Kanye West and adidas Originals drop YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 this September 24th
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Last February 2016, the YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 made its debut at the YEEZY SEASON 3 presentation at Madison Square Garden.
This September, the world’s most sought-after shoe by Kanye West and adidas Originals returns with a flash of color.

adidas YEEZY BOOST 350 V2_2 (1)

The YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 is crafted with premium materials that fuse together adidas’ technology with Kanye West’s unmistakable aesthetic.
THe upper is composed of Primeknit in three hues of yarn, while a streak of solar red bears the mark ‘SPLY-350’.
A semi-translucent rubber outsole and TPU sidewalls create a striking effect while providing superior traction.
Its midsole utilizes adidas’ innovative BOOST™ technology to create a durable, shock-resistant, responsive sole. At the same time, the breakthrough Primeknit material leverages adidas’ most advanced digital knitting techniques to fit like second skin.

The YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 will hit stores globally on September 24th, 2016 and will retail for Php 11,495.

Hello Tokyo!
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Hello I’m in Tokyo with Grace!
Came here without a plan except to shop, eat, and see my friend Sayoko.
We flew JAL because we were scared of the recent computer glitch at Delta.

Japan Airlines

JAL vs. Delta
JAL 767-300 plane was so small but we had such a good flight!
But Delta business class feels much more luxurious than JAL business class.
JAL plane feels like a box, but I’ll take a safe non-bumpy flight anytime. Thank You Lord!
We landed at night. Unpacked my clothes.


I love the Ritz-Carlton bathroom

The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo

First thing the following day, we hit Barbacoa, my family’s favorite restaurant

cheese rolls, Barbacoa

Dropped by the A/D Gallery at Roppongi Hills, where I loved the work of Yasuka Goto

Yasuka Goto

Quick snack at Muji Yurakucho which serves the best soft cream, in my opinion

Muji Yurakucho
Muji Yurakucho

This bookshelf is love

Muji Yurakucho

Ever since I found out my left leg is shorter by .5cm, I’ve been obsessed with finding .5cm insoles, which Muji has in gingham!! Hoarded these! If there is anyone out there who’s been diagnosed with a shorter right leg, please leave a comment and I’ll send you the right insoles.


Following day: Lunch at Shake Shack Ebisu where line wasn’t long and I thought I could finish two single burgers (read: maling akala). Still the best burger in the world, in my opinion

Shake Shack Ebisu
Shake Shack

Then a 15-minute walk to Le Labo in Daikanyama where I thought I could buy Rose 31 conditioner (maling akala part 2….grrr….) Beautiful store though

Le Labo

Had a slightly horrible experience at Café Kitsune which I’d rather not talk about. I still get shocked whenever I encounter rude Japanese people because I really don’t expect it. Let’s just say, never again!

Café Kitsune

Yohji Yamamoto saved the day. Doc Tere is right. I am liking this more than Comme des Garçons. Will invest more in Yohji from now on.

Yohji Yamamoto

Love this coat

Cecile van Straten

Thanks, Minami-san!

Minami at Yohji

Quick stop at the Mother Ship, Comme des Garçons where I saw our favorite shop girl, Yuka Ito.

Yuka Ito

Back to hotel. Had the most delicious chutoro bowl takeaway. Best eaten in pajamas


Good night for now.

Tried & Tested: What’s in my shower stall
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When I was younger, I used to marvel at all the bath products in my parents’ bathroom.
Now that I’m a parent, my son Markus marvels at all the bath products in my shower stall.
My choices in bath and beauty products have evolved a lot ever since I started writing for the Philippine Star and received all sorts of products not usually found at Mercury Drug.

I have very fragile, thin hair, so I try to avoid hair products from the supermarket.
At Aveda Salon, I learned about the benefits of sulfate-free shampoo. After two years, I feel like my hair is better, thicker.
Here’s what’s in my shower stall today:

hair products

On the left side are my products and on the right side are the hubby’s products.

hair products

Here’s my stuff from L-R:
1) GynePro feminine wash given to me. Thank you! Aside from the product, I also love the bottle design.
2) Undeneath: Dove Intense Repair cream. I use this once in a blue moon when I feel like I need a hot oil treatment.
3) Favorite Shiseido facial cleansing foam given to me by a Japanese friend. I love the unscented cleanness and the tiny exfoliating beads.
4) Aveda Invati shampoo. This cleans up your scalp, allowing hairs to grow. Promises thicker hair. I swear by it!
5) Aveda Damage Remedy. Not a conditioner, but I use this to protect my hair from frequent blow-drying. No need to rinse. I use it only at the ends.
6) Aveda Color Conserve shampoo. I use this when my hair is newly dyed and if I feel like my hair is a bit dry. No need for conditioner when using this.
7) Asprey Purple Water conditioner swiped from the Ritz Carlton Tokyo. Also very light with a subtle scent.
8) Living Proof Full Shampoo. Given by Grace and created by Jennifer Aniston. Best for thin hair! I use this when I need to have good hair, for photo shoots and events.
9) Big bottle of Aveda Color Conserve shampoo, which is almost finished. Hence, the other bottle.
10) Murad body wash. Used with a Muji brush to prevent backne.
11) Aveda Pure Abundance shampoo. Similar effect to #8 Living Proof Shampoo. Because I like having options.

These are Jeroen’s products, which includes more Aveda products, body wash from Dove Men, his favorite Zwitsal shampoo from Holland, and Neutrogena anti-residue shampoo for getting rid of hair products and cleaning the scalp.

hair products

I swear by Aveda products. Pricey, yes. But results are worth it.
You can buy at Basement Salon at Shangri-La Plaza and at Aveda stores in Greenbelt 5 and SM Makati.
Living Proof is available from and Sephora Singapore.

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