To all the moms who love unconditionally

As a mother of three, I’m blessed to have given birth to two of them, while the third one was delivered by the stork. :)
Both of my pregnancies were difficult. Everyone around me suffered, due to the usual aches and pains, morning sickness that lasts all day, worries and anxiety.
I worried during 38 weeks of pregnancy, worried with each ultrasound and doppler scan, even if the doctor says everything looks normal.
When the scans appear normal, I worry that my child will be born with a big black birthmark on the face.
I stop worrying only when the baby is born and placed on my chest. I check to see that the face has no marks, and then I fall asleep. I love newborns.


Post-partum, I used to worry that my baby would get sick and die, but somehow we survived all the sicknesses and hospital confinements.
There were nights I spent Googling about other moms who had lost a child or given birth to children with special needs.
I’m grateful that God didn’t give me a big cross to carry while raising our kids. I just deal with the usual fighting that occurs between siblings or worry when a yaya has to go.
That’s why I have great respect and admiration for moms who are given children with special needs, especially those who decide to keep their baby despite medical odds.
I found this video through my cousin’s Facebook. It tells of a young mom who gave birth to a baby with a rare condition that many people ask: Why did she choose to have the child instead of aborting?
After dealing with people’s stares and whispering behind their back, she created this video to let people know she loves her child just the way he is.
This post is dedicated to all moms who love their children, no matter what.
Happy mother’s day to all, and maybe happy tears.

Prince Charles, weatherman

The Prince of Wales surprised BBC Scotland viewers by presenting the weather forecast, during a tour of a BBC station in Scotland, where he decided it would be fun to do the weather.
Listen to his royal highness pronounce “Edinburg”. Makes you wish Erap would surprise us and do the weather too.

Here’s what went down behind the scenes

Trio Gelato for Mamma at Cibo

To celebrate Mothers Day, Cibo gives away free “Trio Gelato” of Caramello with Sea Salt, Tiramisu Croccante and Vanilla Cioccomatto with every order of Pollo Arrosto with Crema di Zucca or Calzone with Crema di Zucca.

Cibo Mother's Day 2012
Cibo Mother's Day 2012

Available from May 11-13 2012 at all Cibo outlets:*
Glorietta 4 (729-2426) • Edsa Shangri-la Plaza (633-2426) • Alabang Town Center (842-7285) • Powerplant Rockwell (898-2426) • Promenade Greenhills (727-2426) • Gateway Araneta Center (913-2426) • Greenbelt 5 (758-2426) • Eastwood Mall (470-2426)

*For dine-in transactions only; not valid in conjunction with other promos and discounts.

Meet the billionaire behind SPANX

When I read that SPANX creator Sara Blakely was named Forbes’ Youngest Self-Made Woman Billionaire, I was elated as a loyal fan of Spanx. She deserves it!

Sara Blakely 3

Not a day passes that SPANX doesn’t touch my body—except when I’m sick in bed and staying home all day.
About a year ago, Spanx arrived in the Philippines care of Rustan’s department stores. Once I tried on the Brallelujah which promises great fit, comfort and no visible lines, I got hooked (no pun intended). There was no turning back.

Spanx back

Yes they are pricey but super worth it. I’m just lucky that Ginggay and Penny gifted me with a bunch of them on my birthday.

Spanx brallelujah

For creating the best bras known to woman, SPANX inventor and founder Sara Blakely graces the cover of Forbes magazine’s special issue. She joins a roster of other American self-made women billionaires such as Oprah Winfrey and Meg Whitman of HP.


The Forbes cover story highlights how Blakely turned her $5,000 savings into a global phenomenon, though her way to success was no easy feat. She drove around begging hosiery mill owners to help create a bra from pantyhose material, but was turned down a good many times. Until one day, she got a call from a hosiery buyer from Neiman Marcus who agreed to help her. The rest, they say, is history.

“I really am just like anybody else out there. I found myself in a place where I think many people can relate, but I made the decision and I committed to figure it out for myself. It took a ton of hard work. It was a roller-coaster ride but I feel amazingly blessed to be doing what I do, and I love every minute of it,” she said.


Asked what’s her number one tip for anyone who dreams of starting a business, Blakely replies, “Trust your gut. I didn’t have any background in what I was doing. Trust your gut—it’s a really good compass. The other thing is to differentiate yourself. You’ve got to know why you’re different, why you’re better—and your customer needs to know why you’re different and better and they need to get it in 30 seconds or less.”

Today, SPANX has become a red carpet must-have for celebrities and a daily necessity for women and men everywhere.
It is available in 40 countries and offers more than 200 products ranging from slimming apparel and swimsuits, to bras, activewear and men’s undershirts and underwear.

spanx for men

In addition to keeping butts in place, SPANX also helps shape the world by focusing on its mission of empowering women around the world.
In the Philippines, SPANX is exclusively distributed by Rustan Marketing Corporation and is available at Rustan’s Department Stores in Makati, Shangri-La Plaza, Alabang and Cebu.

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