Visit from Solane

Grace: What are you doing tomorrow?
Me: I’m writing about Solane.
Grace: Heussaff?
Me: No. Shellane is now Solane! Haven’t you heard?


Gas vs. Electric
When Jeroen and I started building our house ten years ago, we decided to have two kitchens: one for us and one for the maids. Our kitchen upstairs has an electric stove, due to the fact that we’re scared of how gas works.
As an afterthought, we decided to put a gas range for the maids downstairs to save on Meralco (go figure).
Ten years later, the Meralco bill has doubled and we’re in dire need of a renovation. On top of my list are a Smeg kitchen and gas range, now that I’m no longer scared of gas.
All because of a visit from Solane.

First we called 887-5555.
The Solane man showed up in the maids’ kitchen with a tank of Solane.

Visit from Solane

Say goodbye to the Shellane tank. You’ve served us well.

Visit from Solane

He checks the environment and makes sure the cylinder is in an open, well-ventilated area, away from fire hazards.

Visit from Solane
Visit from Solane

He checks the rubber O-ring inside the valve to make sure it’s scratch- and crack-free
Then he checks the regulator and valve connection. It’s old.

Visit from Solane

He decides to change it at an additional cost of Php 360, for our safety. Regulators need to be changed every 3 years.

Visit from Solane

He also changes the hose, at an additional cost of Php 175. Hoses need to be changed every two years, for safety.
New clamps cost us Php 28. Good thing he brought everything.

Visit from Solane

He changes the tank, but not before weighing it to show us it’s fair and full. Tank cost Php 728 for the refill only.

Visit from Solane
Visit from Solane
Visit from Solane
Visit from Solane

The cook mentions the left burner is weak. He cleans it and pokes its holes using a barbecue stick. As a final check, he makes sure the flames are good. Et voila!

Visit from Solane

Optional: we gave him merienda :)

Visit from Solane

As a parting gift, he left us a Loyalista Plus Card, some cellphone load that I gave to the maid (she loved it), and a prize mug due to our purchase. Each time you call 887-5555 you’ll get some sort of reward.


That said, we are no longer scared of gas ranges, with the Solane guy checking for safety each time.
Call 887-5555 or order online. To know more, go to

Guess who’s wearing Plains & Prints?

One of the country’s leading fashion influencers steps out from behind the scenes and into the spotlight as the new face of the popular working women’s brand.
Career-driven, stylish, and successful, she perfectly embodies the Plains & Prints woman.
Guess who she is by watching this teaser video, and be one of five (5) winners of Php 5,000 worth of Plains & Prints gift certificates.

Guess Who’s Wearing Plains and Prints? from Plains and Prints on Vimeo.

1) To join, you must have a Facebook or Twitter account. Follow @PlainsandPrints or like them on Facebook.
2) Guess the new Plains & Prints girl and register HERE.
3) Contest will run from June 15 to June 25, 2012.
4) Winners will be drawn via electronic raffle and announced on and Facebook on June 26, 2012.

Rajo goes to BENCH

Just before visiting Uniqlo, we made a quick stop at BENCH Mall of Asia to take a look at Rajo Laurel’s new scents and jeans line. At first the guard stopped us from taking pics, until she realized Rajo is actually part of the BENCH family.


I spotted these cool tropical fedoras


Then we all just kind of went nuts with the soft neon tees


I love the feel and cut of this


Here’s my favorite caramel popcorn


Spotted really soft knit tops with interesting patterns


Keri tried it on


Grace found something she’d wear


Rajo found some fans


And I found some basic tees at a special price


Rajo’s scents come in two variants. Do you want to win a pair of Rajo scents?

Rajo Laurel x BENCH

Here’s how:
1) To join, you’ll need a Philippine address and Twitter account.
2) Follow @benchtm @rajolaurel @chuvaness
3) Join the electronic raffle HERE.
4) Promo runs until June 19 at 11:59 PM.
5) Winners will be chosen via electronic raffle and announced on Twitter and Facebook.

Chicane x Tattoo at Republiq

Tattoo, the #1 broadband in Manila, recently presented one of this generations top DJ’s—Chicane—for an exclusive one-night performance at Republiq.
Chicane has produced some of the most enduring trance tunes of the decade, like Offshore, Halcyon, Don’t Give Up, Stoned in Love, Saltwater and Middledistancerunner, among others.
Spotted at the party were Chicane, Georgina Wilson and Tattoo Head of Nomadic Broadband Business Dong Ronquillo

Chicane, Georgina Wilson and Tattoo Head of Nomadic Broadband Business Dong Ronquillo

Raymond Gutierrez, Georgina Wilson and Bea Soriano

Raymond Gutierrez, Georgina Wilson and Bea Soriano

Rovilson Fernandez, Vice Mayor Francis Zamora and wife Keri

Rovilson Fernandez, Vice Mayor Francis Zamora and wife Keri

Bubbles Paraiso and Mika Lagdameo

Bubbles Paraiso and Mika Lagdameo

Eric Dee and Bea Soriano

Eric Dee and Bea Soriano

Tattoo recently introduced the first-ever online lifestyle site in the country. allows Tattoo subscribers to customize their plans and choose freebies, discounts and downloads to match their passions.
Enter the portal by signing up, using your Tattoo Prepaid or Postpaid number or Tattoo@Home account number. Once in, you can claim your desired deals and perks from over 50 partner merchants, exclusive to Tattoo. has everything from games, music, entertainment, subscriptions to digital magazines and newspapers, free surfing hours and fantastic discounts.
And with every new Tattoo postpaid subscription, you can cut across the different lifestyles with a VIP access to all your passions. This gives you the exclusive access to all the privileges and discounts found in the
With Consumable Plan 299 and 499, browse at an unbelievably low rate of Php 2.50/15 minutes. Heavy users may extend browsing hours using the Supersurf promos.
Subscribers may also choose a Personalized Plan 999 offering unlimited browsing and an option to upgrade to speeds of up to 21 mbps.

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