Where did Anderson Cooper sleep?
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Not too long ago I was in traffic somewhere on Edsa, lying down at the back of my van, tired, depressed, when a thought came upon me: Where is Anderson Cooper sleeping and what is he eating in Tack-low-bahn?
Last week after visiting Villamor Airbase, I couldn’t get myself to go straight home despite extreme tiredness in my body.
I told my friends we need to go to the Marriott and look for Anderson.
Earlier that day Anderson had interviewed Journey’s Arnel Pineda amongst this shrubbery.

Anderson Cooper interviews Arnel Pineda

And various people had their photos taken with him.

Anderson fans

It was worth a try.
We took a chance and somehow ended up on this balcony.

Marriott at Resorts World

It was only after a while when we realized we were at the right place, confirmed by the waitress who served us, I mean check out the white balustrade in the back.

Anderson Cooper interviews Arnel Pineda

After much prodding the waitress told us Anderson Cooper, Kristie Lu Stout and the CNN crew had stayed at the Marriott, had dinner twice at Cru and even at this balcony. That was before and after Tack-low-bahn.
Anderson recently appeared on Letterman and revealed how he got to Tacloban, where he slept during that time, and other thoughts on Yolanda and the Filipino people. (Thanks to the angel who uploaded this.)

More baggage allowance when you fly Singapore Airlines
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Singapore Airlines fliers can enjoy more shopping as the airline increases checked-in baggage allowance beginning November 15, 2013 for all SIA and SilkAir flights.
Checked-in baggage allowances will increase by 10kg for all classes of travel.
Customers will be entitled to free baggage allowances of 50kg in Suites and First Class, 40kg in Business Class and 30kg in Economy Class.

Singapore Airlines 777-200 9V-SQD

For flights to and from the United States, where a per-piece allowance applies, customers traveling in Suites, First Class and Business Class will be entitled to check in two pieces of luggage of up to 32kg each, up from 23kg previously.
“Increasing baggage allowances across all classes of travel is in response to feedback from our customers and reaffirms our commitment to constantly enhancing customer service,” said SIA Senior Vice President for Sales & Marketing, Mr. Chin Yau Seng.

5 luggage, 30 kilos overweight, no charge :)

KrisFlyer Elite Gold and Star Alliance Gold members will continue to enjoy an additional 20kg of baggage allowance across all travel classes, or one extra piece of checked-in baggage when traveling to or from the United States and Brazil.
Priority Passenger Service (PPS) Club members will also continue to be entitled to double the checked-in baggage allowance in their respective class of travel.
To know more about it, click HERE.

Tried and tested: How to buy iTunes credit online
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I can’t live without iTunes credits. Unfortunately I’m down to my last $30 worth of iTunes cards.
I use iTunes to download my favorite TV shows, movies, and music.
But since I don’t travel to the US often, I’m at the mercy of friends and relatives who buy iTunes cards for me when they’re there.
My friends know iTunes cards are the only things I really ask for on birthdays and Christmas.

Thanks for the love!

Luckily my Googling skills led me to a site where I’ve successfully bought iTunes credits: US Gift Codes.
Aside from iTunes cards, you can also purchase Playstation and XBox credits, among others.
The site charges a little bit more on top of the cards’ face value.
Upon purchasing, US Gift Codes will email you scans of the cards so you know they’re legit.


And it works. Here’s the proof of credit I got after purchasing from US Gift Codes.


Sharing this for the benefit of others who need their iTunes.

Yolanda videos you need to see
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How high-tech is Japan? When it sends a Tagalog-speaking Japanese relief worker to Tacloban

Swept away: Watch a house disappear within seconds after a storm surge

Cadaver dogs aid in recovery of corpses in Tacloban

Awesome Dutch citizens raise more than 18 million euros (or more than 1 billion pesos) through a nationwide telethon

Jamie Oliver asks British viewers to donate to the Philippines through Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC)

In Warsaw, Poland, Naderev Saño—Filipino representative to the Warsaw conference—gave a tearful speech pleading with the world to take immediate, drastic action to reduce climate change-causing carbon dioxide emissions

“They are not broken,” Anderson Cooper says in his Reporter’s Notebook

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