Kate Spade NY opens at Central Square, BGC

Known for its colorful, quirky fashion, Kate Spade New York recently opened its newest store at Central Square, Bonifacio High Street.
This season, Kate Spade Creative Director Deborah Lloyd took cues from her travels to Tokyo and Shanghai in conceptualizing the travel-inspired collection.
To welcome guests, black and white striped balloons were handed out by models in head-to-toe Kate Spade

Kate Spade opens at Central Square Mall
Kate Spade opens at Central Square Mall
Kate Spade opens at Central Square Mall

Spotted at the opening were Marianna Henud

Marianna Henud

Jenny Rockett

Jenny Rockett

Nicole Andersson

Nicole Andersson

and Katrina Razon who DJed for the event

Katrina Razon

Guests sipped pink champagne with mini burgers, brownies and fries, while lucky draw winners took home Kate Spade merchandise and Raffles Hotel x Kate Spade New York afternoon tea gift certificates.


In the Philippines, Kate Spade New York is exclusively distributed by Stores Specialists, Inc. with branches at The Power Plant Mall, Greenbelt 3, Rustan’s Makati, Newport Mall, Shangri-La Plaza Mall and Central Square Mall.

Is there scam going on at Shangri-La mall parking lot?

This Sunday afternoon after buying a puppy (yes we got one), the kids and I decided to go to Shangri-La mall’s pet store on the 5th floor to buy some supplies.
I asked the driver if our van can go up and he said yes. So we went up. Normally we are asked to pay for parking before we head upstairs. This time there was nobody to collect money, no automated machine. Nothing.
So the car went up.

After going to the pet store, we headed out of the parking space. At the exit, a Security guy stopped our car and asked for the parking fee of Php 45. After handing him the money, he said we could go.
Something in my brain clicked and I asked for a receipt. He said there was no receipt.
I said that’s not right. He told me I was holding up the traffic and if I wanted a receipt we would have to go back to the 5th floor and pay there. It sounded weird, so I told him I would report him.
He said go ahead and report him and I can get his name. I said, “What’s your name? Or you know what, I’ll just take your picture.”
He started to get nervous and turn away as I took a few shots.


He told us to move outside as we were holding up the traffic and he became really nice. Then he said he can produce a receipt if we can wait. I said we would wait. It was daytime and I prayed for help.
The Security asked another guy to get a receipt for us.
After many minutes he produced our receipt and we went on our way peacefully. Thank You Lord.


I don’t know anyone at Shang. I have no connections. So if anyone cares, please let Shang admin know that there is a person collecting Php 45 from at the parking lot without receipt. If anybody cares.
I’m just doing my part as an honest citizen to correct if something is wrong.

Experience the absurd this October 28-31 at Imaginarium

Stuck in Manila during sem break?
Fear not as The Imaginarium:A Multi-Arts Festival of the Absurd, runs this October 28-31, 2014 at the PETA Theater Center in New Manila.
This first-of-its-kind multi-arts festival hopes to attract more than just students, young professionals, and 20-something millennials to experience presentations, collaborations, and experimentations in film, visual arts, dance, physical theater, food and beverage, music, fashion, photography, improv, and theater.
See the poster for the list of shows and artists.


For tickets call Ticketworld at 891-1111 or click HERE.
For inquiries, contact (0917) 890.8633 or (0917) 899.6680.
To know more, go to http://thesandboxcollective.com/shows/blueprint/.

How to sync contacts from Blackberry to Samsung

Never ever give up. That’s how I am when it comes to gadget problems, even if it means sleeping at 3 AM to find a solution.
I consider myself a techie. Not a major techie, but a good enough one. I am grateful for times I don’t have to bug another human being for my tech problems.
The most recent one I had was how to move 900 contacts from my Blackberry 9900 to my Samsung K-Zoom.

I am one of the last Blackberry users I know. I loved my Blackberry because of its touchscreen and raised QWERTY keyboard combination. But when my Blackberry started to hang everyday, even after deleting many photos, messages and apps, I decided to give it up and switch to Samsung K-Zoom.

Samsung Galaxy K zoom

Problem was I didn’t know how to move the contacts. I started thinking about how to do it—first by trying the Blackberry desktop app (doesn’t work) and Googling. But nothing online worked for me.
I tried other options using my Mac and USB, Mac and bluetooth, and NFC between phones. None them worked.
Finally after many hours, I tried the simplest solution which worked:

1) Turn on Bluetooths of both Blackberry and Samsung
2) On your Blackberry click Options (it looks like a wrench)

Blackberry Options

3) Go to Network and Connections
4) Click on Bluetooth and pair your Blackberry with the Samsung through Add New Device
5) Choose the Samsung device on your Blackberry and press the bellybutton of your Blackberry.

select your Samsung

You will see this screen

Transfer contacts

6) Click on Transfer Contacts and watch all your Blackberry contacts move to your Samsung phone. It works!

Transferring contacts

So now I have to figure out what is the best way to clean up my Contacts because it has so many duplicates.

H&M Philippines: Open at last (Part 5)

On October 16, the day before H&M opened to the public, we heard there people already in line outside SM Megamall as early as 9AM.
H&M promised gift cards (up to Php 6,000) to the first 200 in line, plus opening offers up to 50 percent off.
As a mom and H&M customer who has lined up previously for special collabs in Tokyo and Hong Kong, I worried about the kids camping out in front of EDSA.
Good thing the October weather cooperated. It was slightly breezy when I checked outside our house.

H&M opens in Manila
H&M opens in Manila

During the night, H&M distributed bottled water and cinnamon buns to those in queue. And just before going to bed, I checked Instagram for updates. The kids posting told me there were already 400 in line. I tried to ask them where’s the toilet and how do they charge their gadgets, but nobody replied.
On October 17, this was the scene outside Megamall: check out the scary long line around the building.

H&M opens in Manila
H&M opens in Manila

Finally the doors opened the H&M staff in a flash mob dance. Only in the Philippines.

H&M opens in Manila
H&M opens in Manila
H&M opens in Manila

Then H&M awarded the first three in line: Olivia Iglesia (first) said she was heartbroken and ready to spend Php 10,000 at the store (she received a Php 6,000 gift check).
Her brother, Sean Iglesia was second; he got Php 3,000. And Love de Ocampo (third) received Php 2,000.
All three already knew what they wanted to buy.

H&M opens in Manila

Just before opening its doors to the public, the ribbon was cut by (L-R) Magnus Olsson (H&M Philippines Country General Manager), Line Juhlin (H&M Regional Sales Manager), Gene Fajardo (H&M store manager), and Karl-Johan Persson (H&M CEO)

Ribbon Cutting

“The anticipation over our launch in the Philippines has been intense, and I am proud to welcome Filipino shoppers into our very first store,” said Karl-Johan Persson. “We hope that we can offer our customers added value through fashion, quality and sustainability at the best price.”
H&M at SM Fashion Hall carries a full assortment of fashion items for women, men, teenagers and children, including athletic wear and lingerie. The store is now open during regular store hours of 10 AM to 10 PM.
To see more of what’s in store, go to http://www.hm.com/ph/

H&M Philippines: VIP night (Part 4)

After seeing the entire store on the afternoon of the 15th, I decided to go home and rest before the VIP event at 7 PM.
I knew beforehand that 1500 guests were invited—most of which were sure to come. So I did the math: if the H&M store at SM Fashion Hall is 3,000 square meters, divided by 1500 guests, we’re looking at two people per square meter including racks of merchandise. I just knew there would be pandemonay.

Store interior 2

So I went home to rest and told my friends to meet me at home at 9:30 and plan to leave past 10. We also monitored the crowd density through live updates on Instagram. Here’s who came to VIP night:
Karl-Johan Persson, CEO and president of H&M, flew in from Sweden and came straight from NAIA (H&M was founded by his grandfather Erling Persson)

Karl-Johan Persson

Rachelle Ann Go performed at the red carpet

Rachelle Ann Go

while Japanese DJ Mademoiselle Yulia played inside the store

DJ Mademoiselle Yulia

Spotted on the red carpet were celebrities Maggie Wilson Consunji

Maggie Wilson-Consunji

Mike Concepcion and Jess Connelly

Mike Concepcion and Jess Connelly

Model Vanessa Matsunaga

Vanessa Matsunaga

Models Valerie delos Santos and Robby Mananquil

Valerie delos Santos and Robby Mananquil

Editor Ria Prieto with son Dimitry

Ria Prieto with son, Dimitri

Model Phoemela Baranda

Phoemela Baranda

and half of the Magalona family (L-R): Arkin, Saab, Pia, Clara, Frank Magalona

The Magalonas - Arkin, Sab, Pia, Clara and Frank

Inside, I saw actor Elmo Magalona

Elmo Magalona

Model Tweetie de Leon Gonzalez

Tweetie Gonzalez

My neighbors Paolo and Rissa Trillo

Paolo and Rissa Trillo

Editor Liza Ilarde

Liza Ilarde

H&M followers Larisse Wan and Tricia Pancho

Larisse, Tricia and friends

Also saw stylist Andre Chang

Andre Chang

and his sister Daryl Chang of Preview magazine

Daryl Chang

The crowd had already thinned out when we arrived at 10:30 and guests were mostly paying, like Inquirer’s Tatin Yang (left) and Pam Pastor

Pam Pastor
cashier scene

Also spotted Margarita Fores’ friendly waiters Rene Balbin

Rene Balbin

and Homber Mijares, whose tray of scallops I wiped out (yum!!)


On our way out I saw my friend, makeup artist Eliza Santiago, still looking fresh late at night.

Eliza Santiago

My friends and I left SM Megamall close to midnight, with only one day, nine hours, and 28 minutes before H&M Philippines opened to the public.

one day to go

(To be continued)

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