Tempur winners!

As a special promo for Chuvaness readers, Tempur Philippines offered to give away  five sleep masks when their Facebook following reached 1,000.

Tempur sleep mask

The five winners are:
Elizabeth Marie Teotico
Kimberly Arevalo
Michelle Dacanay
Anna Margarita Abesamis
Kristine Torreno

Upon reaching 2,000 followers, they would give away three Symphony pillows

Tempur Symphony pillow

The three winners are:
Mark Evan Lim
Ana Margarita Comia
Lloyda Lim

Looks like Ana Margarita Comia already got her prize!


As a final treat, Tempur Philippines is giving away a brand new iPad 2 (wifi, 16 GB) when the number reaches 3,000.


And you still have time to join! Only 250 followers left before the number reaches 3,000.
Hurry and  find out how to qualify! Click HERE


Ana and I have to take turns using the Internet because there’s no wifi in this room.
This was me last night


This was Ana. Take note, we both have one leg raised while working


I had a deadline for the STAR, so I stayed in and had room service for lunch (nothing spectacular)


My nephew Miko slept on our couch last night. Today I had to take him out for a haircut (photo to follow).
I was really impressed that he offered to carry my shopping bag. I can only hope that my boys would do that for women in the future!!


Dinner was at the St. Regis


with the cathedral-like ceiling


and this view outside


I had fresh oysters


and a 1 kg. steak shared with Ana (and no, we could not finish it)


We ended by shopping at Cineleisure, which is one of the few places open until midnight.
I found my mutant Frankenstein gingham Nikes!


For Jeroen, mutant KZK x Adidas shoes


I really hope he wears them. I intereviewed KZK Kuraishi in Singapore two years ago, and he is an insanely high-tech designer.

Kazuki Kuraishi at Surrender

Hello again

My dad invited me to go to Singapore for a few days with my mom and sister for wala lang.
Singapore is my dad’s second home because his BFF lives here. My nephew studies here now, so we wanted to see him too.
When we arrived at NAIA I saw this cute surfer looking dude complaining to the guard at the entrance that his big bag disappeared just as he was about to go in. With it, he lost his travel documents. It was so sad, the guard looked clueless on what to do. I prayed that somebody would help him. What a horrible last day in the Philippines.
Inside I saw another cute Japanese-looking surfer dude hand-carrying a bag of Max’s fried chicken. So cute.


Here’s the front view. My sister Ana drew it


Some of the food stuff people hand-carry:
1) Cebu lechon
2) Davao pomelo
3) Krispy Kreme donuts
4) Royce’chocolate
5) Hainanese chicken rice from Singapore
6) Bacolod chicken
7) In the ’70s my uncle used to bring home McDonald’s from the U.S.!!
8) Magnolia ice cream
9) Famous Amos cookies
10) Jean-Paul Hevin chocolate, and so on….

The flight to Singapore was scary—for me anyway. (Ana told me later she was scared also, but didn’t tell me because that would be the end of me.) The plane flew through turbulence for about 30 minutes—the kind that had the crew stopping inflight service to sit and buckle up. I was so restless. I held my sister’s hand while praying the Rosary many times. It was Our Lady’s birthday on September 8. I prayed really hard.
After what seemed like an hour, the plane finally calmed down and we landed safely.
We’re now in this really big hotel room. I love it here. Ana is my roommate.



So much space


I was jogging here last night


The bathroom is really big too, and more spartan than anything. Nothing spectacular.


It needs some warmth


The lavatory fixtures are old, so that’s a disappointment. And just for that little thing, I’m not coming back—haha.


Everything else is lovely though. Especially our dinner tonight was so amazing!!
Went to this place called Ming Kee at 556 Macpherson Road.


Started off with fish skin chicharon, which tastes better than pork chicharon, I kid you not.


And then these clams cooked in this special sauce. (Ana put the Award pin from Zombadings, the movie.)


The sauce was so good, I ate it with a spoon and the Singaporeans were alarmed. Too much sodium, they said. But I didn’t think so! I would go back for this.


And then, the pièce de résistance, this huge mountain of gigantic enormous crab cooked in salted egg and cereal.
So good, Ana gave it an Award


She even gave the Coke an award


This was a seriously huge crab claw that dwarfs the fork next to it.


Mom had the shell with the crab fat


My dress was a mess! Full of crumbs all over.
I had no more space to enjoy the bamboo clams covered in garlic.


Ming Kee Live Seafood is at 556 Macpherson Road, Singapore
Tel. 6747-4075

Ana has a funnier version of this entry. Click here.

Bulgari’s house of mirrors

Bulgari recently reopened a renovated and enlarged version of its historical store in Switzerland, located in the heart of Geneva, in Rue du Rhone. 
The 270 square-meter store features a luminous façade with two entrances, one in Rue du Rhone and the other one on the corner of Place de la Fusterie, thus enjoying great visibility.


Parastas in gris pulpis marble—a trademark of Bulgari architectural design—were added to the pre-existing building.
From the outside, you can sight the metal decoration at the ground floor, which is a unique feature of the store.


From the main entrance on the corner of Place de la Fusterie, visitors can admire the double height volume which gives emphasis to the entire store. 
Metal mirrored steel leaves, inspired by Bulgari’s high jewellery one-of-a-kind pieces, closely links the historic boutique to the city of Geneva, through a creation recalling the Jet d’Eau.


The huge tree represents the heart of the store, enriching the space from floor to ceiling, while creating a spectacular attraction from the street.


Upon entering the store, customers can admire the jewellery collections, as well as the “veneziana” marble floors with a great star in alabastro marble.
High-end watches have a dedicated space in the store, while a special area is entirely for accessories.
Two spectacular VIP rooms, accessible by elevator, offer a private shopping experience with a great view of Geneva and the lake.


Pepper Lunch Rockwell’s new look

After serving more than 500,000 customers since May 2008, it’s time to renovate and improve the first ever Pepper Lunch restaurant in the country.

Pepper Lunch Rockwell

Designed by Takatoshi Kimachi and his team, expect the 190-square-meter store to reopen next month featuring my favorite colors (what else?) of black and natural woods.
The result should be very chic and Japanice.

Pepper Lunch Rockwell

We’re striving to improve ventilation by installing an exhaust system in the dining areas, as well as additional aircon units.

Pepper Lunch Rockwell

It’s gonna look amazing!!

Pepper Lunch Rockwell

While waiting, enjoy your favorite Pepper Lunch dishes at Greenebelt 5, Shangri-La Plaza, SM Megamall, SM Mall of Asia, Robinson’s Place Ermita and Alabang Town Center (Corte de las Palmas).

New Grand Menu 2011

To know more, go to http://pepperlunch.com.ph/.

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