Cibo’s Papa Amore Special

Cibo serves up Filetto di Manzo alla Griglia or grilled beef tenderloin with porcini cream sauce, funghi trifollati and rice pilaf—with a complimentary glass of red wine this Father’s Day. And not just for dads.

Grilled beef tenderloin with porcini cream sauce, funghi trifollati and rice pilaf

Available up to June 17, 2012 only at Cibo: Glorietta 4 (729-2426) • Edsa Shangri-la Plaza (633-2426) • Alabang Town Center (842-7285) • Powerplant Rockwell (898-2426) • Promenade Greenhills (727-2426) • Gateway Araneta Center (913-2426) • Greenbelt 5 (758-2426) • Eastwood Mall (470-2426)

Won’t you please augment my slice of the pie?

Hello! I’m nominated for the Globe Tatt Awards’ Stylissimo category.
For the last three days I’ve been subtly asking for votes though I know from experience it’s impossible to win against Divine Lee’s numbers. Just take a look at this pie chart, where I am orange.

Screen Shot 2012-06-16 at 10.35.45 AM

It’s a given that Divine will win the online voting, but since online scores are only 30% and 70% will come from the judges’ decision, I have a chance.
Three of these people are my friends. Divine used to model for me at Grocery in the ’90s. In fact, we discovered her!
Robbie comes fresh from Australia, doesn’t know a lot of people yet. He is a sweetheart and modeled for me when I styled for Muji last week. Laureen Uy is Robbie’s girlfriend, another sweetheart and last year’s winner of Stylisimo. I have not met Camille Co, but I think she’s really cute.

Screen Shot 2012-06-16 at 10.37.26 AM

I have no idea what’s at stake. Last year the winners took home Php 100,000 each.
If there is a prize money this year, it will go to Mang Siniong’s fund. My dream is to buy my driver a house after 20 years of service. I am lucky indeed to have Mang Siniong.
That said, I don’t know if there is money involved, but it’s worth a shot.

Would you please vote for me?
Voting is until June 20 only. You can vote once every hour for one candidate only in just one category.
All you need is a Twitter, Google+, and/or Facebook account.
To vote for me, please click here and thank you in advance!

Is it safe to go to Uniqlo now?

Judging from these opening day photos, I think not.
Bouncers guarded the line this morning at Uniqlo Mall of Asia. (Photo: @czar_kris)

Uniqlo's first day at MOA

“I was there at 9 AM and the 94th customer!,” tweeted @houstonaddix. “By the time the store opened at 10am, line was very long na! Met Nikki Gil.”
“I arrived 10:20 AM and had to wait an hour to get in. Buti na lang I knew what I wanted to buy na,” said @rianski.
The line went around the 2nd floor. Uniqlo entrance is on the far right. (Photo: @theredlippie)

Uniqlo's first day at MOA

My friend Catherine was there around 2 PM and found this line. She had her driver queue for her while she waited at a nearby Starbucks.

Uniqlo's first day at MOA

Inside the staff tried to organize


Panic buying

Uniqlo's first day, Mall of Asia

At 6:45 PM the line was still snaking, captured by @joelcruise

Screen Shot 2012-06-15 at 8.39.40 PM

So scary. I wanted to come back and buy more AIRism lounge pants in large. But maybe I’ll come back next week when the promo is over. On a weekday. Or maybe I’ll just wait for the other 49 stores to open. :)

Visit from Solane

Grace: What are you doing tomorrow?
Me: I’m writing about Solane.
Grace: Heussaff?
Me: No. Shellane is now Solane! Haven’t you heard?


Gas vs. Electric
When Jeroen and I started building our house ten years ago, we decided to have two kitchens: one for us and one for the maids. Our kitchen upstairs has an electric stove, due to the fact that we’re scared of how gas works.
As an afterthought, we decided to put a gas range for the maids downstairs to save on Meralco (go figure).
Ten years later, the Meralco bill has doubled and we’re in dire need of a renovation. On top of my list are a Smeg kitchen and gas range, now that I’m no longer scared of gas.
All because of a visit from Solane.

First we called 887-5555.
The Solane man showed up in the maids’ kitchen with a tank of Solane.

Visit from Solane

Say goodbye to the Shellane tank. You’ve served us well.

Visit from Solane

He checks the environment and makes sure the cylinder is in an open, well-ventilated area, away from fire hazards.

Visit from Solane
Visit from Solane

He checks the rubber O-ring inside the valve to make sure it’s scratch- and crack-free
Then he checks the regulator and valve connection. It’s old.

Visit from Solane

He decides to change it at an additional cost of Php 360, for our safety. Regulators need to be changed every 3 years.

Visit from Solane

He also changes the hose, at an additional cost of Php 175. Hoses need to be changed every two years, for safety.
New clamps cost us Php 28. Good thing he brought everything.

Visit from Solane

He changes the tank, but not before weighing it to show us it’s fair and full. Tank cost Php 728 for the refill only.

Visit from Solane
Visit from Solane
Visit from Solane
Visit from Solane

The cook mentions the left burner is weak. He cleans it and pokes its holes using a barbecue stick. As a final check, he makes sure the flames are good. Et voila!

Visit from Solane

Optional: we gave him merienda :)

Visit from Solane

As a parting gift, he left us a Loyalista Plus Card, some cellphone load that I gave to the maid (she loved it), and a prize mug due to our purchase. Each time you call 887-5555 you’ll get some sort of reward.


That said, we are no longer scared of gas ranges, with the Solane guy checking for safety each time.
Call 887-5555 or order online. To know more, go to