Crushed by Candy (and Jane too!)
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Damn you Jane Kingsu and Candy Dizon for getting me addicted to Candy Crush!!

Jane Kingsu Cheng Candy Dizon

When Jane showed me the game at Keri’s birthday dinner last February, I paid no attention and thought it was no better than my favorite Bejeweled game.
Then Candy tweeted about it today, and I decided to download since I am now eight days post op and spending a lot of time in bed.
Though I’m not yet 100%, my spirits are up. I am no longer depressed due to suffering and lack of activity.

candy crush saga on Samsung Galaxy Note 2

So yes I am surviving. What does Candy Crush teach me? Never say never. It is great for passing time and getting rid of crazy thoughts.
I also have to thank Ginggay for telling me about her friend who has spent Php 60,000 on Candy Crush buying all sorts of boosts. Thank you for telling me it is addicting so I won’t break the bank playing it.

Aji Itchy-ban
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Pardon me for the hiatus.
It is now 7 days post surgery (the plastic kind) and I find it awfully tedious to go online.
I’ve been feeling tired, sleepy and very itchy.
Meet my best friend, Arnica gel. (Available at Healthy Options)

Arnica gel

It was recommended by a doctor friend who’s also a pole dancer in Hawaii. Arnica gel is your best friend if you’re bruised, swollen, and itchy.
But so far today I got a glimpse of my tummy and it is seriously flat. It’s gonna take 3-6 months before I see the final result, but for now I’m saying goodbye to Coke and cake.
I’m going to spare you the details of what I’ve been going through, but I do hope to gain my energy soon so I can get back to blogging regularly.
As the Japanese would say, thank you for waiting :)

Movies for the bedridden
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I did something crazy last Friday, which amounted to two liters of fat. I’ll spare you the details, but this is what I saw before I went home that night.


I’ve been homebound since that time, been very sleepy, and this is the time I think I can sit up and catch up on my work before I fall asleep again.
Apart from fatigue, the reason why I sleep so much is because I want to escape the itching I feel from the healing under the skin—also to make the day pass by more quickly. I can’t wait to recover and see the end result.
That said, I’ve had a chance to watch a lot of movies during my time in bed—some cheesy and some worth seeing.
The first one is Stuck, which I highly recommend to those who have adopted a child or thinking of adopting one.


It follows the stories of American couples and individuals trying to adopt children from other countries, all the trouble and heartache they go through, in order to bring their loved ones home.
This is a 15-tissue documentary, which I hope our lawmakers get to watch to make the adoption process less frustrating.

The Housemaid (2010) is a creepy Korean melodramatic thriller, a remake of a 1960 Korean movie of the same title.


The lifestyles of a rich Korean family change drastically when a young housemaid is hired and leads the man of the house to commit adultery. Things go from bad to evil when the women of the house discover the maid is pregnant and plot to get rid of the baby.
The stylish movie makes me intrigued with Korea’s wealthy, and makes me want more and more to visit Korea.
I don’t recommend watching it alone, and please don’t watch it with the youngsters due to very graphic sex scenes.

As a child I loved Disney-esque stories about little creatures and how they creatively convert everyday objects, such as a matchbox into a bed, or an empty spool into a sidetable.
The Secret World of Arrietty (2010) is another masterpiece by Studio Ghibli, creator of Grave of The Fireflies and Spirited Away.

The Secret World of Arietty

Arrietty is a 14-year-old “borrower” or 4-inch-tall creature who lives with her mom and dad, under the house of human “beings.”
They survive peacefully by “borrowing” ordinary things such as sugar and biscuits, until they are discovered by a lonely and sickly boy named Sho who wishes to befriend Arrietty.
When Sho’s evil caregiver finds out about the borrowers, Arrietty’s parents are forced to leave and find another dwelling place in order to find other borrowers and survive.

Watch this especially if you have kids. It will warm your hearts.

Monocle visits Manila
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Yodel Pe and I were looking at the Monocle pop-up store at Univers, One Rockwell last Wednesday night.
The pop-up store would only be there for one night, and I was wondering what I should get.

Ethan of Monocle
Ethan Hawkes-Pippen of Monocle

Monocle at Univers
Monocle scents by Comme des Garçons

Monocle at Univers

I thought of getting the cute Monocle bag by Rootote, but it cost Php 8,000. The price includes a magazine subscription, CD, and notebook. (Photo: Monica Llamas)

Monocle at Univers
Monocle at Univers

Then I thought, do I really need another bag? I am severely backlogged on my reading. So I ended up buying this cool Monocle tech case by Porter.

Monocle at Univers

I handed my credit card to Monocle’s Ethan, who was cashier for the night. It took him a while to do the transaction and I waited. He apologized a couple of times, while I mumbled to Yodel, “How can I get mad kung ganon siya ka guapo??”
The waiting paid off. Ethan gave me a free Monocle tote, which made me feel giddy the whole night. (Read: so kilig)

Monocle at Univers

The week before I had received this invitation by email.

Monocle invitation

The Monocle team was stopping by Manila, Taipei and Jakarta as part of their summer Asia-Pacific tour.
Put simply, the idea was to meet readers and fans face-to-face and expand the Monocle community.

When editor-in-chief Tyler Brûlé decided to come here, he asked a Filipino friend in Hong Kong, who’s the best person to call in Manila? The Filipino recommended her friend, Margarita Forés, who would host a Filipino dinner for the team at Grace Park. Margarita also recommend Univers at One Rockwell as a perfect venue for the event.

Monocle at Univers

Rumor had it, Tyler dislikes the color purple, so I skipped the purple eyeshadow on my Shu Uemura Mon Shu palette and went for brown instead. Of course I wore black.

Cecile van Straten

All the other guests seemed to wear the same color scheme of black, white, blue, and khaki

Monocle at Univers
anders braso, Monocle advertising director
Anders Braso, Monocle Advertising Director

Mano Lotho and
Mano Lotho, Press Relations officer of Univers with Ethan Hawkes-Pippen of Monocle

Joey Samson
Fashion Designer Joey Samson

Jappy Gonzalez and Lucia Restelli of Peter Pilotto
Univers Managing Director Jappy Gonzalez with Lucia Restelli, Head of Sales for Peter Pilotto

Tyler Brûlé, Ed Calma, Chut Cuerva
Monocle’s Tyler Brûlé with architects Ed Calma and Chut Cuerva

Monocle at Univers

It felt like a man’s party

Monocle at Univers

Chambray: color of the day

elaine domingo, tere henson, Tadi de Leon, JoAnn Bitagcol, tina ong
L-R: Elaine Domingo, Tere Henson, Tadi de Leon, JoAnn Bitagcol, Tina Ong

As soon as I came in, Jappy Gonzalez of Univers introduced me to Tyler Brûlé, whom I had encountered in Hong Kong in 2006. Ack!! The Tyler I remember is a dream boat, extremely well-dressed and intimidating.

Tyler Brûlé
Tyler Brûlé
Tyler Brûlé, Observing the Current State of Media
Tyler Brûlé

I don’t really get starstruck, but tonight I was just super intimidated beyond words.

Tyler Brûlé at Univers

That night Tyler made a short speech about things you don’t need to change, like paper. Even though we’re in the digital age, there are things that don’t have to be obsolete. And these things we pay for. Not everything should be free and downloadable because it costs money to produce the things we consume.

Tyler Brûlé

Personally, I love paper. I don’t own a Kindle. I prefer books and the smell of bookstores, the feeling of going through the shelves, seeing book covers, turning pages.
Dinner followed at Grace Park, where Margarita Forés served lechon and lamb adobo, among other dishes.
I heard traditional chicken/pork adobo had to be whipped up last minute as a special request by Tyler, who thoroughly enjoyed it.
Wish I had stayed to witness it, but my shyness got the better of me.

Monocle magazine is available at Univers, One Rockwell East Tower, Makati City.
For back issues, just ask the sales assistants.
To know more about Monocle, go to

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