Loft is probably the biggest wasteland chain from Japan, where you can get lost looking at everything you need and have—only cuter. Loft is one of my must-stops in Yurakucho (walking distance from Ginza). This one is right next to a very large MUJI store.

Loft and Muji

There’s a famous one in Shibuya.

Shibuya, Loft (2008)

Maybe this is heaven for me.

Loft, Shibuya

I have a recurring dream where I’m looking for the wasteland in Tokyo. Imagine if we had a loft in Manila. It would Christmas everyday.

Loft catalogueLoft catalogueLoft catalogue
Loft catalogue
Loft catalogue
Loft catalogue
Loft catalogue
Loft catalogue
Loft catalogue


Shopping in Bangkok, Part 2

One of the stores I really loved in Bangkok was Loft at Siam Discovery. This is a really nice wasteland, and I have been to Loft in Tokyo. I don’t even have to buy a lot. Whenever I see colorful objects and stationery, my eyes are already getting full. Just leave me here for two hours and I’m good.

Loft, Bangkok
Loft, Bangkok
Loft, Bangkok

I wish some visionary businessman would bring LOFT to Manila. Check this out.
Another store I hoarded in was Uniqlo in Central World

Uniqlo at Central World

straight to the Undercover collab with Jun Takahashi.

Uniqlo at Central World

I bought tons of basics, pajama pants, and clothes for Christian

Uniqlo at Central World

Can’t wait for Uniqlo to open at Mall of Asia. I’ll be there in a couple of days for an exclusive preview!!
Next, Joey took me and Jeroen to the Chatuchak weekend market via Mr. Chim’s van.

Mr. Chim's van

I think I’m too old for Chatuchak. I really suffered through the heat, but was able to get some loot from this nameless store.


Chatuchak is where you might see artists selling their own wares, like this one. I had him sign this really comfy tee that cost 250 baht.


Why not?


Spotted Manny Pacquiao among the world’s most recognizable icons (150 baht each)


We crossed over across the street and saw this nature-loving tourist walking barefoot in the 38-degree heat

No shoes

Maybe he was looking for this store

Would you shop here?

Saw some unpolished furniture. Nice design, bad finish

Chatuchak furniture
Chatuchak furniture

Then back to the hotel for a much needed shower and merienda before heading out again.
Yes, we love the Mandarin Oriental Bangkok.

Room service at Mandarin Oriental Bangkok
Room service at Mandarin Oriental Bangkok

And here’s my loot for the day. Thank you Joey!

Uniqlo and  Chatuchak loot

Best new series: Scandal

Thanks to everyone who encouraged me to watch Scandal, I finally watched all seven episodes of Season 1 in two days. But now I’m so annoyed that seven episodes are so bitin. What is the English word for “bitin“?
How long do I have to wait for Season 2?
This political thriller takes place in Washington DC and revolves around Olivia Pope and her crisis management staff, as well as the White House and the people around the President.

scandal cast

I downloaded and watched all episodes not knowing what to expect and was surprised that the lead character is African-American actress, Kerry Washington. Never since Lisa Bonet (my peg in the ’80s) have I liked another African-American actress this much. I find her so pretty, though she is normy and not chica like Lisa Bonet was.

Kerry WashingtonLisa Bonet
L-R: Kerry Washington now and Lisa Bonet in the ’80s

Olivia Pope’s job is to save high profile people from dangerous/embarrassing/scandalous situations like rape, kidnapping, divorce, adultery, even murder.
The lengths they do to make problems go away is very interesting to me, having been involved in some problems that could’ve been managed in the past. I sure could’ve used Olivia Pope. This is the reason I decided to get myself some protection.

To all those asking which show is worth watching now, I recommend this one. You will learn a lot about Washington, The White House, and how things work for people in power.

To know more about Scandal, click HERE.

Shopping in Bangkok

The first thing you have to know about shopping in Bangkok, is if you’re a doña like me, you don’t have to walk and sweat, go from hot street to cold mall, go up and down the stairs and take the sky train. You can always hire a car and driver to take you around town.
My sister recommended Mr. Chim, whom Jeroen and I hired for four days in Bangkok.
Mr. Chim drives his own van. He is kind, on time, and trustworthy.


Hiring a van cost us anywhere from 1,800 – 3,000 baht per day. The rate changes depending on the hours, parking, and tolls paid. I also recommend giving Mr. Chim a tip as he is the nicest driver you’ll ever meet.
Mr. Chim picked us up at the Mandarin Oriental at 11 AM.


My Thai BFF Joey was in charge of booking him a day in advance, including dropping us off at the airport on the last day. I have known this guy since 1985. We were classmates in U.P. Fine Arts.


The inside of Mr. Chim’s van looks more like a car-house. He did mention he was going to buy a new van, so I’m looking forward to using that next time. :)

Inside Mr. Chim's van

As per my stylist friend Joey, our first stop was Erawan Plaza


Inside are Lanvin


Alexander Wang



Before anything else, we had to eat. When in Thailand, we eat Thai. Like everyday.
Joey and I had a nice chat n’ chew at Nara restaurant where he explained to me the politics of Thai bath houses :)


I ordered the appetizer sampler and was sad they put sauce on everything, but I ate it anyway. Not bad.


Next stop: Comme des Garçons





I tried on all of these. I didn’t buy all, but I did enough damage to become an elite member of Club 21 :)



Here’s the multi-brand Club 21 store which owns CDG in Bangkok and in Singapore


We walked to Gaysorn Shopping Centre


and saw this restaurant called Thann, covered in paper leaves, which is a scary fire hazard, if you really think about it.


I’m also scared of creepy crawlies hiding within the leaves


Amazing though


I can’t remember buying anything at Gaysorn. Sretsis’ sales assistant was on a very long break apparently. We could not enter, nor did Joey particularly push for it.


Gaysorn is where I saw Dean. I am trying not to think about him so much.
Flynow is no longer what it used to be. Now they have more interesting windows than merchandise.



Then Joey took me to the new location of WWA, which I used to like.




I was not feeling WWA this time. It felt more like WQ (walang quenta).
These shoes were too tight and I’m no longer into the shock value of metal soles. At my age, I find them dangerously trippy.



(To be continued)