How to join @chuvaness summer giveaway!
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It’s been a while since my last giveaway and I really need to give away so much stuff.
I want to keep my promos simple because I find it silly when other people ask you to do so many things for such a minor prize (sorry!).
This week I’m giving away eight prizes.
There will be four train cases and four Team Manila tote bags filled with goodies.


Here’s what’s inside the train case:


1.’s amazing picture book of Manila’s best desserts with directory on where to order
2. Manansala mousepad from Freeway
3. Adjustable shoulder strap
4. 2013 calendar pen
5. wala lang dollar pen case


6. A pack of two BagsGo reusable bags (colors will vary)
7. The Happiness Project gratitude journal from National Bookstore
8. Autographed CD from Ferry Corsten!
9. Urbanears Tanto headphones (colors will vary)

Here’s what’s inside the Team Manila tote bag:

1. Goody’s amazing Quickstyle brush and comb—it deserves an entry of its own!
2. Hachi silicone wallet from The Ramp Crossings
3. Autographed CD from Ferry Corsten!


4. Two sets of BagsGo reusable bags—you’ll get four pieces in varied colors
5. Pupung tank top from Solo
6.’s amazing guide to Manila’s best desserts!

1) Open to anyone with a Facebook or Twitter account and a Philippine address.
2) Must like/follow Ferry Corsten on Facebook or Twitter because I super owe him for these autographed CDs!!
3) Register HERE.
4) Share this entry by clicking on “TWEET” or “LIKE” at the bottom of the entry.

5) Deadline for entries: April 5, 2013 at 11 PM, Manila time.
6) Winners will be chosen via electronic raffle and announced here on

Will tell you more about some of the prizes next time!

Just say no
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I don’t understand why Sarah Geronimo has to wear a bad wig in her movies with John Lloyd Cruz.
She’s a pretty girl with nice hair. Can’t they just dye it or curl it, if they wanted to make her look “Americanized”?
Why resort to bad wigs?
Just say no, Sarah G.
Surely when they make you wear a bad wig there’s a this little voice telling you this looks wrong. But maybe you’re too nice to complain. Someone has to say it.
If you’re not sure about what the director is telling you to wear, consult a stylist.
Consult Liz Uy, Millet Arzaga, Alodia Gosiengfiao, or something. Consult a woman.
If they wanted to hire someone who looks like Eugene Domingo, they should’ve hired Eugene Domingo.
I enjoyed your movie with JLC, A Very Special Love but this one, I’m just gonna say no.
P.S. John Lloyd can also say no. He can say, “I’m not gonna kiss that bad wig. Nope. Not doing it.”

Old School
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My mom said something funny after buying a pair of Margiela flats last Sunday.
“Type ko to. Gusto kong mag-groovy for a change,” she told my dad.

Margiela flats

Groovy. I haven’t heard that word in years.
“The last time I heard that was in Scooby Doo,” pointed out my sister Ana, 21.

Scooby Doo

I remember the first time I heard the word “type” to mean “like.”
It was the ’70s. My parents and I were watching Miss Philippines on our black and white TV, and my dad points out a contestant and says, “Ayan. Type ko yan.”
I was confused. The image I had in my head was a typewriter.

I bought a typewriter

I had a recent conversation with my sons about the word “epic,” which I hate.
“Epic” to them means “great” or “awesome.” While to me it means “long narrative poem with a hero. You know, like Iliad, Odyssey, Homer?” I told my kids.


Unfortunately, this was the Homer my son had in mind.


So what are the words our parents still say that sound funny to us?
I made a survey on Twitter and found out my folks are just as funny as your folks.

SM Shoemart. My son asked me why some people call SM Shoemart. I told him SM stands for Shoemart because the owner of Shoemart, who happens to be the richest man in the Philippines, Mr. Henry Sy, didn’t have shoes while growing up. So he worked hard until he opened a shoe store, which became a department store, which became a mall and so on. And the name SM Shoemart stuck, as in we’ve got it all for you.

Copon bond or coupon bond.
Some folks actually call it kokomban, in reference to bond paper.

bond paper

According to Investopedia, a coupon bond is “a debt obligation with coupons attached that represent semiannual interest payments. Also known as a bearer bond.”

Coupon bond

That said, I still don’t know why people call it coupon bond.

Kendle. This kind.


Scissor Salad. Back in the ’70s, it was a popular dish in my grandmother’s house.

Caesar Salad

Chit. Not the play money you use to pay in the school canteen or fair. “Chit” is another word for “check” or “bill.”

cheque please

Jingle. Not referring to Christmas bells, but referring to a call of nature, as in “Teka muna. Jumi-jingle pa siya.”

Manneken Pis

Picha pie. You know, like Shakey’s.

Every year I have to have a heart pizza

Cutex. That’s ’70s for nailpolish

massini magic attraction

Kwacker Oats. They’re good for you.

Friendly foods from the Quaker Oats Company | Aliments amicales du Quaker Oats Company

Prigider. Taken from an old brand of refrigerators.

Frigidaire Refrigerator Life Magazine Advertisement November 1965

Colgate. A generic name for toothpaste—even if it’s Close Up.

Colgate Toothpaste

Station waygon. A popular car in the ’70s with a roof extended to the back.

Station Wagon DSC_0038

Transistor. What everyone used to listen to music, news, and dramas.

Vintage Channel Master Two-Band (AM/FM) Transistor Radio, Model 6518, Made in Japan

Nessels Cream. Puede ring Nessels Crunch.

Nestle Reduced Cream
Nestle Crunch bar wrapper - More Fun to Munch - 1970's

Johnson’s buds for cotton buds. I still say Q-tips.

Careful, Mom, if that's for me...make sure it's made by Johnson's

Combo. Not your spaghetti and chicken meal at McDonalds, but a band, like rock band.

Hotdog band

Step-in. Backless footwear, or mules

Berkemann sandals

AC/DC for bisexual. Another funny term for bisexual: silahis.


or “sward” for “gay” (Scan: Video 48)


Mens, meaning monthly period. Or Kotex, for sanitary pads.


Pogi, for handsome—but hey, I still say that


Reduce, pronounced “rejuice,” as in, “Kailangan mo nang mag-rejuice. Meaning, diet.

I'm Dieting to Lose Weight

Parlor. Another word for beauty salon.

be beautiful for him

Shettle’s Best :)

Seattle's Best





Other words that will date you: Maong (denim)

Bang Bang jeans

Charol (patent leather) or “wet look”

patent leather dress shoes 2

Pentel pen (marker)

Pentel Pen

Bomba or bold for nudity

Silip movie


postcard - Sweden House Smorgasbord

Anything else I missed?

Meet Chinie Diaz
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Staying in for Holy Week?
It’s been a while since I’ve recommended another blog. I just recently found one that I thought was worth sharing—one you might want to go through over the long weekend.
I stumbled upon Chinie Hidalgo Diaz’s blog by accident and ended up clicking the “Random” button again and again—it’s a Tumblr feature that brings you to random entries on someone’s blog.
Her cartoons remind me of my sister Ana who sometimes draws the day’s events in her blog.


I love how Chinie deals with haters on her blog.
Here’s a sample entry:

Haters Gonna Hate. Bashers Gonna Bash. That’s Fab.

So I got another reader request yesterday. Well okay, it wasn’t exactly a request. It was more like hate mail, with a question.

I’ve been getting quite a bit of that ever since I wrote this controversial post — which I really had no idea was going to be so controversial. But oh well, live and learn. So yes, I get quite a bit of this now:

Lovely. Just lovely. 

So anyway I’m never quite sure how to respond — or if I even should — but I realized that my answer to the most recent one actually made me happy! So let’s do this!  Here’s what the reader asked:

Lovely. Just lovely.
And since the issue seemed to hinge on my drawing, I decided to answer IN DRAWINGS. :)
So here goes…
Answer #1:

Answer #2:

Answer #3:

See, here’s the thing, dear. I don’t draw or write because I think I’m particularly good at it. 
I do it because it makes me happy.
If it makes other people smile, that makes me even happier. If it makes others angry for some reason, that doesn’t really detract from my own joy in what I do. And being able to do what gives you joy… well, that’s FAB. At 40+ or any age.
But I do thank you for your feedback, because as SuperBianca said in the Social Good Summit…

Have a happy day, everyone! Go forth and be FAB. :)


I wish I had her attitude towards haters. I became an instant fan.
After reading many of her entries, I wanted to know more and found her on Twitter.
Chinie, a former teacher, now works as a copywriter and creative director of a direct marketing company. She also contributes to Rappler every other Monday.
She started drawing only last year!
“I honestly had no idea I could even draw until I started playing Draw Something,” she shared.
“I don’t normally include a lot of detail, so each drawing usually takes just a few minutes. In general a blog post will take me about an hour or hour and a half, but more of that is spent on thinking and writing than drawing. I’m not really one of those people who plan their blog posts in advance. Most days when I wake up I have absolutely no idea what I’m going to blog about.”


But why is her cartoon self always in a duster? I really wanna know. Is it a duster?
“Hahaha! I’d like to say that the real reason is that it’s the easiest to draw, but the truth is I really dress like that most days. Duster at home and a comfy, baggy.. este.. flowy dress when out. But hey, my dusters and dresses are cute ha! I just can’t be bothered to draw different dress details each day,” she said.

So here’s the link to her blog. Enjoy the holidays! Happy long weekend!

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