Moleskine® meets LEGO®

Anyone who’s been to our house would know how Lego-obsessed our boys are. That’s why the latest Moleskines are close to my heart.
The new limited edition set of Moleskine® notebooks is the latest in a series that plays with pop icons of our times, including: Woodstock, Pac-Man, Petit Prince, and Star Wars.


Moleskine’s new LEGO® collection offers four different formats: ruled and plain notebooks both in pocket and large sizes. The cover is debased, silkscreened, with different color LEGO plates built in each of the four models of the notebooks.


Inside: a printed themed flyleaf, an inner pocket, a color-coordinated bookmark, and ten adhesive labels representing LEGO bricks and LEGO men to personalize your records and pages.

Catalogue 2012 A4_EN.indd

Moleskine LEGO® Limited Edition Notebooks:
• Ruled Notebook Large: debossing and a real black LEGO® plate on the cover, adhesive labels, silkscreen on the flyleaf (PHP 1550)
• Ruled Notebook Pocket: debossing, yellow silkscreen and a real yellow LEGO® plate on the cover, adhesive labels, colour coordinated bookmark, silkscreen on the flyleaf (PHP 1140)
• Plain Notebook Large: debossing, red silkscreen and a real red LEGO® plate on the cover, adhesive labels, color coordinated bookmark, silkscreen on the flyleaf (PHP 1550)
• Plain Notebook Pocket: green silkscreen and a real green LEGO® plate on the cover, adhesive labels, color coordinated bookmark silkscreen on the flyleaf (PHP 1140)



National Bookstore is my playground! It’s the one place I can’t enter without buying anything, and this year I planned on reading more paper, instead of being online all the time. Yesterday I went magazine shopping and got these:

1) Philippine Tatler‘s LIST issue is juicy. Well, because lists sell and everyone wants to be in some sort of list that makes them more sosy. This issue tells you whom Tatler says are the most stylish, most invited, most gracious hosts in the Philippines, plus the 400 people who are who’s who (I know 29—so yay me!).
I didn’t read all the text, but enjoyed looking at all the photos. Even though you’re not into that scene (like me), it’s interesting to step into their world for a few minutes and then close the magazine and go back into your “dreary” life. No, seriously. It’s entertaining.


2) I bought Appetite magazine because I heard there was a Chicken Kiev recipe inside. I would ask my chef husband to teach it to our cook. Then again, it might be easier to order it from the Russian lady who sells them at Legaspi market, as Marks & Spencer Chicken Kiev is now always out of stock!
This looks so good….


3) I picked up Dwell magazine due to a recommendation of The Wanderlister.
As a home/design lover, it is seriously the best magazine I have picked up in a very long time. It features the most unique spaces all over Asia and Australia. It makes you envious and think how passé is your own home. I love this magazine and look forward to future issues.


4) Earlier I discovered the 150 series of design books. Rarely do I pick up a design book where I like almost everything inside. If you’re into home design and renovation, these are two very good resource books.
Right now I have 150 Best New House Ideas and 150 Best Kitchen Ideas because our eight-year-old kitchen is in dire need of renovation. I can’t wait to see the others in the series: 150 Bathrooms, 150 Loft Ideas, etc. I just have to find out which National Bookstore has them.



Caviar and champagne at Lusso

Indulge in caviar and champagne, specially priced this Valentine’s Day, only at Lusso.
A selection of caviar ranges from Php 8,500 for Sevruga caviar with a bottle of Moet & Chandon Brut
to Php 13,000 for Acetra caviar with a bottle of Moet & Chandon Rosé.
Caviar is served with white toast points, white onions, lemon wedges, French butter, egg yolk, egg white, chives, blini, crème fraiche.


To reserve, call Lusso at Greenbelt 5, Makati, 756-5893.

Die Antwoord

Back in the ’80s, we had the Thompson Twins

"Doctor, Doctor!" 45 single by Thompson Twins
L-R: Alannah Currie, Tom Bailey, Joe Leeway

Alannah was my idol, and we all had a crush on Tom Bailey.
Fast forward to 2012: Meet Die Antwoord (Afrikaans for “The Answer”) a futuristic rap-rave crew from South Africa who represent a fresh new style called ZEF.
According to Wiki, ZEF is a unique South African style that is modern and trashy and also includes out-of-date, discarded cultural and style elements. (???)
Composed of Yo-Landi (wearing black contacts and T-shirt dress), DJ Hi-Tek (in deformed face mask), and Ninja (in a orange jumpsuit), the trio performed their clubby single, “I Fink U Freeky,” on David Letterman.

That was painful to watch. I honestly can’t finish the clip.
Let’s bring back the Thompson Twins.

Free Ricardo Castro!

This makes me so mad and sad at the same time.
A few years ago I was taking some prescribed medication, I can’t even remember what it was—but twice I had walked out of two SM stores, where the guard followed me outside and asked me kindly if I had forgotten to pay for my item.
I was with my friend Becky. We were talking while shopping and I had walked out of the store without paying. I was so horrified I apologized and quickly paid for the item in the store. And this happened to me twice!
After that I told my doctor to take me off the meds because it was making me forgetful.
This is why I think they should free Ricardo Castro.
Please read on and tell me if you agree.

79-year-old man arrested for stealing chocolates at grocery store

Philippine Daily Inquirer
5:21 pm | Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

MANILA, Philippines—A 79-year-old man was arrested on Monday for allegedly stealing a small bag of chocolate worth P36 at a grocery store in Manila.
Ricardo Castro, a resident of the Madrid Extension in Tondo, claimed that he simply forgot to pay for the pack of chocolate because he was thinking of his ailing son while he was shopping for groceries at the Ultra Mega wholesale and retail mart at the corner of CM Recto Avenue and Antonio Rivera Street in Tondo.
But SPO2 Cody Carmelo, desk officer of the Manila Police District (MPD) Moriones Tondo station 2, said that representatives of the grocery did not buy Castro’s story and filed a theft charge against him before the city prosecutor’s office.
Carmelo told the Philippine Daily Inquirer that the alleged theft happened at around 11 a.m., Monday, inside the Ultra Mega store. Castro, he pointed out, was on his way out of the store carrying a bag of groceries when 21-year-old security guard Wilson Bangug noticed something bulging from the septuagenarian’s back pants pocket.
When Bangug accosted Castro and frisked him, he allegedly found the P36-chocolate inside the septuagenarian’s back pocket. The discovery prompted him to turn over the elderly man to police custody.
“He (Castro) said his son had cancer and that was the reason he was not himself. He said he just forgot to pay for the item,” Carmelo told the Inquirer, adding that the elderly suspect even offered to pay for the item he allegedly stole.
But even after his claims, the complainant continued to press the theft charge against him before the city prosecutor’s office where the inquest officer asked Castro for proof of his son’s illness.
Castro remains detained at the holding cell of the MPD Tondo station.

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