What happened last night at Rajo-fied x National Book Store
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Hats off to Rajo Laurel for another successful collab!
I’m in awe whenever Rajo ties in with Uratex foam or Red Ribbon cakes. He has truly made himself a reachable, affordable brand.
Last night we caught up with him at the NBC Tent to launch his limited edition collection for National Book Store.

Rajo Laurel's show for National Book Store

Guests buzzed in and out as many had a second event to attend at Ystyle, but we stayed put to watch a mini show staged by director Robby Carmona.
It opened with female models wearing Rajo’s squiggly designs, which are reproduced in National Book Store tote bags and accessories. The models came out on the left of the stage

Rajo Laurel's show for National Book Store
Rajo Laurel's show for National Book Store
Rajo Laurel's show for National Book Store

Then the right of the stage came to life with male models coming out of a wooden shack

Rajo Laurel's show for National Book Store

Eek! There goes Sam Ajdani, so I ran

Rajo Laurel's show for National Book Store
Rajo Laurel's show for National Book Store

Just in time to make a video

Rajo Laurel's show for National Book Store

Water! Water!

Rajo Laurel's show for National Book Store

Watch (BTW that’s not my sound byte)

Then the girls came out again, so I ran

Rajo Laurel's show for National Book Store

and it was good

Rajo Laurel's show for National Book Store

You can get these squiggly totes and more at selected National Book Store outlets beginning October 18th

Rajo Laurel's show for National Book Store

One of Rajo’s best shows I’ve seen, with clean shapes and styling

Rajo Laurel's show for National Book Store

Happy I made it out there. See for yourself!

And it’s confirmed, I am next! Watch for my collab with National Book Store next year!

Celebrity sighting faux pas
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It was the mid ’80s at Penguin Café in Malate. A Saturday night. I was sitting on a black bar stool facing the entrance, when former child actor, Dranreb Belleza, walked in the door.
“Well, hello!” I said warmly. Dranreb looked at me oddly and confused before walking away. It took me a few seconds to realize we had never been introduced.
Because my brain was programmed to say hi to familiar faces, I said hello because I thought I knew him. In fact I had only seen him in magazines and on TV!
We became friends for real a few years after, but I’ll never forget that embarrassing moment at Penguin.

Dranreb, TV Times

A few months ago I was at a Blackberry event at Whitespace when I saw TJ Manotoc, and what’s worse is, I even kissed him on the cheek! It was too late when I saw that TJ looked very awkward. I thought I knew him, it’s just that I see his face on ANC all the time.
I swear I wanted to die. I disappeared quickly.

TJ Manotoc

Then tonight my friends and I were dining at Donosti at The Fort when this guy walks in and sits in front of us.
My brain told me, hey, he looks familiar. My brain associated him with food, so I thought he was a food blogger.
I immediately said hi and he smiled back. Then I said, “Hey, how are you?”
That was when my brain clicked. I don’t freaking know him. I’ve seen him online but have never met him.

Chef Gino Gonzalez
(Photo: Yummy magazine)

I heard myself mumble an excuse. “Oh, I’m sorry you don’t know me but I know you, from the Internet.”
“You probably saw him on TV,” Grace said. “That’s Gino Gonzalez.”
OMG. Chef Gino who’s engaged to China Cojuangco.
So freaking embarrassed.
And you? Have you had this experience too?

Celebrate Christmas in October with Libera
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Libera, the chart-topping boys’ choir from London, returns to Manila this October 29, 2013 at the PICC Plenary Hall and October 31 at the chapel of San Pedro Calungsod in Cebu.
If you haven’t heard the heavenly sound of Libera, then prepare yourself for something very special.

Known for a stunningly original sound that is both ancient and modern at the same time, the boys produce sounds to lift the soul.
Their distinctive flowing white robes symbolize the traditional origins of their style, yet their music reaches across generations and a mainstream audience.

Libera Boys Choir

Libera’s success in album charts around the world bears witness to the extraordinary appeal of this unique ‘boy band’, enchanting audiences wherever they go.
The group is well known to audiences worldwide through TV appearances, live concerts, and radio shows.
Last 2009 and 2011, the boys impressed Filipino audiences with a moving performance of Bayan Ko, which they will reprise in their third concert here.

Expect nothing less than the grandeur of their previous shows with songs from their repertoire, such as Orinoco Flow, Angel From On High, Sanctus, and even Christmas songs like Carol of the Bells, Silent Night, Joy To The World, In Dulci Jubilo, and Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas.

Manila concert is on October 29, 2013, Tuesday, 8 PM at the PICC Plenary Hall, while Cebu concert is on October 31, 2013, Thursday, 8 PM at the Chapel of San Pedro Calungsod.
For tickets, call 891-9999 or or go to Ticketworld.
For Cebu ticket inquiries, contact Arts Council Cebu at (63-32) 233-0452 or (+63 917) 328 7917 or email artscouncilcebu@gmail.com.


Watch Hunger stop with Michael Kors on October 16
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Michael Kors is dedicating the entire month of October to the fight against hunger.
On World Food Day, October 16, 2013, Michael Kors teams will take to the streets outside six stores in five major
cities to give away Watch Hunger Stop T-shirts.

Michael Kors Watch Hunger Stop 10 9 13

In each of the cities—New York, Berlin, Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo and Hong Kong—T-shirt—recipients can go into participating stores, enter a Phhhoto station, and have their picture taken.
The Phhhoto images will be streamed live all day and evening on billboards in New York City’s Times Square and on Kors’ dedicated microsite, WatchHungerStop.com.
The image (an animated GIF) will also be sent to participants via text and can be shared over social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter using #WatchHungerStop.

Last spring, Michael Kors announced a long-term partnership with the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) in support of its school meals program. Customers in Michael Kors retail stores around the world will be able to add a $5, $10 or $25 donation to WFP to their purchases for the month of October.
Stores will also prominently feature the 100 Series watch, specially designed by Michael Kors to support WFP.
For each watch sold, 100 children in a hunger-stricken area receive a nutritious meal.
To date, Michael Kors has helped WFP deliver more than one and a half million meals to hungry children through the sale of the 100 Series watch.

“The response to Watch Hunger Stop has been amazing,” says the designer. “We delivered one and a half million meals to children in less than six months, and we’ve only just begun. Our hope for World Food Day is to get people talking about hunger, and about the many ways they can help address the problem. Donate, volunteer, talk, text, tweet—really, everyone can be an ambassador.”
The 100 Series watch is the brand’s first uniquely designed product to support a global philanthropic initiative, available exclusively in Michael Kors stores worldwide and online at MichaelKors.com.

Michael Kors and Halle Berry, World Food Programme_RT
Michael Kors with Halle Berry wearing the 100 Series watch

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