Dream coming true

This morning I had a dream that Jeroen and I had a date to watch Chris Botti at the Peninsula. I arrived early and didn’t have my hair done. Chris Botti was also early and no one recognized him because he had dyed his hair black.
So I was talking to him and Chris said he wanted to start early for a change. Concert was 8 PM and he wanted to start at 7:30. It was a dinner show and he wanted to play while everyone was having dinner.
Jeroen arrived and I introduced Chris to my husband. I asked Chris if I had time to go to the salon downstairs and he told me to take 30 minutes. Meanwhile, Jeroen was hungry so I accompanied him to the salad bar, where we encountered a rude waiter. (end of dream)

Well, this afternoon I received an email inviting me to watch Chris Botti on June 19 at the Newport Performing Arts Theater! Jeroen and I love this venue!

Chris Botti

The last time we saw him was in Tokyo two years ago, we were late and had the last two seats on top of Siberia.

Where we sat

Luckily my camera could zoom.

Chris Botti in Tokyo

No worries, we got to meet him after and he gave me (and Jeroen) a hug! Read about it here.


Here’s the 411 on the concert:

Radio High 105.9 brings back Grammy-winning trumpet master Chris Botti for a one-night performance at Resorts World Manila’s Newport Performing Arts Theater on June 19, 2012.
After a live gig which formally launched Radio High 105.9 at the Greenbelt Fashion Walk last November 4, 2011, Botti is set to come back to Manila with an all-new repertoire, with new faces in his band lineup.
A pre-event warm-up show will feature jazz vocalists Richard Merk and Verni Varga.
Chris Botti Live in Manila will benefit the Young Musicians Development Organization (YMDO), and is presented by GLOBE TELECOMS and RESORTS WORLD MANILA.
Tickets will be available at http://www.ticketworld.com.ph.

Hope we get good seats!
Now, watch Chris Botti with vocalist Paula Cole and my lolo crush, Burt Bacharach.


Celebrity Deathmatch: Live at NAIA-3

As a blogger/reporter/natural-born chismosa, I never leave home without a camera.
I’m always on the lookout for a story or scoop. But even though I take lots of pictures, not all of them are for publishing. Some of them are just for me or my memory.
I may have video-ed a woman making a scene outside the bank or a severely burned beggar in the Chatuchak weekened market in Bagkok, just because I had never seen anything like it.
Whenever I do this, Jeroen would get nervous and tell me to stop, lest I get into trouble.
As a reporter, this is probably what happened to reporter Ramon Tulfo, who was taking a picture of actress Claudine Barretto while she was dressing down a ground staff at NAIA Terminal 3.
While it was natural for him to take a picture of a “scene”, it is also natural for Claudine’s husband, Raymart Santiago, to let out his inner “action star”, causing this brawl inside the airport.
P.S. How cute lang the matching pink and white outfits :)

Who do I think was wrong? Claudine may have had a point but was wrong to make a scene in this day and age of camera phones.
Tulfo just acted like a reporter and Raymart like an offended husband. Raymart Santiago is trained in self-defense. I would not mess with him.
Does the brawl merit the front page of the newspaper? I don’t think so.
What’s your take on this?


Arthur Boorman, a disabled veteran of the Gulf War for 15 years, was told by his doctors he would never be able to walk on his own, ever again. Then he stumbled upon an article about Diamond Dallas Page doing Yoga.
Because he couldn’t do traditional, higher impact exercise, he tried DDP YOGA instead.
Watch how as Arthur loses weight, and more importantly learns to walk and run beyond everyone’s expectations.

To learn about DDP Yoga, click HERE.

Plains & Prints’ Neon Wave this summer

Plains & Prints presents its Neon Wave collection in a series of comfy shifts, maxi and collared dresses, cigarette pants, shorts, skirts, loose tees and tank tops in lightweight, breezy fabrics, perfect for the summer weather.


Neon Wave incorporates striped prints, sci-fi, sportswear, and pared-back shapes into each design.
Pristine white is juxtaposed with neon colors and accentuated with dashes of galactic silver for a modern, futuristic feel.


Neon Wave collection is the season’s palate cleanser, breaking away from florals and paisleys, while staying true to the classic and feminine appeal Plains & Prints is known for.


Available in all Plains & Prints stores. To find the one nearest you, click HERE.
To see the collection or shop online, go to http://www.plainsandprints.com/.


Ginggay and Penny have been talking about going to Bhutan for I don’t know what, but there’s this running joke that I’m going with them. I don’t even know where Bhutan is, but it seems to be in the middle of India and China.


Penny says I will have to fly Druk Air, the name of which already sends me shivers.

Druk Air (KB/DRK) / A319-100 / A5-RGF / 02-24-2012 / BKK

My questions are: Is there shopping in there? Is there wifi? What’s the food like? Is there a luxury hotel?
Penny and Ginggay laugh and I say, I’ll go if I can find a hotel I like. And guess what, I found one!
The question is, may wifi ba? Can we afford it?
So check this out, starting with the bedrooms. I wouldn’t mind…



The bathroom. I wouldn’t mind…



Where to eat. What’s on the menu?



Where to lounge


The thing is, if it’s going to be this beautiful, I’m gonna want Jeroen, so I’m gonna ruin your all-hen party of soul-searching or whatever it is you want to do in Bhutan.


Besides, it looks like I won’t be able to afford it. So I’ll join you another time, where there’s shopping? XO



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