he still looks amazing.

Paolo Basa in Amsterdam

The Last Supper

Paolo's Boy Bawang

(to be continued)

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