Alexi Tan presents “Divergence” for Fiat 500 By Gucci

Alexi Tan, I’ve known since college. He was a Xavier boy who became a photographer in London and New York, moved to Hong Kong and is now a filmmaker based in Beijing. The last time I saw him was in 2005 at the opening of Acquario in Malate.

Alexi Tan and Cecile van Straten

He keeps in touch via email and I’m happy to show you his recent short film, Divergence for Fiat 500 By Gucci, which premiered this week at the Salone de Mobile in Milan.



Alexi Tan, whose films have graced the Venice International Film Festival, is one of the visionary creatives invited by Gucci’s Creative Director Frida Giannini to produce short films with Fiat 500 by Gucci as the inspiration.
He joins Jefferson Hack (Editor in Chief of Dazed & Confused and Another Magazine), Chris Sweeney (Film Director for NOWNESS), Olivier Zahm (Editor in Chief of Purple Fashion magazine), and Franca Sozzani (Editor in Chief of Vogue Italy) in the project.
The short film is Alexi’s maiden venture for PLAY Productions and stars China’s fastest rising actors, Feng Shaofeng and Xiong Naijin.




“This project has been in the works for almost a year and we are very proud of this as our first outing—handling everything from concept, production all the way to promotions, working very closely with an international team from China, Hong Kong and Italy,” he said.

#Owow a present!

When it comes to swag, size matters. Because we get them all the time, it helps to get noticed when your present is really big. Make that taller than my six-foot husband.
Yesterday Oishi sent this.

From Oishi

With it, some notes on Oishi that weren’t quite complete

From Oishi

and the box has a slot

From Oishi

That opens up to all the Oishi chips you can imagine

From Oishi

It’s like a chips vending box! My sons grabbed the Pillows, Jeroen got the Bread Pan, and I got my favorite Caramel Popcorn which I’m eating right now.
All the people in the house are fascinated and allowed to get whatever they want.
It’s a great gift idea! If Oishi would sell them, I would send them to our special friends.
I wonder how much this would cost with delivery charge?


Today a second Oishi vending box arrived, so we have two! One box will be sent to Jeroen’s office, while the other stays here for the summer.
Thank you Shera and Oishi! Can’t wait to visit the plant!

Click here to see who else got the box —> #Owow

Chris Botti back in Manila!

Here we go again!
Looks like I’ll get to see Chris Botti in Manila this June 19. It pays to listen to the radio in the bathroom. And thank God it’s in a classy airconditioned venue that we really like.
I would’ve wanted to watch Sergio Mendes tonight, but I don’t have the heart to go to Smart Araneta anymore due to the heat, traffic, safety and condition of that venue.
Even though my dad can’t stand him and Jeroen will be dragged again by me, I’m so excited to see Chris Botti live in Manila!


How hot is Metro Manila?

So hot. And not in a good way.
I’ve been cooped up in an airconed bedroom, too scared to even walk to the kitchen to get a glass of water.
I’m wearing a cooling gel patch on my forehead and I’ve been dizzy everyday. I really have to make an effort to get out of the house.
To illustrate how hot it is, I made an experiment with my sons to see if we could fry an egg with the heat of the sun.
At 2:45 PM we got a oiled pan and put it on a stool on the deck


Markus cracked an egg


Then I realized the pan might melt my stool. So I transferred it to the wooden floor


An hour later the yolk had cooked in a weird way, like it had suffered


As the sun began to cool down, I checked and saw it had cooked an egg, including the white, though not so pretty


That’s how hot it is in Metro Manila


Dear God, please lend us some rain. Thank You.

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