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Thanks to Attys. Loste, Castillo, Meneses, and Moral of Fortun, Narvasa & Salazar, I got to claim @chuvaness on Twitter.
Goodbye @jiritajackson. It was nice knowing you, but I kind of hated the name 😐
Oh yes, I got lawyers now. And being brand conscious, I chose the best. Thanks to Jeroen for hooking me up.
I should’ve done this sooner, but in 2008, I knew nothing about fighting back online.
Now I have some protection.

The Firm

Going to Bangkok

It’s been 4.5 years since my last visit to Bangkok, when Jeroen and I signed a contract for Pepper Lunch.
Aside from my exciting assignment, I was looking forward to seeing my Thai friend Joey again.
Jeroen and I spotted my sister Diday at the gate just as we were boarding.


Can I just say I love these magazine racks on the tunnel bridge?

magazine racks

The Thai Airways flight was OK, but I wouldn’t say the Airbus was worth photographing. The plane was kind of retro. I tried to sleep for the next three hours. We arrived safely in Bangkok.
Follow the leader.


Better than NAIA


Wish NAIA had these


Amazing structure


Saw my sister again


and Human Nature co-founders, Dylan and Anna Meloto-Wilk


My sister and the Wilks were going to this event


While I was going to this


We were picked up by this nice Caravelle van that I really love because it has built-in tables


and this pop-out TV


We arrived at the legendary Mandarin Oriental


and later, I shall show you around.



This June 2012, Esquire Philippines‘ State of Man Issue is headlined by the country’s most bankable leading man, John Lloyd Cruz. But the question on everybody’s mind is: Why did Esquire Philippines duplicate Robert Downey Jr.’s U.S. cover?



COS opens in Hong Kong this June 28th

I wouldn’t have known about COS, if not for my friends Ginggay and Penny who are hardcore fans of the Scandinavian clothing brand.
The first time I got to experience COS for myself was when my sister-in-law Joy took me to the COS store in Antwerp where I grabbed an armful of clothes dropped about 800 euro.
I was wondering when I would be able to travel to Europe again to get my COS fix—and now COS is set to open a new store closer to home at 74 Queen’s Road Central in Hong Kong this June 28, 2012.
The Hong Kong press recently got a first look of COS’ latest offerings in a media event, captured here by The Wanderlister.

COS in Hong Kong

The new store will feature the entire COS collection from womenswear, menswear and childrenswear across two floors and 556m². The interior will have a modern-sleek store design, which reflects both COS’ Scandinavian roots in the use of natural hues and materials as well as the COS collection in its clean-line aesthetic with design-quirk touches.
The store will open with the complete Spring Summer 2012 range, a collection focused around a new minimal preppy concept and a bold and playful use of color. All the garments are rich in surface texture with an updated modern ’50s influence running through both men’s and women’s wear.
Marie Honda, Brand Overall Responsible for COS, says, “We are all thrilled to opening a store in Hong Kong and hope that our customers will be happy with the new store space, the collection and the brand.”



I’ve been in Bangkok for work since May 30th and loving my stay here. It’s been five years since my last visit. I’ve missed my friend Joey so much, I decided to extended two more days.
Today Joey took me out for major shopping. Tell you all about it later, but first, I want you to meet Dean.
Joey took me to Gaysorn, to a store called GGUB, which sells one-of-a-kind hand-painted bags and accessories made from recycled T-shirts.
As I was browsing through the store, I saw this little boy who had just woken up from his nap, still holding his blanket.


“Hello!” I called him and dropped to my knees. He didn’t talk. He was so tiny, only 1.5 years old.
He came to me and I picked him up and smelled him. He smelled like heaven.
Through my Thai friend Joey, I spoke to the mom who said Dean was her only child. She had a problem conceiving and had him when she was 40. Dean’s mom works in the store. I asked her if it was OK to take his picture. Luckily she said yes.


I can’t tell you how much I felt for this child. It was an Angelina Jolie moment. I really wanted to take him home, and I’m sure all my boys would love him. But he’s not for sale.


It was like meeting Christian for the first time, like my heart jumped. I was full of emotion. Maybe I knew him in a past life. I never do this with strangers. I took pictures of us.


I’m so happy. I’m so in love. I cannot tell you how much.
He was really fascinated with my camera.

Dean and I

If it were up to me, Dean would be my fourth child. But I had to leave him with his mommy who loves him.


When will I see you again? When will I smell you? I want to come back and show him to Jeroen.


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