What are you doing this weekend?

The Ber months are officially here. Have you started Christmas shopping yet?
Keri and I are joining Best Deals on Sale Bazaar at the Megatent on Meralco Avenue this September 2-4, 2011.
That’s Friday to Sunday from 10 PM to 9 PM.*
Check out the participating brands:


Organized by siblings Jean & Jerico Fernando of Malibu Enterprise, the three-day event offers tons of perks for BDO cardholders:
• Free Entrance to all BDO Credit Card Holders (with valid ID)
* Note that the first three hours of the Friday sale (from 10 AM to 1 PM) are exclusive only to BDO Cardholders
• BDO Cardholders are eligible to win in hourly raffle draws with a minimum Php 500 charge slip from the event.
• Additional discounts/perks for BDO card purchases.

If you’re a non-BDO cardholder, you can still shop and enter the bazaar for a Php 50 entrance fee.
I will be selling cute accessories, including the lovely train cases, in a booth shared with Keri.
Here’s my train case in brown (Photo: Candy Dizon)

Jeroen and I at Globe Tatt Awards

Keri’s orange and brown train case

The train cases are Php 5800 each, comes in four colors, and are available at the bazaar this weekend,
online at http://www.dotcomme.ph/
and at Madison boutique, 2nd level, Rockwell Mall.

Train cases

The fine print and map:

SOA Flyer (Back)

Hope to see you there!
To know more go to http://www.facebook.com/malibuenterprisesale

Ambassador’s loss is Audee’s gain

As a jaded blogger and expert shopper (I like to think), it’s very hard to make me envious over gadgets and other worldly objects. But the night I saw Pia Magalona’s shiny new BlackBerry Dakota 9900, I almost drooled on her new phone.

Blackberry 9780 vs. 9900
My BlackBerry 9780 (L) versus Pia’s BlackBerry 9900

I love that the newest BlackBerry has a touchscreen (just like an iPhone)—and a wider keyboard.
I love my 9780, except for the tiny keyboard, so I really wanted this new one.
But I rarely buy phones because they’re usually given to me either by my dad or other benefactor.
On the other hand, I didn’t want to wait for someone to give me the BlackBerry Dakota. I want it now!!

When Pia told me she got hers at Ambassador Appliances at Shangri-La Plaza, I was very afraid as I have had many unpleasant encounters with the corpulent gorgon who runs that store.
I wanted to ask Pia to buy for me and I pay her back. But Pia left for Singapore during the long weekend so I was left to my own devices, so to speak.
Yesterday I went to Shang only to discover Ambassador Appliances is finally under renovation. They have temporarily moved to this glass cabinet on the same floor, where I saw the BlackBerry 9900 on display. I took a deep breath, gathered my guts, and asked the gorgon how much. She ignored me. I made my voice louder and asked her again, “How much?”
“Php 33,000,” she said without looking at me. (same price Pia paid with a cheque)
“How much if I pay with credit card?” I inquired and was scared of the answer.
“Add Php 5,000,” the gorgon replied.
Say what? She took out her calculator and told me how much I would have to pay for the next 6 months, plus Php 5,000 on top of it. She assumed I wanted to pay a 6-month installment, which I didn’t. I only wanted to use my credit card because sayang ang AsiaMiles.
She was so unfriendly, I decided to walk away. I didn’t have the heart to fork over hard-earned money to this ogre.
So no thank you, I would rather wait for a better deal/person.

I went to Cibo to cool off and eat some diet food (read: chicken sandwich).
I started to rant on Twitter, like I do when I have no one to vent with.
Chef Edward suggested I buy from Audee Villaraza of Gadget Grocery who incidentally is my BlackBerry contact, though we have never met.
After communicating with Audee (and hearing lots of positive recommendations) I decided to go ahead and buy from him.
Less than 24 hours later, I had the BlackBerry 9900 at my doorstep, delivered by a guy with a credit card swipe machine and receipt!
The entire transaction was done in less than five minutes, in my house clothes, with no need to drive to a mall and deal with a menopausal ogress!

My new Blackberry Dakota

I really believe the days of gorgons running hideous appliance stores without the benefit of charm school are over.
I believe that charging extra for using one’s credit card is démodé as Karl Lagerfeld would say—and ILLEGAL.
I hope to raise this concern to the DTI (Department of Trade and Industry).
I also want to introduce you to the wonders of Gadget Grocery, where prices are lower than Amazon, goods delivered to your home, and credit card swipes are allowed at no additional cost.


Promo winners are here!

During this last long weekend/holiday, I decided to do a promo for all the people who decided to stay home. (I know, sneaky.) Over 3,000 entries were received in an electronic lottery, but only 8 winners were chosen.
Two winners will receive this clear swag bag from Beabi.

Swag bag

It contains a limited edition makeup set from Majolica Majorca, Dove boxed sets, Veet products, a slum book from Witty Will Save The World, Zombadings poster, Thomas Sabo sterling silver pendant, and Kenkoy x Solo watch.


They are:
Anabelle Rae E. Unson of Pasig
Joan Z. Moscardon of Makati

Six winners will get this swag bag from Beabi x Rajo Laurel

Rajo Laurel x Beabi totes

Inside: Dove boxed sets, Veet products, plus Kenkoy x Solo watch.


The winners are:
Socorro Reyes of Bulacan
Michael Llanera of Quezon City
Jam Marie A. Sanchez of Cavite
Jade B. Lazaro of Malabon
Ava Patricia Avila of Davao
Roy Guerrero of Makati

Winners will receive a confirmation email from me before I send out the prizes.
Special thanks to all sponsors, and wait for my next giveaway!

The best times

At my age, I can honestly say I’ve found The One who truly makes my life complete. I’ve been with the same guy since April 19, 1997—so that makes us 14 years and counting.
Still I can’t help but reminisce when I was younger and giddy with the thought of meeting The One, trying to get permission to go to parties, experimenting with outfits and being, well, awkward.
Last night I slept really late watching six episodes of MTV’s new series, Awkward, truly one of the most delightful things I have watched since John Hughes stopped making movies.


The plot revolves around 15-year-old Jenna and her schoolmates. She’s not exactly a cheerleader and not exactly an outcast—sort of in the middle of high school’s social ladder.
Though she just about average, you’ll feel so kilig that three boys in school are into her: Matt, the popular jock who only wants to be friends with benefits; Jake, the guy she should be with but doesn’t realize it yet; and Kyle, the creepy stalker in black I would probably fall for, if he didn’t wear black nail polish.



To know more about Awkward, click here.

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