10 Things condo owners should know
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I’m a condo owner. Just a small, beautiful studio at the Shang that I decorated with the help of Kellyn See and Rex Gapuz.
When the unit was turned over, I was extremely disappointed because of what we got versus what we expected, based on the showroom model we saw. Our condo unit was much smaller, had cheap cabinetry and bathroom fixtures.
We had to tear everything down.
After so much work, finally the wallpaper I ordered from the UK has arrived but needs to be installed. Once finished I will share with you new photos.

Our studio

I’m not a condo expert, but a friend of mine who works in the industry sent me a check list of what condo owners need to know (apart from the surprise I mentioned above). Here’s what it says:

A residential condo is a most viable dwelling place nowadays in urban areas because of the convenient lifestyle it offers to unit owners. The requisites for a hassle-free living are all there—location, security, amenities, and being part of a thriving community. Indeed, condo living makes life easier.
But before deciding to live in a condo, be it a vertical or horizontal development, one should know the following before purchasing:

1. The property developer is the one who chooses the location where to build its residential condo project.
2. The developer will initiate pre-selling of the property, residential and commercial units, all throughout the construction phase.
3. The developer assigns third party property managers to oversee the interiors, security, common areas, and overall aesthetics of the residential condo before the turnover of the building. Clients may consult any concerns about their units with the assigned property management officers.
4. When the building is finished, a representative of the developer together with the client will inspect the bare unit to check for any apparent defects, which the industry refers to as punchlist. The most common defects found during punchlisting are minor detailing works.
5. Upon turnover of the unit, the unit owner signs an acceptance form signifying his conformity that the unit is in perfect condition at the time of inspection.
6. Unit owners, upon acceptance of the unit, relinquishes all the responsibilities from developer.
7. The developer usually gives at least one year warranty from hidden defects that may arise.
8. Upon full turnover of the property to unit owners, the residents should form a homeowners association that will take control of the condominium building (security, maintenance, house rules, and regulations) assigning in-house contractors and utility personnel, among others. The association is also responsible for the appointment of the property management company that will oversee the daily operations of the condominium building.
9. Remember that as a unit owner, you will be part of the association wherein you share the ownership of the common areas of the building. The association dues that each unit owner pays is used for the maintenance, security, utilities, and other expenses needed by the association to manage the property. Individual ownership only pertains to the condo units purchased.
10. The developer relinquishes its right over the operations of the building once the association is formed by the homeowners.
(End quote)

That said, be careful when you choose a condo. Sometimes it’s best to buy after the building is finished and units are done, so even though it’s more expensive, what you see is what you get.
Once you’ve moved in, make sure your association that collects the monthly dues spends the money wisely. You don’t want to see couches with holes and carpets with stains at the lobby. Hopefully your garbage disposal doesn’t stink and the building and its utilities are maintained. Because if shit happens, the developer is no longer liable. It’s your investment after all.

Stores Specialists Inc. launches SSI Life app
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Fashion and lifestyle retailer, Stores Specialists, Inc. (SSI), marks another milestone with the launch of its “SSI Life” mobile app.
Smartphone users will now be able to browse and get app-exclusive offers from more than 600 store locations of more than 80 different SSI brands.
Catherine Huang, Manager of SSI’s Digital Media Office says, “Based on market statistics, it is estimated that over 90 percent of the local customer base for lifestyle brands are already using smartphones. The SSI Life mobile app will be our primary mode for reaching the market through this medium.”

SSI launches app
L-R: SSI EVP Anton Huang, SSI Digital Media Officer Thea Lizardo, SSI Digital Media Manager Catherine Huang and Rustans Group Head of IT Reuben Ravago

SSI has partnered with leading mobile retail marketing system Sprooki Pte Ltd. to deliver this revolutionary mobile app.
Aside from receiving exclusive vouchers and information on what’s new with SSI’s brands, users of the app will also get exclusive campaign notifications every time they visit malls in the country where SSI brands are located.

Anton Huang, Executive Vice President of SSI, says: “With the lifestyles of our customers becoming more mobile, we are happy to be able to connect with them more personally thru the SSI Life app. This is definitely in keeping with SSI’s role as the leading lifestyle purveyor in the country. As a retailer, we have always been the first to bring the best of the world to the Filipino consumer, and this time around, we’ll be the first to connect on a very intimate way with our customer thru this new medium.”

The SSI Life app is available for IOS and Android FREE on the Apple Store and Google Play.

Greenfield celebrates creativity through outdoor art fair
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Greenfield Development Corporation—one of the country’s pioneering real estate developers today—ushers the Yuletide season as it hosts Art for Generations, a two-day art fair on December 7 and 8, 2013 at the Central Park of Greenfield District.

“At Greenfield, we believe our land is our legacy. Our founders have nurtured these prized possessions for years, and our responsibility is to develop these lands into communities that will remain relevant throughout the years,” says Jeffrey D.Y. Campos, Chairman and President of Greenfield Development Corporation.

Staged in partnership with various art groups, the outdoor art fair—a first at the 12.8 hectare Greenfield District in Mandaluyong City—aims to foster greater public appreciation for local contemporary art and craftsmanship through a variety of activities.
Hundreds of unique pieces will be featured at The Art Market. Guests can also watch art films on an outdoor movie screen at Art Films in the Sky.
Those who share the passion for art can attend art appreciation talks spearheaded by noted artists at The Right Art.
And visitors will be serenaded by a string quartet and jazz band at String and Jazz.

“Beyond being a pioneering art event, Art for Generations gives people a glimpse into the unique experience of being part of the Greenfield District family—a community of creative people with an innovative vision,” shares Campos. “Through this, we hope to help enliven the season by reminding people of the heritage, legacy, and joy that Christmas brings.”

greenfield art fair

To know more, like them on Facebook or go to
For inquiries, email or call (02)72-GREEN • (02)53-GREEN • (0917)-53-GREEN

Crying over a trailer: IloIlo, the movie
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Halfway through this trailer, I’m already crying like an idiot.
Singapore feels close to home because we are often there. We have friends and family there, so I can somehow relate to the people and their culture.
I also feel very much for Filipinos who work as domestic helpers in Singapore and in Hong Kong where I see tons of them on their days off on Sunday.
These workers deserve very much respect for all the sacrifices they go through for their loved ones at home.
IloIlo is an award-winning movie created by filmmaker Anthony Chen.

Ilo Ilo movie

Set in Singapore, it chronicles the relationship between a family of three and their newly arrived Filipino maid, Teresa, who has come like many other Filipino women in search of a better life.
The entire family needs to adapt to the presence of this stranger, which further threatens their already strained relationship. Still, Teresa and Jiale, the young and troublesome boy she cares for, soon form a bond. Their unique connection continues to develop and soon she becomes an unspoken part of the family.
Watch the trailer.

IloIlo is now showing at the following theaters:
Glorietta 4 Cinema 5
Market Market Cinema 3
Newport Ultra Cinema 1
SM City Fairview Cinema 3
SM City North EDSA Cinema 9
SM City Sta. Mesa Cinema 1
SM Megamall Cinema 7
TriNoma Cinema 4

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