Arthur Boorman, a disabled veteran of the Gulf War for 15 years, was told by his doctors he would never be able to walk on his own, ever again. Then he stumbled upon an article about Diamond Dallas Page doing Yoga.
Because he couldn’t do traditional, higher impact exercise, he tried DDP YOGA instead.
Watch how as Arthur loses weight, and more importantly learns to walk and run beyond everyone’s expectations.

To learn about DDP Yoga, click HERE.

Plains & Prints’ Neon Wave this summer

Plains & Prints presents its Neon Wave collection in a series of comfy shifts, maxi and collared dresses, cigarette pants, shorts, skirts, loose tees and tank tops in lightweight, breezy fabrics, perfect for the summer weather.


Neon Wave incorporates striped prints, sci-fi, sportswear, and pared-back shapes into each design.
Pristine white is juxtaposed with neon colors and accentuated with dashes of galactic silver for a modern, futuristic feel.


Neon Wave collection is the season’s palate cleanser, breaking away from florals and paisleys, while staying true to the classic and feminine appeal Plains & Prints is known for.


Available in all Plains & Prints stores. To find the one nearest you, click HERE.
To see the collection or shop online, go to


Ginggay and Penny have been talking about going to Bhutan for I don’t know what, but there’s this running joke that I’m going with them. I don’t even know where Bhutan is, but it seems to be in the middle of India and China.


Penny says I will have to fly Druk Air, the name of which already sends me shivers.

Druk Air (KB/DRK) / A319-100 / A5-RGF / 02-24-2012 / BKK

My questions are: Is there shopping in there? Is there wifi? What’s the food like? Is there a luxury hotel?
Penny and Ginggay laugh and I say, I’ll go if I can find a hotel I like. And guess what, I found one!
The question is, may wifi ba? Can we afford it?
So check this out, starting with the bedrooms. I wouldn’t mind…



The bathroom. I wouldn’t mind…



Where to eat. What’s on the menu?



Where to lounge


The thing is, if it’s going to be this beautiful, I’m gonna want Jeroen, so I’m gonna ruin your all-hen party of soul-searching or whatever it is you want to do in Bhutan.


Besides, it looks like I won’t be able to afford it. So I’ll join you another time, where there’s shopping? XO


Zero Gravity cases on sale at

Two things I regret about not having an iPhone:
1) the fantastic camera that often takes better photos than my real camera*
2) the cute cases I can’t buy :(
For three days only, puts on sale Zero Gravity cases that camouflage your iPhone, iPad and laptops.
Here are some cute iPhone cases I can’t use, but Jeroen can


I already love my Lesportac 15″ laptop case, but these are so tempting. They also come as iPad covers.

To sign up for, click HERE.
*P.S. I’m still hoping Apple will create a digital camera that’s not a phone as I’m loyal to my BlackBerry no matter what other people say that it’s dying.

Want to win Dove hair products this summer? #chuvaness

I’ll admit I haven’t found that one perfect shampoo and conditioner for my hair, so I keep a variety of products in my shower stall. The ones that work stay in rotation, and the ones that don’t, go to the bin.
A couple of months ago I received the new Dove Damage Therapy range. If it’s for damaged hair, I’ll use it. And if it’s Dove, I’ll try it.
Aside from the shampoo and conditioner, my favorite product is probably the rescue kit—a two-step treatment that I use when my hair feels especially dry and I can’t be bothered to go to the salon.

dove hair products

Dove Damage Therapy has finally arrived in the Philippines. Its secret lies in three special ingredients:
• Micro-Moisture Serum to defend hair against dryness and brittleness.
• Nutri-Oil Complex to prevent frizz with its perfect blend of natural oils. It moisturizes hair without leaving a greasy feel.
• Fiber Actives heal your hair from the inside. It penetrates internal hair fibers to reconstruct hair and restore broken protein bonds to bring hair back to an almost virgin state.

dove hair products

Dove Damage Therapy offers four variants that focus on specific problem areas that cause hair damage:
• Straight and Silky is for lightly-damaged hair that is generally dry and rough to the touch. If you want hair that’s straight and smooth, this one’s for you.
• Nourishing Oil Care is for dull and frizzy hair that lacks lustre and shine.
• Is your hair falling? Experience 98% less hair fall with Dove Damage Therapy’s Hair Fall Rescue.
• For severely damaged hair due to frequent styling and other environmental factors, use Intense Repair to get rid of 9 times less split ends in just three washes.

dove hair products

Want to win Dove hair products this summer?
Here’s an easy promo for ten lucky winners who will receive a Dove Damage Therapy kit that contains Intense Therapy products.

dove promo

What’s inside:
1. My favorite moisturizing Dove soap
2. A weekly Treatment Mask to repair your hair from damaging styling habits and environmental factors
3. Two-Step Treatment to repair hair from frequent styling
4-5. Intense Repair shampoo and conditioner
6. Daily Treatment Conditioner for dry, rough and frizzy hair. Replace your ordinary conditioner to achieve stronger, smoother and softer hair.
7. Overnight Treatment. Use once a week to restore depleted protein overnight without leaving marks on your pillow.
8. A serum to make hair smooth, soft and shiny anytime without the greasiness.

dove promo

How to join:
1) Open to any resident of the Philippines.
2) Must have a Twitter account and follow @dovehair and @jiritajackson
3) Click the Tweet button below to share to your followers.
4) Promo starts now until May 8, 2012 at 11:59 PM.
5) Winners will be chosen via electronic raffle and contacted via email or text.
Winners will also be announced on, Twitter and Facebook.
6) Winners may be asked to pick up their prizes at the nearest Pepper Lunch branch or will receive their prizes by courier, depending on their address.
7) If you agree, join the easy electronic raffle by registering HERE.

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