Crossings invites you to Philippine Fashion Week

On May 22, 2012, CROSSINGS labels The Ramp, Mundo and The Ramp Kids, will present their latest collections at Philippine Fashion Week.
Directed by Robby Carmona and styled by siblings Daryl and Andre Chang, the show will feature the collaborative work of Creative Director Mario Barrientos and designer Macel Pangan.
Take a sneak peek at the Fall/Holiday Collection of The Ramp Crossings’ with this teaser video created by Melvin Mojica, Jujiin Samonte and Paulo Castro.

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The Ramp is now available online at //

Nine years of happiness

Time flies.
Hard to believe our second child is already nine years old. To me, he’s still a baby.
This year Markus didn’t want a big party, he just wanted to go to the arcade with friends. What a relief.
He wanted to go to Shang to play games and eat Pepper Lunch. But I wanted to give him something more.
Luckily, just ten days before his birthday, I received an invitation to the opening of Game Zoo at Resorts World.


I recognized the naked buff guy on the right as the wallpaper of Marky’s iPod, and emailed Joy Andrade of Resorts World to inquire about the facilities.
Game Zoo softly opened last March 2012 at the 4th level of Resorts World, but grand opening was on May 4th.
I asked Joy if I could visit the site before the event, so I met up with her on May 2.
It was amazing, with two floors of games and two virtual roller coaster rides with special effects.

Game Zoo

Game Zoo

Game Zoo

I even checked the loo and approved!


Sorry I don’t have many pictures of the place, but it was without a doubt the coolest arcade in town.
I emailed some parents with instructions to be at our house before 1 PM on May 8 and booked the Bieber bus, or The Black Fleet, to shuttle 11 kids + 4 parents and yayas to Resorts World.

The Black Fleet at home

The kids were excited to ride the Bieber bus, which seats 20 passengers (I call it that because Justin Bieber rode The Black Fleet while he was in Manila). Inside, The Black Fleet had for us some chilled bottled water in a cooler, candies and chips. I also brought cookies and cupcakes by Roshan.
Of course many kids have gadgets these days.


The sweetest thing, The Black Fleet prepared a video collage of Markus from birth to 9 years, which I found so touching.

Upon arriving at Game Zoo, I bought 17 reloadable game cards and distributed them to kids and parents. Then the kids were off and us parents snuck out to have lunch at Tao Yuan two floors below. Chicken rice was in order



and not so soft-shell crab. Seriously, we ordered way too much food.


We came back to experience the 4-D horror roller coaster movie, which was more scary than funny…

Game Zoo

The kids were obsessed with this ice cream grabber. They pulled out a few Cornettos and Magnums and gave them to the yayas. I can’t tell you how much money was spent on this machine—we could’ve gone to Select and just bought a ton of ice cream.

Game Zoo




Jeroen played one game, while my role was basically the banker. I had to be on standby to reload the cards.


At 5 PM we gathered the kids to leave, otherwise they would not stop and we will be broke!
Traffic was bad on the way home. I was so tried, but we had to stop by McDonald’s at Bonifacio to eat. Imagine a party of 20 occupying McDo.
Got home past 8 PM so tired and we still had to blow some candles.

Cubby and 9 cupcakes for Marky

Guess who did?

Blowing Marky's candles

To all the moms who love unconditionally

As a mother of three, I’m blessed to have given birth to two of them, while the third one was delivered by the stork. :)
Both of my pregnancies were difficult. Everyone around me suffered, due to the usual aches and pains, morning sickness that lasts all day, worries and anxiety.
I worried during 38 weeks of pregnancy, worried with each ultrasound and doppler scan, even if the doctor says everything looks normal.
When the scans appear normal, I worry that my child will be born with a big black birthmark on the face.
I stop worrying only when the baby is born and placed on my chest. I check to see that the face has no marks, and then I fall asleep. I love newborns.


Post-partum, I used to worry that my baby would get sick and die, but somehow we survived all the sicknesses and hospital confinements.
There were nights I spent Googling about other moms who had lost a child or given birth to children with special needs.
I’m grateful that God didn’t give me a big cross to carry while raising our kids. I just deal with the usual fighting that occurs between siblings or worry when a yaya has to go.
That’s why I have great respect and admiration for moms who are given children with special needs, especially those who decide to keep their baby despite medical odds.
I found this video through my cousin’s Facebook. It tells of a young mom who gave birth to a baby with a rare condition that many people ask: Why did she choose to have the child instead of aborting?
After dealing with people’s stares and whispering behind their back, she created this video to let people know she loves her child just the way he is.
This post is dedicated to all moms who love their children, no matter what.
Happy mother’s day to all, and maybe happy tears.

Prince Charles, weatherman

The Prince of Wales surprised BBC Scotland viewers by presenting the weather forecast, during a tour of a BBC station in Scotland, where he decided it would be fun to do the weather.
Listen to his royal highness pronounce “Edinburg”. Makes you wish Erap would surprise us and do the weather too.

Here’s what went down behind the scenes

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