How to fold the YStyle bag
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Last night some of us were lucky enough to be invited to YStyle’s 10th anniversary at SMX Aura.
Can you imagine, ten years?? Congrats to Bea Ledesma, Celine Lopez and their team.
Can I just say Bea Ledesma is a genius? The venue was genius. The seating arrangement was genius.
So many people were there and we didn’t see all of them!
Everyone came home with a giant swag bag/laundry bag/eco bag designed by Everywhere We Shoot x Bleach Catastrophe.

Ystyle bag

So today I was staring at the bag and wondering how to carry this around and figured out a way to do it.

How to fold the YStyle bag

Take the bag and flip it over with the pouch pocket exposed

How to fold the YStyle bag

Fold it like so

How to fold the YStyle bag

and the other side

How to fold the YStyle bag

Fold the hem up to the mouth of the bag

How to fold the YStyle bag

And again

How to fold the YStyle bag

and kind of stuff everything into that little pouch. Et voila!

How to fold the YStyle bag

Cute no?

Don’t miss this girly giveaway!
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I feel like giving away stuff again.
It started with a gift pack from Caronia, which includes 6 bottles of nailpolish and an amazing little MP3 player with a great big sound.


I love this thing so much, I asked Caronia c/o Geiser Maclang to share some with my readers.
This little boom box comes with a micro SD card that has the new Caronia jingle. But you could also fill it up with your own songs using your computer. I take this little cube to the bathroom because I can’t shower without sound, otherwise weird thoughts will enter my head.

I threw in a couple of CarbTrim carb blockers, which are a great alternative to drinking sweet juices or soda, because it helps block up to 66% of carbs in your meal. Also picked up some cooling sanitary pads in Hong Kong recently, plus a funny iPhone panty (color may vary).


Everything goes inside a one of five Rootote bags, including the Tin Inglesias x Rootote bag, which are available on Zalora.

Rootote bags

Such a lucky girl to have her illustration on a Rootote bag. Read about the collaboration HERE.

Rootote doodle poster

1) There will be five prizes up for grabs.
2) Open to anyone (male or female) with a Philippine address + a Facebook or Twitter account.
3) Share this entry by clicking on the Facebook or Twitter button below.
4) Register HERE only once. Duplicates will be deleted.
5) Entries will be accepted until September 4, 2013 at 11 PM.
6) Five winners will be chosen via electronic lottery and announced on this blog.
7) Winners will be contacted via email or text about receiving their prizes, either by pickup or delivery, depending on their location.

See the world through @ginggayjdm’s Instagram account
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“I want to travel for a living!” says my friend’s bio on Instagram.
My friend, Ginggay Joven de la Merced, started working as a teenager in her mom’s PR firm, Visions and Expressions.
We met in the late ’90s when she was working as a Philippine Star columnist.
Now in her 30s, Ginggay functions as a part-time consultant, full-time house manager, mom of two kids, and wife to Noel.

Ginggay dela Merced

Ginggay is one of those people I know who has itchy feet, always thinking of where to travel next.
And she doesn’t just go around Asia for shopping or hoarding objects. The Ginggay I know doesn’t even like shopping. She prefers collecting memories and images.

Ginggay is also one of the first people I know who ever got into Instagram and became obsessed with it.
Her first photo was posted 103 weeks ago. And she doesn’t post food, nail polish or selfies. Instead, she takes her followers on her trips around the world. I find it amazing what an iPhone can do!

scot 2


lake tahoe
Lake Tahoe


Stratford-upon-Avon, England
Stratford-upon-Avon, England

victoria aus
Victoria, Australia

I didn’t even know she had it in her to be a talented travel photographer.
Ginggay is truly one of those people I envy because of the way she travels—not that often, but more of quality—even choosing unique hotels online.
She also takes her Instagram account seriously, which is why I’m glad someone finally noticed!
Ginggay is nominated in Style Bible’s Virtual Style Awards.
I even took time to register just to vote for her, so please help me vote because she deserves the recognition!
You can vote for her ten times a day until September 15, 2013.

To vote for Ginggay, please click HERE and thank you in advance. 🙂

What Maisie Knew
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Imagine that you’re a five year-old-child living in New York.
Your mother is an ageing rockstar (think Joan Jett) and your father is an English businessman—who are breaking up. And no, they were never married.
So mom kicks out dad, who marries the nanny. Mom needs to go on tour but marries the bartender who works only at night, leaving him to take care of your during the day.
What is life like for this kid?
My friend Yodel urged me to watch this movie, which I did last night, and I can’t stop thinking about it.


I don’t wonder any more why God didn’t give me a daughter. I know why and I’m grateful to have been blessed with three boys.
But this movie really breaks my heart. The whole time I kept thinking, if you don’t want your child, please give her to me!!
Onata April plays Maisie, the little girl caught between a custody battle. You will fall in love with her face, her innocence, and fashion style.

What Maisie Knew

Julianne Moore plays the rockstar mom who lives in great Manhattan apartment and has no direction in life

What Maisie Knew

Steve Coogan (left) plays the dad who marries the nanny (Joanna Vanderham) and makes a decision that will change lives drastically

What Maisie Knew

And who is Alexander Skarsgård? I need to watch more of him.
He plays the bartender-turned-stepdad who acts more like a parent than Maisie’s real parents. You will fall in love with him!

What Maisie Knew
What Maisie Knew

Especially when he transforms into a classy bartender 🙂


Here’s the trailer

The movie was released in May 2013 and is available on iTunes and YouTube.

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