Jean-Paul heaven

If you’ve been to Jean-Paul heaven, you will never go back to Hershey’s, Marks & Spencer, or Royce chocolate (currently what’s in the house).
I discovered Jean-Paul Hevin last year in Hong Kong, all because the chocolate lollipops looked so irresistible. They look like little men in bow ties.

Sucette Chocolat, Jean-Paul Hévin, Shinjuku Isetan

My favorite is caramel. Grace likes dark and caramel. My dad seems to like the macarons.

Macarons from Jean-Paul Hévin

This time I bought myself a present. I love that it came in this reusable cooler bag.


Inside, boxes of chocolate and a teddy bear (not tiddy burr).


Cause sometimes you need to buy yourself a present.


I’m really amazed how beautiful the packaging is



These are my new discovery


The pure chocolate caramel buttons with salt crystals are to die for. So worth the price.


Jean-Paul Hevin
• Shop 212, Ocean Centre, Harbour City, Kowloon, Hong Kong (Tel. +852 2735-3268)
• Shop 2045A, IFC Mall, Central, Hong Kong (Tel. +852 2111-9770)

To know more, go to


This was the weirdest day ever, filled with stress and blessings both.
It was not a good day, but it had its perks. I’m just glad to be safe in bed.
It started with panic buying at Jean Paul Hevin at the IFC.
These are not entirely mine, but whoever is getting the big present is so lucky!


Then I had to buy my favorite sesame raisin bread at City Super before my diet starts tomorrow :(


I had one hour to shop, so I went to Vivienne Westwood in Causeway Bay. I also grabbed a Joyrich x Lesportsac laptop case at Sogo before rushing back to the hotel.
I made it back in time to go to the airport with my mom and sis.
Four Seasons is cool because they send these guys to help us check in at the airport. May tagabuhat pa :)


All these bottles people left behind before the X-ray


I love these little carts. I wish our malls would have them or something. It would make shopping much more fun.


My sister saw Anthony Bourdain alone at the Disney store, while I was buying lunch at Saboten, a fast tonkatsu place


I love the tenderloin


Oh, and a Japanese guy helped me, as I couldn’t carry my tray and push my cart at the same time. He pushed my cart for me. What an angel. I thanked him in Japanese.
Here’s my meal:


I love you. Marry me.


And oh, my sister was upgraded to First Class because she is a frequent, frequent flyer (like it’s not funny).
She offered her seat to my mom, but my mom and sister decided to give it to ME, knowing how much I love nice plane seats. I had an amazing time and slept like a baby.
This is Cathay Pacific First Class.

The New Cathay Pacific First Class

Here’s my seat


My shelf/desk (with power outlet and flower)


In front of my seat


Leg room


Check out the drink and magazine compartment


and this wonderful closet—all your stuff is just close by = Love


Unfortunately I didn’t eat because, well, I already had tonkatsu at the airport. I wanted to sleep anyway.


Hong Kong—Started with lunch at the Mandarin Oriental. Mom and I had Hainanese chicken rice (again!). Diday had noodles.


Then I took the subway to the other side in search of this new mall called The One.
On the food front, they have Tonkichi


Another place serves Thai chicken rice :)


Do-it-yourself frozen yogurt



I would like to eat here with Jeroen or Ana. This one’s called FULL/half



I walked through this entire mall and concluded that only the 8th floor is worth going to. But considering its location (near Granville Road), I don’t think I’ll be coming back, ever.
Spent the longest time at Homeless, a new store called Lost & Found


This place is magical





But this is my favorite store in the mall: The Blacksmith


I wanted to buy everything.


Silvercord is a must stop for me.
Capital I.T is where I spend the most time in the fitting room.


Spotted at small i.t: girl with cute Cambridge Satchel



Met up with James and Jiki for dinner.
First stop: Mannings, to buy the miracle Tomato pill.


Both Jiki and James lost so much weight. Jiki’s on the Dukan Diet and James is on the Tomato pill.
I bought the last two boxes at Mannings.
You take the pill 30 minutes before bedtime (no midnight snacks allowed) and it burns your fats while you sleep. James swears your tummy disappears!!


We swore to diet together and keep tabs on Twitter.
But first, dinner at Cuisine Cuisine at IFC.


Sea bass with the best leeks in the world


Prawn balls in salted egg = heaven!!


We came here for Peking Duck only to find out you have to order a day in advance. So we ordered fried chicken instead, which was just average.


Jiki’s veggies


We talked diet the entire time + Manila gossip


For dessert, I got to meet Jiki’s boyfriend, Kester


Kester, please marry my friend!!


Parted at the Four Seasons where Jiki discovered an ATM near the restrooms—how convenient!


I love these people cause they don’t force me to go to Lan Kwai Fong.
With that, I went upstairs and proceeded to pack. :)



HONG KONG—I took it really slow today. Did some work/writing in my pajamas—spent a lot of time on this spot.


Then room service came. I had lunch with Jeroen on Skype. :)
Jeroen had Pepper Lunch and I had Hainanese chicken rice with fresh orange juice.


Took a cab to Innermost to look for two suspension lamps for our dining room.


I chose the Lighthouse lamps with a nice price. Plus, they’re light enough to go on the plane.


Spent the rest of the day buying shoes, pens, makeup.
Last stop: City Super, where I had early dinner at Ganpachi—I know, chicken/rice/orange juice na naman.


Then the supermarket, where I saw all kinds of Coke—from France





and Korea, in cute little PET bottles


And ooh, no High Fructose Corn Syrup! I bought five bottles to take home. Good luck to my luggage.


I saw crabs from different countries. I heart crab. I would like to eat this.


and these


It’s my first time to see a crab face—how sad!! :(


I love oysters too :(


But I do not have enough stomachs to eat what I want in Hong Kong.
Tomorrow’s task is to repack the lamps into two sturdy boxes to take on the plane. Wish me luck.


Four days to go!

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Screen shot 2011-07-08 at 10.32.42 AM

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Who’s happy now?

Maybe some scandalized moms and the other clothing company that spent a ton for a foreign endorser.
But most of us are not.
Mandaluyong City Mayor Benhur Abalos has asked Bench to take down the hottest billboard on Edsa-Guadalupe.

Bye-bye sexy Bench ad along EDSA?
By Camille Naredo and Ira Pedrasa,

MANILA, Philippines – Mandaluyong City Mayor Benhur Abalos is asking advertisers to take down the billboard of the Philippine Volcanoes along EDSA-Guadalupe. (My note: clean up Pasig River first.)

rugby guadalupe

The Bench billboard features the members of the Philippine rugby team posing in their underwear.
“Hindi ko pinapaalis, I am just requesting advertisers to have it removed,” Abalos told (My note: pareho na yon.)
He said the advertisers have already committed to removing the ad.
The Bench billboard features the members of the Philippine rugby team posing in their underwear.

 Throw Your Support Behind The Philippine Volcanoes!

Abalos said the advertisement was inappropriate, especially since it was placed prominently along a busy area. He added that he was specially concerned about children who see the ad.
Abalos, mayor of the city where the billboard is located, said he found out about the ad from Valenzuela City Mayor Sherwin Gatchalian.

Mayor Sherwin Gatchalian
Photo: Patrick Gan/FLICKR

Gatchalian said he covered his nephews’ eyes when they passed the billboard.
“That road is in the center of Metro Manila, ang daming dumadaan,” Abalos said.
But the mayor insists that this is not a moral issue.
“Baka sabihin nila nagpapaka-moralista ako. I’m not very conservative,” he said.
He also said that he did not know the players who posed for the ad.
Abalos will also check another Bench billboard located along EDSA Guadalupe, which features the Azkals’ team captain, Aly Borromeo, also posing in his underwear. (end quote)

My note: Let me save you the trouble, sir.

Aly Billboard

The mayor may take down some billboards, but he can’t stop Bench from selling the calendar.
The new Bench calendar featuring the Philippine Volcanoes are available for only Php 69 at selected Bench and Herbench stores, plus all Bench Body stores nationwide. Percentage of sales will go to the Philippine Rugby Football Union.
(My note: 69 pesos talaga? Di ba puedeng 68 or 70 pesos? Baka magalit si Mayor :))

Poster Rugby

My note: ang dami kong notes, hehe.

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