Chefs and their signature dishes in Unilever’s new cookbook

Unilever isn’t just about home and personal care anymore. It’s about Best Foods mayo (truly the best, as far as Chef Jeroen is concerned), Knorr seasoning and all kinds of food solutions.
Now Unilever gathers eleven international chefs in the country to put together a special cookbook called Signature Dishes 2011.

UFS Signature Dishes Cover

Signature Dishes 2011 is Unilever Food Solutions’ way of giving back to food lovers and professionals in the Philippine food service industry by providing them the tools to create signature dishes that will satisfy and excite their guests,” says Pinky Laurena, Unilever Food Solutions Managing Director.

The first-of-its-kind cookbook is top-billed by renowned chef and Unilever Food Solutions culinary ambassador Cyrille Soenen who, along with other Manila-based international chefs, offers Filipino restaurateurs and food service operators an intimate peek into their signature renditions.
The featured top chefs share their sources of inspiration, letting readers privy into the secret ingredients that make a truly successful signature dish.

Chef Cyrille Soenen

A seasoned food industry stalwart with experience from Michelin star-restaurants worldwide like Duc d Enghien and Le Drouant in Paris, Chef Cyrille serves up delicious insights into his trailblazing cuisine, made more mouth-watering with Knorr Western Sauces.
He shares signature innovations flavored with Knorr Napoli Tomato Sauce, Knorr Cheese Sauce or Knorr White Sauce.

Unilever food solutions

Other featured food experts who share their masterful recipes are chefs Angelo Faoro and Freddy Thierry Schmidt

Chef Angelo Faoro Chef Freddy Thierry Schmidt

Norbert Gandler and Mats Loo

Chef Norbert Gandler Chef Mats Loo

David Pardo de Ayala and Franco Brodini

Chef David Pardo de Ayala Chef Franco Brodini

Nick Anderson and Josef Miklavc

Chef Nick Anderson Chef Josef Miklavc

Mark Mulder and Patrick Fournes.

Chef Mark Moulder Chef Patrick Fournes

From tarts to slow-cooked roasts, their exciting flavor combinations and the stories told in every recipe will enthrall readers with mouthwatering ideas.

Tournedos Rossini

Bresse Chicken

Blackened Gravlax

Pamora Farm Egg Cocotte with Duck Liver Leaks and Mushroom Sauce
Pamora farm egg cocotte with duck liver, leeks and mushroom sauce

Big Tiger Prawns in Citrus and Olive Oil Dressing
Tiger prawns in citrus and olive oil dressing

Tart Fine with Tomato Fresh Sardines and Goat Cheese
Tart fine with tomato, fresh sardines, and goat cheese

Signature Dishes 2011 is now available in leading bookstores nationwide.

Wouldn’t you like to ambush your hater?

Oh yes, would I like to ambush Piolo’s and KC’s biggest fan, the hairstylist who named her kids Piolo and Jericho in Australia, who gave me grief on Twitter for saying I’m not buying the bromance? No thanks.
Watch as Mario Lopez hosts a new show called H8R (hater), where he takes celebrities face to face with their staunchest haters. Starts September 14th on The CW.
(But ugh, Mario Lopez na naman. I’m so sawa na. And no, I’m not a hater.)

Imagine this scenario. I get invited to the local version of H8R to ambush one of my numerous haters.
So they pick me up in a van and bring me to a restaurant where—surprise!—KC and Piolo are waiting for me!! #award
Then Piolo takes me by the shoulders, looks me in the eye, and utters just one word: “Believe.”

P.S. This reminds me of Ruffa and I and countless other celebrities I’ve attacked in my writings column. I was a hater (emphasis on was). But after I grew up and actually met Ruffa, I became a liker. So yes, I am living proof that there’s hope for us haters.

Paris and Manny and Kim Hyun Joong

Ines Cabarrus

The best thing about media-savvy Paris Hilton leaving Manila is the Manny Pacquiao tee she so graciously wore on her flight going home.
I wonder if this shirt really comes in a size 0 or if they had altered it to fit her.


The best Paris Hilton quote was when she asked to be taken to “The Office”. And I quote:

At the welcome dinner hosted by the Paquiaos last Tuesday night, Hilton, who confirmed her breakup with nightlife entrepreneur Cy Waits last June, spoke with Belo scion Cristalle Henares.
“We were chatting in the bathroom,” Henares says, “and she kept fixing her hair.”
The heiress was in the mood to party and asking Henares about local hotspots. “She kept saying, ‘I wanna go to the Office,’” Henares recalls with a laugh. “I told her, ‘I think you mean Opus, not Office.’”  (Source)

When asked who told her about “The Office”, Paris reportedly said Manny Pacquiao suggested she go to the happening place.


She was also supposedly looking for hot guys in Manila, in which case you might have to take her to a football or rugby game (read: hot guys minus the net worth of Stavros Niarchos or Paris Latsis).

Jake Robrigado Letts
Jake Letts for Bench Body

One wonders what Paris did with all the gifts given to her, which included someone’s framed grad picture and baro’t saya (whut??).
This reminds me of a certain local celeb who gifted the Taiwanese stars of Meteor Garden with bakya or locally made wooden shoes. Or when Kuya Germs gave Angela Boffil a can of “Birts Tree Milk Powder” (It’s everybody’s melk).


When gifting foreign celebs, one must take into consideration that these people are traveling and are not likely to take home all your stuffed toys, heavy local magazines and wooden shoes. Especially if they’re ON TOUR.
Another thing that makes me cringe when foreign celebs visit, are the questions guaranteed to be asked at local press cons, such as:
1) Have you tried Filipino food/balut/dinuguan?
2) How do you find Filipino women/men? (As if they would respond negatively)
3) The worst: how do you find Philippine fashion?
4) Cliché: How do you like Manny Pacquiao?
5) Have you met Charice?

Charice, Paris, Buble & Yolanda - Leeza Gibbons Oscar Night

Why not ask: How do you find our international airport (NAIA)?
People, surely there must be other questions to ask without pertaining to the Philippines.

On Friday, I am so looking forward to meeting Kim Hyun Joong for The Face Shop.

Kim Hyun Joong

Rest assured I will not be asking any of those questions and have discouraged my dear cousin Keri from bringing a memorable gift.
Keri: “I want to give Kim Hyun Joong a present. What can I give him so he will never forget me?”
Me: “Keri, give him danggit or Goldilocks dinuguan. Trust me, he will never forget you.”


People, I am just kidding. Don’t take everything you read here seriously.

Tummy troubles and Yin & Yang

It started it Hong Kong. I don’t know if it was all the bone marrow + steak + fresh orange juice I drank like water + the best salted caramel chocolate by Jean-Paul Hevin.
But by the time I was on the plane to Manila, I had diarrhea. It’s a good thing I carry a medicine kit. I took Diatabs and made it on the 90-minute flight home without doing a Gerard Depardieu on the plane.

Bone-in ribeye

Craftsteak’s bone-in ribeye and roasted bone marrow

Grilled bone marrow

When I got home, I had food hangover so I tried to recreate roasted bone marrow without the help of my chef husband.

Roasted bone marrow

It tasted like heaven! But perhaps undercooked.
I didn’t know you’re supposed to “soak the cleaned bones/marrow in cold salted water in the fridge overnight or up to 24 hours,” like Market Man says.
I had the worst stomach ache the next day. I spent a harrowing time on the toilet, like I’m giving birth, sweating buckets and praying to God to save me, help me.
The next day I ate crazy things like ice cream and I ended up pooping an alarming green foam (sorry).
Then there was this feast at Mamou—twice. The most sinful steak in Metro Manila.

Mamou steak

I can’t tell you what happened next in the toilet for three days. Only I’ve been really sick, I decided to give up meat for a while. I’ve also given up Coke for the last six days and counting. I’m going to have a wellness checkup at St. Luke’s during this coming long weekend.
Yesterday I visited my friend Princesse Fernandez at the Yin & Yang shop at the Mandarin Oriental hotel.

Yin & Yang at Mandarin

Princesse, her mom, and aunt are the nicest people you’ll ever meet. I talked to them about my medical problems and asked if they had anything that would help. They suggested two strands of crystals (I can’t remember what they’re called). The third strand is obsidian, to ward off negativity, which I’ve worn for a month and actually worked.
I decided to go ahead and buy the two health strands.


The reason for this blog post is for the first time in a month, I woke up with no stomach ache.
I swear to you, 30 minutes after I wore the bracelets, my stomach started to calm down. As Paris Hilton would say, it’s amazing! When I took them off, I felt weird again. So I slept with the bracelets and feel OK this noon.
Princesse also gave me a feng shui reading on my house and explained why money and good people have been coming in steadily this year.
This I didn’t know—our house faces the Northwest = wealth, while our headboard faces the Northeast for romance!!


In January 2001, Princesse gave me a pink fertility egg a couple of months after I got married.
While my doctor seriously doubted I could conceive  due to retroverted uterus, multiple cysts and  myomas, I missed my period soon after receiving the egg. That same year I had Ben. Two years later I had Markus.
I thought of giving the egg to my cashier friend at Metrobank who had been trying to conceive for six years.
When I saw her again about five years ago, she already had a daughter.
I told her to pass on the egg to someone else in need.
I’m so Catholic and old school, that’s why it took me a while to accept things feng shui. But I can tell you now the universe is so complex, so many things going around we cannot explain. When religion and science don’t have answers, there’s this thing called feng shui that doesn’t hurt to try.
You can consult with Princesse at Yin & Yang at the Mandarin Oriental hotel. She is seriously one of the nicest persons you’ll ever meet.

Yin & Yang is open Monday to Saturday from 1-7 PM at the Mandarin Oriental Manila
Call 752-5882 or email

Pepper Lunch Megamall now open!

Pepper Lunch just opened its 6th branch in the Philippines on the ground level of SM Megamall A.

Pepper Lunch Megamall

Designed by Takatoshi Kimachi of Goldeneye Creative, I have to say this is one of the cutest Pepper Lunch branches ever, with its Japanese black ceiling and Scandinavian wooden floor.

Pepper Lunch Mega Mall

Pepper Lunch Mega mall

Pepper Lunch Mega Mall

Tucked in the corner of Megamall A, you’ll find us right next to Bonchon Chicken and very near the newly opened SM Supermarket where Powerbooks used to be.
The A side is where you’ll find shopping staples such as National Bookstore, Bench, Watson’s, Toy Kingdom, and Forever 21.
So when you’re done shopping, relax your heels and take a seat at Pepper Lunch to enjoy our Shake-Shake salads, sizzling steaks, pepper rice and teriyaki dishes, plus unique desserts.

Pepper Lunch
Beef Pepper Rice

Pepper Lunch double salmon
Double Salmon

beef teriyaki
Beef Teriyaki

Pepper Lunch
Hamburger Steak

Molten milk chocolate cake
Molten Milk Chocolate Cake

Pepper Lunch Philippines now open at Rockwell, Greenbelt 5, Shangri-La Plaza, Alabang Town Center, Robinson’s Place Ermita, and now at SM Megamall-A.

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