Why AC rocks

Not sure if I’m a typical Assumptionist, but pretty sure I am very Assumption, because surely all the growing up years I spend in that school must’ve imbibed in me something.
I also think I may have been born in the wrong batch because Batch ’86 is way cooler and more up my alley (no offence to my Batch ’84).
I didn’t make it to my own velada for personal reasons. I do regret not having accepted Malu Gamboa’s invitation to attend theirs (my cousin Monette Quiogue was “the brains behind the velada”).
Just check out the opening of the reunion show, which features very vintage Assumption cheers that are cheesy, nostalgic, and fun at the same time.

For more on Assumption Batch ’86 velada, go to http://heart-2-heart-online.com/.

What happened at St. Luke’s, Part 4

Might as well finish this entry since I’m on bed rest.
Here’s that itinerary again.

St. Luke's itinerary

After all our tests for the day, Dr. Cuanang and his team dropped by the room to tell us the preliminary findings, which were all OK, except for some high cholesterol Jeroen and I both had, which is funny because Jeroen eats healthy and I had three servings of bone marrow in the last month.

Room 705 suite, St. Luke's hospital
This is where Dr. Cuanang visited us

Jeroen and I still had one big hurdle to get through—the gastroscopy and colonoscopy the following day, which means they put you to sleep and insert a tiny camera inside your throat and anus to see your stomach and intestines.


We also had an abdominal ultrasound which meant nothing by mouth by midnight.
But first we had to eliminate everything from our colons. We were given oral laxatives, which came in pills + two huge bottles of chilled liquid that taste like 7-Up. We had to finish that within 30 minutes. While Jeroen thought it tasted great, I nearly threw up trying to finish them.
That evening, we took turns using the toilet. I can’t even describe to you the hell that was. It makes me smile now but it was really horrible.
Thirst and fear took turns torturing me, I don’t know if I slept at all.
The next morning after showering, we went down for the stomach ultrasound. My throat was scorching. I thought I would faint as my thirst reached Temptation Island levels. But we were not allowed to eat or drink because following the ultrasound was the gastroscopy and colonoscopy = pure suffering.
This entry is so hard to finish because I’m reliving the horror. I think I need two more parts, sorry.
(To be continued)

My weekend

This entire October hasn’t been good to me health-wise. Ever since October 1, I haven’t been really well.
I had that wellness checkup that made me really scared and tired (have to finish that entry later).
October 8, I had a bad injury that kept me in pain and scared for a week. Then last Saturday I woke up with the worst stomach ache that led to a 39° fever at night. I’m OK now, but not 100%.
Here’s what happened last weekend.
Sadly, one of my readers died unexpectedly, a beautiful girl of 30. Keri found out on Twitter the night of October 19 during our bus ride home from Tagaytay. We made a plan to go to the wake last Friday.
The wake was all the way in Quezon City. After the wake, Keri and I met up with Grace at Romulo’s to make pagpag. I didn’t want to eat as it was 10 PM, but Grace ordered some shelled beings, like gambas and crispy crablets in vinegar sauce.
The gambas was divine. I don’t normally eat crablets, but I stuffed my face due to mechanical comfort eating.
The next morning I woke up with a horrible pain in my stomach, the kind that makes you crawl back into bed after that trip to the bathroom. I had to cancel my 12 noon and 2 PM meeting twice.
I took too much medicine—Tums, Buscopan, Diatabs, Alaxan. I was in so much pain I finally fell asleep in the afternoon.
I woke up better but still ill, so I started taking Biogesic.
My husband left for Octoberfest. Knowing I would be alone at night, I hired a night nurse to take care of me.
The nurse arrived at 9-ish. That’s when I found out I was running a 39° fever.
Scary shit. I don’t ever get 39°. My husband came home before 12 and went straight to bed.
Luckily I had nurse with me. I woke up in the wee hours of the morning because my nose was bleeding (scary). I decided to take a sponge bath using some of the Lourdes water Nikki Luna gave me. My fever went down dramatically.
The nurse left in the morning when I had no fever. I spent the whole Sunday in bed watching Gossip Girl, 2 Broke Girls, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and a Paul Rudd movie.
I’m so sick of TV, I can’t even tell you, but here I am about to watch Pretty Little Liars while waiting for pancakes. At least I have some appetite now.
I will never eat crablets again.

They’re here!

Homme et Femme just got a fresh delivery of Comme des Garçons x Cambridge Satchels at the Shangri-La Plaza.
I was there to pick up my reservation (well one of them), and saw that they have all five colors in two sizes.
The black and brown satchels are priced at Php 16,298 for 13″ and Php 16,998 for 15″.

Comme des Garçons x Cambridge Satchel
Comme des Garçons x Cambridge Satchel

The gold, silver, and white satchels are priced Php 17,698 for 13″ and Php 18,598 for 15″.

comme des garçons x Cambridge Satchel

comme des garçons x Cambridge Satchel

comme des garçons x Cambridge Satchel

Homme et Femme is at Level 3, Shangri-La Plaza Mall
Tel. 633-7009

Oliver Tolentino for Samsung Metrowear

METRO Magazine proudly presents Oliver Tolentino in its second installment of Metrowear on October 24, 2011.
Oliver started by designing gowns, including the one worn by Imelda Marcos at her 80th birthday gala.
Within the first year of opening his own boutique on Melrose Boulevard, he has showed in different fashion events mounted by EcoChic at the United Nations in Switzerland, Milan, Singapore, and Hong Kong.
Among his clientele are actress Vivica Fox, One Tree Hill beauty Sophia Bush, and our very own Anna Maria Perez de Tagle.

Oliver Tolentino

In celebration of his success abroad, Metrowear will stage Oliver Tolentino’s first gala fashion show at The Harbour Garden Tent, Sofitel Philipine Plaza on Monday featuring a 60-piece collection of cocktail dresses, red carpet gowns and menswear.
The show will also benefit Bantay Bata, a non-government organization that Oliver supports.
To donate to Bantay Bata and Sagip Kapamilya via Metrowear Icon show, call 415-2272 local 6551 or 6552 or email jana_delacruz@abs-cbn.com.
For every Php 10,000 donation, you will receive two invitations to Metrowear Icon: Oliver Tolentino as well as credit mention in the event and the post-event feature in Metro Magazine.

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