We love you more, Anderson Cooper
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Dear Andy,
I think I know where you are right now. If I were single with no kids, I might fly out there. But stalking isn’t my thing.
Not since Adrien Brody stepped into Manila have I felt this way.
I’m kind of happy you’re gay because I can’t stand the thought of you dating a girl with pwet-length hair (see Adrien’s girlfriend).
When you were stuck in a Manila hangar because you couldn’t fly to Tacloban, I felt frustrated for you.
When you were in Tacloban, I wondered where you slept or what you ate. My girlfriends and I were worried sick about you, on top of being depressed about the situation in the Visayas.
I hope you’re getting good sleep now and we will be sad to see you go.

I’ve been watching CNN everyday for years. It’s either CNN or ANC that keeps me company while I’m working.
I love the way you come in and wear a dark grey T-shirt while you’re working for the world’s greatest news network, in my opinion.
And I love how you handled the Korina issue. I have nothing against Mar or Korina, but what you did is something we don’t see in the Philippines, where celebrities bash and fight it out on TV (or in this case, radio) Twitter or Instagram.
As Teddyboy Locsin said, you didn’t have to explain yourself, but you did anyway. And we love you more for what you said about our people.
Thank you.

Stop Catastrophizing Relief Efforts in the Philippines —
Why I won’t be criticising the Philippine relief effort after Typhoon Haiyan – I’ve been there — The Telegraph UK

Dutch DJs support victims of Typhoon Haiyan
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DJs Ferry Corsten, Quintino, Blasterjaxx, Dennis Ruyer, Jacob van Hage, Marco V, Sandro Silva, Sied van Riel, Oliver Twizt will be playing at Club Panama in Amsterdam on November 20, 2013 to raise funds for the victims of the superstorm in the Philippines. The country is in great need of clean water, shelter, food, and medical care.
Proceeds from this benefit show will be donated to the Dutch calamity fund GIRO 555, which has been set up to receive funds from Dutch Nationals who wish to donate.

Ferry Corsten 6.
Ferry Corsten

Ferry Corsten, the DJ who initiated this event has a close relationship to the Philippines.
“It breaks my heart to see what has happened in the Philippines. My wife is Filipino, our daughter is half Filipino, and of course we have many family and friends who live there who have been directly affected by the typhoon.
Hundreds of thousands have lost everything and are in urgent need for help. This is why the benefit #DonateandDance has been set up.
We are so happy that so many DJs reacted positively to this event and that we have been able to set this up in just a few days. Unfortunately, some DJs were out of the country so they cannot be there for the evening, but many will be supporting our cause via their social media. It is our hope that through this event we can influence others to show their support for the victims in their own way.”

Joining Ferry at the benefit concert are DJs Quintino


Dennis Ruyer
dennis ruyer

Jacob van Hage
jacob van hage

Marco V
marco v

Sandro Silva
sandro silva

Sied van Riel
sied van riel

and Oliver Twizt.

Club Panama Amsterdam is normally closed on a Wednesday night but has taken the initiative to open its doors for the benefit.
“Words can’t express our emotion regarding the destruction caused by the super typhoon in the Philippines. We are more than willing to help the cause and Ferry’s initiative to raise funds for the evening. We hope to raise a lot of money for the Philippines. Every cent counts.”


Lauren Bush creates FEED tee for #YolandaPH
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Lauren Bush’s FEED project began in 2006 when the model and activist designed a bag to benefit the United Nations World Food Programme’s (WFP) School Feeding program.
As a WFP Honorary Student Spokesperson, Lauren has visited Asia, Latin America, and Africa where WFP operates.
To date, FEED has been able to raise money to provide over 60 million school meals to children around the world.
FEED has also partnered with UNICEF to provide over 46,000 children with essential nutrients.

Lauren Bush

Now FEED has designed a special T-shirt to benefit victims of Typhoon Haiyan, which has impacted an estimated 4 million children.
Children are the most vulnerable after a natural disaster, often becoming separated from their families and in urgent need of nourishment.
Purchasing this T-shirt will provide 10 high-energy biscuits for children and families and FEED hope in the Visayas as it rebuilds.
Feed tee
The FEED Philippines T-shirt is available for preorder at $33 and will be ready to ship between November 20-26, 2013.
To order, click HERE.

Donate pre-loved books and toys at Jollibee
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When my first son was born, I couldn’t sleep properly because I thought that if I slept, he would die.
I woke up several times at night to check if he was breathing.
“Don’t worry,” our housekeeper told me. “He’ll be running around the house in no time.”

Mirror, mirror

I can’t believe that boy I gave birth to is now 12 years old and taller than me!
He grew so fast, he is no longer interested in toys that are not gadgets.
A few months ago I was able to convince him and his brother (10) to give up toys they were no longer using.
We filled up six balikbayan boxes, which ended up in a garage sale.

In the Philippines, so many children don’t get to enjoy toys, that’s why Jollibee launched Maaga ang Pasko over 19 years ago. Watch how someone’s pre-loved toy can make a girl so happy.

Maaga ang Pasko is considered the country’s longest-running toy and book collection drive, with over two million toys collected since it started. It is committed to spreading smiles and Christmas cheer to thousands of Filipinos children all over.
Now, families here or abroad can donate a toy and/or book online through the Maaga ang Pasko microsite with the help of campaign partners Toy Kingdom and Goodwill Bookstore.
Global Filipino communities in the USA, Middle East, Hongkong and Singapore can also reach out via Maaga ang Pasko donation boxes at Jollibee branches in these markets.

To know more, visit the microsite at

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