Welcome to my office space, Part 1
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I have office space, yes I do!
I’ve been dreaming of an office space for a while now, since the boys have grown up and are going to school full-time. I just felt the need to separate work from home. Working from one’s bedroom can get one very sleepy, especially when dressed in one’s sweat pants. I needed a place where I can go out and get dressed and not feel tempted to take a nap.

I have no formal training in Interior Design, but if I were in my 20s again, maybe I would’ve have studied Interior instead of Fashion Design.
My interest in Interior Design started when we moved into our own house 10 years ago.
The house as designed by Ed Calma, so I guess his taste rubbed off on me, especially when it comes to straight lines and bathrooms. Unlike Ed though, I don’t consider myself a minimalist.
Pinterest helped compile my taste into one convenient site, as well as design books from National Bookstore.

Here are some office pegs I like: storage space

Office peg

The long desk with the TV console

Office pegs

The long desk and bookshelves

Office pegs

The wooden shelves and much storage space

Office pegs

The bulletin board and long desk

Office pegs

God has been really good to me. Last year my dad suggested I see a therapist for my anxiety disorder. While waiting in her small office at St. Luke’s, I started to wish I had my own office space, even if tiny.

Doctor's office

I just wanted a blank space with shelves and cabinets where I could store all my papers and press kits that have taken over our bedroom. The doctor thought it was a good idea. Right there and then I asked my dad if he had a spare room in his building I could rent.
“If there is, the rent is free,” my dad replied.
I couldn’t believe it!
The following day I was shown a 20-square-meter space in my dad’s building that was being used as a storage room for paintings.

Office: before
Office: before

I couldn’t believe it was mine, and rent-free! The room comes with free aircon and electricity.
But first I had to get rid of the furniture.

Office: before

My friend Rem took me to LRI Design Plaza where I spotted this peacock chair by Luzon Rattan—SOLD!

Office before

Next I found this work table at Triboa Bay Living. The price was right!

Office before

I picked up a few things at home, such as the Philippe Starck special anniversary Lou Lou Ghost Chair (thank you Cedric) and the Comme des Garçons chair by Taro Okamoto (thank you Jappy).

Office before

The TV was donated by my dad 🙂

Office before

I had the space measured for wallpaper.

Office before

I also bought a Muji reclining sofa, which I later switched for a lighter shade


I’ve always wanted this sofa, and now I have it!

Muji reclining sofa

(To be continued)

The Baby Box
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One of my fantasies is to have someone just literally leave a baby at my doorstep, in swadling clothes and inside a basket.
It’s no secret I love babies and unfortunately can’t have more.
Sometime last year I got a call from a friend that a housekeeper in the next village was giving away her newborn son. I went and took a look and the baby was cute. I wanted to take him home.
What stopped me was first, the baby had jaundice. That meant it was my responsibility to put him under the sun twice a day until the toxins are out.
Second, our house is under renovation and a mess. We had no room for the baby.
Third, the boys didn’t want a new baby.

By using social media I found the baby a loving home. Tell you the truth, I cried a little after handing him over to the social worker who took him to his new mom.
I still fantasize about having a baby fall into my lap again, even just to care for a few months, being a licensed foster parent. What stops me from adopting another one, aside from my age and constant tiredness, is the number of recollections I have to attend as a parent. That is the part I dislike about being Catholic. Too many recollections, and frankly I feel uncomfortable sitting still for hours and listening to personal stuff with a bunch of strangers.
If there were no recollections, I’d say I’d love to have another baby.

As a baby lover this video makes me cry. Whenever I hear about a baby that was abandoned in a bathroom stall or duffel bag, I wish that baby had gone to me instead.
Watch this trailer and see how a simple box in South Korea has saved precious lives.

“The Drop Box” – Documentary PROMO from Arbella Studios on Vimeo.

The chic Zamoras
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Prior to our Grand Zamora Reunion last December 29, where more than 800 Zamoras attended (including spouses), my view of Zamoras was quite limited.
Prior to the reunion, I would describe Zamoras as being curly-haired, near-sighted, being smart or smartass.
Zamoras love the latest gadgets as well as munching on chicharon and using cuss words.

After the reunion I realized that aside from lawyers and politicians, we also have a few singers (Paolo Santos and Rannie Raymundo are cousins), hairstylists (Piandré are also cousins), a couple of actors (Rem Zamora and Lance Raymundo are cousins), and at least one priest.

We have no beauty queens. We are not known for our looks, so whenever we spot a good-looking person in our reunion, the joke is, it’s an in-law!
My cousin Ana David Coscolluela, who led the planning of the grand reunion also compiled old photos of Zamora ancestors into a Facebook album. From these I was surprised to see a little bit of chicness from our family line.
Check out the girl in the tiered skirt—very Comme des Garçons

Zamora family photos

This family has that pre-war Hayao Miyazaki feel to it, fashion-wise

Zamora family photos

Simple styling and easy on the accessories

Zamora family photos

We love them veils

Zamora family photos
Cecile van Straten

True chic looks effortless (even if it’s not)

Zamora family photos

Now you know why I love things gay and Japanese

Zamora family photos
Zamora family photos

Even the lolas were chic

Zamora family photos
Zamora family photos

Let’s not forget the boys

Zamora family photos

Check out the shoes

Zamora family photos

White suits for men are from a bygone era I would’ve loved to live in. I still wear bobby socks myself

Zamora family photos

These girls were probably more daring than the usual

Zamora family photos

I see chic people

Zamora family photos

Of course nothing is chicer than studying painting in Paris—Juan Zamora, he also died in Paris.

Zamora family photos

Keri Zamora (below, left) is very chic in that she wears whatever she wants and always has great shoes.
My Japanese friends think she’s a doll. She’s also an in-law which explains why she’s pretty, hehe.
(I’m just kidding)


So now you know how fashion runs through my veins

Cecile van Straten

Winners: Giant Oishi bags
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Sorry for my absence! I have one more event to attend to—my parents’ Golden Wedding Anniversary tomorrow.
I can’t wait for the kids to go back to school so I can have my life back. I can finally show you my new office at the Fort where I hope to be working on my blog more regularly.
I need to go back to work mode.
Meanwhile more than 350 people tried to guess the number of Oishi bags inside these mother bags up for grabs

Oishi Christmas

The correct number, according to Franco Santos of Bridges PR, is 186.
The three people who were able to guess closest to the number were:
Shiela Roxas (188)
Karla Erika Gavino (180)
Erika Fernandez (179)
I will email the girls on how to claim the giant mother of chips.
Meanwhile, wait for my next giveway!!

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