The new Business Class

HONG KONG—I’m here as a guest of Rustan’s to cover a Diptyque event, as the French parfumeur opens its first shop at the IFC mall (more on that later).
I’m also here to meet my husband who is flying in from Amsterdam after Uncle Hans’ funeral. So yes, he is bound to walk in the door any minute now. I’m so happy. I haven’t seen him since November 3.
That in mind, I flew to Hong Kong by myself (read: no one to hold hands with if the plane starts shaking).
Luckily I spied Dennis Valdes (Tessa’s husband) checking in at NAIA and waiting at the lounge. At least I knew somebody.
Through Twitter I also found out Angelika Schmeing (a.k.a. Belo endorser and Angelicopter on Magic 89.9) was also on board. That makes two!
As soon as I entered the Cathay Pacific plane (777-300ER), I was so happy to see it had the new Business Class seats.

CAthay Pacific new business class

It’s my first time. I was the first one inside, so I shamelessly took photos. That’s my seat

Cathay Pacific new Business Class

My next door neighbor was an Indian man whom I’m assuming is older than I.
I also took a sneaky shot of Dennis who was on the same row (window seat, two seats away)


I kind of missed the cocoon feeling of the previous business class. But I understand a lot of people feel cramped in it. This seat is much wider, it really feels like a first class seat.
There’s this compartment for your drink, gadgets, and reading materials

The New Business Class

Shoe storage

The New Business Class

And oh, I really love this hidden mirror. I can comb my hair and apply lipstick before landing.

The New Business Class

You can recline all the way flat if you want

The New Business Class

There’s this “ottoman” (foot rest). Unfortunately it only works if you’re Swedish or 6-feet tall.

The New Business Class

Way too far from my short legs, so I put my bag in there. But you know flight attendants are KJ—they always want to put everything in the overhead bin.

My bag

Because they took my bag away, I was too lazy to get my reading materials after take off. I decided to wear my earplugs, pray the Rosary, and sleep.
Mid-flight, I was startled by an announcement by a female voice (flight attendant). I had my earplugs on, and maybe due to watching National Geographic’s documentary on air disasters (wrong mistake), I thought I heard the words “engine trouble.” I started to panic inside. I looked at the time and we were 49 minutes away from Hong Kong.
It didn’t make sense to go back to Manila which was also 49 minutes away.
I looked at the Indian man beside me who was lying down and I gave him the look I always give my sister Ana at times like this: Are we OK?
He looked at me weird. I gave him the thumbs up sign to ask if we’re OK. He looked at me weird.
I looked at Dennis Valdes who had earphones on and reading the Steve Jobs book. He didn’t see me, but he looked like everything was OK.
I also thought, if we’re in trouble, the pilot should say something right?
Fortunately a flight attendant walked by and I asked her, “Excuse me, what’s happening? What did they say?”
“Oh just return to your seat and buckle up,” she chirped. “We’re expecting turbulence.”
Sheesh. Thank You Lord! I was so relieved. For the first time I thanked God for just turbulence. So I braced myself and prayed. Soon enough we landed in Hong Kong.
I spotted Angelika in the airport’s Citibank ATM section


Had a quick lunch at Crystal Jade before heading to the hotel.


Meanwhile, I have to shower na. Work starts at 10!

Thank you for caring

PNoy inspects NAIA-1 ladies’ CR

By Raoul Esperas
Posted at 11/10/2011 9:28 PM | ABS-CBN News

NAIA restroom
NAIA restroom as I saw it this morning

MANILA, Philippines – President Benigno Aquino made a surprise inspection of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 1 on Thursday, shortly after his arrival from Bacolod before 6 p.m.
The President inspected the main arrival lobby of the NAIA Terminal 1 and suddenly proceeded to the ladies’ comfort room.
President Aquino first asked the duty janitress if there is someone using the female rest room, and after learning that there was none, the President went inside the female comfort room.
Dante Basanta, NAIA terminal 1 manager, explained to the President the present condition of the 30-year-old airport and the major renovation being undertaken at the terminal.
Basanta also showed the President the newly-renovated flooring at the arrival area and sleeping lounge open for rent for incoming and outgoing passengers.
The President was also briefed by Transportation and Communications Secretary Mar Roxas on the planned P1-billion face lift of the entire NAIA Terminal 1 complex.
Basanta added that the whole arrival area will be expanded, and a multi-level parking will be built to accommodate the growing number of visitors and passengers.
Aquino lauded the airport authority on its planned renovation despite the criticism that the international gateway has been receiving from foreigners.
The NAIA was tagged the 5th most hated airport by CNN’s Jordane Rane.
It was also rated the world’s worst airport by The Guide to Sleeping in Airports website.
The President’s surprise inspection lasted for about 30 minutes.

Manansala x Freeway in stores now

Fashion meets art once again as Freeway features the works of National Artist for Visual Arts Vicente Manansala in its National Artist Collectors’ Series Holiday 2011 collection.
This is the 6th installment of the series which has previously featured National Artists Nick Joaquin (Literature), Ang Kiukok (Visual Arts), Jose Garcia Villa (Literature), Ramon Valera (Fashion Design) and F. Sionil Jose (Literature).

Manansala x Freeway

Vicente Manansala, iconic painter and illustrator, reinterpreted or indigenized cubism as he drew his themes from familiar Filipino scenes.
Some of his masterpieces are Madonna of the Slums, a portrayal of mother and child from the countryside who became urban shanty residents once in the city; and Jeepneys where Manansala combined the elements of provincial folk culture with congestion issues of the city.

Manansala was proclaimed National Artist for Painting in 1982

This creative fusion of fashion and art is reinstated in a 22-piece collection that includes classic and modern tailored dresses, woven shirts, sublimation-print dresses and graphic tees for men and women, a Manansala watch, tote bags and accessories.

Manansala x Freeway

Manansala x Freeway

Manansala x Freeway

Manansala x Freeway

Manansala x Freeway

Manansala x FreewayManansala x Freeway

Manansala x Freeway

All items come in their own gift packaging and hangtag of Manansala’s bio.
To view the entire collection or find the nearest store, visit

Wow Philippines!

Our international airport has made it to CNN Go’s Top 5 Most Hated Airports in the World.
I wonder which government will actually fix the problem.
President Aquino, Mar Roxas, Secretary Jimenez, what are your plans?
Can we please have a real press conference, instead of dubious reportage from the Business Mirror?
What’s the real score? Who’s really designing it and when is it going to happen?

NAIA seats

World’s 10 most hated airports

The smelliest toilets, the longest queues, the rudest staff … sometimes air rage feels justified
By Jordan Rane, 9 November, 2011

5.Ninoy Aquino International, Manila, Philippines

Ninoy Aquino International Airport

Wear a helmet — the first collapsed ceiling in 2006 at Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

Beleaguered by ground crew strikes, unkempt conditions, soup kitchen-style lines that feed into more lines and an overall sense of futility, NAIA brings the term “Stuck in the 1970s” to a new level.
At Terminal 1, all non-Philippine Airlines remain crammed despite serious overcapacity issues and a new and underused Terminal 3 is occupied by a few minor carriers.
A rash of bad press this year (including a “Worst in the World” ribbon from Sleeping in Airports) was capped by a collapsed ceiling in T1, a paralyzing ground service strike at T2, and the usual charges of tampered luggage, filthy restrooms, seat shortages at gates, re-sealed water bottles sold in retail shops and an Amazing Race-style check-in routine spiked with bureaucracy, broken escalators, lengthy Dot Matrix passenger lists and creative airport departure fees.

Read more: World’s most hated airports |

Win major swag from Céleteque!

As a lifestyle writer, I get swag all the time, but not all swag are created equal. Once in a while we get swag that’s overwhelming, simply because it’s a LOT. That’s the kind of swag we like.
Not too long ago, I received two big boxes from skincare company Céleteque.

Celeteque loot bag

Inside: a kind of “medicine cabinet” with all the new Céleteque Dermoscience products

Celeteque loot bag

Celeteque loot bag

After the successful launch at SM Makati, I took home another swag bag

Aerial View2

Celeteque loot bag

Looks like I have enough Céleteque for years!

Celeteque loot bag

Now Céleteque wants to share the love with 29 Chuvaness readers in this simple giveaway.
Here’s how:

1. Promo runs from November 8 – Dec 6, 2011.
2. To join, you must have a Philippine address. Register HERE.
3. Participants may only register and win once.
4. Daily winners will be selected every week’s end by via electronic raffle. Every Monday, starting November 14th, winners will be published on and
5. One (1) bag of Celeteque products will be raffled everyday.
6. Winners may claim their prize from:

Innovitelle Office
2/F Bonaventure Plaza, Greenhills, San Juan (across from Greenhills Shopping Center)
Look for Sheryl, Vita or Roan
Monday-Friday, 9 AM – 5 PM only

8. Winner must present one (1) valid ID with photo when claiming his/her prize. Prizes may be claimed within 60 days upon publishing. Prizes not claimed within this period will be forfeited in favor of Innovitelle. Provincial winners will receive their prizes via courier service.
9. UNITED LABORATORIES, Inc. shall have the rights to all submitted answers in the contest. UNITED LABORATORIES Inc. reserves the right to disqualify any entries.
Employees of UNITED LABORATORIES, Inc. and its event organizers, agencies, promo suppliers and their relatives up to the 4th degree of consanguinity or affinity are disqualified from joining this contest.


Roast Turkey by The Commissary

Celebrate Thanksgiving Day (November 24th), Christmas and New Year with a special roast turkey and your choice of sides from The Commissary of Margarita Fores.
Each turkey weighs a minimum of 5.5 – 6 kilos and serves 20-25 persons.


Roast Turkey with Foccacia, Pate di Fegato, dried mangoes and chestnuts (PHP 7,750)
Candied Yams
Whole Cranberry
Cranberry Jelly

Roast Turkey with ensaymada, jackfruit and jackfruit seeds, Antipolo kasuy and prunes (PHP 8,250)
Candied Yams
Cranberry Jelly
Fresh Langka & Pear Compote

Roast Turkey with Rustico, Sage, Minoyan Honey, Sultanas and Pata Negros (Organic Prosciutto from Negros) (PHP 9,350)
Candied Yams
Cranberry Jelly
Apple & Sultana Compote

To order (at least two days ahead), contact Anna Lopez at 729-0030 or (0917) 513-8945.

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