Feeling Christmas

Filipinos love giving food gifts during the holidays. Most of the time they give food they personally love, hoping the recipient will love them too. But while most food gifts come from people’s home-based businesses, we forget that some great companies also offer Christmas treats that won’t go to waste.
Take for example Häagen-Dazs Christmas cakes, made of super premium ice cream.
Although Häagen-Dazs has a good selection of ice cream cakes to choose from all year-round, they have created three limited edition cakes just for the holidays.
The Christmas Wreath is raspberry sorbet plus green tea, chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, and mango ice cream on a bed of cereals and dark chocolate, topped with white chocolate shavings.

George w Christmas Wreath

Christmas Wreath

The Rainbow Log is made of Häagen-Dazs’ most special ice cream and sorbet flavors, housed between thin layers of dark chocolate and topped with berries.

Rainbow Log

Yuletide Charm is luscious strawberry cheesecake ice cream, surrounded by snowflake-patterned chocolate, swirly chocolate décor, strawberry stars, mango bauble, and kiwi wedges on top of strawberry coulee.

Phil w YC

To order, visit Häagen-Dazs stores at SM Mall of Asia (Tel. 556-1111), SM Mega Atrium (638-2971), and Robinsons Place Ermita (353-2972).
For updates and special promos, “like” the official Häagen-Dazs Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/HaagenDazsPH.

What’s in MY bag?

A few people have been asking to me to show what’s inside my bag.
The thing is, I change my bag maybe twice a week, according to mood, occasion or outfit, so it’s useless to keep documenting it.
My current bag is a T.A.T.A. Baby purchased in the Liger store at Silvercord in Hong Kong.

What's in my bag

A T.A.T.A. Baby is a chic version of the Banane Taipei bags that have been copied everywhere. They are made in Japan, and therefore pricier.
They are not mass-produced so it’s good to buy it when you walk into one.
They are lightweight and pack a LOT.

What's in my bag



1. Wallet
2. Organizer of gift checks (read: media ako) + favorite Goody comb (I have three)
3. Muji clear organizer/pen case
4. Wet and dry tissues (I’m a mom)
5. Louis Vuitton agenda and keys
6. Rootote Grande shopping bag


7. Sangkatutak na shopping cards (4 pages yan)
8. Pill organizer
9. Rosary from Lourdes from Jay Abalos
10. Muji mints and gumballs

But oh, can I just show you my wallet? I found it at Team Manila Rockwell and couldn’t bilibit.
This thing is almost Margielic, with the distressed leather and painted surface.
It is 11.5″ long and simply stylish

What's in my bag

It opens up to this Margielic thing to organize your money, skinny pen, receipts, checkbook, with 8 card slots

What's in my bag

The stitching isn’t perfect, but for Php 995, how can you complain? I bought the last one at the Rockwell store, but hoping to find more because Grace wants one.

Tokyo, here I come

I was looking for a decent dual-time watch for the longest time. I’ll admit to owning one Philip Stein watch which is so not me, but was the only thing available in Manila. That’s why I’m really glad Jeremy Scott created the Double Vision Swatch—so Hitchcock, so me!!
Jeremy Scott Swatch
He’s so crazy!

Jeremy Scott x Swatch

Jeroen got it for me at Swatch Rockwell today—supposedly the last piece.
I know they are going, going fast, so I’m happy I got one. This is my prize after being sick.
I’m off to Tokyo next month, so I’m excited not to have a gurangler watch on my wrist :)


Still on the same collection, Tita Virgie Ramos of Swatch Philippines recently sent me Jeremy Scott’s Melted Minutes, which is one the most beautiful Swatches I own. This is so up my alley, with the clear face and strap.


I love this


Here’s the complete Jeremy Scott x Swatch 2nd collection.
I believe the photos do no justice to the actual pieces, so find them at a Swatch store near you.

Jeremy Scott x SwatchJeremy Scott x SwatchJeremy Scott x SwatchJeremy Scott x SwatchJeremy Scott x Swatch

What’s in the bag?

Up until a recent Céleteque event at SM Makati, I used to think Céleteque was a foreign skincare brand.
Must be the name and simple packaging.

Céleteque Facial Wash
Photo: Sasha Manuel

I first heard about Celeteque when my dermatologist recommended to me. I was surprised to find out it comes from Unilab, a local company of healthcare products.

In 2002, Celeteque started in a small division in Unilab with only two products: a facial wash and a moisturizer. The products were well received by consumers that they eventually expanded the line to nine products. This year, Unilab launches Celeteque Dermoscience with 26 different products under six distinct color-coded skincare lines, co-developed with top dermatologists to answer different skin care needs. Besides the color-coding, packaging is kept simple and modern with a clinical feel.

The Hydration line is blue—designed to restore skin’s healthy suppleness

Acne Solutions is green—to effectively control excess sebum and clarify acne
Brightening products are pink— targets melanin concentration and evens out skin tone


Sun Care is yellow—provides daily protection from UVA/UVB rays with a broad spectrum coverage

Advanced Anti-Aging is purple—to erase fine lines and wrinkes


Restorative is maroon—designed to lift and refirm loose, sagging, aged skin

During the launch hosted by Angel Jacob, beauty editors, broadcast and print media, plus a ton of bloggers were invited to go around, test the products and ask questions to Céleteque skincare experts.

Aerial View



A skin analysis machine allowed them to identify their skin type and the suggested Celeteque regimen to address their skin concerns.  The highlight of the launch was the extra-heavy (read: bonggang-bongga) swag bag everyone got to take home containing the entire product range.  You can guess that everyone who went there came home happy.


The Celeteque, Watsons and Unilab Distribution Team

The complete line of Celeteque DermoScience is available now at Watsons stores and SM Department Store’s Beauty Section.
Watch this blog for your chance to take home your swag bag very soon!

Céleteque bag

To get updated, like Céleteque’s Facebook page.

Why AC rocks

Not sure if I’m a typical Assumptionist, but pretty sure I am very Assumption, because surely all the growing up years I spend in that school must’ve imbibed in me something.
I also think I may have been born in the wrong batch because Batch ’86 is way cooler and more up my alley (no offence to my Batch ’84).
I didn’t make it to my own velada for personal reasons. I do regret not having accepted Malu Gamboa’s invitation to attend theirs (my cousin Monette Quiogue was “the brains behind the velada”).
Just check out the opening of the reunion show, which features very vintage Assumption cheers that are cheesy, nostalgic, and fun at the same time.

For more on Assumption Batch ’86 velada, go to http://heart-2-heart-online.com/.

What happened at St. Luke’s, Part 4

Might as well finish this entry since I’m on bed rest.
Here’s that itinerary again.

St. Luke's itinerary

After all our tests for the day, Dr. Cuanang and his team dropped by the room to tell us the preliminary findings, which were all OK, except for some high cholesterol Jeroen and I both had, which is funny because Jeroen eats healthy and I had three servings of bone marrow in the last month.

Room 705 suite, St. Luke's hospital
This is where Dr. Cuanang visited us

Jeroen and I still had one big hurdle to get through—the gastroscopy and colonoscopy the following day, which means they put you to sleep and insert a tiny camera inside your throat and anus to see your stomach and intestines.


We also had an abdominal ultrasound which meant nothing by mouth by midnight.
But first we had to eliminate everything from our colons. We were given oral laxatives, which came in pills + two huge bottles of chilled liquid that taste like 7-Up. We had to finish that within 30 minutes. While Jeroen thought it tasted great, I nearly threw up trying to finish them.
That evening, we took turns using the toilet. I can’t even describe to you the hell that was. It makes me smile now but it was really horrible.
Thirst and fear took turns torturing me, I don’t know if I slept at all.
The next morning after showering, we went down for the stomach ultrasound. My throat was scorching. I thought I would faint as my thirst reached Temptation Island levels. But we were not allowed to eat or drink because following the ultrasound was the gastroscopy and colonoscopy = pure suffering.
This entry is so hard to finish because I’m reliving the horror. I think I need two more parts, sorry.
(To be continued)

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