Pantene TVC: Coincidence or copycat?
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Just when we were feeling proud and amazed that a Philippine-made TV commercial has gained more than 14 million views on YouTube—only six weeks after its November 9, 2013 posting, we find out that the TV commercial closely resembles a Glee Project music video aired on June 26, 2011.
Here’s the Pantene TV commercial which went viral after being praised by Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg

and here’s the Glee Project music video posted on August 27, 2011

No wonder it looked familiar.
I’m not in the ad industry so the copycat thing doesn’t affect me that much (pretty used to it as a Filipino). But I can imagine some people may be annoyed about this revelation. And you?
Check this out.

Just opened! The new Bleach store
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I’m so happy to say Tinay Villamiel is not an askhole!
Tinay is, of course, the creative owner of the store formerly known as Bleach Catastophe.
I’ve known her for a few years and seen her mature into a great designer. From fashion, her focus has grown up into home.

Tinay of Bleach Catastrophe

After collaborating with her on our capsule collection Heather Miss Grey, I convinced Tinay to sell things for the home, such as placemats and throw pillows—and these she did beautifully in her own way.
Bleach Home was born and became and instant success that she started thinking about rebranding and repackaging her apparel store into a home store with clothing.
After a drastic renovation, the new Bleach store reopened last week at the same location in Greenbelt 5.
Tinay texted me to come and visit but she wasn’t there when my friend Poma and I dropped by unannounced. I was pleasantly surprised, the little hairs on my arms stood up!

Bleach Home
Bleach Home
Bleach Home
Bleach Home

Tinay really outdid herself. The result looks like H&M Home meets Diesel Home meets Margiela Home—but all Philippine-made.
We don’t really see stuff like this in the Philippines, like the Margielic placemats

Bleach Home

Seat cushions

Bleach Home


Bleach Home

Totes and caddies

Bleach Home
Bleach Home
Bleach Home
Bleach Home

Pillows and cases

Bleach Home

Bleach Home


Bleach Home

Table runners and totes

Bleach Home


Bleach Home

This is a great place to do your last minute shopping as I did! The placemats are my favorite.
I’m so excited for Tinay and Bleach. It can only get better! And if I may gush Tinay, I’m so proud of you!
The new Bleach store is at the 2nd Level, Greenbelt 5 mall, Makati (right next to Swatch).

Rex Navarrete at Solaire Resort & Casino
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Fil-Am comedian and 2011 Aliw Awardee for Comedy, Rex Navarrete, is back in Manila for a one night show at the Grand Ballroom of the Solaire Resort & Casino on Saturday, December 21.

Rex Navarette

Opening the show will be Mike Unson.

Mike Unson

Navarrete started doing comedy at the age of 19. His portrayals, which ranged from his ESL teacher Mrs. Scott to his Uncle Boy and to Maritess the domestic worker, gave him the voice to air his thoughts on issues and speak about things that otherwise wouldn’t be mentioned.
Navarrete gathers all of his material from what he calls “real Rex moments,” reality and shared life experiences. “I think everything has humor; you will always find humor. I don’t always make stuff up. Even though most of my material is geared for a Filipino audience, if you’re smart enough you’ll understand the universality of it,” he says.

He travels all over North America, touring cities such as Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver and Hawaii, doing his one-man show. He has brought his act to Germany, Austria and Switzerland. His next plan of attack is to perform in the United Kingdom, where fans eagerly await his arrival.
Navarrete has performed alongside notable headliners such as George Lopez, DL Hughley, Paul Mooney, among others.
He has released several comedy CDs and produced, directed and released live standup DVD concerts. Navarrete’s fourth live comedy album, Live at Cobb’s is available on iTunes worldwide, as well as the reissue of his original three CDs in digital download format.

Rex in Solaire Poster

Tickets start at Php 750 and are available at Ticketworld outlets and HERE.
A portion of the proceeds from the event will be donated to the survivors of typhoon Yolanda.
The event is co-presented by Solaire Resort & Casino and Fox International Channel.
Sponsors include GRNMNGO, Bono Artisanal Gelato, Neutral Grounds, Don Papa Rum, Radio High 105.9 and 99.5 Play FM.

Early Christmas gift
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Only eight days before Christmas and I already got my Christmas gift from God.
Lots of people don’t know what to give me for Christmas. I was once voted hardest to give a present to in my family—harder than my parents. It’s true I have most of the things I need, so the simplest things really make me happy, like my favorite Muji toast

Muji toast

or pointsettias

Pointsettia tree from Grace

But only God knows what I really want.

Last week my son got sick and my world just stopped. You can see from my blog that I hardly went online.
He was cranky on Wednesday after school. On Thursday he had diarrhea about 17 times. I made him stay home.
The following day he insisted on going to school for an exam he didn’t want to miss. I agreed on his condition that he come home after the exam.

Against the doctor’s advice, I gave him 2 mg. of Imodium before sleeping and before going to school.
When he came home at noon he was already running a fever. He fell asleep in the car, weak and tired.
I felt scared and helpless. I called a nurse to help me at home. The nurse and I decided to stop the Imodium and treat him with Dolan, liquids, and a low fat diet.
At night the fever only got worse. The nurse actually panicked and wanted to take him to the E.R. in the middle of night.
Luckily it was only 1:30 AM. I took a chance and texted Dr. Aye Nuguid for advice. He called and told me to let him rest for two hours, nothing by mouth. My son fell asleep.

In the morning we had a new nurse who helped us get his stool and urine samples to the hospital. By 6 PM I had the results. Texted it to Dr. Aye, who gave us a prescription for gastroenteritis.
Soon after his first dose of medicine, my son’s fever started to go down and I started to calm down.
My son still has the runs but no more fever. He’s been back to school.

As a mom I suffered so much during those four days. I felt paralyzed, praying a lot until I fell asleep.
Thank God for the nurses and the doctors, we didn’t have to go to the hospital. Everything was treated at home, which is the most convenient setup for everyone—and cheaper too.
When my son started to get well, I started to get well. In my head I couldn’t stop thanking God for this early Christmas gift. For what does any mom want but to see her children well and happy?

After this, I really couldn’t ask for more.

That said, I am back to the land of the living. I will resume blogging because I have loads of prizes to give away—from tons of Oishi chips to books and cookie butter and Samsung Galaxy phones. Watch for it!

P.S. If you need a private nurse to care for you at home or in the hospital, I highly recommend you contact Moritz at (0917) 512-2441.

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