3rd World “Bling Ring”
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So the village sent this newsletter once again inviting residents and househelp to learn about modus operandi groups targeting homeowners.

village newsletter

Last May 28, 2013, while I was recovering in bed, the maid runs up to the bedroom, sweating buckets.
“Ma’am, pahiram daw ng camera sabi ni Kuya Boy. Nahuli ang dugo-dugo gang sa kapit-bahay!”
(“Ma’am, Kuya Boy wants to borrow your camera. They’ve arrested the bloody burglars at the neighbors!”)

What the hell?
I would have run there myself if I weren’t in so much pain.
I gave her my camera, and saw the pictures a few minutes later.


The two suspects are seated on the floor, surrounded by homeowners, staff, and their loot?
According to our maid and driver, two teenagers went to the neighbor’s house while the homeowners were out.
The maid had let them in when they introduced themselves as relatives. But the maid started to think something was wrong when the teens went inside the bedrooms.
The maid had the presence of mind to run out and alert the security guards, who called the cops.

As you can imagine, the entire street and their grandmother ran out to check out the suspects whom they labeled the “dugo-dugo gang.”
Everyone who had a cellphone started taking photos, and the boy suspect reportedly yelled at them in English to f*ck off and “stop taking my picture!!”
Here’s the suspect’s car in front of the neighbor’s house. It had been tire-locked pending investigation.

Suspected robber on Melon Street

As soon as I had the photos, I tweeted them.
One of my Twitter followers was shocked when he recognized the boy in the photo as a troubled Ateneo student.
He was positively identified through the car’s plate number which I also tweeted.

My Twitter follower then called the suspect’s mother (who happens to be a lawyer) to inform her that her son had been arrested.
The mom began looking for her son in nearby precints and requested that I delete the tweets. So I did.
The following day the suspect’s car was no longer on our street, and I heard he had been released without charges.

Are these the 3rd world version of Bling Ring?
In 2009, five teens were arrested in Hollywood for burglarizing the homes of Paris Hilton, Orlando Bloom, Audrina Patridge, to name a few.

This Friday, Sofia Coppola’s movie opens in theaters. (Her timing is impeccable.)
Interesting to note that Paris Hilton, one of the victims, has allowed Sofia to shoot in her home.

New look and shopping spree at Watsons!
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What mom or girl wouldn’t love a shopping spree at Watsons?
Last week, a bunch of us bloggers and writers were invited to experience Watsons new revamped look at Greenbelt 1, Makati.
The revamp includes a modified Watsons logo, store interiors, brand visuals, uniforms, and a new store front.

2013-06-25 16.56.25

I was given a bunch of gift cards and a shopping assistant (below) to carry my loot 🙂
Then I was free to look for anything I fancied, starting with the candies for the boys.

2013-06-25 17.13.02

Bumped into fellow bloggers Mike Lim

2013-06-25 17.02.12

Divine Lee

2013-06-25 17.05.30

Kim Palanca and Shen Gee

2013-06-25 17.42.01

Here’s the new staff uniforms

2013-06-25 18.30.29

And enhanced, new pharmacy

Watsons Pharmacists

The revamp will be seen across the region in over 3,200 outlets in 12 Asian and European markets.
“Loyal customers say they love Watsons because they enjoy browsing and discovering new products and new experiences,” said Robert U. Sun, Watsons Philippines General Manager.

Well count me in. Here are some of the products I love or caught my eye:
Disposable panties I use when traveling, in the hospital, or having some surgery 🙂
I prefer these to bringing dirty underwear home.

2013-06-25 17.16.23

Cute hair coloring. I don’t use these, but they look so cool and Japanice

2013-06-25 17.20.48

I love discovering new kinds of toothpaste as a break from Colgate white

2013-06-25 17.23.07
2013-06-25 17.22.29

These are for the kids

2013-06-25 17.22.59

Wet tissues are a must in my bag. Better if they’re Hello Kitty

2013-06-25 17.17.37
2013-06-25 17.17.17

I’m a sucker for variety packs. But I don’t know this brand, so I passed 🙂

2013-06-25 17.19.58

Another variety pack

2013-06-25 17.23.54

For my hubby

2013-06-25 17.21.39

Didn’t know Marrionaud sold these at Watsons

2013-06-25 17.26.40

Cool fever patches are such a comfort for migraines

2013-06-25 17.18.20

I have too many facial cleansers at home. These are cute though

2013-06-25 17.27.15

Japanese brand Majolica Majorca makes the best mascaras, in my opinion

2013-06-25 17.32.45

So much color—in nail polish

2013-06-25 17.34.26


2013-06-25 17.31.55

Lip glosses, plumpers

2013-06-25 17.32.06

Slimming drops!

2013-06-25 17.28.29

My entire loot cost around Php 5,000+. I had them boxed to avoid using plastic bags. You should too.

2013-06-25 17.43.58Watson's loot
Watson's loot

I’m a happy camper.
Want to experience the new Watsons—and a shopping spree like we did?

Here’s how:

1) You must have a Twitter or Facebook account.
2) Click the tweet button or like the Facebook button at the bottom of this entry.
3) Follow Watsons on Twitter or like them on Facebook.
4) Register HERE for the electronic lottery.
4) Deadline for entries is on 11 PM of July 6, 2103. Please join only once.
5) Only one winner of Php 10,000 gift cards will be selected via electronic lottery.
6) Winner will be contacted via email with a message on how to claim the gift cards.

Taylor hotness for Bench
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American actor, model and martial artist Taylor Lautner, best known for playing Jacob Black in The Twilight Saga film series starts in Bench’s new ad campaign shot in Los Angeles by photographer, videographer and director Anthony Mandler.
Taylor, who has been acting since he was nine years old, has also appeared in Cheaper by the Dozen 2, The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lava Girl, and the John Singleton thriller, Abduction.


Bench CEO and founder Ben Chan personally flew to LA to meet Taylor as the brand’s newest endorser. At right is director Anthony Mandler, who has worked with Rihanna, David Beckham, Beyonce, Usher, Shakira, Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj, and Justin Bieber.

Bench's newest endorser Taylor Lautner and director Anthony Mandler with Bench CEO Ben Chan

Taylor was styled by Samantha McMillen, who’s included in The Hollywood Reporter’s list of 25 Most Powerful Stylists.
For the Bench shoot, Samantha outfitted Taylor in smart casual pieces, like a light cardigan or check shirt over a low-cut tank top and jeans.

Taylor Lauter is relaxed wearing Bench's cool cardigan as he was posing for the campaign.
Taylor Lautner does his own stunts for the Bench Campaign

Taylor Lautner shows us why actors are sometimes better models than models.
Watch him as he works behind-the-scenes (no stunt man) for BENCH.

New NAIA: In our lifetime please!
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I’m a simple girl. At least I like to think I am.
All I wanted was a nice, clean, modern bathroom at NAIA so I wouldn’t have to stuff my face with tissues when entering the loo. Can you smell this?


Oh, and the food problem. We need food in NAIA. Not mass-produced dense siomais, noodles cups and other smelly food.

NAIA Terminal 1

I feel so sad for me and all the foreigners who leave with the worst image of the country—NAIA.
Then things started to improve. They started to fix some toilets—not all.

NAIA restroom

But the food still sucks.
And now, something more than we’ve bargained for—an overhaul by some of the biggest names in Philippine design—Kenneth Cobonpue, Royal Pineda, Budji Layug, and Leandro Locsin:

Cobonpue group to design NAIA-1’s interiors for free
June 26, 2013 4:19pm

The government has tasked the team of world-renowned designer Kenneth Cobonpue to give the interiors of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 1 (NAIA-1) a facelift, a Malacañang spokesperson said Wednesday.
Quoting a text message from Transportation Secretary Joseph Emilio Abaya, presidential spokesman Edwin Lacierda said Cobonpue’s group “will be allowed to do the interior of the NAIA 1 building” for free.
Lacierda added that the Leandro V. Locsin & Associates (LVL) architecture firm, ran by the son of national artist Leandro Locsin, will be in charge of the airport’s architectural services after it was awarded the contract to redesign NAIA-1 two years ago.
“The Cobonpue group will help out with the interiors, but Architect Locsin will still be architect of record. The Cobonpue group has offered their services pro bono,” the president’s spokesman said.

new NAIA
new NAIA

I have no words. Thank You Lord, for Filipinos who care.
And as Filipinos would say, “NAIA, bigyan mo naman kami ng kahihiyan!”

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