The convenience of CBTL

What a disaster! My father-in-law arrived from Holland to a house with no coffee.
I’m no coffee drinker, so I had no way of knowing we were out.
In 2007, my father-in-law gifted us with a Philips Senseo coffee machine which we’ve been using for the last four years.
Coffee pods are normally ordered through Amazon and shipped through my friend Cedric or Johnny Air.


So for the past two days my husband and his dad have been finding other ways to have coffee, such as taking out Starbucks or going to the mall. Luckily my friends from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf sent over the new CBTL Single Serve Beverage System, plus two kinds of coffee and one kind of tea for us to try.

CBTL gifts



Setting up was easy. I did it without looking at the manual (I know it’s bad). But with Opa’s help and experience, we got it to work. First cup was a flop (too watery) and second cup was nice!
Just fill the back reservoir with water, turn it on, shoot a coffee capsule in the slot, wait for water to boil, choose the size of cup you want


and voila!


CBTL™ is an easy to use, single serve beverage system that combines the taste and quality of Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® with the finest Italian technology and design perfected by Caffitaly System.
One capsule is all you need to create a single serving to savor, and one touch is all it takes to brew fresh espresso, brewed coffee or tea.
Can’t wait to try the other flavors—or rather my father-in-law and husband will.


Machines are affordably priced at Php 13,750, while a box of 10 capsules costs only Php 400.


The greatest thing about capsules is that coffee stays fresh for a long time because it is individually vacuum-sealed.
Capsules are easily available at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf stores—no need to travel, make bilin, or order online, while the complete line of CBTL™ products are available at select Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® stores:
Alabang Town Center
Bellagio Square – Tomas Morato
Bonifacio High Street
Eastwood Mall
Forbestown – Burgos Circle
Four Seasons Salcedo
Greenbelt 3
The Promenade – Greenhills
Mall of Asia

To know more, go to

Clothes horse

My first baby was born almost a month after 9/11.
When the second plane hit the one of the Twin Towers, I remember holding my tummy and thinking, what kind of world am I bringing this child into?
When Benjamin was born on October 9, 2001, my life was never the same again. For the first time I felt a kind of love I have never felt for anything or anyone in the world, and a kind of fear that I might lose him, that he might get sick, that his life depended on me. But I got over it. Can you tell this is my son?

Newborn Ben

It is with deep regret that my son had blond hair and blue eyes for a very short period only.

When Ben was a blond

This was Ben at four months. Ten years later he gets detention in his school—and enjoys it because they gave them “fun” activities such as fixing bags, books and picking up garbage!

Ben, 4 months

Yesterday my son turned 10 years old. I am really blessed to have a son who is in love with me. (I know because he told me earlier. )
When the titos and titas asked what he wanted for his birthday, Ben said clothes. For once he didn’t ask for toys. So I took him and his brother to Zara, where we spent a small fortune.
The boys love Zara, Debenhams, and Gap, and it doesn’t hurt that mommy is a stylist who can guide him with his choices.

Photo taken after a full meal at Cibo :)

I was wondering what made him decide at such a young age that he was into clothes and shoes. I figured it was his obsession with Woozworld, a virtual world where coolness is measured by one’s clothes and possessions.



Both my boys and their cousins are into this game. I give them a monthly allowance of Wooz money so they can make purchases and buy and sell in their virtual stores.
The boys are only allowed to use the computer when there’s no school the following day, so usually Friday after tutor, Saturday and part of Sunday.
Woozworld has saved us money because now they’re not interested in toy stores, which is a relief.
On days they can’t Wooz, there are Legos, Playmobils, board games, books, and basketball to pass time.

Archaic waste of everything

I find it odd that we received two sets of phone directories without asking for them


Why do they even publish these phone books. Does anybody still use them for phone numbers? Isn’t everything practically Google-able now?
It’s a waste of paper, waste of space, time, energy, money, and most of all, a waste of paper.

Phone books

P.S. Did you know that it costs a ton of money to put an ad in these yellow pages? A friend of mine used to pay Php 20,000 a month to have a tiny ad in the phone book, before he found it useless.
When are these things going to be obsolete?

Win cash and be on the next Tattoo billboard!

As the number one, most preferred broadband in the country, Tattoo gives you a chance to express yourself, show off your unique personality, and get a chance to be seen on an LED billboard along EDSA Paragon, Lawton, and Katipunan.
Not only that—there will be 8 winners of Php 20,000 cash, plus two winners of Php 35,000 cash, a Samsung Galaxy Tab and a Tattoo MyFi Stick for easy access to the net—anytime, anywhere.

globe tattoo

How to join:
1. Like the Tattoo Facebook page.
2. Access the I Choose Tattoo Facebook App where you can upload your photo entry.
3. Photo must highlight the phrase “I CHOOSE TATTOO” on a body part. Keep in mind that photos with profanity, foul language, and nudity will automatically be disqualified.
4. Image should include the user’s face and must specifically be 300dpi and at least 5” x 7” in size.
5. Tattoo will be the sole judge for each submitted picture based on the following criteria:

Edgy and Fierce look – 40%
Originality and creativity of the I CHOOSE TATTOO design – 40%
Over-all impact of the photo – 20%

5. Each valid photo entry gets a chance to win awesome prizes from Globe.
Eight (8) winners will be chosen from a weekly raffle draw and will each get P20,000 in cash.
6. On November 25, 2011, a Grand Raffle Draw will determine two big winners who will each receive Php 35,000 cash, a Samsung Galaxy Tab and a Tattoo MyFi Stick.
7. Promo is open to any Facebook user in the Philippines.
8. Deadline of submission of entries is November 17, 2011.
9. Globe/Tattoo reserves the right to conduct further validation of entries before acceptance and awarding of prize.

globe tattoo

To know more about complete mechanics and rules, click here


I wish someone would surprise me with an orchestra playing outside my window.
Flash mobs don’t have to be about dancing.
On May 2, 2011, the Copenhagen Philharmonic surprised commuters at the Copenhagen Central Train Station, as they played in an orchestral “flash mob,” performing Ravel’s famed Bolero, with the musicians gradually assembling in place as the work progressed. I love this.

Via: Classical Archives

What happened at St. Luke’s, Part 2

So they handed me my schedule


Jeroen and I had the same schedule up to lunch, then he was pretty much done after one more ultrasound, while I still had a string of female tests to be done.
We started with a blood pressure check, then the blood extraction, which already scared me.
After this, fasting was over. I was so relieved to be allowed to eat and drink. Jeroen and I proceeded to that airport lounge thingy where we both had bread and water.


We ate in the computer section


ECG was next and took only five minutes. The X-ray was the easiest thing on earth.
Then there was this lung test which scared me because I’m really paranoid about lung diseases. Jeroen and I aced it.
Next was the stress test where they take note of your heartbeat while you walk on an inclined treadmill. I reached up to level 4 and Jeroen up to level 6. I could’ve gone on longer, if I weren’t so starved. :(
They let us go for lunch. I was really dying for comfort food, so Jeroen and I agreed to go down to Bizu in the hospital. I had carbonara and Coke.

(To be continued)

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