Proudrace S/S 2013

Meanwhile, back in Manila, Pat and Rik of Proudrace have concocted ’90s streetwear looks for their 1990Nile Spring/Summer 2013 collection. Separates reflect their love of athletic uniforms, focusing on the baseball jersey.
Nylon, stretch black denim, and custom-made hieroglyph graffiti fabric are used to create jumpers, track pants and backpacks.
Lookbook photos were shot by Everywhere We Shoot, modeled by Pauline Prieto and not Luke Jickain Alex Omiunu. Makeup is by Sam Unson Gallardo.

Proudrace SS13
Proudrace SS13
Proudrace SS13
Proudrace SS13
Proudrace SS13
Proudrace SS13
Proudrace SS13

Must watch: Extreme Cheapskates

It was my friend Biden who told me to watch the reality show Extreme Cheapskates which made my husband, son, and I all cringe as we watched all seven episodes.
When I was young my dad told me a rich cheapskate is as good as someone who’s broke. He taught me not to hold on to money so tightly because giving it away or spending it actually makes it go back to you in a good karmic way.
Of course you’re not supposed to spend more than you can afford.

My friend, fashion designer Mich Dulce has the best cheapskate stories, a lot of which has to do with her travels abroad.
Mich is deathly afraid of overweight luggage, so every time she checks in and is 10-15 kilos overweight, she pretends to speak no English and adapts a Japanese accent.
The frustrated passenger service agent will usually let her go without paying due to loss in translation.
Mich got away with it a couple of times. But a third time, the airline employee finally called in a Japanese translator, so Mich panicked and had to pay.

One time, Mich and her assistant Kitty traveled to Bali with her fashion collection. Upon checking in for their return flight to Manila, Mich was told they were 10-15 kilos overweight. Her solution: Mich and Kitty wore the entire collection in layers—including platform shoes. “As in, ang init!” Mich said.

As someone who can’t hold on to money, I have to say I learned a few lessons from watching Extreme Cheapskates.
Last week I was really thirsty at the Podium mall, and instead of automatically buying bottled water, I entered Starbucks to see if I could get a free sip of water. Unfortunately I did not see any cups next to the pitcher. So I ended up ordering a crepe at Café Breton to get a free glass of ice water.
This year I want to cut down on my spending. I am not allowed to buy any makeup, shampoo and conditioner due to all the press freebies I have amassed these last couple of years (I should take a picture!).
I should probably try to squeeze more toothpaste out of a tube, like Roy below:

Jeroen wishes he could unsee the video of this woman who doesn’t use toilet paper

And I really got sick to my stomach watching this man cook goat’s head for his wife.

While some of the cheapskate practices featured in the show are really disgusting (such as eating food from the dumpster bins), some of the things they do are actually good for the environment.
To know more about Extreme Cheapskates, click HERE.

How to help a man stuck in NAIA?

In the 2004 movie The Terminal, Tom Hanks stars as an eastern immigrant who finds himself stranded in the JFK airport.


His country goes into revolution while he’s en route. Upon landing in New York, he finds himself without a country—or at least one that the US government can recognize. He is denied entry, but cannot be deported until his status is fixed.
Though he doesn’t speak English very well, he somehow adapts to his temporary residence in the airport.

Tom Hanks

The film was partially inspired by the 17-year-stay of Mehran Karimi Nasseri in the Charles de Gaulle International Airport, Terminal I, Paris, France from 1988 to 2006.

Mehran Karimi Nasseri

If I were to get stuck in an airport, I would choose Hong Kong where I can eat tonkatsu


buy clothes at Zara or Giordano

Zara at Hong Kong airport

or hang out in the Cathay Pacific lounge, where there are decent restrooms and showers, and hopefully they won’t kick me out.


One of my goals this year is to visit Seoul as well as experience the number one airport in the world, Incheon.
Wouldn’t mind being stranded there.

Another one from Incheon airport. Somehow, I did not feel mall fatigue shopping here

Now imagine you are stuck in NAIA.
British citizen Gary Peter Austin, a 52-year-old former horse jockey from England, has been stuck in the departure lounge of NAIA Terminal 1 of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport since December 17, 2012.
Austin told reporters he arrived in Manila from England via Bahrain on board Gulf Air last Nov 29, 2012, and went to Cebu for sightseeing and to meet his Filipino friends.
He returned to Manila last December 17, where he tried to check in at the NAIA Gulf Air counter for his return trip to England.


But airline staff said they cannot accommodate him, as his e-ticket was already cancelled by his travel agent.
Unfortunately Austin had run out of money, so he decided to stay at the terminal as he tries to figure out how he can raise money to fly back to England.
Without money to buy a return ticket to England, barred from leaving the airport, and virtually forgotten by the airline that flew him in, Austin will have to make do with terminal 1 as his temporary home.


Listen, the thought of being stuck in NAIA just makes me want to cry.
We want to pay for this man’s ticket to go home. But how to do it?
Can Edwin Llobrera/Rappler/Maria Ressa help us make a donation?

UPDATE: We have been in touch with Rappler’s Bea Cupin and Maria Ressa and have contacted Mr. Austin.
Let’s hope he catches his Emirates flight tomorrow PM.

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