BlackBerry winner is here!

More than 600 people took the cheesy quiz I posted last week.
Out of a perfect score of 45 points, the highest score was 37 or 82%!
Jude came over in the afternoon to help me check the answers. We finished at 10 PM.
I tell you, after what Jude and I went through tonight, I have a newfound respect for teachers who grade papers all the time.
And the winner is Marcia Caringal of Quezon City! She is a BlackBerry user (she uses a Curve and a Bold).
When I asked who helped her with the quiz, she named her friend, former model and 1985 Miss Maja Pilipinas and Miss Maja International 2nd Runner-Up Issa Gonzales-Agana.

Here are the correct answers:
1. Name the title of this movie: Sinasamba Kita

Blackberry quiz

2. Identify these popular shoes in the ’70s and ’80s: Famolare and Crayons
Trivia: You can still buy Famolare shoes online.

Blackberry quiz

Blackberry quiz

3. Name the designer of this phenomenal Philippine ’80s label: Helena Guerrero
Trivia: She trained under Jean-Paul Gaultier when the latter worked in the Philippines.

Blackberry quiz

4. Name this pillar of Philippine fashion: Inno Sotto
(Funniest answer: Ray-An Fuentes)
Trivia: He used to be called Guam Boy Sotto by friends and family as he used to live in Guam.

Blackberry quiz

5. Name this dog: Bantay
(Funniest answer: Tagpi)

Blackberry quiz

6. Identify the four teens in this picture: Dondon Nakar, Winnie Santos, Lala Aunor, Arnold Gamboa

Blackberry quiz

7. This isn’t a Gap ad, but name as many dancers in this photo:
The WEA Dancers are: Jesse Panelo, Raffy Chan, John Gaddi, Jimmy Santos, Miles Obra, Geleen Eugenio, Lyn Tamayo, Donna Fuentes, Joey Pastor, Tina Herrera, Gay Pobre, Joy Pobre
Trivia: According to Tito Uichico, WEA stands for W = Warner Bros, E = Electra, and A = Atlantic.
They are three dance groups merged into one. :D

Blackberry quiz

8. Name as many people in this Faces promo:
Apples Aberin, Bernice Palanca, Beverly Ong, Bill Velasco, Cheenee de Leon, Diana Jean Lopez, Domini Primero, Eric Quizon, Eva Abesamis, Giselle Toengi, Irene Martel, Joy Ortega, Kenneth Peralta, Marina Benipayo, Mayenne Carmona, Mellany Carlos, Monina Tan, Monsour del Rosario, Norman Black, Rudolph Yaptinchay, Tweetie de Leon, Vanessa Viterbo, Vivian Velez
(Funniest answers: Tiger Woods, Tina Tagle)
Trivia: G Tongi confirmed she was 16 when the video (below) was taken


Marcia gets a new BlackBerry Bold 9780!
Awarding will be next week when all our schedules are free. Will keep you posted.
Thank you BlackBerry Philippines and thank you Jude for creating the quiz and patiently grading the test papers with me! Till the next promo, C :)


Motel CCTV captures man’s two killers

Creepy! The family of the deceased, Don Relova, is asking people to help identify the two suspects captured on a motel’s CCTV camera. Watch the video and see the faces of a young man and woman who were the last two people seen leaving the room of the murder victim.
One wonders what a 69-year-old broker would be doing in a motel at 4 in the afternoon, followed by a couple that looks like they checked in a room on the same floor.
The young woman enters the broker’s room (an escort?), followed an hour later by her companion who changes into a white T-shirt.
Both leave the broker’s room minutes later with the man having changed into a black T-shirt.
The victim’s body was found six hours later.

Broker found dead in motel room

Cops looking for mystery woman, cohort

, Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

Was it a case of robbery or revenge?
A 69-year-old real estate broker was found dead inside a motel room in Mandaluyong City before midnight on Monday.
According to the police, Don Relova, a resident of Sta. Ana, Manila, was poisoned and struck on the head with a hard object.
His body was found inside the Sogo Hotel on Kalentong Street in Barangay Pag-asa.
All his valuables, however, were missing, including his jewelry, cell phone and a wallet containing cash and identification cards.
Chief Insp. Jaime Masilang, head of the Mandaluyong police investigation unit, said the victim checked in by himself at 4:49 p.m. on Monday.
Six hours later, the motel supervisor found him lying lifeless on the bed in his underwear. He had a head wound while there were gray powder stains on his mouth and cheeks.
Masilang said an empty bottle of rat poison was found in the toilet which led them to believe that he could have been poisoned before he was hit in the head with a heavy object.
Also recovered beside the body was a letter which referred to the victim in unflattering terms.
Masilag said the letter writer, who had yet to be identified by the police, described Relova as a bad person without any sense of delicadeza in addition to being a miser and a lecher.
Based on the initial results of the police investigation, a check of the footage taken by one of the motel’s closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras showed a woman entering the victim’s room followed by a man an hour later.
The two came out of the room after a few minutes.
Masilang said they were waiting for the results of the autopsy conducted on the victim’s body to determine his cause of death.
“We still can’t give any conclusions about the motive for the killing until the investigation is complete,” he added.
According to him, they were coordinating with motel employees to obtain a copy of the CCTV footage which could help them identify the victim’s killers.

Jeremy Scott x Swatch 2nd collection

Following the success of Kidrobot x Swatch (nearly sold out in the Philippines, but wait for the next shipment!) will come Jeremy Scott’s 2nd collection for Swatch. Don’t hold your breath—there ‘s no release date yet for these beauties, but I already know which ones I have my eyes on.

Jeremy Scott x Swatch

This exciting venture follows up Scott’s previous and very successful collaboration with Swatch, back in March 2011, when he unleashed three unique watch designs.
This time around (no pun intended) Jeremy Scott designs five new pieces for Swatch:
Melted Minutes, features a transparent plastic dial, created with an amusing ‘melted’ visual effect.

Jeremy Scott x Swatch Jeremy Scott x Swatch

The Swatch Portrait, with a stylized sketch of Jeremy Scott printed on the glass, under a stunning silver picture frame case guard.

Jeremy Scott x Swatch Jeremy Scott x Swatch

The Swatch Punk boasts an in-your-face green dial with black hands, contrasted by silicone strap with printed leopard patterns and six bold yellow loops, which wraps twice around the wrist.

Jeremy Scott x Swatch Jeremy Scott x Swatch

I’ve been waiting for the Double Vision Swatch for the longest time! As a traveler, I’ve been looking for a hip and affordable dual time watch and this is it! Two red and white Hitchcock-like twirl-effect dials are  fixed on a black plastic strap—with the words ‘Xray Vision’ printed above them. The Double Vision Swatch comes specially packaged with distinctive double watch cases, upon which ‘Xray Vision’ is boldly emblazoned.

Jeremy Scott x Swatch Jeremy Scott x Swatch

Limited to only 777 pieces, the Hypnotic Heart is a special edition piece that is 12cm wide and features a vibrant red and white twirl-effect dial with roman numerals.

Jeremy Scott x Swatch

Jeremy Scott x Swatch

To get on the wait list, visit SWATCH stores in SM Megamall, Glorietta 4, Green-belt 5 and Trinoma; SWATCH Kiosks in SM Mall of Asia, SM City North EDSA, SM City Davao, Glorietta 3, Rockwell Power Plant Mall, Greenhills V-Mall, Shangri-La Plaza, Robinsons Place, Ermita, Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall, Fes-tival Mall and Ayala Center, Cebu; and HOLE IN THE WALL Shops in Alabang Town Center and Ayala Marquee Mall, Angeles, Pampanga.

We support ICA!

We may be from Assumption, but we support ICA!
Lots of chica, down-to-earth, and entrepreneurial girls from there.
For the 75th anniversary of Immaculate Conception Academy, they have produced three products as homecoming fund raisers using winning artworks from its high school students, such as:
Graphic tees designed by Kate Go (sizes run from XX-small to XXX-large) at Php 300 each

ICA merchandise

Flip flops designed by Clarisse Gono come in two colors (sizes 1/2, 3/4, 6, 7, 8, 9) at Php 300/pair

ICA merchandise

And a Swatch collaboration inspired by the porcelain Ming Vase, featuring a clear Swatch face that is limited—Swatch runs only 100,000 of each Swatch face before they phase them out, and the ICA clear faces are the last 1,000 pieces to be produced worldwide.
The ICA 75th Anniversary Swatch costs Php 3,500 with warranty.

ICA merchandise

Available at:
• The ICA Alumnae Association Office at 721-2687 (look for Maui)
• The ICA Parents Office
• The ICA Bookstore
• Batch ’86 Rep Shellane Cheng-Yucoco at 0917-523-9345
• And Swatch Stores (for the ICA Swatch only)

Sites for design lovers

Finally, two new sites I’ve been excited to share.
First is which is sort of an online bulletin board or scrapbook of things you like—you know when you see cool things online and grab the photos only to forget which site you found it on?
Pinterest will keep your photos and links in one place—plus prices if you like.
You can follow other people who share the same “pinterests” as you. Think of it as your virtual peg board.

Screen shot 2011-09-21 at 10.16.56 PM

Click here to see my Pinterest.
Another site I just recently discovered (through Yodel Pe) is, which is kind of like but offers well-curated products marked down for a limited time, such as the Marcel Wanders lamp


The Best Made First Aid kit


and 100-lb. Coal Bag


Sustainable eyeglasses by Drift


The Dodocase for iPad 2

Dodocase in "book mode"

Stuff you won’t see in any other members only shopping site. To be a member, sign up and you will be asked to invite three others in order to join.

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